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Point Spread Betting Explained – What is a Point Spread and how does it work

Point spreads have become quite popular in football betting as well as in other sports.

If you are a betting fanatic then this is a system worth adopting to better your chances at winning.

To shed light on the point spread betting strategy, we shall use football spread betting as an example.

Gamblers place their stakes on the teams that are most likely to win in a match.

However, the odds are that all the teams have different potential and that is where point spreading kicks in.

Odds-makers use the point spreads to create high or low points for the teams’ scores at the end of the game. To be able to walk away with the winnings a player must be able to successfully beat the point spread.

In this article, we discuss in details on point spread bets and the various types of the same such as basketball point spread betting.

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How Does Point Spread Work?

To understand the above, it is important to first know how does point spread basketball work and what does spread point mean in football. As we have mentioned before, point spreads are very common in football and basketball as they are the most gambled upon in the world. A point spread for either of the games is molded in such a way that each of the teams has an equal chance of winning the matches. Each participating team is subjected to point spread rules that are almost the same for each game.

Due to the even chances of the two teams, the point spreads allow the gambler to place risky stakes on both teams. However, there is always the team that has better chances of winning and is referred to as the favorite which is indicated by a – point spread while the team with the least chances of winning is referred to as the underdog with a + point spread.

Understanding point spread bets before the game is therefore crucial will enable you to accurately place the sports betting point spread explained on the most likely to win team.

What Is A Point Spread? Point Spread Explanation

What is point spreading in basketball?

Point spreads created by odds bookies to give an upper hand or a lower hand to the teams that take part in a game. The points are solely established based on the likelihood of the wins or the losses of the teams.

The most likely to win is given a – sign meaning it is at an advantage while the team that is most likely to lose is given a positive sign meaning it is at a disadvantage over the winning team.

They are given a specific number of points that indicate that they are less likely to lose the game based on this number of points if you take a closer look at how does point spread betting work in all types of sports.

How Much Can Players Expect To Win In Point Spread Bets Basketball?

Before you understand the point spread payouts, it is important to grasp how to play point spread and how it will affect your final win. How point spread works in football is almost the same as the point spread for basketball.

One of the most popular bets is the -110 odds that is the same for both teams. In some cases you may see the spread expressed like PK or Pick’Em, which means the spread is 0 for both teams. And this is the answer to the question “what does PK mean in betting?”. When both teams have equal chances of winning they will have the same odds.

In such an instance, a player will win 100 dollars if the place an initial stake of 110 dollars. Others include the -105 point spread on betting odds which indicates that the player will win 95 dollars. If the points spread betting has even odds/chances, then the amount you bet is what you will receive at the end of the match.

What Does Point Spread Mean?

To better understand what is a point spread in football and what is point spread betting in basketball, it is important to look at how point spreads work. They are developed by odds bookmakers to be used by online and offline gamblers to better their chances of winning regardless of the outcomes of the game. Players can bet on the favorite or the underdog or the favorite by first learning how to read a point spread.

How to read a point spread will better enable know you to pace the bet accurately and recover your bet without any losses. The sports bookie lets the player gamble evenly on both teams without inclining on the favorite in point spread odds. Otherwise, every gambler would choose the favorite and the casino both online and offline would incur losses and close down the business.

As the game progresses, the bookie will adjust the odds accordingly to balance out between the two teams.

Odds in Sport Spread Explained

What’s the point spread odds in a match? These are the prefixed prices for the two teams that players can place their wagers on. Regardless of the wager you choose to place or your offered bookie, you will realize that most bookies will offer you -110 points spread on betting.

The betting point spread and over/under will vary as the game/match progresses to favor the underdog sportsbooks as the bookies are in the business of making money.

The NFL point spread betting line payouts will most likely range between $110 and 100 depending on the bookie you are using. Betting point spread odds are also referred to as the ‘vig ‘or ‘juice’ in bookmaker sites.

The rules for point spread betting will vary from one site to another.

How Do Point Spread Betting Odds Work? Betting Spread Odds and Odds Movement Explained

Half point sped betting odds are also included in point spread betting strategy. Bookies will also try as much as possible to even out the odds which translates to the point spread betting payout at the end of the match.

Sports bookies will offer 3 point spread or 5 point spread bets for the match and with even odds, the bookie will make enough profit.

As the game progresses the odds will be moved to the side that players are not betting on. This will ensure that they win as much as possible and it important to check out for any changes in point spread betting soccer or basketball, 3 and 5 will be the most certain point spread betting sports.


Point Spread Betting Tips

  • Compared to other point spread betting sports, you will notice that football and basketball matches are the most likely to use point spread betting. Tennis spread betting will use money lines. This includes other sporting events that gamblers place wagers on.
  • You can also use a point spreading app to place your wagers. Inside the app, you will find a point spread betting calculator that will help you determine the amount that you will most likely win/ the payouts that you can expect.
  • The point spread betting lines and pick consensus scores standings are also included in the apps. From here you will be able to access a wide range of sporting events as well as schedule standing stats for the matches.
  • Gamblers can pick line odds or odds picks consensus as there are prediction schedule standings.
  • Other areas highlighted herein are schedule standings stat injuries and future odds public bets.

FAQ Point Spread

In case you are lucky enough to win an NFL point spread betting line stake, then you will receive the initial amount you staked plus the win amount. If the point spread payouts are -110, you will receive the 110 dollars you had placed at the start plus the 100 dollars you have won. Your total win is 210 dollars and therefore it is important to learn how to read point spread betting rules for every sports bookie.

The initial stake amount is lost. In our case, you will lose the initial 110 dollars that you had placed at the beginning of the match to the sports bookie. Please check the point spread betting basketball explained guides to help you make better decisions when betting on all sports.

Commonly referred to as push, a tie is a common occurrence and this should not worry you as a gambler. In such an instance, the sports bookmaker will be required to refund you the original stake you had placed at the beginning of the match. Ties are in favor of the players/gamblers.

Point spread changes are inevitable as sports bookies can alter the point spreads to their advantage just before the game starts. Point spreads may change due to multiple factors but the player should place their bet when it is most favorable for them to avoid any inconveniences when the point spread changes.

Find The Best Point Spreads From Your Bookie Today And Enjoy Big Wins!

Before placing any bets, we advise any player to first look around for the best point spread bet. Different bookies have different odds for each game and it is, therefore, important to weigh between the options available before finally settling for one.

Knowing and understanding point spread betting can earn you big wins and in this article, we help you understand different types of point spread betting as well as breakdown some of the terms that are used in such instances.

We also let you in on the tips and guidelines that many players overlook when placing spread bets and how you can use them as an advantage over the bookie.


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