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NHL Betting System – Best NHL Betting Strategies to Use in 2024

NHL betting systems are reasonably flexible and abundant. As ice hockey is one of the easiest sports to bet on, you will find no shortage of options. Having a good strategy and choosing a betting currency means you are ready to bet.

What is the best NHL betting strategy, though, and why might one NHL betting system be more ideal for specific matches than others?

It sounds like what you need is a betting guide to the popular and the less conventional ways to bet on hockey. As it happens, that is exactly what you will find here.

Over the following sections, we will take an in-depth look at the different types of NHL bets you can make, and which discover strategies might suit you best.

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Your strategy guide to NHL betting in 2024

We will assume that you are already familiar with ice hockey betting. You will need to have a touch of knowledge already rattling around inside your brain to make full use of our NHL hockey betting guide for 2024. This will make betting with NHL hockey systems via our guide easier for you to grasp. With that said, let us begin.

Conventional systems for NHL betting

Many of the NHL betting systems we will cover in our hockey betting guide can be used on other types of sports betting options. However, for our guide, we will be looking at NHL betting. Below, you will find the most common and conventional systems for betting on hockey to win real money and avoid ending up a loser. They include:

  • The Money Line betting: This straightforward bet is a wager on which team will win an NHL match.
  • Totals (Over/Under betting): A type of handicap bet, NHL over under betting systems involve wagering on which team will win, but by a certain number of goals. For instance, you are wagering that Team A will beat Team B by +2 goals. Alternatively, you can use the NHL totals betting strategy to wager that Team B will only lose to Team A by -3 goals.
  • Underdog betting: The NHL underdog betting system involves wagering on outsiders. However, you should do so with handicaps in place, and make sure that you wager on them repeatedly. The more you bet money on underdogs in a row, the more likely you will recoup your losses (and make a little profit) when they eventually win. Always place low-value stakes when underdog betting in NHL games.
  • Draw “X” bets: Betting on draws is only ideal when two evenly matched teams take to the ice. It is usually most favorable to bet on draws over periods, rather than the whole game. For instance, the first period is statistically the most likely of the three to feature teams tied. The final period is the least likely, as the teams have had sixty minutes to get in front.

Specialised NHL betting systems

While all the above sport bets are ideal for beginners, there are a few NHL hockey betting strategies which are trickier to use. We will explain as simply as we can below, to give even the most amateur hockey bettors an idea of what is going on. These include:

  • Scoring Drought: To place this sort of bet, you will need to find a team which is on a losing streak. By using overs and under, you can make decent money betting or fading (betting against the public or contrarian betting) on the team in question. Of course, this type of bet will be most effective when you analyze past matches to find a team which is struggling to find the net, going up against a team which has a rock-solid defense, with the match ideally at the home of the latter.
  • Puck Line bets: Puck line hockey betting is a spread bet, which involves -1.5 goals for the favorite, and +1.5 goals for the underdog. This is because hockey is a low-scoring game. You should bet on puck lines when the favorite is heavily weighted to win by two or more goals.
  • Goaltending bets: Like scoring drought bets, this strategy involves staking money on a team which is on a losing streak. This time, though, you are wagering on a goaltender who has consistently conceded. It works best when you live bet on an underdog going against a heavily fancied favorite.

Top tips for NHL betting online


NHL betting strategy,  is not always about picking the right bet for the day. It can sometimes be far simpler and merely involve using common sense to pick your battles. For instance, any NHL bettor, irrespective of what they want to bet on should bear the following mind:

  • Analyze the stats: Always analyze the stats. If you want to bet on scoring droughts or place goaltending bets, things such as form, goals scored and conceded play an important role in weighing two sides against one another.
  • Fixtures and line-ups: Check the calendar. The fixture list will often give you foresight into the line-ups that a team is going to use. They may use a weaker team against an underdog, reserving their star players for the following match against a frontrunner. Morale, fatigue, and injuries can also play a part in line-ups. A weakened side may open the door for a shock underdog victory, and so on.
  • Read first, bet later: Always read in-depth strategy guides before you bet. If you want to use the John Morrison NHL betting system, or try the NHL rotation betting system, read everything you can about them. Even for simplistic strategies, such as the NHL first game betting system, you should always do your homework and read up before you stake real money.
  • Avoid Longshot Props: Avoiding longshot props is an essential part of prop betting strategy. While it is tempting to place a mobile bet on an extremely unlikely event to occur in sports, there is a reason that it has long odds. When dealing with props, it is best to be smart and stick to those with short odds.

Also, consider using reliable payment methods when placing NHL bets. Choosing a secure and convenient payment method ensures smooth transactions and enhances your overall betting experience. For enhanced betting flexibility, explore sports betting exchanges that offer better odds and alternative betting options compared to traditional sportsbooks.

Actual betting systems for NHL betting you may wish to avoid


NHL sports betting strategies are always as specific to the game as you might think. Sometimes, sports betting money management strategies are ideal. Typical casino gambling strategies can be applied to e-sports betting to help bankroll management.

These may not see you double your winnings every time, and they seldom work as live betting systems. They have a lot of risks attached to them, so you should certainly be aware of them. They include:

  • All-In: The all-in betting system is not advised. What you are doing here is throwing your entire bankroll on one bet. Even with heavily weighted favorites, this is not advised. While it can see you pocket an immense win, it is an all-or-nothing wager that you must get correct.
  • The Martingale system: More commonly found in casino gameplay, the Martingale system sees you doubling your bet following a loss. This should (when you win), result in you getting your money back, plus a small profit. However, if you go on a losing streak, you will run out of funds fast. Moreover, it is not an ideal live, in-play NHL betting strategy.
  • Kelly Criterion: A popular system; this is quite difficult to grasp. In a nutshell, it involves determining your bet size based on your edge. The calculation you need to make is “odds x probability of success – probability of failure, divided by one”. We do not recommend this system unless you are a math wizard or a gambling expert. We do recommend reading up on it, though.
  • The Fibonacci: Another casino gambling system, the Fibonacci involves a number line. You add the two previous bets you have made together to give you the value for your next bet. Such as $1, $1, $2, $3, $5, $8, $13, $21, $34, etc. With the Fibonacci betting system you only increase your bet after you lose and revert to the start of the series when you win. Like the Martingale, this is risky if you go on a losing streak.
  • Flat bets: Flat bet systems are actually advantageous, but only in the long-term, and only if you are patient. They involve betting the same amount every time to balance out your wagers. For instance, you might choose to risk the same amount betting on an underdog, as you would with a favorite, such as betting $100 on a +200 underdog, then wagering $100 on a -200 favorite.

Offers such as welcome bonuses, free bets, and enhanced odds can provide added value and mitigate some risks associated with these strategies.

Pros and cons of using NHL betting systems

There are pros and cons to using betting strategies for NHL wagering. Here is what you need to know about these sports betting systems:


  • If you do your homework, you can “predict” the outcome of many games
  • When used correctly, you should make a small amount of money
  • You can use NHL betting systems on many other sports, too


  • There is no guaranteed path to success
  • Bankroll management strategies are usually flawed if you go on a losing streak

Frequently Asked Questions about NHL betting systems:

Before using top NHL betting strategies to wager online. Double-check our FAQ section to ensure that you do not have any lingering questions:

There is no consensus on the best NHL betting system. The answer will depend on whether you are a risk-taker or more conservative, how much research you do, and the bankroll you are prepared to commit.

A top NHL betting system can make you money if you are meticulous about reading stats and spending time to understand what is being offered. Not all systems are worth your time, though. Some are deeply flawed.

Yes. There is no rule which says you cannot use betting systems to wager on sports. Whether they are an old and verified strategy or a brand-new NHL betting system does not matter.

No. You only need to make sure that your choice of bookie has the types of bets that you need to use an NHL betting system correctly.

Bet on NHL today with our NHL betting systems

Now that you know a bit about NHL betting systems, perhaps it is time to put that knowledge to good use? We would recommend practicing for several weeks before you wager real money or even cryptocurrency betting.

The best sports betting strategies are the ones you understand in and out. Once you are ready, head over to any of our recommended NHL betting sites. Each of our NHL sites is trusted, verified, licensed and secure.