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Double Chance Betting Guide | What is a Double Chance Bet?

Football betting is popular all over the world. If you are a gambling fan, you must have tried it at one point.

Betting on football is easy compared to other casino games and with just a few steps, you are on your way to walking away with millions from a sports bookmaker.

In a football match, there are three possibilities that you should factor in before placing a bet.

The home team may win, both teams may draw or the away team wins the match at the end.

With this in mind, you can place bets on either team or bet on draws.

In this article, we help know how to calculate double chance betting and is double chance betting profitable for gamblers who choose to stake in football tournaments.

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A Guide to Football Betting: What Is A Double Chance Bet In A Football Match?

To explain further what is a double chance bet in soccer, it simply means that players place bets on the two teams that are playing at a specific time. Unlike the usual bet, where a player places bets on the underdog or the favorite depending on the odds in the markets, a double chance bet strategy is a bet that involves placing stakes on two possible outcomes of the game or the event.

As such it is possible to correctly predict the end results of the game and to reduce your risk of loss to the casino. You can place bets on the away and the home team i.e. both have a chance at winning. You can also place a draw double chance bet. This is illustrated as 1X or X2.

The home team can win or draw or the visitors will draw with the home team or beat the home team. The player will then place the stake amount that they wish depending on the likely outcomes.

The double chance bet is different from the double result bet, which is a single bet, with one stake, on two outcomes, at halftime and at fulltime.

A Double Chance Bet Explained Further

The meaning of a double chance in bet is not tied down to football betting only. There are other events such as hockey and basketball (how to bet on basketball) that employ double chance betting to increase your chance of winning. Players can look out for double chance bets in other events such as the NBA or NFL. In such an instance, the double bets are referred to as the NFL bet double chance or the NHL bet double chance.

Depending on the bookie you are playing with, the latter options may be provided so it is important to look out for this before you start gambling with your favorite site of course. Gambling should be fun and not limited to only soccer and for this reason, some bookies or casino providers also provide NBA double chance bet options.

Is Double Chance Betting Profitable For Players?

Once a player grasps the meaning of 1X double chance in bet in different events that allow this type of betting, they are in for a treat. Unlike other forms of betting such as handicap betting and DNB betting, players can successfully use the strategy and start making money from double chance betting almost immediately.

It is a strategy that has reduced the risk of losses as you place the bets on two likely outcomes of an event. To succeed, it is important to first ascertain that you only make a selection of the best double chance bet by looking at the history of the teams, previous results between similar events and any other information that will be relevant in such an instance so as to reap as much as you can herein. If you’re going to try double chance betting, you definitely need to be familiar with the concept of hedge betting.

How Does The Double Chance Bet Work? What Is The Double Chance Bet Format?

Placing a double chance bet 1X X2 or 12 is probably one of the easiest betting systems. You will only need to place bets on a specific football match and then make your choices afterwards. You can place bets depending on how the game will end. If you predict that the match ends in a draw, then you can place either option i.e. 1X or X2.

Double chance bet prediction should not be random and should be informed by the history or previous matches or the favorite or underdog’s position. If the home team is a weaker or is at a disadvantage, then you can place an X2 double chance bet. This is a double chance bet example and uses the same ideologies; you can also create your own formats that will help you win.

Double chance bet rules are simple and any player can apply them depending on the casino they are playing with. Double chance 45 minutes options allow you to predict the win or draw outcomes of the game just before the game first half is completed.

Please note that this only applies to football betting.

When Can I Use Double Chance Betting To Help Me Win?

Our team of experts has double chance betting advice that you can use to make sure that you are always winning every time you are playing with a casino or a bookie. Unless you are using correct score betting strategies or when you are not sure about the outcomes if the game, opt to place double chance bests.

The bet will lower your chances of losing the stake you place. Following the double chance bet rules as well so as to lower your chances of losing. If other betting strategies such as corner betting (check here our guide on “each team over 1 corner in each half” betting and the corner betting tips) or handicap betting are not viable, players can settle for win or draw bets by placing double chance bets.

What If I Place Two Separate Bets? Would This Not Be More Profitable?

As we have mentioned before, double chance bets are a betting strategy that helps you better your chances of winning by placing just a single stake at one event. The bets are a combination of 2 bets into one and expert gamblers have learnt how to incorporate the betting strategy into their every day betting adventures.

Placing separate bets will not only lower the money you will make at the end of the game but it also implies that you will have to stake more (double the amount you would have if you had placed a double chance sure bet).

Finding The Best Opportunities To Place Double Chance Bets Online

There are numerous opportunities where you can place double chance bets. Bookies offer you 100s of football or other events that you can pick from and place your stake with. The first step is choosing a bookie that has multiple markets for several events.  What we mean is that if you love hockey, you should be able to stake on hockey as the site allows for double chance hockey betting.

Check the double chance bet rules that your provider has established. Betting should not be limited to only win or draw results but should allow you to place bets on other possible outcomes of the matches.

The odds for double chance bets should also be favorable for the player as this means that the player will need to stake low and win big (check here our best staking plan for low odds). The site should allow double chance in live betting.

A Double Chance Bet Example:

To help you understand the double chance bet definition further, we will use an example. As we have mentioned, a double chance bet entails covering two outcomes out of the three outcomes in an event.

Say, Arsenal is playing against Manchester United. Arsenal will win, draw or lose the match and such is the same for the visiting team. You will place a double chance bet 1X X2 or 12.

If Arsenal wins this match, and you had placed a 1X bet, you win. If you had placed an X2 bet, you lose the stake. If you had placed a 12 bet, you win. This, therefore, implies there is a difference between double chance, over 0.5 goals and draw no bet.

To further expound on the betting terms double chance 1, X or 2:

• 1 stands for the hosting or the home team. And, in a bet, it means that the home team will win.
• 2 stands for the visiting team or the away team winning.
• X implies that both teams will draw in the match regardless of the number of goals for that event.

Double Chance Vs. Draw No Bet: Is There A Difference Between Double Chance and Draw No Bet?

In the instance a player comes across a draw no bet, it should be a good sign. Draw no bets only have home or away win markets. The draw market is eliminated but this does not disqualify the bets. If the match ends in a draw, the bookie will refund the initial stake that the gambler had paced. With an Asian handicap +0.5 or Asian handicap -0.5 the possibility to bet on the draw is also eliminated.

The odds for the 12 bets are higher in such a case but if things don’t work in the favor of the player and the game ends in a draw, their initial stake is insured. If you employ double chance betting, you will notice that the odds are lower as the chances of winning when you use the strategy are higher compared to draw no bet strategy. The only advantage of the draw no bet is that it has better odds, which are even higher if you go with draw no bet accumulators, as the odds are multiplied.

Examples of the Best Double Chance Betting Strategies

Double chance has two main strategies that players can use. We discuss them further in the paragraphs below:

• Low-risk profiteering strategy
Choosing the teams that will guarantee you a profit at the end of the match is key. You will notice that double chance bets have very low odds. Using accumulators will, therefore, be beneficial. Combining several double chance bets will increase the odds and for a small stake, you will win bigger profits than when you place a double chance bet on single matches. Read our guide for more tips on how to win big on football bets. Have a look at other low odds betting strategies to help you understand how to use low odds to your advantage. We also suggest checking out our low odds laying system.

• Underdog betting strategy
More often the underdog is ignored in betting. Many players choose to place stakes on the favorite as the team is most likely to win the event. However, underdogs have bigger odds and these means that only a small betting amount is needed for you to make huge profits for the event. Double chance bets on the underdog are an easy alternative of placing safe bets at sportsbooks.

Are There Any Issues That Players Can Expect With Double Chance Bet Odds?

Double chance bets are profitable but players should also note that they have a disadvantage to them if you compare the odds of the double chance markets against the head-to-head markets (check here our head-to-head sports betting guide), you will notice that there is a significant difference.

Double chance odds are very low and players would have to stake more or use accumulator bets so as to make adequate profits from the matches. However, this should not be a major concern for the gamblers as it is better to win small than win nothing.

Double chance bet strategy is a low-risk betting system and the winning chances are higher.

Pros of Double Chance Betting:


  • Wins are consistent compared to other betting strategies.
  • Ideal for newbies and experts as the losses are less frequent and despite the losses, you can grow your bankroll steadily.
  • A player can bet on many games around the clock so as to counter any losses they may have incurred in the previous matches.


  • Double chance bets odds are low.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a home team win and a draw, you will win if the home team wins or draws. On an away team win and draw, the away team needs to win or draw. On home team and away team win bets, either side winning will win the bet.

No. Like most football bets, double chance bets are based on the result at 90 minutes plus stoppage time, unless the bookmaker specifically states otherwise.

It can be if you know what you are doing. To make double chance betting profitable, you need to ensure that you are only betting on teams you know inside and out, and that your bets have a reasonable chance of success.

This bet allows you to place a conventional double chance bet, but also wager on the total number of goals scored. While it can yield impressive prizes, the odds of this bet being successful are dramatically decreased compared to conventional double chance bets.

You can either take the odds of each single bet and multiply them, or you can use the money won from the first bet as the stake for your second selection. It is up to you. Alternatively, a double odds calculator could prove handy.

Find Out How Double Chance Bets Work and Increase Your Chances Of Winning!

Double chance in betting is an easy alternative that gamblers can use so as to better their chance of winning from any platform they choose to play with. Our guide to football betting using the double chance betting system explains in-depth how a player can employ this system and what they should expect, or you can learn more about other sports and find out the best tennis betting strategies available from our guide.

We also highlight other sports where the system can be used in case a player does not want to use the ancient match-winner system. Newbies and experts have attested to the many advantages that come when a player tries out the strategy including maximum profits and reduced losses.


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