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What Is Sharp Betting? Meaning and Where to Use It [2024]

There are different types of sports bettors, and sharp bettors make a considerable number of these bettors. Typically, sharp bettors are among the people who gamble for a living; thus, most sportsbooks highly favor them. These individuals usually win up to 55% of their wagers, unlike recreational bettors who only win about 48% of their bets. 

But what does sharp mean in gambling? If you are interested in understanding sharp betting, read this article. We also offer a list of sharp bookmakers if you want to try them out.

So, read on 👇

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What is sharp betting? 2023 updated information 👩‍🏫📚

Some individuals are experienced, well-informed, and successful bettors in sports betting. These individuals are called sharps, and when they place bets, it is termed sharp betting. So, what are sharp bets? These are typically bets that a sharp bettor places. Sportsbooks highly respect the bets, thus, getting a lot of attention whenever they place bets. At times the bookies might shift line when sharp bettors place wagers. For instance, if sharp betting picks by sharp bettors boil down to one side of a game, the betting line will shift.

💁How to place a sharp bet? Here we have 4 easy 👣:

Placing a sharp bet starts by finding the best sharp bookmakers. So, try to locate a sharp bookmakers list that offers what you need. Once you get such bookies, create an account, deposit betting funds,  and follow the steps below to place a bet.

Log in to the sharp sports betting site 👍

Navigate into the sports betting market section 👍

Choose the teams you think will win to create a bet slip 👍

Enter the money amount and confirm the bet 👍

Remember, sharp betting almost always results in line shifts. For instance, in a game Kansas City Chiefs [-3.5 (-110)] vs. Baltimore Ravens [+3.5 (-110)], the line can shift upwards or downwards depending on where sharp bettors place their bets. In this case, the Chiefs are the favorites while the Ravens are underdogs.

🔔NOTE: If most sharps place their bets on the Chiefs, the line could shift, let’s say to -5 (-110), making them better favorites (positive shift). Also, the line might move reverse. 

What are the sports covered by sharp bookmakers? ⚽/🏏/🏈

Top sharp bookmakers will always welcome professional players to bet on their favorite games. Like ordinary bookies, the best sharp bookmakers offer a wide range of games but mainly concentrate on the most lucrative ones, like how to become a professional sports gambler games on bookies that don’t limit include:

Last update: 19 June 2024

Soccer 💯

Nearly 99% of sports betting sites offer a soccer betting market. Today, 70% of the world’s legal and illegal betting is from soccer betting. Players can bet on several tournaments, including FIFA World Cup, Europa, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, and other leagues.

Cricket 💯

While it may be a popular option among Asian bookies,  it still has fans worldwide. In fact, apart from just the sharp Asian bookmakers, sharp bookmakers UK  offers great cricket fun. For instance, in the 2019 Cricket World Cup cricket match between India and Bangladesh, legal gambling platforms collected a whopping £17 million. These are just a few examples of sharp bookmakers offering cricket.

Football 💯

This is the most popular sport betted on in the US and the second worldwide. Bets on the NFL sum up to about half of all bets in the US, with the most significant event being the Super Bowl.

The best strategies for sharp betting | You can make real money 🤑

🤯 Sharp plays aren’t as easy as they sound. Besides avoiding sports betting mistakes, it is essential to understand the different types of sports betting.

✋Otherwise, here is how to win at sports betting if you are a sharp bettor.

Further Information

  • Arbitrage/Value Football Betting – The concept here is placing contradicting bets at different arbitrage-friendly bookmakers. Remember, you place the bets on the same match but different bookies. On one bookie, choose team A, while on another, choose team B. 
  • Round Robin Betting – Here, select several bets with three to ten teams, just like a parlay. However, the round-robin creates several two-team parlays. Any parlay that hits you are paid. However, you won’t be paid the same amount if you parlayed all selections, even if they hit. 
  • Middling Sports Strategy – This strategy takes advantage of moving lines throughout the week for the NFL. Expand the range of outcomes as the lines move, possibly giving you wins. Usually, the end of the game is in the middle of two numbers, resulting in both wins. 

😎Before betting, understand thebetting terms associated with the sport and get relevant betting advice. You can get all this information on the virtual betting guide.

Also, how to place a bet online.

How do I follow my sharp money? Because..are my money 💰🤏

Sharp betting always lad to long-term benefits for the bookies. That involves carefully placing bets on the best teams and tracking your money. You can find a sharp money tracker on different sports betting systems.

But also, you can follow the steps below:

Go for reverse line movement. What is line movement in sports betting? This is when odds or percentages change in a game. When they move in the opposite direction, it is reverse, and here is where the money lies

Understand how the sportsbook works – bookies move the line in their favor. 

Keep an eye on betting percentages and line movement 

Check for steam moves – sharp players force bookies to change lines simultaneously. So, get glued to your odds to spot changes.

What is the difference between square and sharp bettors? 🔦📑

Sharp bettors are aggressive punters who bet through several bookies. Having accounts on different sportsbooks is to allow them to shop for better odds or the best lines. By contrast, square bettors bet through a single sportsbook making them less aggressive.

Valuable tips for sharp bookmakers - Tested by GJ experts! 🕵️‍♀️🤑

📌 Sharp gambling is about effectively using strategies and incorporating valuable tips. Sharp betting talk always points out some helpful advice.

Here are a few:


  • Have a clear mind when betting; avoid emotions ✔️
  • Set realistic goals when starting, e.g., to win 51% of bets ✔️
  • Find the best value to keep your bankroll intact ✔️
  • Wager 1%-5% of your bankroll on each bet until you feel comfortable. Such low deposit betting allows you to lose what you can afford ✔️
  • Bet on multiple trusted sports betting sites. This diversifies your portfolio increasing your chances of winning ✔️

FAQ about sharp bookmakers 💬♨️

Sharps are great handicappers curtsey of their significant impact, i.e., substantial winning potential. Bookies take note when sharps place bets and can potentially shift lines.

Sharp money is the money that sharp players bet on bookies. Simply put, it is the money a bookie gets from professional gamblers.

You can place sharp bets using your phone, provided the sportsbook you are using is mobile-ready.

Live streaming bookmakers allow different categories of bettors, including the sharp bettors. This group of punters can freely place their bets to win money on live events a bookie offers.

The major concept behind sharp betting is making real money. Bookies highly respect sharp punters because they win more than 55% of their bets.

Sharp play means professional betting – betting primarily to make money, not for recreational purposes.

What is sharp acction in betting? Is it worth It?

📢 Sharp action simply means the events that sharps are betting on. So far, you can answer, what is sharp in betting terms? But it is also essential to answer, where is the sharp money going? Any sharp bettor focuses on money-making aspects of betting. To follow them, compare bet percentages to money percentages, line movement, and locate steam moves. This makes sharp action worth it. 

                           Here you have other similar guides to bet like a pro 😎

Last updated: 19 June 2024