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Canada Betting Sites, Bookmakers and Free Bets

Many people associate Canada with hot summers and long cold winters. The Canadian geography is as diverse as its 36 million residents.

Canadians have a wide variety of interests, though, one of which is betting on sports. Canada betting activities are quite common through the country.

The world in which Canadian bookmakers operate in is muddled and confusing, matching Canada’s gambling laws. Almost all Canadian betting sites walk a fine line between legal and illegal operations.

It doesn’t help when most gambling sites in Canada aren’t sure where the line is. If they don’t know, how could players wishing trying their hand playing at betting sites in Canada possibly be expected to? Fortunately, that’s where we come in.

We will tell you everything you need to know about Canada betting in this guide, a list of the best online bookmakers Canada included.

Each province and territory are responsible for their own gambling laws.

So, for example, Canada bookmakers can be legal in some state and illegal in another. Or, the answer to is cricket betting legal in Canada can be yes in state A but no in state B –  the situation of gambling sites in Canada is very much like the United States.

Until the online gambling industry began to flourish in the early 1990s, Canadians who were looking to bet on sports events were relegated to playing provincial sports lotteries or finding local Canada bookmakers.

When the Internet sports betting boom arrived, Canadian punters were overjoyed. No longer were they forced to play parlays with the terrible odds that government lotteries offered: Online bookmakers Canada were offering much better.

Canadian sports bettors jumped all over the opportunity to wager on single events with the much better odds that the online bookmakers were offering.

As mentioned, though, the rules governing online bookmakers in Canada are not as clear cut as you might think.

With the exception of the Kahnawake Reserve in Quebec (which is the home to the best bookmakers in Canada), outdated Canada internet gambling laws do not provide for the distribution of online gambling licenses. Instead, the gambling laws in place were created to deal with land-based bookies in Canada.

In other words, bookies in Canada are covered by the law as long as they offer a “physical” service. But if it is an online service, even the best bookmakers in Canada are not covered by law: “Officially”, gambling sites in Canada do not exist.

Aside from a few government-run online betting establishments, Canadians must place their action through offshore bookmakers. So nobody tries to find bookmakers in Canada: This is not needed at all. Instead, they simply find a Canadian sports betting site on the internet or sports bonus codes available, which are plenty. Interac betting sites are a good example.

The legality of this practice is a little grey. There is no punishment for playing at a bookmaker in Canada, nor are there any penalties for visiting foreign betting sites in Canada. In fact, many of the best online betting sites in Canada are actually licensed and located in Europe.

As explained above, bookies in Canada are mostly limited to physical betting booths and do not cover modern sports (i.e. CSGO Canadian championship bets), so using online bookies abroad is the only way to get a satisfying gambling experience and free bets Canada bonuses.

Canadian authorities seem content to let this happen without interference. This is, understandably, great news for nationals and Canadian bookmakers alike.

Top 10 Betting Sites for Canada [2021] – Updated List

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What are the Best Sports Betting Sites and Bookmakers for Canada?

Canadian punters have a number of great options when it comes to new bookies and they can choose the best ones from our new bookmakers 2021 list. The biggest and most trusted brands in online wagering such as William Hill,, and TornadoBet are confidently used by Canadian punters every day.

22Bet and are also very prominent in this market. These brands represent a few of the big guns that Canadian punters turn to when they want some sports betting action.

Canadian sports bettors should be sure to read the list of sportsbooks reviews that is found at These reviews are packed with useful information that will help you find the biggest betting companies for your betting needs.

If you’re after a legitimate bookies with top bonuses, great games and robust support, any of the Canadian sports betting sites listed at Gambling Judge come highly recommended.

What are the Most Popular Sports in Canada?

Canadians enjoy a very wide range of sports. With so much water around, sailing, rowing, and a host of other water sports such as swimming, diving, and water polo are enjoyed by many. With many mountainous regions there, skiing and snowboarding have a large following.

Basketball, baseball, American football, and rugby have a large following as do soccer, tennis, golf, figure skating, and auto racing. The most widely followed sport in Canada is hockey which has a rich history here. All these regularly form wagerable markets at the best betting sites in Canada.

Is Online Betting Legal in Canada?

Online sports betting and Canada is definitely a gray area but it is largely considered legal. As mentioned above, the answers to gambling related questions (i.e. is matched betting legal in Canada) are different in every state. Likewise, whether you are getting a free bets Canada bonus or not depends on which state you are residing.

The authorities and the government seem to completely ignore online sports betting activities. Nobody’s ever been prosecuted successfully for placing sports bets online. This essentially gives punters and bookies in Canada alike a free hand.

The betting operations on the Kahnawake reserve have gone unchallenged and that has allowed the tiny Mohawk territory to not only license and regulate operations there but to also become a global leader in the industry.

Until the Canadian government regulates online betting, they will continue to see an estimated $4 billion leave the country destined for offshore betting sites.

Legitimate, national Canadian bookmakers may not make a killing quite like their offshore counterparts, but they’re not short of revenue either.

Are there any Sports Betting Bonuses and Free Bets for Canadian Players?

With the top brands in the sports betting industry competing for their share of the lucrative Canadian sports betting market, you can be sure that there are plenty of deposit bonuses for customers to claim. BetVictor welcome their customers with a €25 free bet.

22bet offers their new customers a 100% match up to $122, while provides cryptocurrency and FIAT currency bonuses to its members with no promo codes required. Other notable sites with big bonuses which are worth a punt include, 1xBet and Tornado Bet.

Bookies in the country also regularly hand out other promos and bonuses to punters. It is not uncommon to find a host of free bets at Canada’s finest online sportsbooks. These can include money-back deals, no deposit bonuses and much more besides.

There are many more great bonuses waiting to be claimed by Canadian customers. Check for the best promotions from the world’s most highly respected online bookmakers.


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