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NHL Hockey Betting Guide

The National Hockey League is here! The league, which combines teams from the U.S and Canada, promises fans a fast-paced excitement.

For punters, the best way to benefit from an NHL bet is to understand the available betting options and conduct through statistical and advanced research.

If you had not read the hockey betting guide 4/16/19, before the start of the season, this NHL betting guide will be very helpful.

In this NHL hockey betting guide, we will highlight all that you need to know about betting on NHL.

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NHL Moneyline Betting

This betting market requires punters to predict the winning team. The winning margin does not matter with this type of bet. The bookie provides an opening line for both the home and away team.

For every hockey sporting event, there will be a favorite and an underdog, with your payout varying depending on the team you have selected.

NHL Puck Line Betting

This is a hybrid betting line that combines moneyline bets and point spreads. In fact, puck line betting is the most common version of point spread available for hockey events on many betting platforms.

With a puck line betting option, you will be required to select a team that will win or loses by two goals or more. You will only get a payout from your placement if the favorite team wins by a margin of at least two goals.

If you had selected an underdog, the team would still be considered a winner if it loses with a margin of fewer than two goals. Most betting platforms will provide you with a puck line calculator that will show the payout you should expect if you win the bet.

NHL Totals (Over/Under)

NHL Parlay Wagering

Bookmakers provide you with an option to complete multiple wagering on a single bet slip with the parlay betting option. To receive your payout, you must predict all the events correctly.

The higher the number of legs on your NHL parlay wagering, the higher the expected return, make NHL one of the hardest sport to bet on.

However, as you increase the number of wagering, your probability of winning will reduce. Depending on the online sportsbook you have selected, you can make a parlay bet with at least two teams up to 10 or 12.

You can also have a parlay wagering that combines NHL teams and events from other sports.

NHL Total Goals (Overtime Betting)

There are chances that a game may proceed to overtime. As a result, some online bookies are providing a total market that incorporates overtime betting. The guiding principles of the total goals bet do not change.

However, punters will collect payout based on the win from both the normal regulation time and overtime. Your odds will, however, be reduced if you select this option.

NHL Future Wagering

Future wagering is a popular betting market among NHL fans. Future bets focus on the eventual outcome at the end of the NHL season.

The primary NHL future bet involves the hockey prediction strategies of the winner of the Stanley Cup. Bookmakers will provide odds based on the favorability of each team in the league to come out on top.

In addition to predicting the winner of the championship, you can also try out your luck in predicting the conference winners, regular-season point totals for particular players, leading scores, and over/under for points in the standing for each team in the league.

NHL Live Betting

Some sportsbook extends in-play betting services to its users. The in-play bet feature allows you to wager on on-going matches. Some of the markets that you will come across in live betting include the totals and puck lines, among others.

You can always make new bets depending on the unfolding events on the ice. Some of the parameters you need to take into consideration when placing an in-play bet include injuries, probability of a team to hold the lead, the chances of a team to overturn a lead, and the scoring leaders.

What are the Best NHL Betting Sites?

Wondering where to bet the NHL 2023 season?

There are numerous betting platforms available online. You only need to select a site that is most appealing to you. You should consider factors such as available betting options, odds, the availability of a mobile platform, and auxiliary services such as the payment methods and the speed of withdrawals, as well as the quality of the customer support.

Currently, you can find quality and legal sports betting NHLwebsites in various US states.


Top Ice Hockey Betting Tips for Today

Understanding the various types of NHL bets does not always translate to successful wagering. You should also consider other aspects to gain out of any bet placement optimally.

Below are some hockey betting tips for today that can help you collect good profits from betting.

• Only wager where there is value: The primary objective of any punter is to earn profit from a bet. Thus, it is useless to bet for a heavy favorite that will not give you any lucrative return if they win.

Specialize: Online bookies provide a wide variety of markets that you can bet on. However, it is essential that you focus on markets that you have the most success with.

Maintain a Record: Having a clear record on previous wagerings will help you analyze your progress. With a good record, you can easily notice where you have been performing well and places that you are not good at.

Analyze the head-to-head matchups: Before placing a bet, go through existing statistics to determine how the two team matchup head-to-head wise check here our head-to-head sports betting guide). Going through such stats will help you determine the favorite team as well as the possibility of an upset.

Research Goaltenders and Defenceman: goaltenders are the most important players in an ice hockey team. Qualities such as talent, size, reflexes, and strength make a good goaltender. Each NHL team has at least one such player. Before you make a bet, you should research for any possible injuries that might force a goaltender to be on the bench because their absence will heavily affect the outcome of the match. Defenceman shields the goaltender from offensive players on the opponent team. Hence, they are equally important!

Explore odds from different sportsbooks: The best strategy to determine the best odd in the market is to explore different bookmakers online. Most of the time, the odds do not deviate too much from the average market odds. However, the small difference can mean a lot, especially if you are staking huge bucks. Therefore, bettors are advised to have more than one sportsbook to make the most out of NHL betting. Alternatively, there are online platforms that are dedicated to providing the latest update of odds across multiple betting platforms.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions: Bet365 comes with a great early payout offer you can use on hockey. If you place a pre-game bet on the Money Line (2-Way) market for any game in the NHL, if the team you back to win goes 3 goals ahead at any stage during the game, your bet will be paid in full regardless of whether the opposition comes back to win the game.

NHL Betting Strategy

Hockey betting is an uphill task to most people. Not everyone knows how to bet on hockey games!

However, if you can adopt some basic ice hockey betting guide and strategies, you can start making a significant dividend when you place your wager. Below are some of the ice hockey betting strategies that can you can take up. You can also check our NHL betting system.

Analyzes a Team’s Travel Schedule

Teams are required to travel from one venue to another to play their NHL matches. For a sport such as ice hockey, which is very demanding physically, such travels might take a toll on players and, as a result, affect the level of their performance. Of course, travel schedules should not be what your bet placement is entirely based on.

However, you should consider analyzing teams that can suffer from excessive fatigue as a result of long road trips.

Analyze the Stats

Any serious punter knows how important statistics are in predicting the outcome of an NHL match. Therefore, you should dedicate some time to analyzing the stats to guide you when placing a bet.

However, it is also very important not to overvalue statistics too much. Not all statistics that are out there are accurate. If you work with inaccurate statistics in analyzing various betting options, you are doomed to make a misguided choice.

Hence, if you doubt the credibility of the source of your stats, you should not put too much trust in them. Besides, it is essential to use more than one source to countercheck the accuracy of a bookmaker’s statistics. There are many reliable platforms that can help you make an educated prediction.

Dissect a Team to a Player Level

Hockey is a team game. This means that the outcome of most matches is determined by the overall performance of the team.

However, some types of bet might require you to determine the individual performance of players in the team. Therefore, bettors are always advised to analyze the statistics of individual players. Factors such as the current form of players, as well as the injuries, might affect the outcome of bets such as totals and future bets, among others.

Use Reliable Analysts Information

Despite the NHL betting guide provided above, you might still find it difficult to make a winning prediction.

What should you do? Worry not!

There are professional analysts who make predictions on NHL matches online. These online analysts provide you with an updated analysis of upcoming NHL events. These NHL betting tipsters can provide you with daily analysis including the NHL betting guide December 29th.

You can always go through their analysis and prediction to help you make your own prediction. Although these analysts record high success rates, their predictions are not always right. You should, therefore, not blindly follow their predictions. Compare your NHL analysis and theirs to come up with an informed prediction that will work best for you. Furthermore, it is important to follow more than one analyst as well as TV punditry to increase the probability of winnings.

The NHL total goals is the same as the traditional totals bet option across other sports categories. The placement is based on the total number of goals scored on the match. The sportsbook will set a given total, say 3.5 or 5.5.

Your objective is to predict whether the goals scored in the match will go higher or lower than the predicted bookmaker’s totals. This betting option is ideal, especially if you have a hint about each team’s offensive performance.

NHL Hockey Betting: Frequently Asked Questions:

Most bookmakers provide two betting lines: the Moneyline and the puck line betting. In Moneyline, you will only be required to predict the team that will win a match. Puck line betting is similar to Moneyline except you will be required to predict the team that will win or lose by at least two goals.

Understanding hockey odds is very simple. If an odd read +200, it means that you will earn $200 for a $100 winning bet. On the other hand, if bookmakers quote a hockey -135 spread, it means that it will take a $135 bet on the underdog team to get a return of $100.

The hockey point spread is more or less similar to point spreads in other sports. Sportsbooks will specify that the favorite team must win by a given margin of goals for you to win a bet, and the underdog, can also lose by a given margin of goals and still be considered the winner

No. No competitive hockey match can end in a draw. If teams are tied by the end of 60 minutes, they will proceed to overtime, where the winner will be determined by a golden goal.

Are You Ready to Start Betting on NHL?

Most hockey betting concepts are more or less similar to those available on other sports. If you follow the NHL betting guide provided above, you will be ready to explore the National Hockey League.

With various hockey betting lines explained in the text, you do not have to strain understanding these betting options. You need to understand the main betting options provided on most online betting platforms. The hockey betting odds explained in the article should also guide you when using these betting platforms.

The NHL betting guide will also help you understand ice hockey betting terms. You should then come up with an ideal betting strategy that serves you best. Also, following the betting tips provided above might help you increase your chances of winning.

After coming up with the best way to bet on hockey NHL all star game odds, you stand a chance to collect lucrative profits if you follow the NHL betting guide provided above. You do not have to watch NHL matches just for fun. You can enjoy both the thrill and excitement that comes from watch NHL and make money at the same time!