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Under 5.5 Goals Meaning: Viewpoint and Where to Apply in 2024

In this post, we tell you what under 5.5 goals means. This is a popular bet, especially in football betting. Sadly, there is little knowledge about leagues with under 5.5 goals and under 5.5 goals betting markets in general. 

That is why we have prepared this succinct betting guide to answer the question: what does under 5.5 goals mean? So, stay on this page and you’ll find out everything you need to know to make such a bet.

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Under 5.5 goals explained 👨‍🎓

What does under 5.5 goals mean in betting? Under 5.5 goals means that a football match ends in less than 6 goals. Both teams must score not more than 5 goals in the entire game.  

For example, if a match between Man City and Burnley ends as 2:1 in favor of Man City, an under 5.5 bet will qualify. However, if the game ends 4:2, that bet will lose because the total score is 6, more than 5.5. 

Where can I use under 5.5 goals bets?

The basic under 5.5 goals meaning in betting is that the total goals must not surpass 5.5 which makes it ideal for sports where players do not score many goals under 5.5 games are


Over-under football betting is rampant on all betting sites offering football betting markets. Under 5.5 goals means you predict that within the 90 minutes plus stoppage time, the total score will be 5 or less. This is pretty straightforward if you know how to bet on football. Remember, profitable football betting is about mastering strategy, including soccer prediction under/over tipsters offer.


Like soccer, you will be predicting the number of goals a match will end in; in this case, it must be less than 6. You can check out specific bookies offering hockey betting markets and place bets on your favorite teams.

It’s worth mentioning that some sports do not utilize goals as a metric for determining a winner but offer under 5.5 markets. For instance, in boxing, you can predict a boxing match to end in 5 or fewer rounds

Top payment methods to place a under 5.5 goals bet 💰

You can use multiple methods to send or withdraw money from a betting site. While some methods allow deposits and withdrawals, others are strictly for depositing. It is mainly recommended that you use a single method for deposits and withdrawals. This offers many conveniences. 

💥 Nonetheless, here are the most popular transaction methods:

  • The debit/credit cards

    Debit cards

    You’ll find these cards like Visa, Mastercard, or American express. They offer instant deposits, while withdrawals will take up to 3 days. This is the most prevalent method on betting sites and casinos.

    Its counterpart is the Credit card; they allow withdrawals, but you cannot withdraw more money than you deposited. Good thing; the methods are found on different types of sports betting sites. 

  • null


    PayPal is a convenient method and is also the safest method to deposit money to sportsbooks that accept it. This eWallet has no transaction fee, and all your transaction fees will not show in your bank statement.

    Apart from PayPal, other eWallets are Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, and Apple Pay. These options work well for low deposit betting sites

Other methods you could use

🔮 The best predictions for under 5.5 goals in sports

The under 5.5 bet is heavily skewed because most football matches end in less than 6 goals. So, in most cases, these bets come with mediocre odds leading to a low payout. So, when placing this bet, the below free super tips might be helpful:


🍁Build each way bet: Your first bet on the low bets should win the match, while the second bet is to finish at a specified point. This spreads your risk. 

🧱 Try Acca bets: Build an Acca (accumulator bet) on the under 5.5 goals matches with low odds. These multiple bets can be lucrative if you correctly predict the match’s outcome.

🛒 Shop for the best odds. Not all sportsbooks will offer mediocre odds, so shop around for something better.

🎁 If a bookie offers Sports betting bonuses and betting reload offers, use them wisely to create more money. But only select those with less strict requirements.

Add additional bets such as BTTS on both halves to spread your risk. 

🆕 Check out predictions from tipsters. However, it would be ideal for you to understand the under 5.5 goals predictions meaning before placing this bet. 

Always seek the right betting advice from professionals to take you through this betting market, whether it’s betting for fun vs. betting for profit. With dependable advice, you can navigate this market easily. 

However, the first step to getting max value when betting on sports is knowing how to place a bet online. Of course, all this should happen on trusted sports betting sites.

Other over/under bet type 🗂️

↪️In over under-betting markets, you can place bets ranging from over under 1.5 goals to under/over 6.5 goals bets. Usually, the likelihood of getting a bet correctly increases with an increase in the number of goals.

So, if you place an under 6.5 goals bet, it is more likely to be accurate than putting under 1.5 goals bets. That leavers under/over 6.5 goals with less appealing odds. It’s excellent to understand the under 6.5 goals meaning before using it. 

🔔Nonetheless, apart from under/over 5.5 goals bet, you can place the following bets: 

  • Under/Over 1.5 goals 
  • Under/Over 2.5 goals
  • Under/Over 3.5 goals
  • Under/Over 4.5 goals
  • Under/Over 6.5 goals 

From these betting terms, the over/under 3.5 goals bet lies in the middle; thus, many people may wager on it. Nevertheless, before putting your cash on the line, you should aspire to understand correctly the under/ over 3.5 goals meaning. That should also apply to the under 4.5 goals meaning rightly. 

Pros 👍 and Cons 👎 of betting under 5.5 goals


  • It only factors number of goals, not the team's strength
  • Easy to predict than other betting markets
  • It works well with accumulators


  • The payout is low due to poor odds

Frequently asked questions about betting type under 5.5 goals ❔🤷🏻‍♂️

Under 5.5 goals in hockey means that you predict that players in a hockey match will score five or fewer goals.

Yes. Under 5.5 goals bet is safe provided you are betting on safe betting sites. Safety means your information remains secure and payouts are timely.

In football betting, under 5.5 goals means you predict a football match to end in 5 or fewer goals from both teams. Such a bet loses if the total score hits six or more.

If a betting site is streaming a football or hockey match live, you can easily place an under 5.5 goals bet.

Football is the best sport to place an under 5.5 goals bet; the process is clear-cut.

How Many Goals Is Under 5.5 Bet? 🥅

🤔If you still wonder, under 5.5 means how many goals? Here is the answer: It means both teams to score five or fewer goals in a match. This is easy to place a bet, but you need to understand how it works.

👉Before putting this bet, visit the under 5.5 goals predictions today section on a sportsbook and see what they offer. This can help you make sound judgments. Also, depending on the sports betting systems you are using, you can apply several strategies. This is how to win at sports betting

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Last Update: 28 May 2024