With a population of nearly 10 million people, Hungary represents a pretty lucrative betting market and sports wagering is a big part of it. The Gambling Act of 1991 legalized betting in Hungary but the industry essentially became a monopoly. Szerencsejáték Zrt holds the rights to sports betting and their subsidiary, TippMix currently holds the monopoly.

The government has done a lot to protect their monopoly but mounting pressure from the EU has forced them to amend their gambling laws. New regulations are being implemented and these changes mainly affect the online industry.

While foreign operators will theoretically be able to operate in Hungary, tax laws and licensing fees are steep and online gambling companies are required to enter into a partnership with a Hungarian company. These factors have kept sportsbooks from setting up shop here and there still appears to be little incentive for them to do so now.

It seems that the state is still trying to protect its monopoly which leaves punters little choice but to continue to place bets with foreign online bookmakers; a practice that the government does little to stop.

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What are the Best Sports Betting Sites and Bookmakers in Hungary?

Hungarian sports bettors have been able to place bets at Szerencsejáték (TippMax) outlets and their online site for several years. As could be expected out of any sports betting monopoly, the choices of markets and the odds fall far short of what most online bookies offer. Hungarian punter that want to go the internet bookmaker route will certainly be presented with a lot of excellent options.

Industry leaders such as BetsafeFavbetWilliam Hill, and Expekt are accepting bets from Hungarian online bettors. Punters know that Bwin, and Vernons can be relied on to offer competitive odds, great customer service, and a variety of options like money back offersreferral bonuses, and mobile betting apps as can Boyle Sports. All of these internet bookmakers have built very solid reputations and are respected around the world.

What are the Most Popular Sports in Hungary?

There is little doubt that soccer has the largest following in Hungary as it does in most European nations. Water sports, tennis, fencing and auto racing along with handball, basketball, rugby, and hockey also draw decent crowds. Horse racing is also quite popular among spectators and punters.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Hungary?

With the current monopoly on sports wagering, the only truly legal avenue for placing sports bets is through TippMax’s online site. With that said, the government hasn’t shown much interest in stopping punters from wagering at internet bookmakers. Aside from blocking the occasional bookie, players are not prosecuted for partaking in such activities.

Are there any Sports Betting Bonuses and Free Bets for Hungarian Players?

When it comes to sports betting bonuses and free plays from the world’s top-rated online bookies, Hungarian players have a very good selection. If you are a Hungarian sports bettor who is in search of a bookmaker that is offering free bets then head over to Winmasters and cash in on a 200.000 HUF free bet. Exclusivebet is giving away up to free plays in the €100 in region.

In this day and age, cash is king and there are plenty of reputable sportsbooks offering enough bonus money to make you feel like a king. Why not collect $120 at LSBETBetMotion €50 for you to play with while 5 Dimes and Dafabet will add $100 to your account balance. If you are looking for some really big cash injections then BetOnline has the answer with their $1,000 bonus.

There are so many more great betting bonuses that Hungarian online bettors can easily cash in on. They can be found at Gambling Judge along with very in-depth sportsbook reviews that will guide you when you are looking for the best bookmaker.

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