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Table Tennis Betting (2024) | Exclusive Tips from our Experts

Some may think that this is the less referenced cousin of tennis, but table tennis is equally popular among sports enthusiasts globally and is very much present on many sports betting sites. Even better, this sport has caught the attention of punters all over the world as it provides bettors with an excellent way to land lucrative wins.

So, it seems like a good idea to want to find out how other punters have been raking in juicy profits from this game that can just as easily be played with a friend in your basement. Not to worry, this betting guide explores all you need to know in detail. Keep reading.

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Table tennis: origins and popularity

Originally called ‘ping pong’, table tennis was invented in the early 20th century in England. The game has a rich history of being used to ease diplomatic relations between the US and China in the 1970s before becoming accepted as an Olympic sport in 1988.

The year 2020 was one that saw a meteoric rise in its popularity among punters as the Covid-19 pandemic halted pretty much most of the major league activities in the world. However, since sparing table tennis as the inter-player distance is about 9ft, with only a few tiny tweaks, Leagues like Moscow Liga Pro were able to run sanctioned tournaments unhindered, giving us Russian table tennis betting.

Punters without activities jumped on the opportunity, sometimes using crypto bookmakers, and the rest they say is history. Nothing demonstrates how epic the rise of table tennis betting was than a $3 million rise in its betting volume in the state of Colorado. With the return of major sporting leagues all over the world, table tennis betting has plateaued but it remains a pragmatic way to gamble to this day.

How does table tennis work ?

As with every other sport, some rules make competitive table tennis what it is. Generally, it is good practice to get familiar with them before you start punting. We’ve done you the favor of summarizing one of them from the US Olympic Committee site as well as the International Table Tennis Federation site and European Table Tennis Union site.

Rules, Scoring, and Games
✅ Two players, one on each side of the table
✅ Players get two serves each, alternating
✅ Each game is played to 11 points
✅ If a game is tied at 10-10, a player must win by 2 points
✅ Table Tennis Matches are determined by a best of 5 or best of 7 game system bets (i.e. first player to win 3 or 4 games is the match-winner)
✅ Table tennis paddle/racquet must be black on one side
✅ The plastic ball is 40mm+
✅ Table dimensions are 9ft long, 5ft wide, and 2.5ft high
✅ The height of the net is 6 inches.

What you should pay attention to when you’re looking for a table tennis betting site

All sports wagering sites, whether we refer to basketball or football, are not equal, here are some betting advice you might want to internalize to get the best deals as well as safe betting sites when you’re out and about betting on table tennis:


⚡ The Best Table Tennis Betting sites will give you some of the best offers that will make betting an unforgettable experience.

⚡ Clear terms and conditions make understanding easier and are also a mark of good sportsbooks.

⚡ Format Variety: The more the gambling parameters that you can bet when you’re visiting the sports betting site, the better it is for enjoyment as well as winning.

⚡ Speedy Cashout: Good Table Tennis Betting Sites will give you quick cashout time

⚡ Reviews: Pay attention to the table tennis betting analysis that the table tennis betting site has garnered over time. It is a surefire table tennis betting prediction of the kind of user experience that you will be getting.

Live betting: The bookies that offer the exquisite feature of live betting provide wider possibilities for winning and as such are generally better than the ones that only provide a pre-match betting option. They are also the bookmakers with statistics.

How to bet on table tennis and winning

It is a pretty simple process, just follow the steps below:

Step 1
Visit any accredited table tennis gambling website, if it can be accessed from a mobile device is even better, and register an account
Step 2
Credit your account with funds with which you will wager through the accepted payment methods
Step 3
Make game selections having gone through all the table tennis betting odds and winning potentials on the ping pong betting website
Step 4
You can withdraw your winnings by making a request at the cashier page

Most common bets chosen by punters

Some of the most popular table tennis bets include:

  • Match winner

    Here, you get to bet on who wins the match at the end of the day. It has the highest maximum stake

  • Total games over under betting

    This is a feature associated with in-game betting.

  • Total table tennis points betting and handicap

    You get more specific about the number of points a player will get in the game as well as employ handicap tools in the game

  • Table tennis betting lines

    It is a wager on the total number of games table tennis line betting involves combining the overs and under odds for the sets in a match.

  • Parlay Betting

    Is a type of bet in which two or more bets are linked together to create a single bet with a higher payout.

Other Sports to Bet on

Why should I bet on table tennis ?

The world of Table Tennis betting is not very wide and as such inside information is not as commonplace as other sports. This makes it a great betting option. You can more likely win if you find the right motive to make a particular wager.

Another reason to bet on table tennis is timing. Most matches in leagues like Moscow Liga Pro fall into periods when other major sports aren’t on. This gives you the chance to win money without being distracted by other sporting events going on. Your participation in table tennis betting will also not hinder you from betting in another sport when it is their time.

Finally, there is something about the intensity of the game that just draws you in, safe to say that you get lost in Its world and when it’s all over, you would have had an exciting experience and a full pocket if you’re meticulous enough.

Tips and tricks used in table tennis betting

Here are tips and systems on how to win table tennis betting. Keep these best table tennis betting tips in mind:


👉 Proper Planning: it is an integral component in a winning betting campaign. Plans have to be made based on gathering the necessary table tennis betting statistics. More information can be gotten from the table tennis betting experts so you can also do handicaps where necessary.

👉 Players Grip: There is the traditional grip, shallow shake-hand grip, deep shake-hand grip as well as pen hold grip. Pay attention to which ones the athletes are using and how well it match up against other hand grips to draw conclusions.

👉 Players’ style of play: As with the grip, different players use varying styles of playing. Always factor that in while you make decisions.

👉 Look out for value: it is more valuable to accurately determine how a table tennis match turns out than to just predict the winners. Value in tennis betting occurs when the likelihood of an event happening is greater than the given odds. There’s a better chance of winning big in these situations.

👉 Look out for trends: Trends are more important than individual ranking, same as it is in e-sports betting. Always pay attention to the last 3-5 games that a competitor has had before jumping to a conclusion solely based on their standings. They just may get beaten by a younger in-form athlete if they have been on a bad streak. Being a part of a table tennis betting forum will help a lot with this.

👉 Don’t meltdown on your losses: Whenever you are in an unlucky run, ensure you do not use more than your allotted betting funds. There’s always the temptation to want to redeem oneself but it doesn’t always work that way. It just might worsen the gambling problem.

Major events to bet on

You have a host of table tennis betting options and table tennis betting picks to choose from all year round. Here are some of the competitions:

Olympic Games: This is held every four years and its prestige has a lot to do with the fact that Olympic medals are at stake as well the fact that it comes up only four times a year. China has shown dominance in the games for the longest time now. Tokyo 2020 saw the addition of mixed doubles to the competition taking the events to

  • Men’s Singles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Men’s Teams
  • Women’s Teams
  • Mixed Doubles

World Championships: The World Championships is the premier competition for professionals, now split into two separate competitions with the team events coming up in even-numbered years and individual events in odd-numbered years. It consists of:

  • Men’s Singles World Championships
  • Women’s Singles World Championship
  • Men’s Doubles World Championships
  • Women’s Doubles World Championships
  • Mixed Doubles World Championships
  • Men’s Teams World Championships
  • Women`s Teams World Championships

ITTF World Tour: Marked by the high prize money and organization, this event is graced by the cream of the crop in the world of table tennis, it consists of Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. There are 12 events per season, 6 platinum, and 6 standard events regularly offered at table tennis betting sites.

Asian Championships: This is a biennial, odd-numbered year event that began in 1972. China is especially dominant in this competition.

European Championships: This is an annual competition that sees the best players as singles, doubles, and teams slug it out. The Germans, Hungarians, and Swedes tend to be favorites year in, year out.

Best table tennis betting sites promos and bonuses

The goodness of table tennis betting does not just end with the fantastic table tennis odds you receive regularly. Regardless of the currency you choose, handsome rewards in the form of promotional offers, low deposit betting, risk-free and no-loss offers are the norm at top table tennis betting sites.

🆓Free bets: This is bonus credit that you can use to place wagers but can not be withdrawn.

⚖️ Deposit match: A welcome bonus package where the house matches your initial deposit to a certain percentage, or up to a specific limit.

🍀 Risk-free bets: Another welcome offer such that in the case where you lose your first wager, you will be refunded your wager as free bet credit and if you eventually win, you’ll receive the reward as per the usual process.

🙌 Enhanced odds: Table Tennis bookmakers may offer enhanced odds which is a random artificial boost as a limited-time tennis betting offer.

📈 Profit boost: Certain players qualify for a boost token in most table tennis sportsbooks.

✂ Reduced juice: Customers with large sports betting bankrolls on their bet slip tend to receive discounts on their wagers, allowing them to place large bets, even when it comes to sports like handball or volleyball. This is known as reduced juice.

Payment methods generally used for table tennis betting

Some of the most popular payment methods when it comes to betting on table tennis include:

  • e-wallets

    PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller bookmakers are some of the popular payment methods, this is because they are fast and easy to use.

  • Credit and debit cards

    Traditional methods like Visa and Mastercard bookmakers are still widely accepted by most table tennis betting websites.

  • Cryptocurrencies

    You can also fund your table tennis online betting wallet with Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, this payment is only available at a few bookmakers.

  • Prepaid cards

    Cards like Paysafecard, Entropay, and ecoPayz cards have proven over time to be safe and secure.

Increase your profits with live betting

In live table tennis betting you are allowed to wager on the outcome of a table tennis match as the game is played; a similar thing can be done when it comes to tennis too. The site is reactive enough to reflect the odds shifting based on the instant turn of events on the ground. Best believe that this momentum can swing quickly in table tennis.

In table tennis, matches are decided by a best of 5 or best of 7 game system, so live odds providers can shift very rapidly in table tennis. If a player wins the first 3 games in a best-of-7 match, at that point, they are only looking for 11 more points to win the entire match, and the live table tennis odds will definitely reflect their advantage in the newly computed odds. To increase your winning chances, you can try out a few live betting strategies tips and systems or if you feel a little adventurous you can even use sports betting exchanges sites.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on table tennis


  • It’s a relatively new market so there’s a greater potential for winning due to lower insider information
  • Convenient Time arrangement of their games
  • Generous bonuses and promotional offers
  • Satisfactory mobile experience
  • Games are unaffected by restrictions


  • Not enough information is easily and readily available
  • Accusations of illegal table tennis betting

Frequently asked questions about top table tennis betting sites

Yes, table tennis is an excellent alternative to the major sporting leagues for betting. It is unrestricted by the suspension of sporting activities and portends a viable winning avenue. You can check out the game at European betting sites or other international sites.

Betting on table tennis is safe. Only ensure that you are making use of trustworthy sportsbooks. Their trustworthiness can be ascertained by simply checking through their customer review article

You can win consistently in table tennis betting by employing proper table tennis betting strategies like having a plan, studying the player's style of play, holding techniques, trends and patterns in the game and making intelligent decisions. You can also check out a few low odds betting strategies, especially if you are a new player.

Yes, there are countries where betting on table tennis is restricted. The state of New Jersey placed a ban on Ukrainian table Tennis betting in 2020 due to concerns that the table tennis betting was fixed. This takes care of the question ‘is table tennis rigged?’

So what are you waiting for?

It is safe to say that despite the restrictions that have characterized our more recent age, we found a gem in the rubble. Ping pong betting is an exercise that combines enjoying top-notch athletic content with viable winning opportunities. The real question is why haven’t you checked it out yet?

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