Arbitrage betting is the one sure-fire way to consistently beat the books. With this strategy, punters can generate profits every time they place their bets. The money they make is a much smaller percentage than that won by winning a traditional bet but the money adds up over time. It is definitely a worthwhile pursuit for those who have decent bankrolls. That’s not to say that a punter needs a large bankroll to arb. It’s just that arbing with a $25 bankroll will yield very small profits. However, that $25 bankroll will eventually grow to the point that an arber will generate a healthy chunk of change.

There are a few sportsbooks that arbers can ply their trade at but they must keep in mind that the vast majority of sportsbooks have little patience for arbitrage betting. Arbing is one way to get yourself suspended or banned from an internet betting site but don’t let this scare you. Punters can employ a variety of strategies to avoid detection at sites that frown down on arbers. This way, arbers can continue to take advantage of odds differentials. Let’s take a look at a few things that punters need to know when they want to start arbitrage betting.

How to find Arbitrage Bets

Experienced bettors will be able to spot arbitrage opportunities a mile away whereas novices will need to learn to look for the signs. There is a bit of math involved but nothing too intimidating. The use of simple formulas can confirm an opportunity and calculate an arbitrage profit margin. The first step is to find discrepancies in lines that are offered by various bookies. This can be done by reading live odds comparisons which are offered at many websites including right here at GamblingJudge. When you find significant differences in the odds offered by two competing sportsbooks then it’s time to do a bit of math to figure out the “arbitrage percentage”, profits, and individual bet amounts.

There are several arbitrage bet finder services that arbers can join to be alerted of opportunities. Be warned that they are not always reliable. Moreover, they are expensive to join and will take a healthy chunk out of your already slim profit margins. Besides, there are many free sports sites that have alerts for their customers.

An Arbitrage Betting Example

Using one of the many free websites that are dedicated to finding arbitrage betting opportunities, we found a match in which the Over/Under offers a great arbitrage betting opportunity. At Sportsbook A, the Over is listed at 2.00 while the Under is set at 2.32 at Sportsbook B. Right off the bat, any opposing bets which offer even odds and better will be an opportunity. Let’s take a look at how to arb this.

The first thing that needs to be done is to figure out the “Arbitrage Percentage”. This is accomplished by using a pretty straightforward formula:

(1/ODDS 1)*100 + (1/ODDS 2)*100

Let’s enter the odds:

(1/2.00)*100 + (1/2.32)*100

=(50) + (43.103)  These are the “Individual Percentages”.

= 93.103%  This is the “Arbitrage Percentage”.

In simple terms, if the arbitrage percentage is lower that 100%, it is an arbitrage betting opportunity. If the percentage is 100% or greater then it is not. In this case, we have a great arbing opportunity.

So how does this translate into arbitrage profits? The profits will depend on the investment amount. Let’s say that the investment on this arb will be $1,000. We will now calculate the profit using the following formula:

(Investment/Arbitrage percentage)-Investment

($1,000/93.103%) – $1,000

= ($1,000/.93103) – $1,000

= $1,074.08 – $1,000

= $74.08

This tells us that the $1,000 investment will yield a profit of $74.08. Give or take a penny because we are rounding of the decimal points.

Now the big question arises. How much to bet on each outcome? Once again, we need to refer to a simple formula to calculate each bet.

(Investment * Individual Percentage) / Arbitrage Percentage

So, for the first wager:

($1,000 * 50%)/93.103%

= (1,000 * .50)/.93103

= 500/.93103

= $537.04

This means that you will need to place $537.04 on the Over at Sportsbook A

For the second wager:

($1,000 * 43.103%)/93.103%

= ($1,000 * .43103)/.93103

= 431.03/.93103

= $462.96

This means that you will place $462.96 on the Under at Sportsbook B. Now we can look at the results of either outcome:

If Over wins: $537.04 * 2.00 = $1,074.08

If Under wins: $462.96 * 2.32 = $1,074.07

The total outlay was $1,000 and the profit will be either $74.08 or $74.07. This represents a 7.4% return on the investment. If you were to invest $100 instead of $1,000, the profit would be $7.41. These profitable arbitrage bets are available every day. Of course, some are more profitable than others.

Inputting the formulas into a spreadsheet can make quick and accurate work out of the calculations.

Arbitrage Betting Along With Bonus Offers

A great way for arbors, especially novices who want to try their hands at arbing, is to take advantage of the many sign up free bets and other deposit betting bonuses that are featured at GamblingJudge. Because arbitrage betting requires a larger investment to be profitable, arbers are more likely to make larger deposits into their sportsbook accounts. This is where punters can really take advantage of the sports promotions that are offered through Gamblingjudge. For instance, if you are looking at an arbing opportunity that involves opening an account and placing a bet at 1Bet2Bet, you can take advantage of their sign up bonus. If you need to place the second half of an arbitrage bet at ComeOn’s sportsbook, you could get in on their match deposit bonus up to €300. Now you can use the bonus money to place arbs that will yield nice ROIs.

Arbers will find themselves needing to open accounts and deposit into several sportsbooks and it only makes sense to cash in on some big bonuses while they’re at it. You can place arb bets using free bets, money back bets, risk free bets, and enhanced odds. All of these bonuses and more are found at Gamblingjudge and with their comparison table, the bonuses you are looking for are a cinch to find. Just check out the promotions section to find your awesome bonuses before you consider making a deposit into any sportsbook.

Go get ‘em!!


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