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Low Odds | Low Odds Betting Guide (2024)

The most common mistake that beginner bettors make is to opt for offers with higher odds: Low odds offers, on the other hand, can be just as profitable as they are, and sometimes even more. The fact that high odds are offered means that the probability of that outcome occurring is very low.

Low odds betting, on the contrary, refers to outcomes that are more likely to occur. In other words, you are more likely to win. This can be one of the best betting strategies you can use in certain circumstances (check betting odds explained).

In this betting on low odds guide we have prepared, we will talk about everything you need to know about the subject. First, let’s start by answering the question of what are low odds.

What does low odds mean?

So, what are low odds? In order to answer this question, we need to talk about how bookmakers work. Bookmakers consider many different factors when determining the odds they will offer for a particular match. As a result, they determine what is the probability of a particular outcome occurring. 

As a simple example, they can determine which team is more likely to win a match: As we all know, every match has a favorite team and an underdog team. The favorite team is more likely to win that match, and this outcome is less likely to happen for the underdog team. Bookmaker determines odds margins (*) by considering all these possibilities.

The bettors naturally choose outcomes where they have a higher chance of winning. In other words, the majority of bettors will place a bet on the favorite team. However, this naturally causes odds shortening for that team, meaning they will drop: The more people bet on a specific outcome, the less that outcome pays.

Betting on low odds means playing on such low paying outcomes with a high probability of happening (winning). This is the simplest low odds definition: You are more likely to win but the payout won’t be that big. For example: 

  • Team A is the favorite of a football match. The bookmaker offers 1.10 odds for this team. This means if you place 100 EUR and win, the payout will be 110 EUR (You will make 10 EUR profit)
  • Team B is the underdog of the same football match. The bookmaker offers 1.90 odds for this team. This means if you place 100 EUR and win, the payout will be 190 EUR (You will make 90 EUR profit).

(*) Odds margins are the difference between the probability the bettor is offered to place a bet and the true probability of that outcome. This is basically how bookmakers make money: They set the odd margins so they can make a profit no matter what the outcome is.

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When can you expect low odds?

With any development that increases the chances of a team or athlete to win, you can expect the odds offered for that team or athlete to drop. Here are some examples of low odds that you can expect:

  • In a football match, lower odds are always offered for the favorite team as it is more likely to win the match (the underdog team, on the other hand, gets higher odds because this is less likely to happen)
  • A team playing at home gets lower odds compared to a team playing away
  • Low odds are not offered for a team with injured or suspended players as it is unlikely to win the match. Teams that can use all-star players, on the other hand, always get low odds.
  • Sometimes even motivation alone can lead to the offer of low odds: The more motivation a team has to win that match, the more likely it is to win, and this causes the odds offered to drop.

We can give more examples about sports betting on low odds, but you get what we mean: The higher the probability that an outcome will occur, the lower the odds offered.


We will offer several low odds betting strategy guides but here are a couple of tips you can use if you want to bet on low odds:  

  • Learn when to back the favourite. Yes, the favorite team is more likely to win a match but the underdog may have more motivation: This may increase/decrease the odds, especially during the closing odds phase. If you didn’t get the right pick from the very beginning, you can still save the situation by hedge betting.
  • See if the injured or suspended player can actually change the outcome of the match. Sometimes, the star players aren’t really that important and the team can easily win the match without them. 

The difference between pre-match and live low odds

We need to talk about different types of odds to explain this topic. The first thing you need to know is that odds offered by bookmakers are not “fixed” figures: They constantly change and evolve, according to the developments both before and during the match.

In this regard, we can say that there are three main types of odds:

👉 Early odds: These are offered before the match starts: You can get them even weeks before. 

👉 Closing odds: These are the odds that are offered just before the match starts. 

👉 Live odds: These are odds that are offered during the match.

It is not possible to say that one of these phases is better for low odds bets than the others. The situation called dropping odds (*) can occur in any of these processes.

Odds in the “early odds” phase may drop further due to a player change before the match begins. (Especially in low odds football betting, the exact opposite of this situation is possible.) If this change occurs after the match has started, very low odds can be obtained during the “live odds” phase. The bookmaker will decrease or increase his rates according to instant developments.


However, if you want to get the lowest possible odds, we recommend you to choose live bets: It is possible to get very low odds, especially for the favorite team near the end of the match. 

(*) Dropping odds is when the bookmaker adjusts the rates it offers according to developments in order to protect its commission. It takes place continuously until the match starts and continues after the start of the match in live bets.

Betting on low odds is for long-runners

Low odds are also known as “short odds”, which is a common horse racing betting term. It simply means you picked the best horse to win the race (it has the highest chance of winning) but your profit will be very low because hundreds of other people placed a bet on the same horse. This is the most common problem of betting on low odds: You are more likely to win but the payout won’t be that big. In other words, if you want to become “rich” by placing a single bet, low odds betting won’t be the right choice for you.

However, this does not mean that it is an unprofitable option. No matter how small it is, there will always be a profit. You can increase this profit even further by placing a low odds accumulator bet or try high stakes low odds betting. In the long run, you will win enough even by making small profits. Once again, however, betting on low odds is not a method that will allow you to make a high profit in a short time.

Should You Try Low Odds Betting?


  • You are more likely to win the bet
  • As long as there are two outcomes, you can pick any sport
  • Suitable for beginners & veterans


  • The payouts won’t be that big
  • You cannot make a profit in a short time

FAQ about low odds betting

There is no specific winner of the low odds vs high odds comparison: Both have pros and cons. You take a higher risk with high odds but the payout is also big. Low odds represent a low risk, but the payout will also be below.

While any sport is suitable for low odds betting, football is the most popular sport: The majority of low odds betting offers will be about this game.

In general, yes. Low odds betting means that you are placing a bet for an outcome that is more likely to happen, so your winning chances are high too.

Sure you can. There are lots of bookies that don't limit your betting choices in any way and we already picked the best ones for you: Check the list above.

Get the best low odds bets today

As we mentioned above, we have several guides for low odds betting (best staking plan for low odds, low odds laying system, etc.) so make sure to take a look at them too. We have even created a guide for Dogecoin betting; you can also check our list of Dogecoin betting sites. We have also prepared a relegation betting guide that will highly help you understand the meaning of low odds.

Since we answered what are low odds question, the next step is trying it: Pick one of our recommended bookmakers and start betting on low odds right now. We will be here to help you along the way, so don’t forget to visit us often. Good luck!

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