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Largest Sports Betting Companies in 2024 [Updated list]

Sports betting companies let punters have fun and make money. The biggest sportsbooks in the world work closely with software developers to create efficient betting websites, i.e., websites that enable them to deliver a quality product to their clients.The largest betting companies are constantly expanding the services that they offer. Bookmakers that once dealt strictly with sports now provide poker, casino, and financial betting, among other things. The success of many of the biggest gambling companies has inspired many others, such as new independent bookmakers, to join in the chase for their piece of the billions of dollars that are wagered each year.Start-up enterprises like BetAdonisBetmotionBig Bet World or Nederbet are in for some stiff competition, and many of these new bet companies fail against the biggest betting operators. Best odds guaranteedno deposit free bets, and other loyalty incentives that the biggest betting companies offer are windfalls for bettors.

Largest Sports Betting Companies in 27 May 2024 – Updated List

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History of sports betting companies

The term bookmaker was created from two terms – book (stake) and maker (make). So, a bookmaker is a person who stakes. Note that the development of bookmaking is between the 14th and the 20th century. The British island is the home for bookmakers’ craft. Bookmakers‘ craft means keeping a record book of accepted stakes. From the very beginning in England, the notion of bookmaker wasn’t well taken. But later, under the influence of Leviathan Davis and Fred Svindela, lists of bookmaker bureaus began to be published in London. This was the beginning of placing bets outside people’s dwelling places. Here people would bet on who would win.

Harry Ogden was the first bookies – he spent his time studying horses and their performances on horse tracks. He noticed that some horses consistently performed better than others, even if they weren’t winning all races. He recorded his observations and crafted specific odds on how the horses would perform. Before races began, he announced his odds and allowed people to place bets. Since he was wealthy enough, he would pay those who won. However, the odds he created favored him more.

John Moore introduced the bookmaker bureaus. He opened the first bureau, “Littlewood Pools of Liverpool,” in 1922 in Liverpool. Remember, casual gambling was present in entire Europe and the united states in the 19th century. In 1931, gambling became legal in the US state of Nevada – Las Vegas casinos. This was the first state to legalize gambling – several states followed later. In Europe, sports betting popularity grew exponentially because of mass media – regional journalistic publications that presented match reviews. The advent of the internet breathed a new life into bookmaking. Ideally, alongside the development of informatics and telecommunication, the internet gave infinite possibilities of pacing stakes. The first official stake after the development of computers was in 1972 in Canada. However, the use of the internet, which allowed placing stakes globally, was in the mid-’90s. Offline bookmakers proliferated in the last ’90s in many states, thus attracting many punters. All over Europe, thousands of bookmakers and their affiliates mushroomed. After that, these companies shifted online. Today, their hundreds of thousands of betting companies in the world that punters can access from anywhere, but for more information, you can read our article about Online vs. Offline betting or find out if is gambling a sport.

Sports betting companies laws and regulations

Sports gambling companies are a lucrative venture. You may wonder, ‘how do sports betting companies make money?’ Sportsbooks use odds to balance their books and make a profit. Some gambling sites may take advantage of unsuspecting punters and create unfavorable odds. To prevent such scenarios from occurring, some laws govern the operation of all bookies.  Several bodies oversee the regulations and laws that govern online sports betting sites,such as Paradise WinGambling sites are subject to the rules and regulations of the countries out of which they operate. For example, Crownbet is based in Australia and must abide by Australia’s laws. Note that rules and regulations differ significantly from region to region. So each betting company needs to be familiar with the operating regulations, not t fall into trouble with authorities. Betting legal issues are complex, especially when dealing with international betting companies. Different countries have different definitions of gambling and betting. Besides, the level of tolerance varies. So, if you have to choose gambling sites by country, know what authorities demand. Internet gambling in the US is highly regulated.

The tough rules pushed even the biggest sport betting companies out of their territory. As a result, these gambling companies shifted their base to much friendlier countries. Costa Rica is a haven for operators due to its relaxed attitude towards online gambling. Their tax laws are also much friendlier, and these are driving forces in the explosion of the Costa Rica sports betting sites that base themselves out of this sunny paradise. In Gibraltar, online gaming is estimated to contribute upwards of 25% of the GDP. Relaxed tax laws have attracted many sports betting companies. Sites that previously operated in other territories relocated due to the sizeable tax advantages. The same is true for several other regions around the world. Tax laws and relaxed regulations make them attractive destinations for both established businesses and start-up operations. Simply put, most of the biggest gambling companies operate from offshore locations due to liberal gambling (and taxing) laws.

Sports betting companies in 2024

If you are looking for the biggest sports betting companies in the world, well, there are many. But finding what you need is the most vital thing. The online business world is full of mergers and acquisitions, leading to a constant change in the size of betting companies. So, the world’s largest betting company constantly change. In 2015, betting giant Ladbrokes merged with Coral to form the largest betting company in the United Kingdom. This new partnership saw them become bigger than the reigning big gun, William Hill. It’s clear; the biggest gambling companies in the world are primarily based in the United Kingdom. As of late 2015, William Hill remained one of the largest betting companies in the world. With the changing nature of mergers and acquisitions, the list of sports betting companies can change at any time.

That means William Hill and the other giants such as Paddy Power, Betfair Group, and the Amaya Gaming Group are a merger away from losing their ranking on the list of top betting firms. Many bettors may concentrate on the best companies for sports betting; however, internet betting sites are countless. Most of them cannot make it to the top, but they’ll offer something tangible to punters. The most important thing is for punters to use only trusted sports betting companies. Such sports betting brands are fully licensed and secure. Recent estimates show over 300 sports betting firms licensed in the UK alone, from which the majority are offering free bets and bonuses for UK players.

How do sports betting companies make money?

Many people are venturing into sports betting sites investment, and you may ask: is sports betting profitable? Of course, that would depend on a lot of factors, but for more read Sports betting benefits. But it’s worth noting that world betting companies make their money from commissions on losing bets, mostly called vigorish. Typically, vigorish is the amount that a bookie charges for taking a bet and is mainly collected when a bettor loses a bet. So, the richest bet company in the world is the company that has many registered punters, and those bettors must be placing bets. This way, the sportsbook collects a huge sum of many. As earlier stated, the list of betting companies is endless. But do they make money? The competition is tough and grows tougher each day; as a result, bookies are devising ways to get those punters.

Undoubtedly, advertising will expose a betting company to a larger audience. But the freedom to advertise depending on the laws and regulations of a country. Many punters believe in betting; however, others have a contrary opinion. Those with a contrary opinion say gambling is similar to tobacco and alcohol, which have tight restrictions on their advertising efforts.  Regardless of local laws, companies have found ways to advertise their products to the global market, where international betting sites dominate the field. Advertising comes in various ways. Apart from mainstream media, you’ll see some adverts on social media channels of top online gambling companies. The most intriguing part is that sports betting sites sponsor special teams. Probably, you’ve seen particular betting brands’ logos on the shirts of players of a specific team. Isn’t that advertising?

Betting companies sponsor sports teams, and this is common on European betting sites. Manchester United, Aston Villa, Arsenal London, and Chelsea receive very generous sponsorships from some of the top betting companies in the world. Newcastle, Fulham, Liverpool, and Everton are also the beneficiaries of sports betting site sponsorships. Only legal sports betting sites can offer such sponsorship. With so much money up for grabs, the North American sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL are getting closer to having this new revenue stream available to their teams. Still, this industry is growing every day; if you want to improve your knowledge, you can also check our virtual betting guide.

How to choose the best sports betting companies

Being on new bookmakers list should be your sole aim; else, you risk being scammed. There are so many online betting sites on the internet today. These are just sports betting businesses and may not cater to your needs. So to get the best deal out of any online betting sites, use the criteria below:


Betting Features

Modern online gambling sites pack potent features to make gambling easier. 

  • Live Streaming – it allows you to place in-game bets and enhance the betting experience. 
  • Bet Builders – a feature allowing you to create personalized bets
  • Stat Centers – a section giving you comprehensive stats about a team and players 
  • Cash-Out – a feature allowing you to close a bet for its value before an event ends 

Betting Markets 

The sports betting market isn’t the same in terms of types of sports betting, although they all offer traditional online sports betting markets like Point Spread, Moneyline, and Totals. So, check a betting advice site to extend sports betting market coverage – (prop bets) game props, player props, team props, 60 minutes props, player awards, team futures, etc.

Sports Coverage

Regardless of your favorite sport, ensure that an online betting site allows you to bet on online and local sporting events. All-round sports betting app or websites should also offer betting terms and markets on almost all sporting events, including fantasy sports.

Payment options

The sports betting landscape is constantly expanding, which is seen through the various payment methods being incorporated. Choose a site that has a payment option available to you. Else, it will be hard for you to transact. 

Odds and payout rate

Odds determine the payout. So, ensure that you settle on online sportsbooks with the higher odds of getting the highest payout. Also, ensure you get higher payout rates. 

Bonus and offers

Bonuses attract customers to online sportsbooks. So, legal online sportsbooks offer generous bonus offers. Some have daily betting bonuses, while others have weekly bonuses and free bets. 

Other features include user experience, live betting, and betting site availability. 

Which betting company is the best?

This question is a little subjective, and it is just like asking for the sports betting companies. It depends on what parameters are used to define the word “best”. The best online betting site for you depends on your needs as a punter. If you are looking for the best online casino, then 888 might be the best online gaming site for you. If your preference is sports betting, then LSbet or Marathonbet might be the place for you. If you like variety and require an internet gambling site to offer sports, poker, and casino, then perhaps Guts would be most suitable.

A prospective sportsbook client must also consider what kinds of sports bonuses they are offered, such as betting accumulator bonuses (starting from a double bet to accumulators with 10 selections), mobile bonuses or live betting bonuses. The big and established betting operations offer a wide array of such free bet codes for new or existing customers. It’s up to the player to find trustly sports betting sites. Some of the most important considerations are safety and reliability. To increase your degree of safety, you can always opt for an intermediary between the bookmaker and your bank, like with Trustly betting sites. All of the sites mentioned above are well-known for being trustworthy and reliable.

The most common payment methods for sports betting companies

Many operators are embracing different funding options and withdrawal options to their punters. Good thing; some methods allow both depositing and withdrawal. And since some bookmakers prefer a specific payment mode, you can choose bookmakers by payment methods. Common methods are:

Debit Cards: if you own a bank account, you might have a debit card. You can use it to make purchases online (online and offline) or withdraw cash from ATMs. You can use your debit card at sports betting companies with a debit card payment option.

Credit cards: there are many credit card bookmakers online as it’s one of the safest payment options. Punters can get a credit card from Visa, MasterCard and American express. Among all credit cards, visa bookmakers and betting sites are the majority.

PayPal: this digital payment mode allows sports bettors to store their money in digital form. PayPal bookmakers and betting sites allow all, if not most, people to top up or withdraw cash from their bookies’ accounts.

Electronic Wallets: common eWallets include EcoPayz, Neteller, PurplePay, Skrill, and EntroPay. Skrill is the most popular eWallet; thus, you can try any available Skrill bookmakers and betting sites. Similarly, PurplePay bookmakers are gaining popularity; try some of them.

Prepaid Cards: also called e-vouchers, prepaid cards (e.g., Flexepin and PaySafeCard) are an excellent option for bettors without bank accounts or access to a line of credit. Besides, they are anonymous and very secure. You can buy prepaid cards at a designated shop and use the unique PIN on your betting site.

Cryptocurrencies: bitcoin is the most popular crypto. This digital currency allows punters to load their betting account instantly. Although a new method, you can try an increasing number of bitcoin bookmakers and betting sites.

Safe and security on sports betting companies

Safety concerns on online betting sites are many. But most people feature being ripped off, which comes in the form of unfair terms and conditions, not honoring winning wagers, and disappearing with customer funds. Besides, the sports betting industry is riddled with online betting companies’ claims to sell or lose personal details or banking details. The best online betting sites would not do this.

Such sports betting online websites use a tougher security layer that makes it harder for hackers to penetrate. Ideally, an online betting site should use secure and encrypted connections such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. Check for a padlock symbol on the address bar just before the text, and the address should also read “https” instead of “http”.

Mobile apps experience on sports betting companies

Currently, many online sportsbooks offer a mobile option for betting. Since the mobile launch, betting on mobile devices has become commonplace. Sports bettors can easily place their bets via their devices from the comfort of their homes. Existing and new bettors have realized that the most important thing is the quality of mobile betting experience determines their betting experience. Thus, picking the sportsbook app must be a primary goal. All top rated sports betting companies have betting apps. Good thing you can choose between the free and paid options. Of course, the difference is the benefits you get.

Free betting apps have bonuses and promotions to their punters, though on a limited time instead of the premium betting apps. American bettors can get access to both Windows, Android and iPhone betting. The significant benefits of mobile apps for betting include safety, security, push notifications, in-paly betting, high speed while placing bets and lucrative bonus offers and promotions.

Advantages of sports betting companies

Currently, the online platform serves as a marketplace. That’s why you’ll find top rated sportsbooks online – this applies to even sportsbooks that aren’t on the top 10 betting companies. But that doesn’t mean that local bookies are wrong. Some people prefer visiting local betting shops.

Pros and Cons about Sports betting companies


  • A wide game selection
  • A wide range of payment options
  • Online betting offers admirable lines and odds
  • An opportunity to make money
  • Anyone can bet – no special knowledge is needed


  • There is no guarantee for privacy
  • Hidden terms and conditions which may deny you wins

Sports betting companies FAQ:

There are no details about the exact number of betting sites worldwide. However, available data shows that there are countless online bookies since it has proved to be a lucrative sports investment.

The top sports betting are from established countries, mainly Europe and the USA. Precisely, the United Kingdom has the highest number of richest betting companies globally - for instance, William Hill is one of the top sports betting sites.

That depends on the jurisdiction, sports coverage and the betting markets. In that regard, Stake, Betwinner, 22Bet, William Hill, BetandYou, and 20Bet are some highly recommended sportsbooks.

The law surrounding sports betting isn't clear in many countries since each country has a unique definition of betting and gambling. Ideally, many countries do not explicitly allow betting. Thus, sports bettors have found a way of circumventing the law.

Investing in betting involves risk – the risk of investing capital for future profit. Although you can make money by betting on sports, it isn't the safest option.

Government agencies are responsible for regulating sports betting companies' activities. Besides, the sportsbooks are licensed by different jurisdictions such as Costa Rica, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, etc.

Professional bettors can make a living from sports betting because they are solely focused on creating a profit. Focus helps them to select the best options to make a profit.

Larger sports betting companies offer better chances of winning

One thing is clear; large sports betting companies offer broad betting markets, bonuses, and the best prices. If sports bettors can utilize these features well, they’ll make a fortune from the betting websites. However, conditions apply. Look, established bookies offer the best betting experiences thanks to the wide range of features, including mobile betting, which has gained momentum recently.