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Best Sportsbooks [2024] – find out our winners

One of the most common questions that sports gambling enthusiasts ask is “What is the best sportsbook?” just like one would ask, “What is the best sports bar?” The answer depends on the exact aspect you are looking for. Is it the best odds margins or accumulator bonuses and loyalty rewards? What about limits?

Typically, before choosing the best online bookie, there are many questions that bettors need to find answers to. While having numerous wagering options on sports betting sites is crucial, there is a need to consider customer support, betting markets, sport betting bonuses, and deposit and withdrawal methods. Good thing; the best betting sites are well-equipped to satisfy customer needs.

This guide looks at the best sportsbooks for online gambling – what we’ve chosen are top-rated bookies. Besides, we tell you how they work and the criteria for selecting the right sportsbooks.

Top 20 Recommended Sportsbooks in 16 June 2024 – Updated List

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History of sportsbooks

The first sportsbooks date back to 1700, where the wealthy individuals placed bets on race racing or cockfighting while the poor individuals gambled on dice games. So, who started sportsbooks? The common belief is Charles McNeil from Connecticut, a professional bettor, and bookmaker. In the UK, it’s believed that William Hill started sportsbooks in 1934. 

As sports betting spread across the world, different countries passed legislation to limit and legalize betting. For instance, Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, allowing US players to place bets on major sports at that time. The Hilton ‘SuperBook’ was opened in Las Vegas in 1986, and in 1989, the most extravagant sportsbook, Mirage, opened. 

In the UK, the first brick-and-mortar casino appeared in 1960 after the passing of the Betting and Gaming Act. This allowed taking odds from more than horse racing alone. William Hill and Ladbroke were notable bookies of these times. 

Modern sports date back to the invention of the internet. The internet was a perfect opportunity for the already existing bookmakers to get more bettors from their countries of origin worldwide. Intertops was the first bookmaker to get online and inspired many bookies from across the globe. Just anyone could set up sports betting companies and take bets from punters. 

While this allowed many people to bet for real money, they were vulnerable to frauds as safe betting sites, just like Barbados betting sites and bookmakers, were only a handful. There were no regulations to govern international betting sites, which could leave wondering, “is sportsbooks safe?” This prompted the establishment of laws by each country to protect its citizen from fraudulent activities. This provided a somewhat risk-free and no-lose offers betting environment. 

Today, there are many gambling commissions that license sports betting sitessuch as Wazobet Bookmaker. So, trusted sports betting sites, are those with licenses from a reputable gambling commission. And so, if you are wondering, “are sportsbooks legal?” all licensed ones are legal. Ordinary jurisdiction includes Curacao, The Isle of Man, Costa Rica, etc.

Are sportsbooks legit? This might be a burning question to punters in different countries because of the various betting legislations. Betting laws governing the sports betting industry have drastically changed drastically – while some countries (check bookmakers by country) allow betting, and others ban entirely it. Getting clarity on legal issues surrounding a sports betting site is crucial. This will help you bet safely, as you will know, legally and enjoyable. If you are looking for online sportsbooks that a legal within your area, check out the licensing from the various regions.

So, where are sportsbooks legal?

In Australia, sports betting is legal – the activity has been legal since 1810, where punters placed bets on trace races. However, overall, sports betting began in 1980. Ideally, you can bet all sport types both online and in sports parlors. Adverts are allowed on stadium and team kits; however, in-game advertising, television, and radio are restricted during certain times. Similarly, Canada and New Zealand allow gambling, but most favor online betting. 

In Europe, sports betting is legal in many countries, and here is where you can find the best live betting sites and bookmakers. Italy, the U.K, France, Germany,  and Spain had the highest Gross gaming revenues.

Some regions are rich in land-based casinos and sportsbooks; others specialize in online betting sites. The giant for online gambling is the island of Malta due to the reputation of the Malta Gaming Authority. With the UK passing monumental legislation in 2005, many online betting sites and betting platforms were established. 

In the US, the sports betting markets are fast-growing thanks to many states legalizing betting. Tennessee and South Dakota are finalizing legislation to legalize sports betting. States where sportsbooks are legal including Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania., and more than two dozen others. 

In Africa, sports betting regulations are new to most nations; thus, the industry is unregulated. However, Muslim majority countries ban sports betting to locals, making it illegal to gamble. Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda are some countries allowing sports betting. 

Most countries in Asia term put an illegal status to gambling – for instance, China, North Korea, India, and Kuwait. However, the actual sports betting rules depend on the state. However, you can bet on international online sportsbooks. 

How do Sportsbooks work?

Sportsbooks have been working the same way since the early days. They post odds that reflect the chances of an event occurring or not occurring. In the case of a coin toss which is, in theory, a 50-50 proposition, the bookie will offer the punter odds on the outcome.

But, in order for them to make money, they cut the odds that are offered to the bettor. For example, instead of offering even money on both heads and tails, the bookies shave a few points off of the return. So, depending on the “vigorish”, or “juice”, which in essence is a small commission, the book might offer both heads and tails at 1.95. If the punter lays $1 on heads and wins the bet then he would be awarded his original $1 stake plus $0.95 in winnings for a total of a $1.95 return.

If the bet taker gets uneven action, then they might alter the odds to draw more action on the other side. Say that Heads has $10,000 in bets and Tails has $1,000. This leaves the bookie exposed. They stand to lose $9,000 if Heads hits. So the odds might become Heads at 1.85 and Tails at 2.10 in hopes of getting more action on tails. There are many questions that a bettor needs to answer before choosing the best online bookie for them. For many punters, having a wide variety of wagering options is very important and the best betting sites are offering more choices every day.

Pool betting, in-game wagers, and being able to play a few hands of blackjack during the commercial breaks are very attractive. There’s a perfect way to find the right place for you to get your action: you can choose pool betting sites from Gambling Judge’s top 100 bookmakers. We have also prepared a top 5 offshore sportsbooks list. Here are a few of the questions that punters want answers to when they are in the market for the top betting sites with live streaming.

How do you place a bet on a sportsbook?

There are two options of placing bets on your best sportsbooks – in person at a physical sportsbook or on sports betting sites via a tablet, computer, or mobile app. In both cases, the process is somewhat similar.

Step 1: find your bookmaker. This is where you intend to place your bets. Register an account by filling in your personal information like name, email, and phone number. After creating an account, some bookies offer sports betting bonuses like a sign-up betting bonus

Step 2: Top up your account. Use any of the available deposit methods. Typically, on your first deposit, you may receive betting deposit bonuses.

Step 3: find the sports and games you want to wager on. Peruse on the bookie’s tabs to locate the games of interest.

Step 4: choose the type of bet you intend to place -straight bets, parlays, totals, futures, etc. There are many opportunities at your disposal; ensure you explore all of them. Build your bet by selecting teams.

Step 5: enter the wager amount, i.e., the amount you want to bet, confirm the odds and finally confirm your bet and wait for the outcome. 

In a physical sportsbook, you’ll receive betting sheets showing daily offerings. It offers all sport, games, money line betting, and rotation numbers.

How do you choose the Best Sportsbook?

Low juice is one of the more critical things to consider when choosing the best online sportsbook for you. Bettors also like free bet codes and other sign-up incentives, and there are lots to be had in this competitive business. The biggest sportsbooks such as Betclic, LSbet, Betrally or Crowncas have stayed on top of the industry for years by offering their players competitive odds and a wide range of bonuses and incentives for their existing players. This keeps their customers coming back, and it also brings new clients daily.

Let’s not forget about customer support service, which is an essential aspect of any business. The top online sportsbooks also give their customers as many deposit and withdrawal options as possible. Fast and easy payouts are critical for instant withdrawal bookmakers when retaining clients, luring new ones, and establishing trust. The top sportsbooks continuously work with software developers to make their websites easy to navigate. Choosing the best sportsbook involves a bit of research, but it is worthwhile if a punter wants to have the greatest chances of coming out ahead.

Do sportsbook ban winners and limit players?

While it isn’t a common practice, sportsbooks have been known to ban players from time to time. Players are rarely banned for winning too much. Remember that buried in the small print of the terms and conditions at most online sportsbooks; there is a clause that states that the book may ban a player at their own discretion. This, however, can be a counterproductive measure. What sportsbook wants to be known for banning winners?

Placing low and high wager limits on players is an entirely different story. Most bookies place limits on bet amounts. This is why betting exchanges are also high stakes betting sites. Most exchanges operate by pitting bettors against each other instead of backing the action themselves, and that’s where profit opportunities arise. Apply the best Betfair trading strategies and learn how to be successful with internet betting exchanges.

How do Sportsbooks set their lines and odds?

Each sportsbook has a head oddsmaker responsible for setting the lines. However, bookies might seek the help of betting traders like Oddsmatrix, who help set up proper lines. Weak lines are easily exploited, and sportsbooks stand to lose a lot of money. Betting traders/consultants are a team of professionals who combine several factors to ensure the best odds for both bookies and punters. 

They use computer algorithms, win totals, power rankings, and futures. Also, oddsmakers calculate the probability of each outcome and then subtract the margins. For instance, if the is 3.00 or 2/1, the bookies remove a 5% margin; thus, the odds are 2.90 or 19/10. Besides, these sports nerds also know what teams historically draw the most action.

For example, the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, and Los Angeles Lakers have substantial fan bases that love to bet on their teams. Once they agree on the number, the consultants pass it on to the sportsbook, which then factors in the vigorish and then offers the betting line to the public. They can also adjust the line if there is an injury, changes in weather, head-to-head matchups, or home-field advantage.

Useful tips about sportsbooks


  • Sports covered: consider the level of action based on the types of sports available and the range of games.
  • Available bet options: a good sportsbook offers a wide range of bet typesMoneyline, parlays,  totals, futures, and spreads. This gives you a chance to choose what you want. 
  • Mobile betting option: this offers many conveniences allowing you to bet on the go
  • Live betting: This type of betting allows you to place bets when the game has already started and its odds change very fast. It’s immersive and fascinating. 
  • Industry reputation: check out user reviews or ask friends – they can direct you to the best sportsbooks. 

Bettors, especially new players, should avoid potential pitfalls when looking for bookies. Common pitfalls include:

Blacklisted sites:  these are sites that operate illegally, and when you sign-up on these sites, the chances of losing money are high. Ideally, their primary task is engaging in fraudulent activities. If a betting site impresses you, check if it appears in the list of blacklisted sportsbooks.

Late payments: one of the major red flags is sports betting sites that do not pay on time. Of course, delays may occur at a time – but if it’s a habit, then that isn’t a betting website to consider. A legit sportsbook will advertise on its site if it has a payout issue, also, for more information read our article about bookmakers by payment methods.

Tainted record: sportsbooks with a tainted history should be a straight no. always look for a reputable betting website, i.e., a sportsbook that comes out clean no matter the circumstances.

Top 6 most common sport available in the sportsbooks industry

There are many sports to wager on; however, sportsbooks may specialize in a few sports because it may be how sportsbooks make money, or that may be what most punters like. For instance, US players pride themselves in NBA, MLB, Golf, Tennis, college football, and NFL betting, which are significant sports. Punters in different regions would prefer other sports, and thus, online sportsbooks in those regions would offer it to them.

Football: Football has many fans worldwide, and it’s a popular sport to watch and bet on globally. Many sports betting site operators compete for your attention via the best odds on significant events and amazing sportsbook bonuses – mostly on top-rated sportsbooks.

Horse Racing: Horse racing comes with some of the best betting odds due to the prominence of BOG promotions unique to these types of races. Besides, they offer a significant strategic advantage.

Tennis: apart from being an exciting game, tennis is an excellent game to bet on due to its action-packed ferocity nature. It has betting markets like First Set Winner and Handicap betting

Boxing: this is a big-money event, and there are only a few boxing matches during the year. Sportsbooks heavily promote boxing events, but it lacks live betting.

Rugby: though not popular online sportsbooks offer these betting options to countries having a passion for rugby. Due to its vigorous nature, it comes with thoughtful markets suitable for both experts and newcomers.

Cricket: this sport boasts of incredibly deep strategies alongside forms like Test cricket and Twenty20. Its markets include Innings Runs, Coin Toss Winner and, Team Of Top Bowler.

Safe and secure in the sportsbooks industry

The sportsbook industry is safe and secure but with some preconditions – follow basic guidelines to ensure you remain safe. Physical sportsbooks have the risk of violence and crimes as they tend to attract the wrong crowds. But the reality is that there is a lot of cash and distractions. So be aware of this risk.

Online sportsbooks, by contrast, have different risks – third parties can access your financial information and steal your money. That’s why online bookies invest in top-notch SSL certificates and firewalls to add an extra layer of protection on customers’ data. Besides, they get the necessary licenses from well-known licensing authorities. Besides, they get the best software for their operations.

How does a sportsbook get on blocklists

Any sportsbook that engages in fraudulent conduct doesn’t meet the betting industry standard, or scams its customers, enters the blacklisted sportsbooks list. Regulatory bodies usually blacklist the sportsbooks once they notice that they are defrauding gamblers or don’t adhere to the standards. 

The typical things that can make a betting site land on the blacklist include Payment Issues, False Advertising, Rigged Games, Pirated Games, and Licensing Issues. Also, poor customer services, lousy software, inability to secure customer information, and unresponsiveness are reasons enough to send a betting site to blacklist.

Sportsbooks mobile apps

The common goal behind every sportsbook mobile app is to offer better engagement, drive traffic, generate money for the sportsbooks, and answer the question, do sportsbooks make money? Therefore, each app provides various features that appeal to new users and make existing customers loyal.

A sportsbook offers the latest news listicles, a wide variety of bet slips, dynamic and personalized statistics, and a robust notifications system. Besides, a constantly expanded, updated, and improved betting menu makes a sportsbook app worth considering. Well, most apps also come with social media integration and promotional codes.

Pros and Cons about sportsbooks


  • It offers a wide array of betting options
  • Online sportsbooks offer a wide range of sporting activities – local and international
  • Offer better odds alongside variable limits
  • There is a wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • There are lots of strategies to help you win


  • A higher risk of gaming addiction
  • Payouts may take longer in some cases

FAQ about sportsbooks

The difference in odds among sportsbooks is that they have different oddsmakers, goals, and profit margins. So, the personal opinion aspect plays a huge role in determining the odds. Also, the betting market, where bookies compete, determines the odds – some offer competitive odds to attract customers.

Each player has their preference in terms of what they expect sports to offer. So, finding a bookie that offers a complete array of sensational features is close to impossible—nonetheless, some sportsbooks stand out for their best performance.

Usual sportsbooks are under the regulations of the country they operate, while offshore sportsbooks are located in other countries and operate under different jurisdictions.

The exact value varies with several factors, such as license and operational fees, depending on where you live. Besides, you need capital – so having a cash reserve to cover any outstanding bet regardless of the outcome is essential.

Odds are in different formats. It's essential to understand the odds formats and the type of bet placed. Moneyline odds are straightforward and indicate that for every one unit wagered; you win a unit.

Bet365 has the highest monthly traffic, making it a leading sportsbook. Besides, they are among the biggest online sportsbooks.

Best Sportsbooks Of 2024: Verdict and Recommendation

For most gamblers, weekly bonuses and free bets, quick payouts, live betting, the best betting odds, a loyalty program, and exemplary customer support are some of the features a betting platform must-have.

But that might take time for you to know unless you read many sportsbook reviews. This sportsbooks review is practical as it is based on real interaction with various sportsbooks to ascertain their working mechanism and what they can offer to exist and new players.

From account creation, depositing money, and making withdrawals to customer services and general user experienced, we have listed some of the best sportsbooks you can try. Remember, betting technology is fast evolving. Currently, these are the most secure and comfortable recommendations.