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Under 3.5 Goals Meaning | Sports Betting Explained [2024]

Most beginner gamblers try to figure out under 3.5 goals meaning in sports betting to avoid betting mistakes. Good news is that this is a simple term and over/under 3.5 goals betting markets are popular amongst sports that do not involve many goals. 

This article explains the meaning of under 3.5 goals in betting, tells you sports to place under 3.5 bets and gives valuable tips for under 3.5 goals betting. Scroll down to find out more. 

So, let’s start! 💪

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What under 3.5 goals mean in sports? 👀 the example 👌

The meaning of under 3.5 goals is simple: you predict that the total goals scored in a match will be three or fewer goals. Therefore, the bet will win if the total goal scored in that particular match totals up to 0 (nil), 1, 2, or 3. In this case, the player’s bet amount is multiplied by the number of odds. However, the bet will lose if the game ends in four goals or more. 

Under 3.5 Goals Meaning Example 🥇

In a football match, Manchester United vs Arsenal match has odds, Man U 1.9, Draw 2.0, and Arsenal 2.4. For under 3.5 goals, the odds are 1.5, while over 3.5 is 3.2.

A punter makes it an over under in soccer betting and stakes $100 for under 3.5 goals. After 90 minutes, the game ends in 2 – 1 in favor of Manchester united.

Here the total goals in the game are: 2 + 1 = 3.

Therefore, this bet hits, and the payout will be:

Total Payout = Stake x Odd Number

= $100 x 1.5

= $150

👉This is a simple over under example using decimal odds, and it simply demonstrates that such a bet wins when teams score a total of 3.4 goals in sports.

Top sports covered by under 3.5 goals | Here we have: ⚽/🏒/🎾

If you like betting on sports, there are many games that you can place over-under bets. However, only a handful offer lucrative markets for the under 3.5 games.

Here are sports to wager watch out for:

Soccer 📌

The basic meaning of under 3.5 goals in football betting is that you predict accurately that the total number of goals scored will not exceed three. Soccer is a popular sport, and usually, many teams can score less than 3 goals per match. That makes it a popular betting market;  nevertheless, you need practical football betting tips to win these bets. 

Hockey 📌

Whether you are betting n ice hockey or field hockey, the under 3.5 betting option prominently features on many betting sites. In fact, you will see tipsters offering some hockey over  3.5 goals predictions based on teams’ performances before matches begin. Like soccer, if you choose under 3.5, you predict that the total goals after the match will be less than three and a half. 

Tennis 📌

In tennis, punters can wager on the total number of sets played in a match. When you bet on under 3.5 sets, you choose a match to end in a maximum of three sets, but if you are new in this industry, learn more about tennis betting rules

Recommended payment method to place a under 3.5 goals bet 💱

Betting sites offer different betting markets, which you can efficiently utilize if you have a proper channel for sending money to your betting account. Trusted sports betting sites provide popular methods to allow you to transact quickly and safely.

Such methods are:

EWallets: you probably have come across PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Trustly. Yes, these are powerful eWallets that will let you safely deposit and withdraw funds from your account.

Debit and Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are standard cards bank owners have. A credit card allows you to use borrowed money, while a debit card will deduct money from your account. Both options are secure and efficient.

🔔You can also use direct bank transfers or prepaid cards to fund your betting accounts. 

Valuable tips about under 3.5 goals in sports 🔎🎁

👩‍🏫👨‍🎓Learning how to place a bet online is fundamental to bettors. However, how to get max value when betting on sports is extremely valuable. In this section, you will learn how to win at sports betting.

Here are the tips to follow:


  • Pre-match research is vital as it helps to make sound decisions. Check for aspects that can alter the game’s direction, such as injuries and the weather. ☑️
  • Compare under 3.5 goals betting odds to find desired odds. This boosts your potential to win. ☑️
  • Study the stats. Although you should not wholly rely on them, they offer insights into a team’s performance. ☑️
  • Ask for help from pros. Apart from understanding betting terms, you need the right betting advice, which you can get from the best betting guide. ☑️
  • Use bonuses wisely. Sports betting bonuses such as welcome bonuses start you with a huge bankroll. Utilize them effectively to earn more. Also, check out for betting reload offers and other free bets. ☑️

Other Over/Under types of bets ✍️📑

🔥There are different types of sports betting, and each one comes with its benefits. The over under betting market is extensive.

Typically, it covers:

Further Information

  • Over Under 1.5 Goals: This bet places the reference line at one and a half goals. When you choose under 1.5, that bet wins if the total score is 1 or 0. Over 1.5 bet wins if the total goals are two or more. 
  • Over/under 2.5 goals: An over 2.5 goal bet wins when a match’s total goals exceed three goals. By contrast, under 2.5 goals bet wins when total goals are two or less. 
  • Over/under 4.5 goals: Under 4.5 goals, you select that the total goals in a match will not exceed four goals while over 4.5 goals mean total goals must exceed five goals for the bet to qualify for a payout. 
  • Over/under 5.5 goals: in this case, five and a half goals is the reference line. If you choose under 5.5 goals, you predict that the match will end in 5 or fewer goals as the total. By contrast, if you bet on over 5.5 goals, you predict that the game will end in 6 or more goals. 
  • Over/under 6.5 goals: with the reference line at six and a half goals, wagering on under 6.5 goals means you want the match to end in 6 or fewer goals. But if you wager on over 6.5 goals, you want the match to finish with six or more goals

PROS and CONS about under 3.5 goals meaning 👍&👎


  • Found in most popular sports such as soccer
  • Ideal option for games that don't score many goals or those having few sets
  • Easy to apply common betting strategies


  • Countable number of games to bet on

FAQ about under 3.5 goals 💁‍♂️💬

Soccer, Football (NFL), Hockey, Volleyball, and Tennis. In soccer and hockey, it simply means three or fewer goals. However, in other sports, it uses the key term in that sport. For instance, rounds in boxing and sets in volleyball and tennis.

It depends on the sportsbook. But generally, fractional (British) odds, Moneyline (American) odds, and decimal (European) odds are the most common odd types.

Yes. Live under 3.5 goals events commonplace on safe online sites that stream sporting events to viewers. This allows punters to place wagers even when the match is underway.

Yes. You can place under 3.5 goals on mobile if you are on a mobile betting site. So, before you register on sportsbook, ensure it supports mobile betting.

Yes. Total goals is one of the most profitable sports bets in the sports betting industry if you utilize them well. So, you can make real money.

This bet is only safe and profitable if the total goals are strictly less than 4 in a match. So, before you place bets, check the ability to teach team to score.

Betting for fun 🥳 VS 🤑 betting for profit in Over-Under betting

You can bet for fun or bet for real money in under 3.5 goals betting – the choice is yours. However, if you have to put money on the line, consider learning some profitable football betting tips. This should also apply to other sports too.

Other types of bets recommended for you 🤲

Last update: 16 June 2024