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Asian Bookies – Ultimate Guide to the Best Asian Betting Sites

Asian bookmakers have now proven to be a reliable source in each aspect of a gambler’s life.

The Asian bookies are attracting high popularity as consciousness builds.

They may fail in terms of varieties of games offered but they are thriving every day to beat their competitors in the European and the UK markets.

Their focus on low margins has hugely boosted their efforts to outdo their counterparts and is now winning many gamblers on their sites.

Moreover, the number of Asian betting companies is rapidly on the rise.

Asian bookies have friendly customer solutions, and besides low profits, they also have the wagering limits considered allowing customers to experience big wagers. Together with betting exchanges the majority of them are bookies that don’t limit or restrict customers at all.

They are relatively more reliable as compared to standard European betting sites or the UK betting sites and have even made it easier to bet on the Asian bookies sites through their verification procedures.

In the article below, we look at various angles including specifics such as Asian handicap betting sites in Kenya as well as the best betting companies as per the gambling sites by country.

If you’re interested in joining the best Asian bookmakers, even if you’re a UK player, read our guide on the best Asian bookies to find out more…

Top 10 Asian Bookies in 19 June 2024 – Updated List

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Why You Should Use Asian Bookies the Next Time you Gamble

There are numerous gains a player can draw from the best betting companies through navigating on their various sites. Across all sites, Asian bookies bring in quality services and amazing perks. They include:

  • Better Odds

Compared to European bookies, most Asian bookies run on low profits. For instance, UK bookmakers will offer you 91/100 odds on a coin flip bet while the Asian bookmakers offer a similar stake for 19/20. The odds at these bookies vary, so an Asian bookie in Indonesia may have different odds than one in Japan betting sites, but they tend to be better odds than the European market.

  • Live Betting

Generally, Asian bookies are good in instant plays and Asian handicap in play. As the gaming industry expands they are also forced to make the changes. That is why you will find numerous odds that cannot be compared to any of the European and international betting sites.

Asian live bookies cover all the same sports as their European counterparts. However, Asian bookies may offer soccer odds which cannot be found at European bookies. You can find Asian bookies offering football odds on the Chinese Super League, for instance. Moreover, Asian bookies may also offer horse racing bets not common to North American sites.

  • Asian Handicaps

Betting sites with Asian handicap are popular, particularly, in football. The draws are fairly a common result. What happens in Asian handicap gambling is that Asian handicap bookmakers reduce goal scored by teams added to the actual total of a match. The most exciting part of the Asian handicap is in its ability to overcome the possibilities of draws in a match. Best Asian handicap betting sites use this methodology to win more visitors and also offer European handicap betting and alternative Asian handicap betting (with quarter lines like Asian handicap 0.25 or Asian handicap 0.75). These types of Asian dropping odds are worth keeping tabs on, as well as the closing odds.

  • Smaller Markets

Asian bookies host a huge list of popular gambling markets including soccer markets like English Premier League, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, and Spanish La Liga. On the other hand, you will also find some Asian football betting sites full of Asian football games as well as small and regional football competitions in less popular games like field hockey, as mentioned above. You may also note that the biggest Asian bookmakers offer you more favorable odds on those major competitions, in comparison to their European and North American counterparts.

Best Betting Companies in Top 10 Asian Bookmaker Sites

Some of the best companies that Asian bookies have slotted in their top 10 Asian bookmakers include Bangladesh betting sites, Cambodia betting sites, Malaysia betting sites, Nepal betting sites, Singapore betting sites, Indian rupee betting sites, the Philippines betting sites, and Pakistan betting sites.

Depositing At Asian Bookies

Asian bookies hold different depositing methods, which vary from one country to another. For instance, if you are a Chinese resident, then you may place your deposits using Chinese debit cards. However, countries like Malaysia and Indonesia may use online banking or deposit at their bank accounts using ATMs.

Thailand betting sites as well as different depositing options contrarily to Vietnam online casinos that are only limited to local e-wallets, MoneyGram and Western Union. For Singapore, Europe, and UK residents, they can use e-wallets.

Verification Process and he Withdrawal Process from Asian Bookies

The Asian bookies’ withdrawal process is very simple, but you need to understand every bit of withdrawal as well as verification processes. The moment you decide to select a particular Asian gambling site, it crucial you review their terms and conditions before making any subscriptions. Most sites will ask for your ID and maybe a proof of your address. If you don’t want to provide an ID, then Cloudbet may suit you.

The verification procedures are smooth and fine and Asian bookies provide you a section to confirm and review your details at the info-cards.In most cases, similar depositing methods are used in cashing out, and you must follow the rules.

For instance, if you pay deposits using cryptocurrency, then you will be required to make withdrawals using cryptocurrency. Such provisions are made to prevent fraudulent activities, and it’s among their policies. Asian bookies will often provide tips on how this works via FAQs on their website.

Local Currencies Accepted At Asian Bookies

The most commonly accepted local currencies at Asian bookies include:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrencies

How Do Asian Bookies Differ From European Bookies

Asian bookies draw their solid power from their ability to offer betting limits besides their odds formats. They are a great joy to gamblers who wish to place huge bets. If you are hunting for the best Asian bookies then the best deal is found in huge deposits and withdrawal limits as well. Asian bookmakers take your deposits regardless of your stake and are trusted to pay players without any difficulties.

On the other side, European bookmakers are good for live bets, and they have diverse markets. Their deposit and wagering limits are lower compared to top Asian betting sites and you are allowed to bet on the offside, goal scorers, corners, Asian corners, red cards, and yellow cards.

Asian Bookies Gambling Law and Policies

The Asian economic activities have received a major shift particularly Southeast Asia and a huge boom has also been seen in the gambling sector both on in-land and online gambling. Like any other country, gambling in Asia is highly protected to improve their experience.

All casinos are licensed and this has continued to support the security for all gamblers, despite the high restrictions from other states in the continent. Back in the years, Macau ( see the article on Macau betting sites and bookmakers) held a great position in the continent as a leading gambling solution but today many countries have joined the industry and are actively improving the growth of this sector.

As a result, the Asian gambling policies have changed over the years, and the laws are expected to change even in the coming years. However, some state has set a liberal foundation on the gambling laws while others are still bureaucratic providing harsh penalties and weak infrastructure.

If you get deeper into matters gambling laws in Asia, you will find a variety of countries accepting land-based casinos only, others accepting both online and in-land casinos while others only accept gambling for tourism activities. As a rule of thumb, all the sites in our Asian bookmakers list have been tested, and are verified as licensed, safe and secure.

Types of Asian Betting Sites

  • Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks allow players to gamble on the outcome of the sporting event. The different bet and sports types offered in the sportsbook make it interesting.

  • Racebooks

Racebooks are mobile gambling platforms primarily meant for dog betting and horse racing in the biggest Asian betting sites.

  • Casinos

Casinos can be land-based or online casinos and they enable players to enjoy game slots and table games. What makes them unique is the quality of games provided, offers and varieties of games.

  • All-inclusive sites

All-inclusive sites in Asia gambling mean a combination of the two or more betting sites. For instance, it could be a racebook and a casino, or a combination of the three Asian betting exchange sites mentioned above.

Asian Sports Betting Sites Banking Options

Most Asian bookies will accept e-wallets and it doesn’t matter if you are using Neteller or Skrill. They will both allow you to make your payments at the Asian bookmakers.

Other bookies also accept Bitcoin which is a fast and convenient banking method. Most players will opt for a high-security payment method, though.

PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards are also accepted.

Asian Online Betting Market

Asian countries have rich traditions of gambling on different casinos and this has lasted for centuries. Asia stands out among the largest casino game globe markets, which is hugely expanding due to the introduction of online casinos throughout the region. Huge numbers of online casinos are available at different gaming outlets by various casino operators.

However, the continent is dominated by Islamic states who do not accept any gambling activities. Some restrictions ban the existence of land-based casinos but the online casinos have continued to flourish in some states.

For instance, Indonesia restricts the existence of gambling activities in the country but you will still find some Indonesia online casinos accommodating locals. Most players from Indonesia and Malaysia do not access to most online Asian casinos since the popular casinos do not support many languages. When perusing the Asian sports betting market for somewhere to play, bear in mind that the rules between Asian countries may vary wildly.

However, the good news is that these countries accept international gamblers, thus, enabling Asian players and other players from different parts of the world as well as the existence of Asian bookies tips that help players win easily. Also, Chinese betting companies are available in Asia where most Asian players can gamble.

The Best Sports at the Top Asian Bookmaker Sites

Here are the top sports at Asian Bookies Euro sites.

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Basketball

Pros and Cons of Asian Bookies


  • Huge gambling limits
  • Big deposit and payout limits
  • Wide-range betting options in Asian bookies markets
  • Huge welcome bonus
  • Favorable Asian bookies odds


  • Absence of in-play Asian bookie soccer games
  • Few languages supported

Why Select An Asian Bookmaker?

Asian Bookmakers are some of the best, if not the best in the world. They tick all boxes expected of an excellent bookmaker such as safety standards, betting options, competitive odds, fantastic bonuses, tailored payment methods, Asian bookies dropping odds, mobile platforms, and excellent customer service as well as live score Asian bookies odds.

On safety, the standards are exceptionally high to enhance the trust of customers from across the world. Betting is based largely on trust and Asian bookies betting sites have invested a lot of resources in ensuring that customer wagers and winnings are secure from hackers.

The broad variety of market options make it interesting and fun to the customer who is on the lookout for more than just profits. Betting is not always about who wins. It is also about who scored first, who conceded what and such outcomes. Asian bookmakers are the to-go sites for these options.

The customer can be assured of placing a wager on as many options as possible in a variety of sports from football to cricket increasing his chances of winning and having fun while at it.

Competitive odds are one of the most important touchpoints that bookmakers have with potential customers. Sites that provide better odds attract more customers as they are assured of higher returns. Asian bookies horse betting offers some of the most competitive odds in a broad range of sports and markets.

They have simply taken betting to another level. For new entrants, betting may seem to be herculean and a zero-sum game. However, Asian bookmakers make it look easy and worth time and money by providing bonuses to enable them to hit the ground running. The offers are enticing but there is a need to go through the terms and conditions to ensure you do not end up with the wrong end of the stick.

Payment methods provided by Asian bookies betting sites are tailored to customer needs. This makes it awesome for customers spread throughout the world to not only place their bets but also claim their winnings without much hustle. Besides, the bookmakers accept major currencies saving customers the trouble of exchanging currencies.

Customers want to bet on the move and not necessarily sit down on a computer. Asian betting platforms have this sorted with the provision of fast, reliable and easy to use mobile phone platforms. This makes it simple for customers to place bets on the go ensuring that no game goes unnoticed.

Asian Odds Formats that Are Available for Players

Biggest Asian online bookmakers or bookies normally support four odds formats, which differ from one another, and they are outlined below. It does not matter which odds format you select, the thing is that all formats have similar payouts. The differences come in when a player wants to view these options in different formats to maximize their comfort.

In case you get stuck and don’t know which format to use, Asian gambling sites bring you converter that will enable you to enjoy your gambling experience.

  1. Decimal Odds

When it comes to decimal odds, the odds formats are listed in positive numbers. Also, the numbers are in decimals, and they are a representation of the sum of the returns, which include a stake plus a win. There are also winning tickets, which pay for every unit gambled. For instance, 1.91 decimal odds mean that if you bet with $1.00 then you are likely to win $0.91 and another award of the returned stake of not less than $1.00.

  1. Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong gambling and of course Hong Kong betting sites and odds have been considered among the simplest options in the market. Here you can use HKN betting sites and bookmakers if you want to save money. Just like the decimal odds formats, they are positive numbers and appear in decimal points. They are generally a representation of what a gambler’s payment added to a bet on every unit gambled. In this case, when the odds are 0.710 on semi-heavy favorite bets, a player will get $0.710 as winnings for every $100 unit staked.

  1. Indonesian Odds

If you are to make a comparison between American odds and Indonesian odds, then you conclude their similarity. However, Indonesian odds are presented in 100’s rather than in decimals. The good thing in Indonesian odds is that a gambler is sure of their winning expectations even before play as this option displays everything on board. Thus, -3.45 odds offer you a chance to be awarded $1.00 if you bet $3.45. Positive odds display the actual winnings on one unit staked.

  1. Malay Odds

Malay odds can be positive or negative odds numbers, but they are never more than 1. Malay odds are different from the rest of the odds formats in Asian bookies. This is because the odds are reversed when it comes to positives in underdogs and negatives in favorites that are displayed in their counterparts. Hence, a positive would mean favorites while a negative represent underdog in Malay odds.

It can be confusing sometimes especially if you are a beginner, but the thing is; negative odds mean the much you require to gamble to win a single unit and positive odds mean the much you can win on a single stake.

Asian Betting Sites FAQ:

Absolutely yes. Every nation has their gambling policies and Asia is not an exception in this case. The laws are differentiated from one region to another, and they have become a common practice on most online gambling sites. Asian players enjoy online gambling like folks in other countries through the use of offshore sites.

There are several odds formats a player will enjoy on top 10 Asian bookmakers and betting sites. They are four and comprise of Hong Kong, Indonesian, and decimal and Malay odds formats. In most cases, they have similar payouts, and you only need to find out which format you are comfortable at stake.

Asia is a huge continent that you will expect to find diverse and interesting sports to bet. Popular sports offered are like cricket, basketball, and football.

Asia holds a great history of betting, and it has won a remarkable number of online gamblers over the years. They are rich in popular sports, and players have different options to select. More gaming fanatics are joining the industry, and online gambling is expected to expand more and more.

Play with Biggest Asian Online Bookmakers for the Ultimate Gambling Experience!

Asian Bookies has grown to become a top destination for betting fanatics. This has been fuelled by the growing popularity of sports and the excellent bookmakers who have developed world-class products. You may now visit their sites and place a bet. Some Asian sites may even have free bet bonuses up for grabs, and you can find those here on our page.

Choosing a bookie to play with is not always an easy task but in this guide, we help you make the best decision on the list of Asian bookmaker sites that you can play with at any time and the Asian bookmaker tips that you can employ. But this is not all, on our site you can learn more about this region, like Singapore gambling sites.

We look at the pros and cons and how you can tell if a site is legit.  We also look at the bookmakers by country and the gambling sites by country to help you gamble with the best in the online betting world. But this is not all, you can keep yourself up to date with the Asian gambling industry by reading some other articles from this region, like Philippines gambling sites.


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