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Kahnawake Bookmakers and Betting Sites

Kahnawake is a small Mohawk reserve located in Quebec, Canada.

When the online gambling boom hit in the 1990s, Kahnawake saw the potential and became one of the first jurisdictions to offer gambling licenses to the biggest betting companies.

Kahnawake asserted their “Aboriginal rights” within Canada to operate and they have gone unchallenged as the territory has cultivated an ever-growing and lucrative internet gambling industry.

There are currently about 250 internet gambling sites operating here and the jurisdiction is regarded as one of the most highly regulated.

This translates into the region being host to some of the best sportsbooks. It also means that there are strict rules in place to protect customers.

Kahnawake works closely with several other jurisdictions and bodies in an effort to benefit players while boosting the region’s reputation as an industry leader.

Customers can be confident that when they’re playing at an online casino based out of Kahnawake that they’re playing at a site that upholds some of the highest standards in the world.

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Who is the Kahnawake Regulatory Authority and What Is Its Purpose?

After the Kahnawake Gaming Law was passed, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission enacted their regulations with regard to interactive gaming. The Commission is responsible for issuing gambling licenses, enforcing regulations, and giving online gambling opportunities to players over the internet.

The Commission consists of three people who are appointed by the Mohawk Council. These members are each appointed to work a two-year term.

The Commission issues four types of gambling licenses. These are an Interactive Gaming License, a Client Provider Authorization, a Secondary Client Provider Authorization, and a Key Person License. Aside from issuing licenses, the Commission that oversees regulatory compliance and has the authority to fine internet gambling companies within its jurisdiction, suspend and revoke gambling licenses.

The Commission undertakes the screening and vetting of gambling license applications and their process is considered to be of the highest standards. This ensures that only international gambling companies that meet the highest threshold of honesty and integrity are given licenses.

This is good news for customers. Online gamblers that use a Kahnawake-based sportsbook can rest assured knowing that their money is safe, their privacy is protected, and that they are playing at fair sites that are closely monitored and tightly regulated.

How can a Player Submit a Complaint for Kahnawake Regulated Bookmakers?

Any questions, complaints, or information requests can be sent to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Commission reviews all correspondence according to their policies and procedures that are set out in their regulations. If necessary, the Commission will seek the guidance of professional advisors.

Customers who have complaints should first try to resolve the issue directly with the sportsbook. Failing this, punters can directly contact the Commission via e-mail at The Commission takes complaints very seriously and they do their best to resolve the situation in a timely manner.

In recent years, Kahnawake has made great strides in improving their complaints process as it used to be considered lacking. This is possibly one of the reasons that the Kahnawake Gaming Commission’s jurisdiction is not on the United Kingdom Gambling Commission’s “white list”.

How are Disputes Moderated Here?

One unique feature of the Commission is that they have a full-time Dispute Resolution Officer. This has led to disputes being resolved in a timely manner. When a punter has unsuccessfully tried to resolve a dispute directly with their sportsbook, they are urged to fill out a complaint form that is easily found on the Commission’s website.

Customers need to be as detailed as possible when describing their complaint. The authority will then contact the sportsbook and obtain their version of events and all supporting evidence. The Commission even allows for third-party arbitration in these matters.

The complainant will be notified in writing or by e-mail of the outcome. The decision letter will include all policies and regulations that apply to the matter and by which the decision is based. Complainants can be confident that their complaint will be taken seriously and given unbiased consideration. This is crucial for the Commission’s image and reputation as an entity that strives to protect their customers.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Kahnawake?

Sports gambling in Canada is a bit of a gray area but it is largely considered legal provided the customer is of age. This legal age differs between provinces. Most provinces have government run sports betting but these sports lotteries are considered to be a bit of a joke and lag far behind the type of betting offered through online sportsbooks.

Provincial governments appear reluctant to offer single-event betting and only allow customers to play multipliers and pools. This gives the online sportsbooks a huge edge.

In Kahnawake, residents are free to bet on sports. They can also choose to legally gamble at land-based casinos which are also under the jurisdiction of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

What are the Requirements of a Kahnawake Sports Betting License?

As an industry leader and pioneer, Kahnawake’s Gaming Commission does all it can to ensure that online gambling operators meet the highest standards of integrity. The licensing process is rigorous. There is an initial fee of $25,000 for a Client Provider Authorization license. The Commission investigates every key person in the prospective company.

Each key member must be free of a criminal record and must show that they meet the high standards of integrity. Each “key” person will be subject to a $5,000 for a Key Person License fee which is refundable if the license is rejected.

Companies must provide the Commission with a detailed and sound business plan and also show proof of finances. All infrastructure must be hosted by Mohawk Internet Technologies which is managed by Continent 8 Technologies. This measure ensures that all sites are consistent and adhere to regulations.

Once an internet gambling operation is running, they are subject to regular audits and inspections. The Commission has the authority to fine, suspend or revoke licenses of companies who are not in compliance with the regulations.

All of these measures result in a fair gaming experience for customers. Internet bettors who are customers of gaming companies in Kahnawake can be confident that the site they are playing at meets or exceeds the highest standards of internet gambling.

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