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Safe betting sites – choose your sportsbook wisely

There are many things to consider when choosing which is the safest betting site to use. Of course, security is a major consideration. Security of personal information, security from malware, the legitimacy of the website, and the security of your deposit are all concerns.

Just because a business claims to be “safe” and “secure” doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Safe betting sites such as Wazobet require much more. If security is important to you, then it is advised that you proceed diligently when you open a betting account and deposit funds into an online betting operation. There are a few obvious red flags that one might come across when looking for a safe betting site.

There are also a few signs we can look for to give needed reassurance that a punter is dealing with at international betting sites. In other words, there are lots of things to know if you want to find the most trusted sports betting sites. It all takes a bit of legwork but it is a worthwhile exercise if you are serious about finding the most secure gambling sites.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that we should look for when finding the safest and legal betting sites. Below, we will answer the “are betting sites safe” question together.

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The short history of safe betting sites

As mentioned before, safe internet betting sites are generally the ones that have been around a while. The overwhelming majority of the larger and most trusted online gambling empires have built a rock-solid reputation over several years. So it’s no wonder that bettors have doubts when they want to go with new independent bookmakers.

While not totally immune to complaints, these larger and established companies normally have a great track-record of prompt and easy payouts, a good amount of money back betting offers, and free bets for both new and existing customers and dispute resolution, besides a strong financial posture. One important feature of these companies is the fast payouts they offer, as they are usually instant withdrawal bookmakers.

Laws and regulations for safe gambling sites

There are several easily available resources to do a quick background check. Many internet forums are dedicated to keeping tabs on these websites. Google is a fast way to dig up the dirt. Reviews are a helpful tool in searching for the safest internet gambling sites.

Look at as many reviews as necessary to satisfy your curiosity and check betting advice websites. Don’t let a single complaint among a sea of positive reviews turn you away. Use your discretion and common sense to find the best betting sites. If a website has drawn a wide range of complaints then it would be prudent to move on to another place. You may read that some betting sites will close accounts many times without a reason and they won’t even allow withdrawing the funds. Be careful and choose bookies that don’t limit or ban accounts. But don’t stop there if you are looking for the safest betting sites.

If the agency you are thinking about using is not licensed and regulated then you are best advised to steer well clear of it. Without proper licensing and regulations, internet gambling companies can pretty much act with impunity and there is little recourse for the internet gambler.

The bodies which oversee licensing and regulation differ. It depends on which geographical region the betting site is located in. The rules vary from Alderney to Costa Rica so online gamblers need to familiarize themselves with the differences.

Of course, being a licensed and regulated business doesn’t absolutely guarantee things won’t go sideways but it gives the player a better chance of resolving disputes. Reputable sports betting sites like Costa Rica sports betting sites make it easy to find their licensing and regulatory information. It’s often listed on the main page or sometimes in the “about us” or similar section.

What are the safest online betting sites?

First of all, there is no single safest online sportsbook: If you know how to find them, you can play at dozens of safe legal online betting sites without a problem. However, it is impossible to give a list of the safest sports betting sites because sportsbooks change over time too: They don’t always stay as safe. Such a list needs to be updated continuously. Just because a brand is on the list of most secure sports betting site does not mean that it will stay like that forever.

For this reason, we choose to give you some criteria in order to pick the most trusted betting sites. In other words, we teach you how to catch fish, instead of giving fish. This article about trusted sports betting sites contains all information you need to find the safest online sports betting sites. However, if you still struggle to find them, you can simply use our recommendations above: They are the best online bookmakers you can play in 2024 and they are also among the safest betting websites.

Getting the safest online sports betting experience

As safe and secure as most online gambling operations are, there are still a few basic steps that punters can take to protect themselves even more. An ambiguous username that doesn’t give away any personal details is a start. So is not revealing details in your profile.

It should go without saying that choosing a strong password and keeping it private is a smart move. Remember to always log out when you are finished and keep up-to-date with the latest antivirus software.

Another thing you can do, to protect your payments, is to choose an intermediary between your bank and the bookmaker, like Trustly. So instead of bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites, you should prefer Trustly betting sites, for example, They are among the most trusted betting sites (this also applies if you are looking for safe betting sites the USA). These are just a few simple steps to take to maximize your online security. In addition:

  • If your browser gives you a warning about “certificate”, immediately close that page and never use that bookmaker again. Most reputable betting sites never let their certificates expire.
  • Pick a strong password for your betting accounts – it should contain at least 8 characters and special symbols.
  • Some payment methods can show how safe the experience will be. For example, PayPal is available only in a very small amount of betting companies: Only the most trustworthy betting sites can offer it. This is because PayPal does a very thorough background check before signing an agreement with that operator. In other words, if PayPal is available, it will be the safest betting site.

Red flags that may show you're not on safe betting sites

If you are at your favorite all-you-can-eat buffet and you notice the chicken is a little off-color, it’s a good bet to assume that you won’t eat it. If something looks off then why take a chance? Right? The same is said for internet betting services.

Sometimes, an internet gambler who is searching for a safe betting site will come across a few that look amateurish and sloppy. Maybe the links don’t work properly or bookmaker withdrawal limits are not the ones he was searching for. Punters should pass it by like they did with the suspicious chicken at the buffet.

There are certain things that even the least internet savvy person can do to check the trustworthiness and security of a wagering site. Look for a little green padlock on the left side of your web browser’s address bar.

If there is no green padlock in the address bar but you find one on the body of the page then it’s a big red flag. Safe betting sites will have a web address that starts with “https”.

A quick look at the quality of odds can also be an eye-opener, even when using the “accept all odds movement” feature, where you will have to deal with the fact that you will be also accepting dropping odds. This is why, sometimes, is wiser to wait for the closing odds. Comparing posted odds at the reputable and safe betting sites to odds posted at shady one might reveal shocking discrepancies. If you still do not like the odds, you can opt for the “request a bet” feature. The “edit my acca” feature is also something to take into consideration if you have changed your mind after placing your bets.

If the trusted places on the internet show team A as a -220 favorite and the suspicious one has them as +150 underdogs then there is something wrong. A punter might think that he’s getting a good deal by depositing and pounding the vulnerable line but he will likely be disappointed in the long run.

How can you find the safest site to bet on sports?

There are so many internet betting options to choose from that it will make your head spin. Punters who are looking for the safest betting sites are urged to consider what kind of gambling they want to do. This will help to narrow down their search.

Sports bettors should research online betting services like Stake Sports which are geared towards sports. Poker enthusiasts are encouraged to narrow their search to poker rooms like Powbet and so on. For more recommendations, you can check our online betting sites list.

Finding the world’s safest online gambling site is a bit of a balancing act that takes a lot of consideration but punters will reap the rewards of a satisfying, secure, and hopefully prosperous internet gambling experience. Don’t forget to also check our guide regarding betting scams and how to avoid them – it will help you a lot to start betting safe!

However, if you want to a summary of it, make sure to check the following to find betting sites that are safe:

  • Check the license. The license is the actual answer to the “which online gambling sites are legal” question. Websites without licenses are not safe betting sites for real money, period. Checking the license is not enough too: Make sure to verify it.
  • In this regard, remember that not all licenses are reputable. For example, there are international betting sites that use a Panama license, which provides no safety, security, or legality. Legal betting sites always use prestigious licenses, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Check all pages of the website and make sure that they are protected with SSL. If you see a lock icon next to your address bar, this means SSL encryption is on and your connection is private. All trusted online betting sites use SSL.

If you ever find yourself needing special help with gambling problems, don’t hesitate to read our self-exclusion guide and further yourself away from the gambling world.

Best payment methods to use at safest gambling sites

There are lots of payment methods you can use for online sports betting but some of them offer more security and practicality than others. Picking the right method is also a part of the answer to the “are online betting sites safe” question. In this regard, we recommend using the following methods to get an online betting safe experience.

  • Credit Cards: Our list of MasterCard bookmakers and betting sites would be a good start if you want to use your credit card. VISA will also be a good option. This payment option is available on all US & European betting sites.
  • Prepaid Cards: You cannot use them for withdrawals, but for making a deposit, it is impossible to beat the security and safety of a prepaid card. Start with our list of Paysafecard bookmakers and betting sites.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Blockchain transfers are probably the safest payment option you can use: They are encrypted and cannot be tracked. Bitcoin sports betting became quite popular lately and maybe it is your time to jump the wagon too.

What to really expect from safe online betting


  • Peace of mind knowing your money is safe
  • Safe betting sites are regularly audited
  • If you have a problem, you can seek your legal rights


  • Beginners lack the knowledge to find safe betting sites
  • Safe betting sites are regularly audited Safe gambling sites accept members from a limited number of countries due to their licenses

FAQ about safe online gambling

If you are worried about the safety of your money, it is not possible to have an enjoyable and efficient betting experience. Safe gambling sites, above all, allow you to play with peace of mind.

If they belong to the safest betting sites, yes, they are safe to use. Legit betting sites offer several apps for multiple platforms – you can check our iPad betting sites and apps article for more info.

As can be expected, customer service is fast, helpful, and professional at betting sites that are safe. You can expect to resolve all your problems within 24 hours.

Yes, you can store your payment method information at the safest online sports betting sites but in general, we do not recommend doing this for security reasons.

Checking the license. Safe gambling sites always have a license, and it belongs to a reputable agency. All of the top betting sites are licensed.

The risks that may occur in every site where you deposit money are also valid for betting sites. For example, you may not be paid, or your information may be captured. To avoid these risks, only play safe betting sites.

Play at the most reliable betting sites today

You can start playing at the safest online betting sites right now and yes, this includes mobile betting sites too. No matter what device you are using, we can find you the safest betting sites. We have a long list of best bookie websites and all the names on it are safe betting sites. Pick one, join today, and place your first bet with peace of mind!