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Hockey Betting Guide – Learn How To Bet On Hockey!

Though Hockey may not be as popular as other sports like football and basketball, it still attracts a broad audience. The NHL hockey betting is the biggest tournament in the market than runs for 9 months annually and hosts 31 teams from around the world.

There are numerous sportsbooks offering different types of bets like Moneyline, Puck line, Total, Parlays, etc., as well as generous bonuses to boost bettor’s payouts. Our betting guide covers everything you may need to know. We have included how to bet on hockey, the betting types, hockey betting games, understanding hockey odds, ice hockey betting strategies, ice hockey betting tips for today, and much more.

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The history of Hockey

Hockey is an ancient game based on available historical records. These records show that about 4000 years ago, a crude form of hockey was played in Egypt (see our article on Egyptian betting sites and bookmakers). The walls in Egypt have paintings that possibly depict field hockey. Similarly, drawings of what seems like Hockey have been found in tombs in Egypt.  Historical records also show that Hockey was played in 1,000 BC in Ethiopia. Besides, about 2,000 BC, an ancient form of Hockey was played in Iran. 

Also, evidence from various museums shows that Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs played a form of Hockey was played several centuries before the arrival of Columbus in the New World. England modernized Hockey. Hockey was played in public schools, like Eton,  in England in the early 19th century. However, this version of Hockey, especially that played in south-east London, was rougher than the modern hockey version. Besides, it was played on a larger field and used roughly planned sticks and a cube of black rubber.

In 1870, Teddington cricket club members experimented with a ‘stick’ game based o football rules. They played the game on a cricket pitch using a cricket ball – it was smooth and predictable. By 1874, they began drawing up rules, and in 1875 an association was formed, but it dissolved seven years later.  In 1886, representatives from Trinity College, Cambridge, and 7 London clubs formed the Hockey Association. Blackheath objected to the rules and left to form the National Hockey Union, which later failed. The British Army spread the game in the 19th century throughout the British empire, and the first international competition was held in 1895 –  Ireland beat wales 3 -0.  The same year, the international International Rules Board was founded, and Hockey was first added at the Olympic Games as a men’s competition in the 1908 Olympic Games in London.

So, what is Hockey?

Hockey is a game among two teams – the teams try to maneuver a ball/puck into the opponent’s goal using sticks curved at the striking end –  hockey stick. Hockey is a physical sport, and it comes in many variations, including ice hockey and field hockey.

Hockey betting guide laws and regulations

If you are new to hockey betting, the best hockey betting guide might help you get started on the right footing.  Typically, it’ll help you understand how to win at sports betting. Besides, it’s vital to know the legal issues surrounding sports betting in a particular zone.

So, where is Hockey betting legal?

Hockey is a popular game in Canada and America. Most Canadians are taking up ice hockey – they can go on the ice and show the world how great they can perform.  Remember, it’s legal to bet on a single sporting event in Canada as per the latest Canada gambling sites and law.  So ice hockey fans can look for the best Canada betting site and bookmakers to place their bets.

However, the legal state changes in Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon – the Federal Wire Act does not allow US-based betting services to offer betting markets to bettors. So, you may not find USA gambling sites in these states. The good news is that these regulations only work on American soil. This allows US citizens to gamble at offshore betting sites. However, the safety and reputation of the bookie should be essential considerations. Some of the well-known bookmakers offering ice hockey betting markets are:

  • Bet365 Bookmaker
  • Bwin Bookmaker
  • Betfred Bookmaker
  • William Hill Bookmaker

If you are in Canada, look for CAD bookmakers and betting sites. This makes it easier to transact. Similarly, if you are in America, American dollar USD bookmakers and betting sites make it easier for you to transact.

Best Hockey Betting Guide Tips for Today


Try Live Betting – In hockey betting, everything can change abruptly once the puck drops. Live betting is the best option to use when a team’s performance is down. With many games to be hosted in a night, oddsmakers can’t update live odds on every event.

Have Self Confidence – Self-confidence is a critical factor in ice Hockey guide. Sometimes it is better to ride the streaks than try to be the genius who tries to predict how it will end.

Don’t Ignore Small Teams – The same way you would want to support teams with reliable power plays so it with the penalty-killing units. Basically, you will support a team with a solid special team, particularly when facing teams that are struggling on the power play or penalty kill.

Do Your Research – The success of a team at home or on the road can be a season-long trend, just like a lack of success can be. You can visit any website to find out about the team’s home and road records.

Understand the Market – The popular types of bets in hockey are moneyline, over/under, and puck line. You can also opt for alternative markets like the team totals and first period lines, but for more read over 2.5 goals article and under 2.5 goals.

Don’t Rush for Parlays and Heavy Favorites – There is no sure bet in ice hockey betting strategies. A twist in the event can be caused by a bad penalty, a shootout, or a bounce off a skate. Avoid betting lots of parlays or laying big prizes for the heavy favorites.

Review the Match Schedule – Success in hockey depends on the intensity, motivation, and focus of players. You need to know which teams have returned from resting break and those playing.

Consider Goalie Changes – In most cases, coaches don’t allow regular goalies to play back to back in night games. So if the regular goalie appears in the first back to back the night, you can be sure that the backup will show up in the next game.

Also, consider Power Plays and Penalty Killing in Ice Hockey – Power Plays may occur in National Hockey League games – this is when a team is penalized and plays with less than one man for some time. Here, pay attention to several statistics when playing with one man, and you’ll stay ahead of the bookmaker odds.

Generally, you can try using hockey prediction strategies to increase your chances of landing massive wins.

Common Hockey Betting Guide Mistakes

Not every guide about hockey betting is right for you. While some may be complex to understand, others are simply vague. Always remember, some simple betting mistakes can lower your chances of winning when betting on ice hockey games. So, you might consider sticking to a hockey betting system that resonates with your experience level.

· Lack of Knowledge
You need to review the team to know the star that will be starting the match before you stake on a team.

· Poor Management of Funds

Bankroll management skills are essential in profiting from ice hockey betting. You should know how much you are staking and the possible returns.

· Not Comparing the Odds

Beginners always fail to shop around for the best odds – and this is a costly mistake. Check out the “hockey odds explained” guides and compare odds from different sportsbooks to boost your chances of getting better returns.

How to Bet on Hockey Games – General Understanding

Hockey betting markets are softer than other sports because not many people are engaged in NHL betting. Thus, its markets aren’t as efficient as for popular sports like soccer. But that doesn’t mean it is easier – always try to use the best sports betting strategy.

Ice hockey betting explained –  Important notes:

  • Ice hockey has two teams of six players each. The team determines the winner with the highest score.
  • A full ice hockey match lasts an hour and has three sessions, each lasting 20 minutes.
  • Like in soccer, you will find different types of bets, including the outright winner, first goalscorer, both teams to score (which is the BTTS meaning), over/under, etc.

Note that the ice hockey leagues are spread worldwide. The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) hosts 74 members and played in two levels – amateur and professional.  The most popular ice hockey tournaments in the world are Winter Olympics, World Championships, Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), Swedish Hockey League (SHL), American Hockey League (AHL), and NCAA Ice Hockey Championship.

How do you place bets on ice hockey?

Step 1
Choose a bookmaker or sportsbook offering the betting markets of interest – create an account and deposit funds into your betting account.
Step 2
Choose your favorite team (s) to wager on. The number of teams you choose determines the type of bet you place. For instance, if you want to bet on a single outcome of the sport, straight betting should be your choice. Others include money line betting, over and under betting, and double chance betting.
Step 3
Decide your stake amount. Ideally, this is the money you are comfortable betting. Follow your budget.
Step 4
Confirm your bet. Go over all the information you've input to ensure that your bet is right. Finally, place the bet and wait for the outcome.

Value Bets in Ice Hockey


The secret to long-term success in ice hockey betting is in selecting the best value bets. Most matches in ice hockey are closely contested affairs, where both teams have scored at least twice.

As such, staking on over/under, puck-line handicaps, and the correct score is much easier than guessing the score lines of the soccer matches.

Increase your: Wins Hockey Prediction Strategies

It is common to see people betting on their favourite teams of players in sports betting. But the secret to increasing your wins is by formulating the best sports betting strategy. You can choose your ice hockey betting strategy, complex or straightforward – as you like. You may also want to check our top NHL betting system.

What is Home and Away Form?

Before you bet on a team, it is vital to understand how it performs at home and in away matches. Some teams will be strong at home but become weak when on the road. Getting these facts clear from the start is key to your success in ice hockey betting.

How to Look for "Hidden Value" in the Odds

The bookmaker’s favorite team choice is not always correct. At many times, they will give a team at home better odds than the opponent. Studying the team’s statistics will help you spot the hidden value in odds and bet on them as needed.

There are dozens of NHL hockey betting markets affiliated with ice hockey, some familiar, others completely new. This Hockey online betting guide shows you the most popular markets:

Outrights Bet – This bet involves betting on a particular team to win in a match. Ice hockey offers multiple outright betting options to choose from.

Period Bet – This is one of the most straightforward bets in ice hockey. You bet on a team you think will win, but the victory must be within the first 60 minutes of playing.

The most common question among beginners is, “can you draw in ice hockey?”

The answer is, there are no draws in competitive ice hockey, only in exhibition matches.

Match Bet – This is a straightforward bet where you bet on the winner of the game, regardless of whether the win was during regular time or overtime.

Puck Line Bets – Puck line betting market is unique to ice hockey only, though it shares many features with the traditional spread betting. Typically the puck line handicaps are set at -1.5 goals, which means betting on them requires a win of at least two goals.

Total or Over/Under bet –In this case, you choose what you think will be the sum of goals at the end of an ice hockey match. You can choose whether the game will end in under 4.5 goals/ over 4.5 goals or any other available option other than selecting the exact goals.

Ice Hockey Betting Odds Explained – The Miracle on Ice

In reality, the odds attached to a match represent the chance of that outcome occurring. Ideally, it is a ratio of an unfavorable possibility to a favorable possibility.


What is the probability as a percentage of Blue Jackets beating Black Eagles at odds of 2.50?

The answer can be found using the following formula:

Implied probability = 1/decimal odds

Using our example above, the chances of Blue Jackets defeating Black Eagles at the odds of 2.5 are:


It is vital to understand the implied probability expressed in betting odds and how to convert odds into their implied probability. To further understand the mechanics of odds in hockey gambling, we will use one of the most famous matches in history – the final game of Lake Placid Winter Olympic of 1980 – commonly referred to as the “Miracle On Ice.” The match was between the Red Army Machine of Russia and the USA team. Since Russians are known to beat their opponents mercilessly, they get odds of 1.3, which is a 77% probability of winning. So, if you stake $10 on Russia, you will receive a win of $13, $3 profit.

Should I Choose Puckline or Moneyline?


Ice hockey’s Puckline betting is similar to run line in baseball. Bookmakers often give one team a 1.5 goal handicap. The puck line bet is not as popular as a straight-up Moneyline, and it can be challenging to succeed.

What is Goal Tending in Ice Hockey?

In an event where a team will be playing consecutive matches, the goalie is given a day off to rest. It is essential to know the starting goalie in each game before you stake on the team. Despite the heavy protective gear, goaltenders are supposed to block pucks delivered at over 100 mph throughout the match.

Top Ice Hockey Bookmakers

Choosing the right bookmaker is very important if you are new to real money ice hockey betting guide.

It would help if you considered a bookmaker that offers a vast range of betting markets, big odds to ensure that you get maximum returns from your wagers. The most popular sport globally, the ice hockey betting guide receives massive coverage across leading bookmakers.

USA betting sites and bookmakers are restricted/banned; thus, betting is illegal. Nonetheless, UK bookmakers are subject to stringent laws from the government. So, you can freely bet on NHL games on legal betting sites

Some betting markets are specifically designed to offer ice hockey. However, you need to do a quick research and compare the odds from any trusted ice hockey online betting guide before you start playing. Additionally, some bookmakers are currently offering live stream ice hockey games.

Hockey Betting Guide On the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup Finals is the last NHL event of the season. In this section, we look at how to increase your profit in this previous event of the NHL betting season.

Never Depend so Much on Stats from Regular Season – Though reviewing statistics from the earlier events before making profound decisions is recommended, you don’t have to risk those teams. Many factors determine whether a team will win or lose in a season. Some teams may have injured players, change plans, travel fever, or struggle with other challenges. It is essential to use the team’s latest stats to get a clear picture of how they will perform.

Act like a Coach – Thinking and acting like a coach will put you in a better position of spotting your opponent’s weaknesses. However, you should understand that the home team will always enjoy the last line change. They have the advantage of viewing the whole action from a visitor’s angle.

Try to Use Different Betting Markets – To profit from betting on ice hockey, you need to find a reputable bookmaker with a full betting menu of different lines and handicaps.

Learn to Find Value – Many bookmakers nowadays offer real-time betting when the match is on. This is an excellent way of securing profits as you can monitor and analyze the game.

Never Raise the Stake – The fact that bookmakers have raised limits does not mean that you, too, should increase the bet size. You should also avoid betting on the cliché type strategies if you plan on profiting from ice hockey betting.

Moneyline Bet:  This bet is where you choose the team that will win the game. If the selected team wins, you win the bet. The important rule to note is that you will be paid on the probability that the team will win.

Puck Line Bet:  This is similar to Moneyline, except that the team needs to win by over 1.5 or lose by less than 1.5 goals. The exact number of goals a team will score does not matter in the puck line.

Totals Bet: If you can predict the exact number of goals that will be scored in a match, then you should bet the totals. The available options in most bookmakers are Over and Under.

Parlays Bet: Like in other sports, parlay bet in ice hockey involves selecting two teams that you believe will win the match. You can include a maximum of 12 bets in parlays.

Grand Salami Bet: This bet is specific to online hockey matches, where you bet on whether or not the final score of a team of a particular day will end in over or under the grand salami total line.

Futures Bets: This requires you to place a bet early on the outcome of the season or playoffs. These bets offer high payouts though they are challenging to score.

Prop Bets: These bets have propositions attached to them. Prop bets are a great source of entertainment in hockey and can be very profiting.

FAQs of Hockey Betting:

Yes. Sometimes there is additional time in hockey where you can bet on overtime.

There is no draw in hockey. In case there is a tie, the game ended with a shootout.

Yes. Hockey takes 1 hour and is divided into three periods of 20 minutes each.

Hockey players can do different activities during intermission, including fixing equipment, re-taping their sticks, creating a strategy, and much more.

You have a double result bet when you decide to bet on the halftime results and fulltime result on the same tiket.

No. Like in other sports, fighting is not allowed when playing hockey.

Canada was the first country to invent hockey back in the 19th century.

There are three periods in Hockey, and they last 20 minutes each.

Ready to Bet On Hockey!

Betting on hockey games is a fun and exciting activity. There are many types of markets available for people with all experiences. To gain from ice hockey betting, you need to understand the rules of playing, NHL betting strategies, and ice hockey betting strategies to understand how the odds work and the terms of ice hockey betting.

With so many sportsbooks to choose from, a betting guide about Hockey might be the best place to start. The hockey betting tips we shared will help you understand the market and know how to boost your wins.