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Hungary best betting sites and bookmakers | (2024 updated list)

Hungary has a huge Hungary betting market, and Hungary football betting is a big part of it. The Gambling Act of 1991 legalized betting, but the Hungary betting industry became a monopoly. Currently, Szerencsejáték Zrt and its subsidiary TippMix hold the monopoly to set Hungary football odds.

There is a lot of pressure from the EU to kill the monopoly; thus, Hungary has amended the betting laws, mainly affecting the online betting industry. Thus, leading to the establishment of many new bookmakers and betting sites throughout the country. While international gambling companies can operate in Hungary, tax laws and licensing fees are steep. Besides, even the best betting websites must enter into a partnership with a Hungarian company. This write-up looks at details of laws governing online betting and how to find the best betting sites in Hungary.

Top 10 Betting Sites for Hungary in 25 May 2024 – Updated List

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History of Hungary betting sites

Though gambling has been part of Hungarian history for centuries, it wasn’t as popular as it is now. The modern betting environment isn’t much restricted, and Hungarian punters can bet online without any issues. 

In 1991, the Hungarian government legalized online gambling, but the activity was heavily regulated by the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary. Though Hungarians could gamble, online betting was highly limited because only one company offered to bet – Szerencsejáték Zrt Company. This was a state-owned company that offered Lottery betting via SMS and online platforms. It ventured into the local market but could also provide services internationally. The limitation was the few games offered, i.e., horse racing and card games. 

In 2013, the Hungarian government passed new gambling laws, which gave way to many gambling companies. Besides, these laws widened the scope of the games that punters could legally access via online betting. Since Hungarians like sports, the law allowed sports betting companies alongside online casino games. While many legal betting sites were established, only a handful could survive because the law imposed high taxation. This forced punters to bet on gamble at the available international online casinos. Most international betting sites Hungary offers support English and Hungarian language. Besides, the currencies of bookmakers include euros, dollars, and forints.

These factors have kept sportsbooks from setting up shop here and there still appears to be little incentive for them to do so now. It seems that the state is still trying to protect its monopoly which leaves punters little choice but to continue to place bets with foreign online bookmakers; a practice that the government does little to stop.

Hungary Betting Sites: Law And Regulation

With the current monopoly on sports wagering, the only genuinely legal avenue for placing sports bets is TippMax’s online site. With that said, the government hasn’t shown much interest in stopping punters from wagering at internet bookmakers. Aside from blocking the occasional bookie, players are not prosecuted for partaking in such activities.

While betting is legal in Hungary, it needs to be above 18 years of age. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Hungary betting sites is taxation at source. That implies that your winnings aren’t taxed – the government taxes online betting sites and operators. 

What are the best sport betting sites and bookmakers in Hungary?

Further Information

Hungarian sports bettors have been able to place bets at Szerencsejáték (TippMax) outlets and their online site for several years. As could be expected out of any sports betting monopoly, the choices of markets and the odds fall far short of what most online bookies offer. So we cannot say that this website offers Hungary the best bets. You cannot find, for example, Hungary Football best bets on the website of this monopoly, but if you go the internet bookmaker route will certainly be presented with a lot of excellent options. If you are looking for Hungary betting tips, this is the best one we can give to you: Play at foreign websites to get better odds and service.

With 18Bet mobile app, for example, you can enjoy placing a bet from your phone. With 22Betfree bet bonus, you can place a wager even without a big budget. Selecting foreign websites will also allow you to get the best betting app bonus and present you with additional payment options, such as betting apps PayPal.

And if you are not sure which betting site to pick, we can help you by suggesting many international betting sites for a Hungary betting preview. Especially the ones that offer a Hungary football betting preview, because we know how popular this sport is in this country.

Industry leaders such as Bet365 Hungary22 Bet, and Pin-Up Bet accept bets from Hungarian online bettors. Punters know that 1xBet and William Hill can be relied on to offer competitive odds, excellent customer service, and various options like money-back offers, referral bonuses, and mobile betting apps, as can Betfair. All of these internet bookmakers have built excellent reputations and are respected around the world.

What are the Most Popular Sports in Hungary?

There is little doubt that soccer has the largest following in Hungary as it does in most European nations. Water sports, tennis, fencing and auto racing, handball, basketball, rugby, and hockey also draw decent crowds. Horse racing is also quite popular among spectators and punters.

Are there any sports betting bonuses and free bets for Hungarian Players?

Hungarian players have an excellent selection when it comes to sports betting bonuses and free plays from the world’s top-rated online bookies. If you are a Hungarian sports bettor searching for a bookmaker offering free bets, then head over to ZigZag777 and cash in on a 50 EUR free bet. Argo Casino is also giving away up free plays in the €50 in the region.

In this day and age, cash is king, and there are plenty of reputable sportsbooks offering enough bonus money to make you feel like a king. Why not collect 30.000 HUF (for more: HUF bookmaers) at SportingBetX-Bet offers €100 for you to play with, while Veerbet will add $100 to your account balance.  If you are looking for some massive cash injections, then Sports Betting sites has the answer with their $1,000 bonus.

There are so many more great betting bonuses that Hungarian online bettors can quickly cash in on. They can be found at Gambling Judge, along with a list of sportsbooks reviews that will guide you when you are looking for the best bookmaker.

How to choose the best betting sites in Hungary?

There are lots of bookies operating within Hungary, and you can choose international gambling sites by country. Sadly, not all betting sites can satisfy your betting needs. So, you need to be careful while choosing betting sites to lang only on Hungary’s top betting sites. Here are the tips:


Check to license 

Select a betting site that has a full license and is regulated by a relevant gaming commission. Besides, the betting sites should be audited by third-party organizations within the jurisdiction to ensure that games are fair, especially if it offers card games. This is particularly so in betting sites that started operating recently because they may not be trusted betting sites

A licensed sports betting site in Hungary is a valuable quality, and these sites have a seal of approval. Ideally, apart from showing that a sports gambling site is legal, licensing means that the website is closely monitored, reports its financial status, uses secure payments, and guarantees payouts. 

Live Betting and Live Streaming

In-paly betting is the current trend in sports betting – you can place bets after the game has started. So most sites offer this play. Check the odds as they vary depending on the unfolding of the match or race. 

Live streaming betting sites, on the other hand, lets you watch the match live. Bet365 is a notable site offering live betting bonuses and streaming services. The live streaming site you choose should offer the sport that interests you. 

Bonuses, promotions, and other offers

Bookie bonuses and promotions are the best way to attract players to a gambling sports website. All the best betting sites available in Hungary offer different betting deposit bonuses, including the bitcoin welcome bonus and the deposit bonus. A bonus increases your bankroll size; thus, taking advantage of the bonus might help you win more money. 

Caution is; always ensured that the sportsbook bonus is genuine. Plus, check the condition needed to use or withdraw the bonus money. Avoid bonus types or sites offering bonuses with unreasonable conditions. 

Mobile ready betting sites

Mobile betting allows you to bet on the go. Many bookies in Hungary are mobile betting sites ready, considering that most people use their mobile devices to access the internet. As a result, they have created sports betting apps to fuel your betting passion. The fascinating thing is that you won’t need to download apps but instead use web-based apps. You’ll only need a decent mobile web browser. 

Consider a betting app with a clean interface for a world-class betting experience. 

Cash-out feature 

The cash-out or partial cash-out feature enables bettors to cut down the risk of betting. Ideally, here is where a gambler settles the bet before the last leg of the match, achieving a win or a cut on their losses. The cash-out level varies with the betting platform; so, always choose an online betting sites Hungary offers with the cash-out feature, or read our cash out betting explained 2024 updated guide.

Available sports betting markets 

Before setting up betting accounts, always consider the available betting markets. Most respectable online bookies in Europe are inclined towards Football. However, some offer a mix of other sports, including American Football, boxing, basketball, Esports betting, car racing, and horse racing betting.

Keep in mind; major sports always receive extensive coverage at most online bookies in the Hungarian gambling market. So, there are multiple betting markets, and this means higher chances of finding value bets.

How to bet on Hungary betting sites

If you are looking to make real money online, sports betting in Hungary offers that chance. Hungarian players can place bets online more quickly on any bookie on the list of betting sites in Hungary. Here is a straightforward procedure:

Pick a betting site 

Using the above criteria, you can select the best online betting sites Hungary offers. Choose Hungary betting app or website that offers real money sports betting on online sports gambling for Hungarian bettors. 

Open a new account 

After selecting the suitable betting apps, create an account. What you require is your phone number and or email address. The process may vary from one online sports betting site to another, but it’s pretty simple. You’ll input your full name, user name, and password. 

Make your first deposit 

Inject some cash into your account to place your first bets.  All sites offer different payment methods; choose a method that works well for you or in your live area. Popular payment methods include PayPal, SkrillVISA, MasterCard, and cryptocurrencies. Of course, they vary from one bookie to another. 

Place your wagers 

After your first deposit, the account is active unless you were given a welcome bonus. Now, log into your account and check the available markets/popular games to bet on. If your wagers are successful, you win the specified amount. Withdraw it via one of the methods available in your locality.

Types of bet on Hungary betting sites

Sports betting is a popular way of gambling online. However, to be successful at what you do, you need to know the different bet types. This allows you to place bets in different ways. Here is the standard bet:

Straight Bets

These are the most basic bets, especially in Football, and they are also called Money line betting. In this bet, a punter on one team wins the match. The critical point is to understand the meaning of the plus/minus format.

Point Spread/Handicap

These bets are also expressed in terms of plus/minus format. However, the numbers represent the number of points one team is favored to win and not dollars. They are called handicapped because the favorite faces a point slash.

Over/Under or Totals 

Totals are bets made on the combined scores of two teams playing a match.  Punters bet against a total that online bookies set and whether that combined score falls under or over the number specified. 


These are bets placed on the events to come up in the future. These bets are common on season-long championships in major sporting events. 


A parlay betting is combining different bets into one big bet. Ideally,  a parlay means betting on several teams as one bet. The more the teams/bets, the more the money you’ll collect. However, if one team loses, you lose the entire bet. It’s also called an accumulator bet.

Recommended payment methods on Hungary betting sites

Online betting sites Hungary allows come with various payment options. However, it’s worth noting that some banks won’t process your bet winnings because they aren’t allowed. So, it’s wise to avoid such banks and methods as credit cards and debit cards. But it all boils down to the method that a specific bookie allows. Standard methods you can use include e-wallets, such as Neteller or Skrill, vouchers like Paysafecard, and a few betting companies in Hungary that offer bank transfer and Credit/debit cards.

Hungary best betting sites: Safe and Security

All top sports betting sites Hungary legalizes are safe and secure on the safe betting sites list. These sites use the latest encryption technology to ensure that third parties do not access sensitive customer data. Besides, the online betting websites are licensed and audited for fairness. So, Hungarian punters can bet without the fear of losing their money or personal information. If you are interested in Hungary betting sites, ensure it has a valid gaming license from its jurisdiction, e.g., UK gambling commission, Malta gaming authority, or Gibraltar gambling commission. Another essential feature is faster payouts and offers games from reputable software providers.

Hungary betting sites mobile apps

Mobile sports betting apps are the real new thing. Since most punters use their mobile devices, these apps offer them a chance to bet on the go. Almost all Hungary betting sites have a dedicated app, which you can access via the web browser, and it offers everything an ordinary sports betting site offers.

Live bets experience on Hungary betting sites

Major operators offer live betting though the experience may vary. With the option to bet on an ongoing match, in-play betting/live betting injects an extra dimension to sports betting – thrill and excitement. 

If you are looking to try out live betting on the Hungarian gambling market, check out established betting sites such as bet365, 22Bet, etc.


  • Gambling is legal – no fear of placing bets
  • The are many online gambling sites offering convenience to punters
  • Value from bonuses and promos
  • Online bookies use the latest technologies like live betting for a fun experience
  • Better odds and lines
  • Variety of betting markets and sports
  • Punters aren't taxed


  • Some betting sites lack valid licenses
  • Sportsbooks are heavily taxed

Hungary bet betting sites FAQ

There is little doubt that soccer has the largest following in Hungary as it does in most European nations. Water sports, tennis, fencing and auto racing, handball, basketball, rugby, and hockey also draw decent crowds. Horse racing is also quite popular among spectators and punters.

All Hungary betting sites and bookmakers accept the Hungarian forint (HUF); however, some take the euros and dollars.

Hungarian language and Magyar language are the standout language in the online sportsbooks in Hungary. However, to accommodate punters from across the globe, most have English as the default language. Of course, it depends on the bookie as others offer additional languages like Spanish, Polish, Romanian, etc.

No. Hungarian bettors' winnings are never taxed. Taxation is done at the source; so, gamblers receive their entire winning, whether on domestic or internal betting sites.

Top operators always want to offer every exciting sport to punters, and you can find a variety of esports on these sites.

Betting operators in Hungary are so many, and Football is the most prominent option for Hungary's 10 million population when it comes to sports betting.

Customer support is a must-have feature on any sports betting website as it helps the operators be in touch with the customers. So, all Hungary betting sites have this feature.

Hungary betting sites and bookmakers: The Hidden Truth

Betting seems to be less regulated in Hungary thanks to the passing of the new laws in 2013. However, beneath this law is the agenda to retain the state monopoly on gambling. Some foreign gambling companies face IP blocks, and the trend is increasing. Hungary gambling sites and taxes are other things. Operators are highly taxed, perhaps to discourage or to create more funds for the government. Higher taxation isn’t significant for new sports betting sites Hungary enlists – they will shut down eventually.