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Early Payout Explained | Best Early Payout Offers from Top Bookmakers

Sometimes an outcome during an event is so effective that it can let you win a bet before the event ends: Early payout betting is based on this principle. You can find this option at many bookmakers and if you make the right choices, you will almost always make a profit independent of the event result.

We know what you’re thinking: It’s like cash out offers, right? In fact, early payout offers are much more different and do not require you to give up your bet: On the contrary, early payout is a special type of promotion where you can literally “win”.

We have prepared an early payout explained guide for you: Below, you can find answers to all your questions about this advanced betting technique. 

What does early payout mean?

Let’s start with the early payout meaning. Imagine a football game is played and everyone is expecting the favorite team to win and also to claim the best odds bookmakers. The expectation is so high that the match is considered as good as over after the favorite team is two points ahead.

For example, let’s say the favorite team scored one goal in the 25th minute of the match, and a second goal in the 35th minute: No one, including the bookmaker, thinks that the underdog team will be able to win the match from now on. Yes, the match continues, but the result was determined in the 35th minute: It is certain that the favorite team will win this match.

Early payout is based on this expectation. This is a type of promotion and is based on getting paid when a player or team passes in front of the opponent with a certain point difference.

To give a simple example, when you bet in favor of Team A on a match between Team A and Team B, the bookmaker offers you the following: “I’ll pay you automatically when Team A scores two goals, even if the match isn’t over”. (This is the general example of 2 goals ahead early payout offer.)

That’s why it’s called early payout: Payment is made before the match ends, when the triggering condition is met.

Best Bookmaker for Early Payout Offers in 27 May 2024 – Updated List

Rating 8.82 out of 10

Betway: You Lead You Win

➤ US Masters: First round leader - Place a pre-tournament Outright Winner bet on the US Masters and if the player you back is the leader at the end of Round One, you get paid as a winner.
➤ NBA: You Lead, You Win - Back a team to win and if your team leads by 16 points and goes on to draw or lose, you get paid as a winner.
➤ Football early payout - Back a team to win and if your team scores first and goes on to draw or lose, you get paid as a winner.

Best sports for early payout bets

We answered what is early payout question above, so let’s talk about which sports suit it best. Truth be told, since this is a promotion offered by the bookmaker, the bookmaker decides which sports it can be used in. So you cannot choose the early payout option for any match or sport you want: Bookmaker has to offer it.

In this context, although it is a promotion compatible with all sports in terms of content, early payout offers are most seen for popular sports and leagues. Football and basketball are the most popular options, and you can almost always find an early payout offer for them.

In most cases, leagues of popular sports are also subject to this promotion, such as early payout NFL and early payout NHL. Likewise, you can find these offers in global tournaments (e.g. when betting on the UEFA Champions League or betting on the Europa League, etc.). In some cases, the promotion may offer you a payment before the end of the season or tournament. For example, it is possible to find early payout offers when Team A rises to third place in the UEFA league (regardless of the league’s result).

Why do bookies payout early?

So, why do bookies pay out early? There are multiple reasons for this.

  1. First of all, bookmakers need to achieve a balance between bets placed for favorite and underdog teams to make a profit. We explained the reason for this in our other guides: how do bookies set odds and bookmakers’ odds margins. Early payout allows bookmakers to close their books for that bet and not accept new bets. In other words, the bookmaker makes this offer first of all so as not to accept any more bets for a particular team (and achieve the balance).
  2. In some cases, it is just a promotion and the bookmaker is sure that you will use the payment to re-bet, as your account history is full of examples of this.

In any case, early payout offers are a risk for bookmakers, as anything can happen at any time in a sporting event: We’ll give some examples below.

Other early payout offers from top bookies

Since you have learned how does early payout work, it is time to talk about which bookies offer early payout. We will share a list of the bookmakers/betting exchanges below and they are your best options to find an early payout offer. We will also explain how to get early payout in these bookies. Note that some of these are the biggest bookmakers UK, so don’t forget to check their risk free bet offers too.

Bet365 early payout

  • Early payout Bet365 offer is based on “2 goals ahead”.
  • The conditions are simple: You place a pre-match bet for pre-selected games and if the team you back get 2 goals ahead; you are paid in full.
  • At the time of this article, the Bet365 offer was available only for soccer. 

Paddy Power early payout

  • Paddy Power paying out early feature works exactly like at Bet365: This is a promotion that can only be used in soccer, and if the team you back up gets 2 points ahead, you will be paid fully before the match ends.
  • Unlike Bet365, however, Paddy Power has a maximum early payout limit: £2,500.

William Hill also offers early payout promotions from time to time and usually calls it “Golden Goal”. As we mentioned above, this is a common promotion that can be seen in many bookmakers, usually available before the end of a championship or sports competitions 

Oh, and, note that while all of these are betting sites with live streaming, none of them offer early payouts in the live betting system: This is a promotion for pre-match bets only.

Cash-out vs early payout: is there a difference?

At first glance, both options do the same thing: You get paid before the event is settled. However, they are also very different from each other.

Cash out and partial cash out

Cash out betting sites make you an offer before the event ends, and by accepting this offer, you are forfeiting your bet.
➤ Even partial cash out works like this: You receive an early payment for it, while still leaving a part of the stake to run.
➤ Most of the time, cash out payments are less than the full payment of the bet.

Early Payout

In early payout betting, however, you actually win the bet

➤ You used a promotion about “something will happen before the event ends” and as that something has happened, you get a payment.

Early payouts, on the other hand, pay full.

Early payout bookies and their stories: Sometimes it is a fairy tale, sometimes not

As we mentioned above, early payout offers are actually a risk for bookmakers because anything can happen during a match. Here are some examples of cases where these offers turn out well and badly:

  1. Paddy Power offered an early payout on settled bets for the boxing match between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, and paid early to those who bet in favor of Mayweather. Moreover, the bookmaker turned this into a media show and used the slogan “There is only one real boxer in this match”. Paddy Power was right: Mayweather indeed won the match.
  2. Paddy Power offered an early payout for Barack Obama too: The bookmaker was sure that he would win the elections again a second time in 2012. And this was really the result of the 2012 elections.
  3. However, guessing this correctly is not enough for Paddy Power to be considered a “political expert”. Paddy Power also made an early payout proposal that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 election, but we know who won it: Trump. This miscalculation cost Paddy Power millions.
  4. Betfred made a similar mistake for the 97-98 soccer season. United was a team that was almost certain to be the champion of the season as it was 12 points ahead of all their rivals. Betfred made early payouts to bets that United will become the champion of the season. Surprise: Arsenal became the champion. Betfred lost £500,000 due to this mistake.

Tips & tricks to get the best out of early payout offers


👉 Early payout matched betting can sometimes be a tactic you can use. In a match between two teams, you can use two different early payouts promotions (instead of placing a single bet) at two different bookmakers and guarantee a payout no matter which team reaches 2 points first. 

👉 Early payout accumulator bets pay more. You can use early payout offers in your accumulator bets and take advantage of price boosts and enhanced odds. To find out what the actual payout will be, we recommend using an early payout calculator

👉 Matches where everyone expects a large number of goals to be scored are the best opportunities for early payout promotions. By looking at the prices of the over/under betting market, you can find out in advance which matches have this expectation and you can plan accordingly.

What to really expect from early payout betting


  • You get paid in full before the event ends
  • Most of the time, it is enough for your team to get two points ahead: Even if you lose the match, you win the bet
  • Early payout offers can be used in accumulators to increase the odds


  • The bookmaker decides in which matches early payout can be used
  • It is difficult to find this bonus in sports other than football

FAQ: Your questions about early payout offers answered

Most of the time, the bookmaker needs to even the number of bets placed for the favorite and the underdog team. Early payouts are a way to close the books for a particular outcome and can be used for this purpose.

This depends on the bookmaker. Some of them make this offer only for full-time result (1x2) bets. In any case, early payouts are available only for pre-match bets.

Take a look at the list we shared above: As of 2022, we believe that Paddy Power, Bet365, Betsafe, Betsson, William Hill, and Betway have the best early payout offers.

No. By cashing out, you are literally closing the bet. After that, you cannot simply “re-open” it: Cashing out means that that bet is settled for you.

Yes. Just like winning the actual bet, the payout will be automatic. However, note that you may still need to verify your identity before completing the withdrawal process.

Get your early payout offer now

And this is the end of our early payout guide: You have learned everything you need to know about this special promotion. Now it is time to take advantage of early payout offers: Check our list of recommended bookmakers, pick one, and place your bet today – if you make the right choices, you will get paid in full before the event ends. And since we recommend instant withdrawal bookmakers, you can start counting your money on the same day! As always, we wish you good luck!

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