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Best Staking Plan for Low Odds – Top Low Odds Staking Plan [2024]

Instead of betting high and hoping for the best possible outcome, you can use a low odds staking plan and play safe.

Doing so has many benefits: A low odds staking plan will help you to manage your bankroll and low odds betting will increase your winning frequency.

With the best staking plan for low odds, you can make a low but regular income too.

If you are interested in this strategy and want to learn more, keep reading: Below, we are talking about everything you need to know about low odds betting and the best staking plans for it.

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What is a low odds betting strategy?

If we explain how the betting odds work, in this article “betting odds explained” you will understand what this low odds betting strategy means. The higher the probability of an outcome in sports betting, the lower the odds. If the offered odds are too high, this means the probability of that outcome is very low.

Those who are interested in underdog betting often see this: The favorite team has low odds and the underdog team has high odds.

In this context, low odds betting is a specific betting term that means betting on outcomes with a high probability of happening. “Low” is not a reference to the amount of the bet, it refers to the odds.

These types of bets do not have a big return, but you are much more likely to win them. Professional bettors like low odds betting systems very much because it is possible to make a low but regular profit.

We recommend taking a look at our “low odds vs high odds” guide to better understand this concept. Our low odds laying system article is also worth checking out.

Creating a low odds staking plan

A staking plan determines how you will use the budget you have allocated for betting. For example, horse racing staking plans give you an idea of how much of your current budget you should use for which race. Staking plans can be used in different types of sports betting.

It is possible to say that it is a sports betting money management tool. One of the football strategies, for example, requires an ideal distribution of your budget among different options. You can use a staking plan to determine how much to invest in options like under 1.5 goals, over 1.5 goals, and over 0.5 goals.

This also applies to low odds betting. A staking plan for low odds shows you how to make the most of your budget for bets that don’t have high returns. In this way, regardless of your budget, you can maximize your earnings by managing your budget with a low odds staking plan.

Still, if you fancy betting on goals, but don’t want to stick to a low odds staking plan yet, we recommend checking Betfred’s Goals Galore no Draw offer.

The best staking plan for low odds

Your goal here should be to look for maximum returns. You will not be able to achieve this with a small number of bets, so you must place a large number of bets to distribute the risk and increase the winning chances. In other words, the best staking plan for low odds requires making lots of separate bets.

To give an example, sort the offers on a betting site according to their odds and note down a couple of them with low odds. It doesn’t matter which sports you choose, but you can check out our guide for the easiest sports to bet on for an idea. (If you’re just starting out, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to place a bet online.) The number of bets you will make will be determined by the low odds staking plan.

Before explaining this, let’s talk about how “low” the low odds should be. In general, try to stay in the 1.20 – 1.40 range. Odds lower than 1.20 are not worth your time and money. Odds higher than 1.40 are against the logic of the low betting system.

We mentioned above that the staking plan for low odds will show you how to use your budget. In this context, the best staking plan for low odds is to use “flat stakes”. So place the same amount for every bet you make.

Divide your budget into units (each 1 unit is equal to 1% of your budget) and if you have a budget of 100 Euros, for example, create 10 units each equivalent to 10 Euros. Place 10 different bets with these and wait for the results: this is the top staking plan low odds.

How to create a staking plan for low odds: step by step

Step 1
Start with creating your bankroll. You should decide the amount according to your budget. You can either create a bankroll of 100 Euros or 1,000 Euros, it is up to you.
Step 2
Divide this budget into units. 1 unit corresponds to 1% of your budget. We recommend creating 10 units to start, but the decision is yours. Try to create a balanced distribution.
Step 3
Find betting offers with low odds. The more units you have, the more you can bet.
Step 4
Your budget and units will determine the value of bets, but do not choose too low numbers. Use the “stake high win low” technique to get maximum returns.

Is betting on low odds staking plan worth it?

The answer to this question depends on your expectations. This plan allows you to make regular earnings, not high profits. So you may not earn much, but you will earn more often.

To give an example, if you bet 100 Euros on a tennis bet with 1.20 odds, you can only win 20 Euros. If you bet 100 Euros each on 10 tennis bets with odds of 1.20 and win, you will spend 1,000 Euros in total and make 200 Euros profit.

But to be realistic, there will also be matches you lose, so keep in mind that the overall amount of profit will be lower. (Speaking of which, don’t forget to take a look at our complete tennis betting strategy and tennis betting rules guides too.) If these are enough for you, it means the staking plan for low odds will work for you and be worth your time.

Tips & tricks for a low odds staking plan


  • High-profile matches are not your friend. Anything can happen in these events and backing the favorite team/player may not be a good idea.
  • Since you will always place a bet for the favorite, make sure to do your research. Check for low motivation, analyze previous games, look for missing players – anything that can affect the outcome of the match.
  • Stay away from betting accumulators. They offer you the chance to pick multiple selections and combine them in a single bet. You are always betting for the favorite: Don’t make things confusing.

However, you can still place live bets, as long as you follow the rules of low betting. Take a look at our live betting strategies article to increase your chances.

Pros and cons of a staking plan for low odds


  • You will see positive returns in the long run
  • You will be distributing the risk across many different bets
  • Lots of opportunities are available


  • The payouts won’t be “amazing”
  • Losses will hurt more

Frequently Asked Questions about low odds betting:

In sports betting systems, it is generally accepted that bets with 1.20 – 1.40 odds are “low”.

That entirely depends on your needs, expectations, and budget. Profitable football betting, for example, can be possible with high odds too and if you have a big enough bankroll that you are not afraid to use, high-odds betting can be quite rewarding. However, don’t forget that the higher the odds, the more risk you take.

A unit is equal to 1% of your total bankroll. So, if someone says “I placed 10 units for an over 1.5 goals bet”, this means that person has used 10% of his total budget for that bet. It is basically a measurement term used to define the size of your bet.

You must know that there are two formats, fractional and decimal. A fractional odd looks like 6/1. This means you will win “6” if you bet “1”. A decimal odd looks like 3.00. This means you can win “3” for every “1” you bet. Check betting guide or how to read soccer odds.

Start using the best staking plan for low odds today!

The right low odds staking plan will result in positive returns in the long run: This may be the safest and one of the best sports betting strategies you can use. In this guide, we tried to help you to find the best staking plan for low odds and we are sure that you will be happy with the results.

Join one of our recommended bookies today and start using a staking plan for low odds. Don’t forget to check our how to win at sports betting  and how to win big on football bets guides too, it will help you to avoid the most common sports betting mistakes. If you’re a crypto fan, we have also prepared a Dogecoin betting guide, where you can find the top Dogecoin betting sites in 2024. Good luck out there!


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