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Turkey Betting Sites and Bookmakers

If you are asking “can I bet in Turkey”, the answer is yes, but it will be a quite limited and government-controlled experience.

A once thriving Turkish gambling industry was decimated beginning in 1998.

The government banned all land-based Turkish bookmakers and Turkish gambling laws have continued to tighten up. Between 1995 and 2007, sports betting in Turkey was completely legal. However, Turkey bet activities were limited to physical betting booths.

There were no online gambling sites in Turkey, even during this period. (There were also no bookmakers online casino sites – land-based casinos were legal but online casino Turkish websites were not.)

All online gambling (and betting sites in Turkey) was outlawed in 2007 and the government bolstered their stance against Turkish betting sites by introducing stiff penalties for illegal Turkey bet requests and requiring financial institutions to block transactions between Turkish bettors and Turkish bookmakers.

At the moment, there are a limited number of legal betting sites: There are 4, maybe 5 legal online bookmakers in Turkey and their services are not good at all: Even Turkey punters prefer to play at international bookies.

That’s your only option too, if you are looking for the best Turkey football odds and Turkey horse racing odds – these are the most popular sports in this country.

How to Bet in Turkey?

Let’s start by answering the obvious question: How to bet in Turkey? As mentioned above, this is certainly possible: Turkey betting sites are not totally banned here. Turkey punters can legally place wagers on horse racing, play the national lottery, and make lottery-style sports wagers. Learn here more about how to place a bet at the bookies.

In this regard, we can also say Turkey football betting is quite popular and the majority of online betting Turkey activities center around this sport. As mentioned above, there is a limited number of football international gambling companies but still, most of the Turkey sure bets are focused on this sport. We have also prepared a relegation betting guide that will definitely help you when betting on Turkish football.

All of these platforms are tightly regulated monopolies that contribute billions of dollars to the Turkish government.

As one could expect, Turkish sports gamblers are less than thrilled with the limited wagering options and poor odds that are offered by the monopoly, IDDAA.

This is the most popular bookmaker in here for Turkish football betting but don’t confuse popularity with good service. Iddaa is popular because there is almost no other option for Turkey bet activities. In other words, if you want “legal and local” Turkey football betting, you must use Iddaa, but don’t expect any free bet Turkey bonuses or other goodies.

This “official” website has almost no free bet Turkey offers, no promotions at all, and very low odds, especially when it comes to Turkey football odds. There are also a couple of other online gambling sites in Turkey, such as Nesine, Bilyoner, and Misli, but these Turkish betting sites are also restricted by local laws and regulations.

In other words, they cannot offer advantageous bonuses too, and their odds will always be low (check here our best staking plan for low odds). For these reasons, we won’t be focusing on online gambling sites in Turkey – instead, we will recommend foreign operators that offer the Turkey best bets, competitive bonuses and the “accept all odds movement” feature.

All of these “local problems” make foreign Turkey betting sites an attractive alternative and many punters have turned to them to get their action despite the severe penalties they face if caught.

Fines ranging between $55,000, which is about 10 times the median annual income in Turkey, and $278,000 can be levied against offenders.

These fines are among the stiffest penalties in the world but the reality is that no such fines have been issued to recreational internet gamers.

In other words, Turkey bet activities are still safe, if you are a player only. However, if you are one of the illegal Turkish bookmakers, then yes, these penalties will be issued against you.

Still, with the government’s anti-gambling stance and desire to protect the current Turkey betting monopolies, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that individuals become targets.

So, since the “official” bookmakers cannot offer a satisfying service, what should you do? What betting sites work in Turkey and how to find them? Well, we can answer both of questions with our list of best betting sites Turkey. You can see it below: All of these desktop & mobile bookmakers accept members from Turkey and offer the best odds & bonuses.

Top 10 Betting Sites for Turkey [2021] - Updated List

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What are the Best Sports Betting Sites and Bookmakers for Turkey?

The Turkish bet sites we will list below are also the answer to “what betting sites work in Turkey” question. Once again, these are not betting sites in Turkey, for the reasons explained above. However, they are much better than local Turkish betting sites: They have the best free bet Turkey bonuses, and they offer the most competitive odds, especially if you are interested in Turkish football betting.

In this context, Turkish sports bettors that are willing to risk harsh penalties have many of the world’s top brands in online bookmakers to choose from. 22 Bet and WS Bets are a few notable names that do not accept bets from Turkish players but there are still lots of great options available to Turkish sports bettors. They also offer the Turkey football best bets, if that’s what you are looking for.

Pin Up Bet, 1xBet, and William Hill have built their excellent reputations by offering prompt services, free bet bonus Turkey campaigns, and they accept bets from Turkish players. Live streaming and in-play wagering are just a couple of the latest features that are offered by Zigzag777 and Argo Casino.

Players interested in betting in Turkey must check out the Turkish bet reviews at to find the best online bookies and a large selection of easy to claim bonuses.

What are the Most Popular Sports in Turkey?

Betting Turkey is mostly centered around soccer which is by far the most popular sport in Turkey. The national team is a force to be reckoned with and the domestic league has a very healthy following.

Basketball’s profile has risen significantly since the national team finished 2nd at the 2010 FIBA World Championships. Volleyball, rugby, and handball also draw a lot of interest as do athletics, motorsports, and wrestling.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Turkey?

Online betting in Turkey is prohibited. While offenders are liable to receive very harsh penalties, it doesn’t appear that authorities have ever penalized individual recreational online players. Still, the threat of prosecution looms. Be warned.

Are there any Sports Betting Bonuses and Free Bets for Turkish Players?

Despite the absence of many top-rated online bookies in the Turkish gambling market, punters are still given a great selection of reputable internet bookmakers at their fingertips. The online bookies are competing for a piece of this lucrative market and they are offering many valuable sports betting bonuses that are easy to claim and fun to use.

Turkish sports bettors will be happy when IVI Casino adds €50 in bonus betting cash to their accounts. And they will absolutely love the €100 in bonus betting cash they get for their first deposit with the Melbet sign up offer. Other interesting bonuses coming from operators familiar to Turkish players are found at Veerbet and Casinia Bet.  

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