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Turn Five Bets into 20 Combinations with the Canadian Bet

Good things are known to come in bunches and when it comes to gambling, Canadian betting can be the best example. If you like the idea of placing a five-fold accumulator, this guide will teach you how does the Canadian bet work.

Also known as the super Yankee bet, it can help you in your quest of beating the house edge and amassing Canadian bet winnings. You can use it on several sports, although it was initially intended for horseracing, which can be found at the best legal betting sites.

Understanding the Canadian bets

The Canadian bet is a combination of multiple bets since you are supposed to select five events and add them to your betting slip. You will also have to understand what is a double bet because this accumulator includes doubles, trebles, and fourfold bets. These five selections give you more chances to win and this type of cover bet is preferred by risk-averse punters.

All in all, you will have a total of 26 bets, so this is an excellent way to gamble at the best Canadian Interac bookmakers. Don’t let the name deceive you though, because placing a Canadian bet is also possible at gambling operators located elsewhere, including the top EURO bookmakers. You can bet pregame, live, and on upcoming tournaments, including round-robin and patent bet markets.

Best bookmakers for placing Canadian bets in 20 July 2024 – Updated List

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How to calculate Canadian bets winnings

If you haven’t placed a Canadian online bet before, you should know that this is a complex system wager. You can use a Canadian bet calculator to assess the potential winnings, based on how many of the 5 selections you predict correctly. The best-case scenario is to get the full cover bet, but it is more likely to hit the single bets, the double, or Trixie bet.

super yankee bet calculator

When it comes to the odds format, we recommend using the decimal ones, because this makes it easier to calculate winnings. The best Canadian dollar bookmakers will automatically calculate the potential winnings, for each of the winning combinations. This applies to horseracing events, as well as Grey Cup odds and other sports available at the best gambling and sports betting sites.

The difference between a Canadian bet and a Lucky 31

Players who have just learned about the Canadian bet odds should note that there are several alternatives for system betting. Perhaps the best-known one is the Lucky 31 system, which includes more bets, on the five single markets. Just as the name indicates, this takes the total number of combinations to 31, which makes it an even more tempting proposition for those who love cover bets.

Once you have the Yankee bet explained and learned about the more complex varieties, you’ll be tempted to expand your horizons. Consider the Goliath bet, alphabet bet, the super flag bet, and the Lucky 63 bet, which increases the number of betting combinations even further. The total stake doesn’t have to go up, as it all depends on your appetite for gambling and your expectations.

Each-way Canadian bet

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, the Canadian online bet can surprise you. Think of each way Canadian bet as a superior way to reduce the risks when gambling at the best international sports betting sites. These types of sports betting options will pay even if the five selected horses come in second, rather than win the race.

canada flagEach way sportsbook market is popular among horseracing fans, including those who have just learned how to place a bet online. You get lower odds but you have a second chance, as it frequently happens that the favorite comes in second. This type of wager is available at the best Canadian sports book, and you can find the latest forecast odds through the oddshark app.

These Canadian bet types lower their risks, but there are no guarantees and no refunds even at the best instadebit bookmakers. That’s why exercising bankroll management is essential to stay afloat while placing Canadian bet slips and taking advantage of the best accumulator bonuses. If you fear the risk of gambling addiction, you can access the National Gambling helpline and seek professional help.

Pros and cons of Canadian bets:


  • More winning combinations are available
  • Lower risks are more suitable for beginners
  • Perfect for horse and Greyhound racing
  • Easy to learn and master


  • Less suitable for mainstream sports
  • Not available at all bookmakers

FAQ about Canadian Bet:

Depositing the Canadian bet and using the Super Yankee bet is safe if you look up the bookmakers by currency and choose licensed and regulated ones.

The maximum winnings depend on the odds, as well as the stakes on the Canadian online bet. You can take advantage of Canadian bookmakers & free bet offers to maximize the odds of winning.

Learn what is a Yankee bet and get familiar with the reverse betting terminologies before placing a bet. You need five selections to combine them with doubles, trebles, fourfold, and fivefold wagers.

The Canadian bet is suitable for each way markets and it works well on horse and greyhound racing events. If you choose each way markets, the odds are lower but you have better chances to win.

This is a superior solution for punters who want to reduce the risks and maximize the odds of winning. The stakes and the odds on the five selections need to be higher for bigger winnings.

Give yourself more options with the Canadian bet

The Canadian bet is a good choice for punters who want to add multiple events on the same betting slip and activate more combinations. This is a system bet that can puzzle beginners, but once you learn the ropes, you will love the mechanics behind it.

With the right bankroll management and a little common sense, you can make it work and turn horse and greyhound racing into memorable events. You can use this bet at mainstream bookmakers and enjoy competitive odds both pregame and live.