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Make money with sports betting | Ultimate Guide [2024]

Do you think it is possible to make money with sports betting?

We are sure that you have asked yourself this question many times and wondered how to make money through a sports betting system.

Well, we have good news and bad news for you: It is really possible to make money with betting as long as you make the right decisions and learn how sports betting math works.

The bad news is you won’t become a “rich” person with a single bet: Even if you pick the easiest sport to bet on, you won’t be able to eliminate the luck factor.

In this article, we will explain how to make money gambling on sports and, more importantly, how much money can you make betting on sports. Let’s start!

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Do people really make money with online sports betting?

Before talking about how to make money with sports betting online, let’s focus on the obvious question: Is it really possible to make money with sports betting? Can you really do that and earn a living simply by placing sports bets?

Well, like all questions, this one does not an easy answer. The short answer is yes; it is really possible to make money with sports betting. However, remember that there is not a single “millionaire bettor” in history: The money you make won’t be that big. By playing your cards right, you can get a low but steady income, there are lots of bettors who can do that.

But once again, forget about becoming a millionaire with a single bet – that only happens in movies. Just like casinos, the only real winner in sports betting is the bookmaker: You can read our how do bookies make money article to learn why.

More importantly, in order to get that low but steady income, you need to use several strategies such as profitable football betting, lower league betting, and underdog betting: You cannot rely only on your “luck”. Below, we list the most common of these strategies and briefly explain them all. After reading them all, you will learn how to make consistent money sports betting. Make sure you also read our guide with everything you need to know on buying points sports betting, which will significantly increase your winnings.

Best strategies to make money with sports betting in 2024

This is not a how to win at sports betting article: We already have a separate article for that. Below, we will share some betting advice and tips that will help you to win more often and make some real profit.

Learn to manage your bankroll

The most important thing you need to learn is how to make money with a small bankroll sports betting. The most common mistake beginners make is believing that it takes a big bankroll to win, and they usually spend their entire budget on a single bet.

However, if you place more bets by dividing your bankroll into units, you will spread the risk and increase your chances of winning. If you have a budget of 100 units, for example, split it into 10 pieces of 10 units and place 10 different bets.

Prefer quality over quantity

Increasing the number of bets is important, but this does not mean you can choose random bets. Choosing high-quality (value) bets should always be a priority. Once you have a certain experience, focus on one sport (e.g. football) and increase the stakes in matches where you are confident about the outcome.

For example, if you divide your budget of 100 units into 10 units, you can bet 30 units on a particular match: This will work particularly well for handicap bets where the point spread is not big. Also, always prefer betting sites with live streaming: In this way, you can both follow the game and get new opportunities.

Don't buy picks - that's absurd

Do not believe anyone who gives “tips” for a fee on social media or forums. This is an absurd situation: If those tips really work, why doesn’t the seller use them himself? Never trust anyone else (and their picks) in sports betting: These are all betting scams and are of no use.

Big parlays are not your friend

You can really win big payouts with parlay bets (betting accumulators). But parlay betting significantly reduces your chances of winning: To win these bets, all of your selections have to win, and if only one loses, you lose the whole bet. (Check out our guide on how to win sports betting parlays for more information.)

So do not exaggerate the number of selections in parlay bets and do not exceed a certain limit: Using a parlay calculator, you can see what the best returns for your budget will be.

There are no guarantees

Remember that there is no such thing as a “guarantee” in sports betting: Even if you use the best strategies and make the best choices, you cannot completely eliminate the luck factor.

In other words, there is no guarantee that you will win and there is always a chance of losing. Keep this fact in mind when you are betting and setting your budget.

Keep personal records

Making money with sports betting is like starting a business. For this business to be successful, detailed records are needed: Create a record for every bet you place throughout the year and see how efficiently you use your budget.

See if you were able to make a real profit by reviewing your win/loss rates. If you’re constantly losing money, you’re doing something wrong: Maybe it’s time to choose another sport or strategy, like snooker and a snooker betting system.

Do your research

You cannot win anything by relying only on your luck. If you want to be successful in sports betting, you need to devote most of your time to research. If your goal is to make money betting on football, for example, learn everything you need to know about this sport: Start with how to bet on football and continue with football strategies and systems. (Don’t forget to learn the betting terms.)

You need to track the performance of your chosen team throughout the season and be at least as knowledgeable as the technical director: Only in this way can you make consistent predictions.

Check for the best odds

Don’t stick to a single online bookmaker. You can find different odds for each match, and sometimes even a few points difference can increase your profits significantly.

Before placing a bet, check multiple bookmakers, understand how do bookies set odds and choose the ones that offer the best odds. Work with bookmakers that will maximize your winning potential.

This is a business

Making money with sports betting is essentially a business and requires you to act accordingly. So you have to take your business seriously and make a plan: How much budget do you need? What size of profit are you aiming for? Are you in a position to recover your losses?

Think of yourself as starting a new business and make your decisions accordingly. Likewise, aim for long-term returns: No new business will start to make a profit within a few months.

Pros and cons: Can you make money betting on sports?


  • You can really get a steady income
  • Some strategies are very easy to use
  • You don’t need a big bankroll


  • That steady income will always be low
  • You cannot completely eliminate the luck factor

FAQ about how to make money with online sports betting:

Let’s be clear about one thing: There is no “guarantee” when it comes to gambling. So don’t waste your time by looking for how to make money with sports betting without risking: You will always take a risk and you can always lose a bet.

Like any business, you need to work hard, take your time, and take your business seriously to be successful. You have to think of betting as a business and act accordingly: You cannot use a simple strategy and get rich in a few months. You should focus on long-term returns.

You should do both. Sometimes it is better to focus on a single strategy and sometimes using multiple strategies will be the better solution. You should always use at least one strategy and combine it with others when needed.

Compound here has a different meaning: It means making more profit every day. For example, if you started with 100 units and made 2 units of profit, you will continue to play with 102 units. Your goal for the next day should be to earn 2.5 units of profit and increase it continuously.

All sports are suitable to make money if you use the right strategies. However, popular sports such as football, basketball, and tennis will always offer more opportunities to place a bet: We recommend starting with them.

Use the best way to win money gambling & play today

The purpose of this article was not to show you how to make easy money betting on sports: Like everything else in life, you have to work hard to make money, and if you see betting as a quick way to get rich, you are wrong. To make money with sports betting, you have to see it as a business and think long term.

That’s why we tried to teach you how to make money betting on sports – not easy money, but a real profit. We hope we have been helpful: Don’t forget to check out our other guides to learn more. To begin with, we recommend that you read our how to become a professional sports gambler, sports betting mistakes, and courtsiding articles. Good luck!

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