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Football Transfer Betting – About Whats, Whys, and Wheres of Football Betting

Played by an approximate number of 250 million players and in more than 200 countries, football is currently the most popular sport in the world. Perpetual growth in popularity and spectatorship have led the sport to an embodiment of global worship and in a contemporary world of monetary exchange and profit a living figure of extravagance.

In the world of wagering, football is evident amongst the hottest talks to be talked about. This affable and comprehensive article will lead you to a better understanding of the subject matter ‘transfer betting’ in football.

So, without further ado let us begin our anticipated expedition. If you want to know how to make money betting on football, just keep reading.

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What Is Football Player Transfer Betting?

This is the first thing that you should be asking yourself when you are discussing Football Transfer Betting in football or transfer window betting. So, what exactly is it? What are the intricacies and what are the mathematics that is involved? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

When you are betting on the various conditions a specific football player or a club manager is likely to move or get transferred, you are involved in football player transfer betting.

To understand how to win big on football bets, the things that you should be concerned with are,

  • The temperament of the current contract a player is signed with.
  • The kind of relationship the player shares with the club.
  • The factors on which a player shall decide to stay and on factors they just may want to leave.
  • The kind of payment a player is receiving, and whether they think it’s enough to provide them with the sustenance they want or not.
  • The legalities and the agreements are part of their contracts.
  • The kind of treatment a player is receiving from their club on and off the field.
  • What other leagues they think should do them more favor.
  • Other teams or franchises a player has always wanted to be a part of.

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What Kinds of Football Player Transfer Betting Odds Can You Wager on?

For those willing to know how to win football accumulators, this is just for you.

These are the kinds of football player transfer betting odds you should be currently aware of –

A list of latest transfer betting and the scenario of transfer betting market,

The 11/10 odds of Jack Grealish: The current Ashton Villa attacking midfielder is likely to sign with Manchester City. There have been reports for some time that the Premier League Champion team is showing high interest in the player and has even raised a bid of 90 million euros, making it one of the highly anticipated premiere league transfer betting.

The 7/4 Cristiano Ronaldo odds with Manchester United: According to European betting sites,  the four-time Ballon d’Or awardee, and empirically amongst the best players in the world just might get back to the place where it all started. There have been recent talks that Cristiano Ronaldo might leave Juventus and sign for Man U. Well, with 7/4 odds this seems a considerable bet.

The 2/1 odds of Harry Kane signing with the City: The 27 years old striker has very recently spoken up about his desire in leaving his current club Tottenham Hotspur. With the arrival of the news, reportedly, Manchester City seems to have shown interest in Kane. If the odds are 2/1, it is definitely a bet worth placing wagers upon.

The 11/10 odds of Barcelona favoring the arrival of Sergio Aguero: With Manchester City officially having announced the end of their contract with the 34 years old Argentine striker, many clubs have shown their secret interests in the athlete. However, as per the euro bookmakers and betting sites  Barcelona just seems to stay ahead of the line. With the odds of 11/10, this bet is sure one to get familiar with.

The 11/4 odds of Paul Pogba joining Real Madrid: In January this year, Pogba’s agent stated that his client needed to leave Manchester United. With that having been said, the 28 years old French center midfielder, the 2018 world cup champion, and the former Golden Boy awardee Pogba is one name that is making a buzz in the market. Based on the data on rapid transfer bookmakers and betting sites Real Madrid so far with the odds of 11/4 seems to favor the arrival of Paul more than any other clubs in need for the midfielder.

The 4/1 odds of Erling Haaland landing in Chelsea: The Norwegian striker who currently plays for Bundesliga club Dortmund has already created a buzz in the football world with his sensational and jaw-dropping moments on the field. With news of him looking for a transfer and as per the royalpay bookmakers and betting sites Chelsea has shown a 4/1 odds interest in the young prospect who is already a force to reckon with.

While wagering on the football player transfer betting odds, always study the market beforehand. Do not invest your money on a bet where the chances of a player transferring are still ambiguous. Since most of the betting is likely to take place online, it is always wiser of you to do some homework of your own on the websites before considering the many schemes they would like you to behold. Keep watching football, and keep your facts updated. Follow the regular news, and avoid hearsay.

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Why Bet on Football Transfer Odds?

The answer lies within the question itself. And to answer is to ask another question – Why not bet on football transfer odds? Football transfer is not only amongst the most popular betting systems in the field but is arguably amongst the easiest ways to double your money inside the realm of betting in football. Simply do your study, follow the game, know about the insiders, learn about the existing contracts, the agreements, as well as the disagreements, and you should be good to go. So, when you can make a profit simply by predicting the club a player is likely to land, why won’t you? To know more about the odds we recommend you to learn about the transfer betting odds, football transfer betting odds, and transfer betting specials.

Football Specials Betting Odds

The Football Transfer Betting odds mostly involve team managers. The current existing football specials betting odds that you should be laying your eyes on are,

Tottenham’s next permanent manager betting odds: The managers that are in the contest are, Steven Gerrard holding the odds of 10/11; Graham Potter with 12/1; Roberto Martinez 4/1; and Nuno Espirito Santo with the odds of 12/1.

England next permanent manager betting odds: Dean Smith with 7/1; Frank Lampard with 12/1; Eddie Howe with the odds of 9/1; and Graham Potter contesting with the odds of 12/1.

Consider learning about football transfer market betting and summer transfer betting. To further strengthen your knowledge, do read about virtual football betting, and virtual football betting strategy.

Pros and Cons of Transfer Betting


  • Helps you escalate your sense of probability in the world of betting.
  • Let’s you know about the game through a more neighboring perspective.
  • Keeps you in close contact with the sport of your loving interest.
  • Provides you with a shortcut to double your money just by your way of guessing.


  • It has a high chance of getting you addicted to gambling.
  • If not calculated properly you would surely lose just as much as you thought you would probably win.
  • Often, there are ambiguities that don't really allow you much room for reasonable and concrete thinking.
  • You are likely to end up frustrated with vicissitudes happening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course not. Your bet will not stand if the player you betted on does not move to the club. You would lose your money.

Yes, they do. If the possibilities on which you placed your money have come true, you will definitely win the bet.

Sure, you can. Whether it’s Premier League, La Liga, or Serie A, it just doesn’t matter. As long as players are being transferred, and betting continues to operate, you can bet on any player who is about to join a club in a nominated league or country.

Yes, without a doubt. You can certainly bet on a player on the grounds of them not willing to switch clubs either.

Definitely. The market for managers to move usually falls in Football Special Betting.

Final Thoughts

And with that, we come to an end. This is all that you should know before investing your hard-earned money. Of course, you would acquire knowledge about value football betting. You may also be interested in learning about no clean sheet bet. Football is fun and so is betting. Keep your eyes both on and off-field. For one can not only score inside a crowd-filled stadium but away from the fans, away from all the hustle and bustle, away from the lights, and in close contact with their computer screens.