Sports betting in China is legal through state and sports lotteries. Punters that are looking for better odds and those offered by these state-run lotteries don’t have too many choices other than seeking out illegal local or internet bookmakers. While the Chinese gambling laws are quite clear, millions of Chinese residents take their chances with both types of bookies. Internet bookmakers are very popular with Chinese punters and despite the risks and inconveniences, more and more Chinese residents are placing bets with online bookies every year.

Of course, the online betting companies are only too happy to serve this massive wagering market. Under the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, those found participating in illegal betting face fines and the possibility of imprisonment but the online bookmaker’s punishment is less severe. They might have their website blocked. Domestic syndicates have faced some of the stiffest penalties however.

Top 5 Chinese Betting Sites

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betmotion 100% up to 100 USD

What are the Best Sports Betting Sites and Bookmakers for China?

Some law abiding punters are content to stick with playing the inferior but legal state-run sports lotteries. However, millions of punters are not satisfied to do this and they look for other alternatives. They seek out the world’s most trusted online sportsbooks that give them exponentially more betting options and far superior odds. These punters turn to online wagering companies like Pinnacle, Marathonbet, Sportingbet, and Vernons. Chinese sports bettors also trust LsBet, Parimatch, Triobet, and SlBet to deliver safe, secure, and modern platforms that feature options such as mobile and SMS betting, live wagering, and live streaming. Punters also enjoy taking advantage of the many bonuses that the industry-leading sportsbooks provide. Online bookies even offer their services in Chinese.

What are the Most Popular Sports in China?

The Chinese have enjoyed traditional sports for centuries. Martial arts, cuju, and wushu are a few of these physical traditional events. There are also large followings of sports such as ping-pong, tennis, golf and cycling. It is estimated that there are over 470 million bicycles in China. Of course, if you have ever seen the traffic there you may have an idea why there are so many bikes. There is growing interest in sports like baseball, aquatics, rugby, and volleyball but basketball and soccer appear to have the widest appeal. There are an estimated 300 million active basketball players here.

When it comes to sports in China, not only do people love to watch but they also love to bet on these events. With so many betting options available, both legal and illegal, Chinese punters are spending obscene amounts of money on wagers.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in China?

Online sports betting is clearly against the law in China but it hasn’t stopped millions of people from placing illegal bets. The government has been able to block financial transactions to and from offshore wagering sites and they have had moderate success with blocking several internet betting sites. The authorities actively seek out and prosecute offenders but it is a near impossible task to get a handle on the massive sports gambling population. Offenders are threatened with jail time but most punters who are caught illegally gambling are only given fines.

Are there any Sports Betting bonuses and Free Bets for Chinese Players?

Chinese sports betting aficionados who don’t mind skirting the law can find many great cash bonuses and free bets that are being offered by the best online bookmakers in the world. Mobilbet, Youwin and Fun88 are offering up to €30 free bets while Noxwin and Betadonis are giving away €75 free bets. Up to $1,000 in free bets are yours if you sign up at MyBookie.

Punters who would rather have bonus cash are in luck too. Betmotion and Netbet make it a cinch for Chinese punters to take advantage of their $50 cash bonuses. BetRally offers up to €100 in free money. In fact, there are several bookies offering €100 cash bonuses. For big bonus hunters, Betdna and BetOnline make it easy to rake in $1,000 in bonus cash.

Chinese sports bettors are advised to check out Gambling Judge’s promotions section to find the highest-rated bookmakers and the biggest and best bonuses that are available to Chinese customers. Be sure to take a look at the in-depth bookmaker reviews too.

The best overall sports betting site in China

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