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Profitable Football Betting – Ultimate Football Betting Tips & Systems

Football is a profitable sport to bet, but only if you pick the right outcomes. To give you an idea, we can say that there are several bettors out there who make a living by playing football bets.

If you know what to do, you can get a real constant income from profitable football betting by choosing low odds bets such as under 5.5 goals or even under 4.5 goals.

But like all other things in life, this won’t be an easy job: You need to work hard for it. And this is the purpose of this article – we will show you how profitable football betting can be by giving out examples, and teach you the “tricks” to do this.

After reading our profitable football betting guide, you will learn how to make money betting on football and be ready to play like a pro.

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Profitable Betting On Football Basics: What Is A Football Bet And How It Works?

Football is a sports event where two teams compete. There are only two possible outcomes: One team wins or the match ends with a tie. And you can bet on any of these outcomes with different odds.

Of course, betting only on two outcomes is not that fun, so there are several other options available: You can bet on the goal count, which player will shoot the goal, how many corner throws will happen (check here our corner betting guide on “each team over 1 corner in each half” betting as well as our corner betting tips), and lots of other things – basically, anything that can happen during a football match can be the subject of a bet.

The odds you will get will be determined by the likelihood of that probability occurring, so for “simple” outcomes that can be guessed by anyone will offer low odds.

To get the highest odds/payouts, you need to bet on “exotic” options and specific outcomes, like the exact number of goals that will happen during the first half.  Even a halftime full time bet could be an option. But, is this really profitable? What do you need to get the best out of profitable football betting?

Research Is Important For Successful Football Betting

After listing the basics about profitable football betting, we can start answering how to make football betting profitable question. In order to increase your chances, you must make a lot of research first, just like if you want to find the best way to bet on tennis with the best tennis betting strategies available.

There are several profitable betting systems for football and guides on how to win big on football bets, but all of them require one single thing: research. In other words, there is no “magical” checklist to follow which will guarantee a winning: Like all other things in life, you need to work hard to get results in football betting.

So, what should you research? Basically, you need to know everything about competing football teams – your knowledge level must be on par with the technical director of the team. You should analyze and research:

  • Each and every football player on the team. And we are not talking about their performance only (which is a must), you should research their “private life” too. Don’t worry, we are not recommending to become stalkers. Football players are celebrities and they like to share their private life on social media: Follow their accounts. If a star-level player recently broke up with his girlfriend, for example, this may be an indication that his performance will drop.
  • The game history of both teams. Check the previous matches of both teams: How many of them resulted in victory? How many matches did they lose and why – is there a pattern there? What is their average goal number? Do they perform better or worst against specific team setups? All of these questions will give you an idea about the expected performance of each team and you will be able to make accurate predictions.
  • The team setup. The line-up of the team is as important as the individual players. The technical director may decide to change the position of a star-player just to see what will be the result. He has the luxury of changing the position again in the future, but you do not. If this change will affect the performance of that player (and that team), you should note that and change your predictions accordingly.

In short, in order to make a profit from fixed odds football betting, you must know everything, literally. This won’t be easy and short: Learning everything about a team will take a significant amount of time and this is not a thing you can finish during the weekend. It will take months, even years: You need to be dedicated to your research and update it along the way.

You will read dozens of sports betting articles, watch hundreds of games, and track players like a private eye. Football betting will become profitable only after this: There is no magical solution that will increase your chances instantly. And when you are done, you will still need to analyze profitable football betting markets first, even in countries like Venezuela that are less well-known among punters, if you want to get the best bang for your buck.

Analyzing The Profitable Football Betting Markets

You have done your research and ready to play profitable football betting, right? Well, not exactly: There are still things you need to do. Analyzing the profitable football betting market is a wide topic but we can divide it into two categories: Finding the best betting types and analyzing the odds.

Let’s start with the first one because analyzing the odds can only happen after you find the best betting options. There are many profitable ways to bet on football, but some of these options will give you a better chance of winning and/or higher payouts. Let’s take a look at the basic football betting types first:

  • Correct Score betting: As the name implies, you are betting on the exact score of the match. Note that you are not placing a bet on a specific team, you are betting on the score of the event. So no matter which team wins or loses, you can win a prize according to how accurate your prediction is.
  • Over/Under Goals: Again, you are not betting on a specific team but on a certain number of goals. For example, you can bet that team A will score 3 goals and win that bet, even if team A loses the match. You can go even further and opt for Betfred’s Goals Galore no Draw offer, which implies both sides score at least a goal and also avoiding the outcome of a draw.
  • Winner/Loser: Simple – you are betting on which team will win the match, no matter what the score is.
  • Asian Handicap: Each match will have a favorite team and an underdog. Bookmakers pay extra for those who bet on the “unexpected outcome”. Let’s say team A is the favorite and everyone expects it to win the match. Placing a winner/loser bet on the team A won’t give a huge payout, as it is clearly the favorite. But you can place a “-1” bet on team A and get higher payouts. So, what does this mean? By placing a “-1” bet, you are betting on the possibility that team A will win the match by two goals. And if this happens, your payout will be much higher. There are plenty of other Asian handicap betting strategies that can help you maximize your profits. We have also prepared a guide about alternative Asian handicap, where we talk about Asian handicap quarter lines, such as Asian handicap 0.25 or Asian handicap 0.75.
  • Combination Bets: You can bet on multiple matches with a single coupon. For example, placing a winner/loser bet for 6 different matches on a single coupon is a combination bet. These pay more but all of your picks must win. Even if one of them loses, your entire bet will be void.
  • System BetsYou can bet on multiple selections with one single ticket. Depending on the type, you could win a system bet starting from at least one winning selection. You can place system bets like a 2/3 System bet, Trixie bet, Patent bet, Yankee bet, Canadian bet, Alphabet bet or even a Gloliath with 8 different selections.

There are lots of other profitable football betting types too, but the majority of them is just a variant of these basic categories. So, which one is better? Which profitable football betting systems should you use?

The key to increasing your winning chances is to lower the possibilities. If there are only two possible outcomes, you can correctly predict which option seems more possible by making comprehensive research. In other words, you can increase your winning chances. But if there are multiple outcomes, even a computer cannot calculate all of them – in this case, too many things will be left to chance.

Only one football betting type offers you two possible outcomes: the winner/loser bet. All other options (no matter what they are called) can result in dozens of different outcomes and some of them require pure luck – for example, there is no real way to research/analyze/predict with what score the match will end. Even if you are a professional gambler, you cannot predict this outcome: There are too many variables.

So, winner/loser bet should be your default choice. Yes, we know that such bets offer lower odds and that’s normal – everybody knows which teams are the favorites and underdogs, that’s why they offer low odds. If you are one of those players that like to bet on low odds, we recommend checking our best staking plan for low odds.

But our goal here is to gain a regular income: We are not after becoming a millionaire by placing a single “amazing” bet; such a thing does not exist anyway. And you can always increase the payout by playing a combination bet.

So, the next step is finding the best odds for this betting type, which will require visiting multiple sports betting sites and why not some betting shops. You could try sharbing and make some easy profits from the differences in odds offered by high street betting stores and online bookies. Sharbing can also be combined with a lay the draw strategy.

Most Profitable Football Betting Strategy: Finding The Best Odds

Finding the best odds is one of the most effective sports betting strategies, but not an easy thing to do, even when using the “accept all odds movement” feature, where you will also accept the dropping odds. There are hundreds of online bookmakers out there and almost each of them offers a different odd for a particular match. So, if you are wondering how profitable is football betting, the answer depends on what kind of odds you are getting. For personalized odds, there are some bookies that offer the “request a bet” feature.

How to win football accumulators? One answer would be to use the feature “edit my acca“, which allows you to edit your accumulator, in case you changed your mind after placing a treble bet, for example.

You could start with new independent bookmakers as they can freely determine their odds and usually, they offer better odds to attract new customers.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this: You need to go window shopping. In other words, you need to visit several online bookmakers and take notes of their closing odds. After preparing a list, simply select the highest one possible. Of course, you also need to check their legality: Unlicensed bookmakers offer the highest odds but rarely pay.

Make yourself a list of reputable bookmakers and visit them one by one before a football match you are planning to place a bet on. Bettors are not like online casino players: Sticking to a single bookmaker is never a good idea. You need to open multiple accounts and use them all whenever necessary.

Profitable Football Betting Tips

So far, we gave you lots of football betting strategies and systems, but we can still give a couple more. The vast majority of these tips also apply to virtual football betting, too. We have prepared a dedicated article on the best virtual football betting strategies that you should know before getting started. We need to summarize the tips above, so here is the most comprehensive profitable football betting tips list:

  • Prefer to play winner/loser bets. Yes, the payouts will be low but only if you place a bet on the favorite. If you place a bet on the underdog and win, the prize will be much bigger. And thanks to your research, you can understand whether the underdog has a chance to win or not.
  • Do not expect to become a millionaire. Higher odds and complex betting types may seem like the way to go, but your goal should be winning a low but constant income. There is no magical bet that will turn you into a millionaire. Keep things simple, be patient, and keep collecting your winnings. This will take a long time but you can make a living out of it if you do not take unnecessary risks.
  • Make your research. If you really want profitable football betting, research should become your day job. Collect every information, analyze every possibility and make sure you learn everything to know about football teams.
  • Do not stick to a single bookmaker. As explained above, constantly switch between online bookmakers in order to get the best odds. Here is a pro tip: Subscribe to these online bookmakers and the latest odds will be delivered to your email. You may also receive daily offers specific for you (like reload offers UK) like price boosts and enhanced odds for selected markets.
  • Follow less popular leagues. Yes, the Italian league is much better but everybody follows it, so the odds will always be low. Following the national football league of Kameron may not seem that fun but you will be getting higher odds. Plus, it is always easy to master small leagues. But for more information about this country, check our 2024 updated article about Italy betting sites and bookmakers.
  • Do not be emotional. You will lose. You will win. No matter what the outcome is, do not decide with your heart. Being emotional is the worst thing you can do and may lead to further financial losses. Act like this is a business and make decisions with your rationale, not your feelings.

Increase Your Chances With Profitable Football Betting Strategies

Well, there you go: Now, you know what profitable football betting is and what kind of income you can expect. By following our tips and tricks, you won’t become a millionaire: But you will be able to increase your winning chances and get a constant income, which is the goal of this profitable football betting guide.

Now, all there is left to pick an online bookmaker: Why don’t you start with our recommendations? In this way, you’ll avoid potential betting scams. You may even want to join cryptocurrency bookmakers, such as Dogecoin betting sites (see here our Dogecoin betting guide). Good luck out there!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d answer that by saying, how long is a piece of string? The amount you can win is entirely dependent on your stake, and the odds at the time you placed your bet. It could be a couple of quid, or tens of thousands of dollars.

The goal-goal, double chance bet, over/under and minutes to score bets are the easiest bets to win.

The first half over/under, double chance, draw no bet and both teams to sacore are the safest bets to play.

Betting on football is rarely profitable, if you want to bet, do it casually.

The most profitable strategy for football betting is the proportionate betting system.