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Turkey Betting Sites and Bookmakers

With a population of over 80 million, Turkey is home to some of the biggest athletes globally including Mehmet Okur, Rustu Recber, and Herdo Torkogulu. The passion of the Turks when it comes to gambling can only be topped by a few countries, and betting on their favorite sports at Turkish Lira(TYR) bookmakers is one activity they certainly enjoy.

At the moment, there are a limited number of legal betting sites: There are 4, maybe 5 legal online bookmakers in Turkey, and their services leave much to be desired.  Even Turkey punters prefer to play at international bookies. That’s your only option too if you are looking for the best Turkey football odds and Turkey horse racing odds – these are the most popular sports in this country.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best Turkey gambling sites and laws on Turkish betting. You’ll also discover effective tutorials and strategies that can help you understand how to win at sports betting in this article. Keep reading.

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Historical evolution of gambling in Turkey

It’s quite interesting when you consider the fact that Turkey once had a flourishing gambling industry, and now the country has now banned almost all types of gambling. Prior to the 90s, gambling wasn’t outrightly banned in Turkey, neither was it legal. However, all these changed in 1998, two years after the murder of Omer Lutfu Topal, the Casino King, this was because there were rumors of casinos being a cover for money laundering. Between 1995 and 2007, sports betting in Turkey was completely legal. However, Turkey bet activities were limited to physical betting booths.

All online gambling (and betting sites in Turkey) was outlawed in 2007 and the government bolstered its stance against Turkish betting sites by introducing stiff penalties for illegal Turkey bet requests and requiring financial institutions to block transactions between Turkish bettors and Turkish bookmakers. After this, there was an increase in the number of online casinos in the country. Due to this, stricter Turkish gambling laws were enforced, and both players and sports betting companies were enforced in 2017. The ISPs were mandated by the authorities to block access to gambling sites, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey started restricting cash flow to unregulated sports betting sites, and the existing gambling legislation was amended.

At the time of writing this, the only legal gambling activities in Turkey are horse race betting, the national lottery which was privatized in 2015, sports betting provided by Spor Toto (state-owned IDDAA), and other legal betting sites such as Oley, Bilyoner, Birebin, Misli, Nesine, and Tuttur.

Most popular sports in Turkey

Turkey is one of the few countries globally where sports and sports betting are addressed in the Constitution. A significant percentage of the Turkish people are avid sports lovers who enjoy playing at sports betting sites. Some of the most popular sports in the country include:

  • Football- Betting Turkey is mostly centred on soccer which is by far the most popular sport in Turkey. The national team is a force to be reckoned with and the domestic league has a very healthy following, this is evident in the number of Turkish football betting sites in the country.
  • Wrestling- Also called Yagli gures, oil wrestling is one of the most popular sports in Turkey, it is in fact, regarded as the national game
  • Basketball- The national basketball team, or the 12 Dev Adam has represented the country at the biggest international tournaments.
  • Volleyball- the Turkish Volleyball League is one of the best national leagues in Europe, with volleyball clubs recording massive success in several tournaments.

Best Sports Betting Sites and Bookmakers for Turkey

Our recommended Turkish bet sites are the perfect answer to the “what betting sites work in Turkey” question. Like we have mentioned previously, there are both local and international sport betting sites in Turkey. However, most players prefer to bet at international online sports betting sites in Turkey. Not only do they have the best free bet Turkey bonuses, but they also offer the most competitive odds, especially if you are interested in Turkish football betting.

In this context, Turkish sports bettors that are willing to risk harsh penalties have many of the world’s top brands in online bookmakers to choose from. 22 Bet and WS Bets are a few notable names that do not accept bets from Turkish players but there are still lots of great options available to Turkish sports bettors. They also offer the Turkey football best bets, if that’s what you are looking for.

Pin Up Bet, WSBets, 1xBet, and William Hill have built their excellent reputations by offering prompt services, free bet bonus Turkey campaigns, and they accept bets from Turkish players. Live streaming and in-play wagering is just a couple of the latest features that are offered by Zigzag777 and Argo Casino.

If you are interested in betting in Turkey, here’s our betting advice – check out our Turkish bet reviews here at to find the best online bookies and a large selection of easy to claim bonuses. If you are in luck, you might also find active sports bonus codes.

How to bet in Turkey

Turkish players can decide to play at local or international bookmakers. As one could expect, Turkish sports gamblers are less than thrilled with the limited wagering options and poor odds that are offered by the monopoly, IDDAA. This is the most popular bookmaker in here for Turkish football betting but don’t confuse popularity with good service. Iddaa is popular because there is almost no other option for Turkey bet activities. In other words, if you want “legal and local” Turkey football betting, you must use Iddaa, but don’t expect any free bet Turkey bonuses or other goodies.

This “official” website has almost no free bet Turkey offers, no promotions at all, and very low closing odds, especially when it comes to Turkey football odds. There are also a couple of other online gambling sites in Turkey, such as Nesine, Bilyoner, and Misli, but these Turkish betting sites are also restricted by local laws and regulations. In other words, they cannot offer advantageous bonuses too, and their odds will always be low (check here our best staking plan for low odds).

As such, many players seem to prefer international sites due to the wider betting market and exclusive bonuses among other things. International sites are also live streaming sites where players can access games specific to the bookmakers by country. For these reasons, we won’t be focusing on online gambling sites in Turkey – instead, we will recommend foreign operators that offer Turkey best bets, competitive bonuses, and the “accept all odds movement” feature.

So, since the “official” betting sites cannot offer a satisfying service, what should you do? What betting sites work in Turkey and how to find them? Well, we can answer both of your questions with our list of best betting sites Turkey. You’ll find a list of the best legal betting sites in Turkey below: All our recommended sites are desktop & mobile bookmakers, accepting members from Turkey and offering the best odds & bonuses you’ll find anywhere.

Most common types of bets in Turkey

One of the ways to amp up the action when betting at online betting sites in Turkey is by wagering on several bet types such as

How to make a real money online account

Most of the bookmakers listed on this page have deployed safety measures to circumvent the ban in Turkey, we advise that you do the same. Before you try bookmakers and betting sites in Turkey, we recommend 3 major tips that include:

  • Using a VPN and/or TOR browser to ensure anonymity.
  • Cashing out your winnings gradually
  • If you can, avoid high stakes betting

Once you have done these, you can then sign up by following the steps below:

Step 1
Visit the website of your preferred bookmaker.
Step 2
Click ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’ and fill in the required fields.
Step 3
Visit the ‘Payment section to fund your betting account.
Step 4
Start placing your wagers without restrictions.

Best deposit methods for Turkish gamblers

In line with the 2013 law, payments on international betting businesses in Turkey are blocked by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey. So if you’re betting from Turkey, it may be difficult to fund your betting account with your credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or even cryptocurrency. Some of the accepted deposit options include:

  • Prepaid Cards- Prepaid cards like EcoPayz, Visa, Astropay, PaySafe cards are accepted at many Turkish online betting sites. It can be purchased at a separate location and funded separately.
  • Mobile wallets like FastPay, and WebMoney, Jeton are easy to use, convenient, and easily accessible, making them a popular choice among Turkish players.

The best real money mobile apps for Turkish players

Nowadays, many bookies now offer a mobile betting app that makes it easier to bet and is compatible with ios and Android devices. We suggest that you download the mobile betting app of your preferred sports betting site since mobile apps make it easier to bet on the go. Most of our recommended bookmakers offer a highly intuitive mobile betting app; however, our top picks for the best real money mobile apps in Turkey include:

Stake– the mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

BetWinner– In addition to its easily navigable mobile interface, the BetWinner mobile app also offers the same features and markets seen on the mobile website-

22Bet– the 22Bet mobile app is free to download, playing on the app qualifies you to win a broad range of exclusive mobile bonuses.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Turkey


Betting on sports online is specifically addressed under several Turkish laws such as the 2006 law on the Regulation of Online Gaming, the 2008 Law on the Transfer of Rights to Organize Sports Betting to Private Legal Entities. Under the 2004 Turkish Penal Code, all forms of gambling are prohibited. In 2013, an anti-gambling law was passed by the government of Turkey, and sports betting systems that are not supervised by the state are regarded as illegal. Under this law, betting at international bookmakers was a criminal offense and offenders were liable to pay ludicrous fines or even serve jail terms. International Turkey sports betting sites were also blocked from operating in the country.

Gambling tax in Turkey

In addition to the usual taxes such as VAT, other taxes also apply to gambling in Turkey; this includes a 10% tax on games of chance, a 7% tax on horse race betting, and a 5% tax on sports betting.

In Turkey, taxes also apply to your winnings from gambling; it does not matter if your winning is from a licensed or an unlicensed website, you are required to pay the applicable taxes. A 20% inheritance tax applies to all winnings, non-cash winnings are subject to 18% VAT.

Are there any Sports Betting Bonuses and Free Bets for Turkish Players?


Despite the absence of many top-rated online bookies in the Turkish gambling market, punters are still given a great selection of reputable internet bookmakers at their fingertips. The online bookies are competing for a piece of this lucrative market and they are offering many valuable sports betting bonuses that include welcome bonus packages, daily betting bonuses, low deposit betting bonuses, live betting bonuses, as well as other exclusive bonuses that are easy to claim and fun to use.

You might ask, how do bookies make money if they keep doling our bonuses to players? Here’s how- most of these bonuses come with a wagering requirement. This means that you must wager your bet amount a specific number of times before you can cash out your winnings.

Turkish sports bettors will be happy when IVI Casino adds €50 in bonus betting cash to their accounts. And they will absolutely love the €100 bonus bet credits they get for their first deposit with the Melbet sign up offer. Other interesting bonuses coming from operators familiar to Turkish players are found at Veerbet and Casinia Bet.

The future of sports betting in Turkey

Online betting in Turkey is tightly regulated, and thus far, there’s no positive indication that this would change for the better anytime soon. Can you bet in Turkey today? The answer to that is Yes. If this is possible despite the litigations and strict regulations enforced by the Turkish authorities, then we expect a positive turnaround in the betting terms and regulations in the coming years.

Turkish Betting Sites Pros and Cons


  • International betting sites with bonuses and promotions
  • Multiple payment methods accepted
  • Quality sportsbook software Turkey


  • Legal gambling is tightly regulated, international bookmakers can only be accessed with a VPN.
  • Value football betting is only available at a few bookmakers.

FAQ about Turkish Betting Sites

Many Turkish bettors would agree that the top online Turkish betting sites are international operators. Thankfully, this guide includes a list of the best Turkish betting sites. What’s more- you’re free to try out as many as you can before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Yes, you can use mobile betting apps in Turkey, we have listed a few of the top bookmakers' apps in this article. Take note that online betting Turkey is done at your own risk.

Yes, the Turkish lira is an acceptable payment method at a few sports betting sites. Since many European betting sites are on our list, and they cater to Turkish players you can simply select ‘Euro’ as an alternative deposit option.

Bet365 is an independent betting company in Turkey that is not state-owned. So, it is technically illegal in Turkey.

The only legal form of sports betting in Turkey is provided by the state-owned IDDAA. Anything asides this means that you’d have to play at an international bookmaker, with the use of Virtual Private Networks. We have been able to curate a list of safe sports betting sites to wager at.

2024 Exclusive- Best Turkey Online Bookies

Smart bettors have mastered how to make money with sports betting in Turkey while still enjoying their favorite sports. Not to worry, in this guide, we are giving you this info for free! (or not?). Simply read our guide, if you haven’t, to see for yourself. We can guarantee an unforgettable betting experience once you play at our recommended sites and put all our tips into action.

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