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Bookmakers with low and minimum betting stakes

Traditionally, sports betting sites were strict with minimum bet amounts. Most bookies required that punters lay at least $2 on a single play. Some even had higher minimums.

While it might seem perfectly reasonable to have these limits, books realize that there is a segment of sports bettors that want to play for lower stakes. This is the main reason that we recommend trying our best staking plan for low odds.

Maybe a punter is trying out a new system and does not want to invest much or possibly the punter simply cannot afford to bet the $2 minimum.

When you consider that a punter might make a minimum deposit of, say, $5, they are forced to put all of their eggs into one basket. It is hard to imagine why anyone would want to bet $0.25 but the fact is that there are those who do, and low deposit betting sites are best suited for them.

By drastically lowering the minimum betting amounts, sportsbooks are able to appeal to a whole new customer base.

Bookmakers with low betting limits allow novices to learn the ropes without having to risk too much money. It is something those on the new bookmakers 2021 list often use to attract new customers. The sportsbooks hope that those who love low bet stakes will eventually increase their bet amounts.

Besides that, when bettors are wagering minimum amounts, the sportsbooks are still profiting and that’s what it’s all about.

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What is the Minimum Bet and Why Bookmakers Have a Limits

Smallest bets vary between sportsbooks. Some allow customers to bet as low as a penny and some still require minimums of $2 or even higher. Punters will find that the biggest and best sportsbooks allow small wager amounts. For example, BetVictor’s minimum bet is 5 pence, and Stan James is 1 pence.

One of the reasons that sportsbooks enforce low bet stakes is because they simply want to make money. There is little to be gained from taking the juice from a 1 pence bet. Still, by catering to the masses of “micro-rollers”, some of these bookmakers are finding it profitable.

Enough people are placing the minimum 3 pence bets at William Hill and this generates enough profit for them to justify their lower limit. For example one of the biggest winning bets in horse racing were made on William Hill. Fred Craggs became a millionaire with a 50p bet. He placed an 8-fold accumulator with William Hill and won £1,000,000 with a small bet on his 60th birthday.

Why would you make such Small Bets?

There are a number of reasons that a punter would want to make small bets. Sports bettors who enjoy playing high-odds betting accumulators and system bets can make a lot of money with small bets. There are also punters who want to try out a new system and they don’t want to risk larger sums when they test it.

We also might want to consider novice bettors who just want to get their feet wet without risking a lot. There are also those who just like to have a really small bet on a game just to make it interesting. To them, just being on the correct side is rewarding enough.

There is also global economics at play. $1 may not seem much to a first-world punter but in some countries, one dollar is not so petty. People should only gamble with what they can afford to lose and for some people, the amount they can afford amounts only to pennies. With low minimum bet amounts, sportsbooks are able to cash in on these low-rollers.

One of the less talked about reasons for placing smaller wagers is money management. There are several different bankroll management strategies out there. These are designed to keep the punter in the game. For example, many believe that they should never have more than 2% or 3% in play on any single bet.

The reason is simple. A loss is easily absorbed and even a bad losing streak won’t wipe out a punter’s account. To them sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint. This means that if a micro-bettor starts with a bankroll of $10 at a sportsbook $10 minimum deposit site, they will be placing bets in the area of $0.20 to $0.30 per wager.

Whatever a punter’s reason for wanting to bet the minimum, they are happy that the option of betting on a budget exists.

Bet Strategies for Minimum Bets

Accumulators and acca insurance bets are some of the first methods that come to mind when thinking about ways to make small bets pay off. It’s no secret that people have hit accumulators with extremely high odds. A $1 parlay can lead to a huge payout as the odds on the accumulator bet are determined by multiplying the odds of the selections on the accumulator.

If we take EVS betting (betting on 2.00 odds) for a treble bet, which is a 3 selections accumulator, and an investment of only $1 we can profit $7 (2.00 x 2.00 x 2.00 = 8.00/ 8.00 x $1 =$8/ $8 – $1 = $7). The profit is not much but on a monthly basis it will add up. There are also strategies on how to win sports betting parlays which you can use

Along with accumulators, punters can lay small bets on single events that offer high odds. Big underdogs cash in quite frequently and can be a good source of profit for micro-bettors. Without much risk, a punter has a shot at a decent payout.

Punters can also check out the pool betting sites and get into betting pools for relatively low amounts. Like parlays, betting pools offer the opportunity to score a decent payout for a small investment. Colossus Bets give punters a chance to win £1 million for as little as 20 pence.

If a punter wants to go bigger, then a £2 wager on a Scoop 6 bet might turn into a £10 million cash prize. There are many other similar pools with smaller, yet very attractive jackpots. Check here our pool betting guide for further details.

Fans of online slot machines are also able to cash in with minimum bets. Many internet casinos now offer progressive jackpots on penny slots. One again, this gives the player a chance to cash in large on a very small investment.

Poker sites were some of the first places to offer micro wagering. Tables with the 2 cent big blinds are by far the most popular at most poker sites. These tables still have the potential for decent profits for both the poker players and the poker sites.

Poker players can go after big tournament prizes for small buy-ins as well. Like with sports betting, these micro-stakes tables are the perfect venue for beginners to learn the ropes without the fear of losing too much. Players can get tournament and ring game experience for a couple of pennies while also getting hours of enjoyment.

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