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Best Sports Betting Strategies – Ultimate Guide to Top Sports Betting Systems

There’s nothing wrong with casual sports betting and those who enjoy this pastime can have a lot of fun placing random bets.

Savvy punters and those who take gambling more seriously will benefit greatly from using the best sports betting strategies available. But for more information, you can also read our article about betting odds explained.

There are so many to choose from that many people feel downright overwhelmed and have a hard time selecting the best one.

We can help you narrow down the search by suggesting the best strategies for sports betting for casual and veteran punters.

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What is the best betting strategy?

Online gambling is a complex activity and there is no silver bullet to solve every problem that punters encounter. The fact that there is no ultimate betting strategy to help players succeed shouldn’t have a deterring effect on those reading our beginner’s guide to sports betting.

There are in fact plenty of sports betting strategies to consider and the top priority is finding the one that suits your needs.

There’s a sports gambling strategy for absolute beginners who take their baby steps in the competitive online gambling environment. They have smaller bankrolls and lower expectations, so their main concern is to stay afloat while they learn the ropes.

By comparison, savvy punters have the capacity to analyze professional sports betting trends and systems and incorporate this information into their own strategies. They will also try more complex betting types, like if bets or a win reverse bet, for example.

How can sports betting strategies lead to profit?

The main reason why people search for the best sports betting strategies is to maximize the return on investment. No serious player can expect to win sports bets back-to-back by simply employing a miracle solution.

Instead, the best sports betting strategies help punters achieve the needed structure and deal with inherent variance of online gambling. In conjunction with a solid bankroll management and a thorough understanding of the sports and markets, successful betting strategies help players thrive in the long run. Hedge betting is the perfect example here.

Which is the best sport for betting?

When trying to figure out the best strategies for sports betting, players should narrow their scope and ask a different question. They should begin by finding best sport for betting and in this regard, the answer is self-evident. You should always focus your energy and resources on the sport that you understand the best and like the most.

By doing so, the time spent researching the matches, leagues and other essential details won’t feel like work, but entertainment. Modern bookmakers, as well as new independent bookmakers have an impressive selection of sports, so there’s a good chance to find the one you like the most in their offer. Generally speaking, football is regarded as the best sport for betting because it has the most betting markets on flagship events.

What sport has the best odds?

At the cornerstone of any sports gambling strategy is the desire to extract the most from each betting session. The most effective way of achieving this goal is by focusing on sports and markets that have the biggest odds possible. But don’t forget that a good low odds betting strategy can help you profit in the long run even with low odds betting.

Bookmakers tend to offer more betting options on popular sports  such as football, tennis and American sports. The more popular the sport, the more interest exists for it among gamblers, so sportsbooks are compelled to offer more competitive odds. With these things in mind, football and tennis are probably the best sports to bet on, but this rule isn’t written in stone.

Top 10 Best Sports Betting Strategies


  1. Establish a bankroll and bet accordingly
  2. Spend as much time as money on betting
  3. Focus on one sport and a few leagues
  4. Use Asian handicaps when possible
  5. Spread and run line betting in American sports
  6. Fading the Public
  7. Line shopping before betting
  8. Set stop-loss and take-win limits
  9. Use live betting to hedge against the risk
  10. Quit when you go on tilt

Sports investing strategies come in different forms and with new ones being created all the time, the list is never comprehensive. These ten successful sports betting strategies have been tested over the years and have the merit of being useful to both amateurs and veterans. While they don’t provide a guarantee for success, they greatly improve the odds of players who use them and boost their betting performance. If you are interested in tennis betting we have a specific guide on the best way to bet on tennis.

1. Establish a bankroll and bet accordingly

Not even the best sports betting tips and strategies can replace a proper bankroll and the discipline that comes with it. Casual and savvy punters need to set up a gambling budget as soon as possible and use this money exclusively for betting. Pundits have a different opinion about how much money can be invested based on the amount owed, but the numbers don’t differ greatly. Depending on their appetite for risk, players can bet 1% or 2% of their bankroll on a single match and that’s the most accepted. Stake betting is extremely important and by keeping the exposure low, players avoid catastrophic losses.

2. Spend as much time as money on betting

There is an indissoluble link between the amount invested in general and the stake bet in particular and the potential returns. A similarity exists between the time spent researching the markets and the sports of choice, and the punter’s success in the long run. Betting on your team or the favorites is a surefire way of going broke, because this approach makes it impossible to outshine the house edge. In order to triumph, punters should visit sports betting research sites often and see what the experts have to say. Analyzing the games and testing sports betting strategies that work is needed to have a fighting chance against bookies.

3. Focus on one sport and a few leagues

When new players land on the websites of prominent bookmakers, they are overwhelmed by all the sports and markets featured. It is only natural for them to consider betting on multiple sports and many give into the temptation of trying random markets. The correct approach is to focus on a single sport and one or a few divisions and championships. With football being the most popular and easy to understand sport, it is a good decision to start betting on it. There are soccer best strategies on the Internet and odds converter software that can help players identify the best odds available. You could also go with less popular sports, like snooker, where a good snooker betting system can help you win.

4. Use Asian handicaps when possible

Amateur punters have the tendency to stick to mainstream markets, such as the money line or the outright winner. The best strategies for sports betting on the other hand, frequently make use of Asian handicaps whenever possible. The best Asian handicap betting strategies allow punters to maximize their profits when betting on the favorites, while mitigating the risks of backing the underdogs. Most of the sports betting systems that work and football betting strategies in particular, rely on Asian handicap. When betting on derbies and flagship matches, the 0:0 Asian handicap is preferable to double chance wagers, as it produces higher odds consistently. You may also want to take a look on how alternative Asian handicap betting looks like, as quarter lines such as Asian handicap 0.25 or Asian handicap 0.75 might catch your attention.

5. Spread and run line betting in American sports

Punters who prefer American sports will discover that spread and run line betting is very similar to Asian handicaps. NHL (check here our NHL betting system) and NBA should use a professional sports betting strategy that involves betting on teams to cover spreads. When you trust the favorites to dominate the encounter, take the proposed spread and bet on them to cover it. Bold punters can push the envelope and select one of the wider spreads, for a chance to win more. When betting on the underdog, the best sports betting strategy is to bet on the top team not to cover the spread. The underdog doesn’t even have to win for punters to cash in on the bet.

If you decide that baseball is the right sport for you, then the best betting strategy will surely involve betting on the run line. The concept might sound a bit strange to Europeans, but once you get the run line odds for baseball explained, everything makes perfect sense. On every single MLB match, punters have the option of betting on the favorites to win by at least two runs, or the underdog to cover the spread. This is the standard number of runs proposed by sports books, but punters can bet on two or three runs. The greater the handicap, the bigger the odds, so there’s an obvious link between the risk and reward.

6. Fading the Public

One of the most popular sports betting strategies used by veteran punters is the one called “fading the public” or also betting against the public. What this means is to bet against what the vast majority of people consider to be the most likely outcome. The reason why this is one of the best sports betting systems is that you only need to monitor the trends to know what to do next. Bookmakers adjust the odds according to how much money is being wagered on one team or the other, and to some extent their captive to this simple mechanic. Intelligent punters who fade the public essentially enjoy the bigger odds without doing anything complicated. The only thing you need to do is to watch the odds movement and bet accordingly.

7. Do line shopping before betting

Even the best strategies for sports betting will ultimately fall flat if players fail to find the best odds available. The first step is identifying the bookmakers that offer top odds on the sports and markets that you are interested in. The second step is to open accounts with multiple sports books, so when you decide to place the bet, you can do so at the best odds available. By choosing good stakes for a bet and wagering on the top odds available, you maximize your profits when you win. On long-term, these tiny added winnings make the difference between marginal winners and losing punters.

8. Set stop-loss and take-win limits

In the competitive world of sports betting, success isn’t permanent, but failure could be fatal. While trying to figure out how to win a sports betting, you should first determine how to avoid losing. Even if you find the best strategies for betting on sports, you’ll still be vulnerable to the risk of tilt and poor money management. In order to mitigate these risks, players should set stop-loss and take-profit limits, before they even start betting. The stop-loss limit states that if you happen to lose a predetermined amount during a single gaming session, you take a break for that day, to cut your losses. By comparison, the take-profit limit compels players to call it a day if there accomplish their winning goal for the day.

9. Use live betting to hedge against the risk

Some of the best sports gambling strategies focus on matches that have already started. Bookmakers have entire sections dedicated to in-play gambling and this is where punters can develop a solid live betting strategy. One can use live bets to hedge against the risks, by betting against open positions, if the game doesn’t seem to be heading into the desired direction. This works regardless of the stake bet and favors punters who use sports betting man to calculate the odds of winning in real-time. The Cash Out feature is an invaluable tool for any live betting strategies, as it allows players to secure their profits sooner.

10. Quit when you go on tilt

Going on tilt is the worst thing that can happen and no betting strategy will save you from its insidious threat. As soon as you learn how to place a bet, you should prepare for the moment when tilt will threaten your bankroll. It can pop up when least expected and it is almost always triggered by bad luck ruining a promising betting slip. It affects all types of sports betting and once players go on tilt, they embark on a frantic quest of chasing losses. Anxiety and frustration mounts and these two strong feelings cloud judgment, which leads to poor decisions. That’s why, when you feel that tilt is about to take you over, put an end to your gambling session immediately.

Can I use software to create sports betting systems?

There is nothing that powerful software can’t do and crafting the best strategies for sports betting is definitely within its grasp. These apps are developed by professionals working closely with punters who aid them to produce a useful piece of software.

They can provide punters with priceless help when trying to figure out the basic implied probability and the concept of value. Identifying the odds that are worth betting is much easier when you have dedicated software to help you out. The downside is that some people can end up relying too much on software and fail to research the games themselves, before betting.

Against the spread betting in American sports

Handicapping the market in sports betting is a serious and constant challenge for punters who have decided to bet mostly or exclusively on American sports. Betting on the outright winner is a popular choice in basketball, ice hockey and American football.

Baseball fans know all too well that their games simply can’t end in a draw and point spread betting is the only way to go. Risk-averse players can avoid betting against the spread altogether by going for the smallest difference available.Before you start betting you can also read the article is baseball rigged?

Essentially, by betting on the +0.5 or the -0.5 markets, they bet on the team that will win, including overtime. For all intents and purposes, this is a disguised Moneyline wager, which can be used for the best sports betting strategies.

Having said this, the real challenge is to harness the skills needed to correctly predict the winning margin and bet on the favorites to cover, or not to cover the spread.

Learn the ropes of teaser and parlay bets

Veteran punters should consider the teaser betting strategy, with its special versions like the sweetheart teaser betting strategy. Behind the glamorous name, they will discover a simple system that involves betting on two bets or more. The standard teaser bet is actually an accumulator of two bets, which has the odds multiplied to produce bigger potential winnings.

The sweetheart teaser is a sports gambling strategy for both punters who seek to increase their profits and fast as possible. The bookmaker will offer incentives to players who and multiple events on the betting slip, in the form of increasing bonuses.

The next step for those who have discovered teasers is to embrace the parlay betting strategy, which allows them to add even more bets to create an accumulator. Many prestigious bookmakers will also match the potential profits by a bonus worth a certain percentage of the maximum payout of bookmakers.

In this case, the standard 1% or 2% staking mentioned above no longer applies and punters are advised to diminish the stakes. That’s because the risks involved are significantly greater and they can hurt their bankroll.

Navigate the waters of prop and pleaser bets

Harnessing the potential of a prop betting strategy requires a lot of experience, so amateurs are advised not to take any chances. That’s because they’re expected to bet on the special events that happen during the match, which requires a thorough understanding of the sports and the teams involved.

These markets always have bigger than average odds, so there are more suitable to bettors willing to take more chances. The best sport for betting on props is football because of the high number of betting markets available.

Pleaser bets are somewhat different, as they can be used on pretty much any markets that involve spread betting or handicaps. Essentially, punters will move the betting line in the bookmaker’s favor and in exchange benefit from bigger odds. Things easily go the other way around, as players can settle for smaller odds in exchange of reducing the risks.

In this particular case, the best sports betting strategy involving a pleaser bet is the one using accumulators to bump the odds back. This strategy is useful when you trust the favorite to win, but the standard spreads offered by the sports books seem excessively high.

Distinguish between Sharp Books and Square Books

When setting up an account with a bookmaker, the quality of the odds, the number of sports and betting markets and the bonuses available are the determining factors. More experienced punters also consider the responsiveness of customer support and the diversity of the payment methods.

All of these are obviously important, but those who hope to use the best sports betting strategy successfully, should also make another distinction. Bookmakers can be divided into two main categories: sharps and squares.

Sharp bookmakers are the ones that set the odds for all the important betting events, as they are the first to add once the games are announced. They have the best specialists and software, so they are able to come up with the right odds before anyone else.

These are the places where savvy punters can thrive, as sharp bookmakers allow them to bet larger amounts as soon as the odds are published. By comparison, square bookies take their cues from the sharps and they simply follow their lead when choosing and posting the odds. They are good enough for casual punters and they tend to have the better bonuses and promotions.

The best sports betting strategies based the way to winnings

Sports betting is never going to get easy as bookmakers will find ever more creative ways to make the most of the house edge. As punters are frantically trying to find how to beat the bookies, the best sports betting strategies come to their aid, to boost profits and mitigate the risks.

These strategies won’t work wonders, but instead provide players with a steady and predictable path to boosting winnings. They can be used regardless of the sport of choice and when deployed well, the strategies give you a fighting chance against the house.


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