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Best Online Casino Reviews: How To Become A Better Gambler!

There are a lot of online casinos on the internet, but we don’t have all the time in the world to play at each and every one. Online gambling experience should be as fun (and profitable) as possible, so only the best online casinos deserve our attention.

And unless you don’t plan on trying them one by one, reading the best online casino reviews should be your default method of finding them. In other words, leave it to the professionals – people who know what to look, what to check, and how to write a best online casino review.

In this article, we will do exactly that: First, we will tell you how online casino reviews can be helpful to you, and then show how to use them according to your needs and expectations.

Then, we will talk about what the best online casino websites reviews must include. After done reading, you will be able to understand what to expect from the best online casinos review and how to find an online casino that is right for you. ange this text.

Our Recommended Casino Reviews in 28 May 2024 – Updated List

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Rating 9.88 out of 10
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Rating 9.87 out of 10
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Rating 9.81 out of 10
125% + 250 FS for your first deposit + 30 FS when you sign up
Rating 9.77 out of 10
Rating 9.75 out of 10
100% up to 5 BTC
Rating 9.65 out of 10
Welcome bonus package: 1080% up to $220,000
Rating 9.63 out of 10
100% up to €500 + 200 FS
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Rating 9.59 out of 10
Up to 7 BTC
Rating 9.57 out of 10
Welcome package: 200 TFS + up to 450% + 140 free spins
Rating 9.56 out of 10
Welcome bonus: 200% up to 2000 USD
Rating 9.56 out of 10

Why Are Online Casinos Reviews Important?

For the same reason why movie reviews are important: You get an idea of how the service will be before joining an online casino, and find out if it is worth your time and money. Anybody can watch a movie, but only the professionals can write a good review about it – this applies to best online casino real money reviews too. Professionals know what to look for, and they are certainly aware of the fact that “bonuses” are not everything. An online casino may fool a casual gambler with its “amazing” welcome bonus offer, but a professional will check the terms & conditions first, so he/she will always have a better idea on how good that offer really is. In short, when done right, best online casino reviews will help you to pick reputable, safe, secure, and fun online gambling websites, and save you the trouble. Instead of trying the find the best options among thousands of results, you can just read the best online casino review and save time – you will also save money too.

How To Use Top Online Casino Reviews?

However, online casino real money reviews are a little different than the movie reviews, for example. They should be personalized according to the needs and expectations of the players. There is no single #1 site for best online casinos – but there is a site for picking the best online casinos for different game categories (hint: it is us). So, if you like to play slot games, for example, you should focus on online slots real money reviews. In this case, there is no need to waste time by reading paragraphs about card and table games – you are just interested in slot machines. Or, if you are interested in finding the most advantageous promotions, you should focus on best online casino bonus reviews.

What we are trying to say is that you should be able to personalize the best online casinos review according to your needs. So, instead of trying to find a casino review site that suggests you three websites only, you should look for the 10 best online casino websites reviews that include different reviews for different expectations. (Hint: That site is still us.) That way, no matter which kind of game you like to play, you can find the best online casino reviews that are tailored for your style. If slot machines are your choice of game, the website you are visiting must be able to offer you the best online slots reviews – it is as simple as that. (Hint: It is still… yes, you know it, us.)

How To Choose An Online Casino Based On Reviews?

With that in mind, you should also know that all best online casino reviews should include a specific set of features. Online casinos have lots of different service types, and the review must talk about them all. Moreover, each feature must be evaluated according to detailed criteria. This is the key to finding the best online casinos for your specific needs: If a specialized rating system is available all over the world from Italy to China, followed and every feature is reviewed in detail, you can know what to expect from that casino site and whether it is right for you or not. This is the common feature of best online casino review sites, and you can easily tell whether a review is good or not by checking for it. So, what are these features which every online casino review must include and how they can help you to pick a casino site?

The Game Collection And Its Fairness

Let’s be honest: Even the biggest online casino in the world is not worth playing at if it does not offer enough games. Nobody wants to play a couple of games – when it comes to the game collection, the motto should be “the more the better”. So, the best online casino review should start by mentioning how many games are available at the casino website in total. Ideally, there should be at least 700+ games to play in different categories. However, this is not the only information you should expect to find in the review: The quality of those games is a different matter.

There are many game developers in the iGaming industry, but only a couple of them are able to offer high-quality games. So, the reviewer must know which developers are these and inform the reader accordingly. Netent and Microgaming, for example, are the leaders of slot machines, so mentioning this fact to the reader will allow him/her to learn that there are high quality slot games in that casino site. Moreover, the reviewer must recommend a couple of titles too, in order to offer the chance to start playing immediately. So, basically, the review will contain online casino games reviews too, to an extent. And if the reviewer knows which providers and games to focus on, this will be a lot easier. In short, mentioning how many games are there in an online casino is never enough – even a monkey can count. In order for it to be the best online casino review, it should include all the necessary details about the game collection and some bits of advice.

And that’s not all: The review must include how fair those games are. Game fairness is a thing that an ordinary player cannot figure out by himself. It requires having knowledge about RTP rates, house edge percentages, and independent audition agencies such as eCOGRA. If the review can tell you how fair the games really are, you can play without a worry in mind. And this is one of the most important features you should expect to see in top rated online casino reviews.

Safety And License

If you want to play at a trusted online casino site (and you should), this is the first thing you need to check in reviews: the license information. In order to become a legal, and online casino should have a license, period. A review must never suggest you play at an unlicensed casino – this is a potential security risk and can lead to all kinds of trouble. So, every best online casino review must include the license information before anything else.

However, just mentioning the name of the licensor is not enough. This information is available at the bottom of the main page, and anyone can learn it in 5 seconds. The reviewer must be able to tell which licensors are trustworthy. Yes, there are multiple licensing agencies in the world and some of them are pretty much useless. If you have 15.000 EUR lying around, you can get an online casino license from an African country – you don’t even need to have a website. For a gambling in Portugal site though you would have to pay at least 600.000 EUR for a license. the The reviewer must know this fact and be able to evaluate the license according to its reputation. Malta Gaming Authority and The United Kingdom Gambling Commission licenses, for example, are considered the best in the iGaming industry. You must also know whether the license is worth anything – knowing only the fact that it exists is not enough.

And you should get informed about the online security too: Safest online casinos use a series of practices in order to offer you a fair gambling environment. These practices include encrypting all web pages with SSL, protecting the website integrity with third parties, and secure payments by all the latest technologies. Only a secure online casino site can protect your confidential and financial information, so that should be a part of the casino review too.

The Quality Of Online Casino Software

And this part is where you understand whether the reviewer knows his job or not. Reviewing an online casino software is a hard job because it requires expertise on multiple things – especially, mobile gambling. The codebase of the casino will determine which devices are supported: Is it an instant play casino? Or do you need to download software? Hint – instant play casinos are always better, due to their practicality. Such casino sites run on browsers, no matter which device you are using, and offer increased mobile compatibility. This is the first thing that will be determined by the online casino software, and its quality will show how modern the website really is.

The online casino software will also affect the speed of customer support, available payment options (such as Poli casino), and even the loading speeds of games and web pages. Most of the online casino reviews entirely skip this feature, but it is quite important. If an online casino offers only software and no instant-play features, for example, you can be sure that it is quite old. This will also mean that you will get older games, not the latest ones.

Bonuses & Promotions

All reviewed online casinos will offer a bonus – that is the most common thing in this industry. However, checking the rates and percentages of these bonuses and deciding whether it is good or not according to this data only is a big mistake. If the review you are reading recommends you to use a bonus just because it has an “amazing” match percentage, it is time to find a different review site. Bonuses and promotions should never be reviewed according to their percentages – this is a big mistake.

Instead, the reviewer must focus on the really important issues: What is the wagering rate? Is the bonus available to all countries or are there restricted ones? Online casino reviews for US players must always contain this information, for example, due to US gambling laws. Are you allowed to make a withdrawal before the wagering is complete? Is there a maximum bet and time limit for the wagering requirement?

The answers to these questions will determine how good that bonus really is. An online casino can offer you a 600% match rate, but if the wagering rate is 90x, you will never be able to complete its requirement. Best online casino reviews always give info about these details and never get fooled by the percentages. Only then, you can decide whether to use a bonus or not.

Customer Support And Contact Info

When you click on the “contact us” link, you can see all the available contact methods. So it is not hard to find out how to contact customer support – so the review must contain additional information. Don’t get us wrong: You should be able to see the list of all contact methods in the review, but there should also be hard data, such as:

  • How long does it take to answer emails?
  • Are the customer support agents professional and helpful?
  • Is the live chat support available 7/24 or only for a limited period of time?
  • What is the address of the operator?

These details will give you enough information about how good customer support really is. The reviewer must create scenarios and test the support agents on how they react. Only then, it is possible to understand whether the online casino has a professional support team or not.

Payment Options And Withdrawal Speeds

Do you know which one is the best online casino for reviews? The one that allows you to see each and every detail about payments and does not include any hidden terms. Once again, listing all of the available banking methods won’t be enough: This information is already available at the casino site. The reviewer must take a closer look at the small prints of terms & conditions and answer the following questions:

  • How long does it take to complete a withdrawal?
  • Are there local payment options available?
  • What are the fees of financial transactions?
  • What are the minimum and maximum payment limits?
  • Is wagering required before making a withdrawal? And no, we are not talking about the bonus wagering – do you need to wager your ordinary deposits too?

All of these questions are of great importance for determining online casino ratings. Everybody likes to withdraw their winnings as soon as possible and without any complications. Best online casino reviews tell you how to do this, and inform you about all the “tiny details”.

So, How Do We Prepare Our Online Casino Reviews?

Do you want the short answer? We prepare our online casino reviews according to all of the criteria above. These are our released CasinoRank system, and they are unique to our team. Online casinos listed on our website pass through a series of tests, and we use all of the things listed above to complete the evaluation. Only the casinos that pass with flying colors can enter our “best of” lists – we know what to look for and how to find it. Our detailed criteria allow us to find every little detail about a specific online casino, and we test all those little details for a long time. Our reviewers become members of that casino site and start playing – sometimes, a review can last for weeks. During this time, they play games, deposit money, withdraw money, and contact customer support with various scenarios. And only after testing out every detail, we decide whether an online casino is worth your time and money – or not. This is how we prepare the best online casino reviews and this is why we are the best site for online casino reviews.

FAQ About Online Casinos And Their Reviews

Sure. In fact, we can summarize it in four simple steps: • Make sure the review contains additional and professional information, • Make sure the review gives suggestions about games and providers, • Make sure the review talks about wagering rates and limitations.

This really depends on the online casino itself. We have seen withdrawal periods as long as 15 business days, but also as short as half an hour. The payment method you choose will also affect this: In general, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies have the shortest payout times.

Yes, but they are not the only determining factor in deciding whether an online casino supports mobile gambling or not. It is good and useful to have a native app, but having a mobile-friendly website is of crucial importance.

Yes and no.This is because until the wagering is complete: • You won’t be able to make a withdrawal, • You won’t be able to bet more than a very low amount (usually 5 EUR) • You will be forced to play a specific casino game because only that game counts towards the requirement.

We Are The Best Website For Online Casino Reviews: Become A Better Gambler Today

If you want to read best online casino reviews, you are at the right place: Our team has a combined experience of decades, and we worked in the iGaming industry for a long time. Some of us developed games, and some of our members worked at online casino sites. We know how the industry works and its “secrets”. And also you can improve your gambling skills from our site by checking more articles about online games, like is online bingo fixed?

We can offer you the best online casinos review for this reason: If you want to find the best casino site according to your specific needs, just keep reading our reviews. We guarantee that there is an online casino for you and we have reviewed it already. Since we update our reviews on a frequent basis, don’t forget to visit us often: You will find a different best online casino review every time you come back. Good luck!

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