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Best Boxing Betting Sites and Bookmakers

Boxing is one of the oldest sports on Earth having been around since the 3rd millennium BC. It looked a little different back then but the idea was the same.

Like modern boxing, two fighters did battle until one of them could not continue. In many cases, one of the contestants actually died, this situation is not that far in comparison with UFC.

Unlike the modern sport, there were no rounds nor were there weight classes or any rules to speak of. And believe it or not, there were boxing bookies even back then. The sport has gone through a few changes over the centuries.

Boxers now wear gloves, rules are in place, and fights are divided into timed rounds. The one thing that hasn’t changed is boxing’s ability to draw big crowds and generate a lot of bets.

We have legal boxing betting nowadays and lots more boxing bookmakers. And we do not have to go to dark rooms filled with cigar smoke to place a bet anymore: We can use boxing gambling sites now.

Boxing also has a long history of controversy. Paid off participants, crooked referees, and unscrupulous judges have been the center of countless shaving points scandals or other scandals over the years.

Most of the time, boxing bookies are at the center of these scandals, especially the “physical” ones: We do not remember any boxing gambling sites involved in a scandal, but we remember lots of “human bookies” who did awful things. Well, here is another reason to use best betting sites for boxing: Computers are more honest than humans.

Despite the sport receiving its share of negative press, bookmakers are always swamped with bets when a major event such as a title fight occurs although the bookies get plenty of action from non-title bouts too.

Punters that want to get into the boxing betting action are turning to the best international brands in online bookmaking.

These bookies provide a wide range of betting options and many of them have some generous betting bonuses and other promotional offers.

More importantly, best online betting sites for boxing also offer better odds: You have a chance to win much more.

Getting the best odds bookmakers and bonuses require playing at the best boxing betting sites. We know that finding them can be quite hard: Every website out there claims to be the best betting site for boxing. Luckily, we do not get fooled easily: We know where to look and what to expect from a boxing betting website. Before you learn how to bet on boxing, knowing how to read boxing odds will definitely help you.

And we used this knowledge to pick them for you: Below, you can see a list of the best betting sites for boxing. Some of these sites will also offer the best boxing betting app, so you can play on mobile too. Good luck!

Top 10 Boxing Betting Sites in 16 June 2024 – Updated List

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Boxing Betting Bonuses

The bookmakers are competing against each other for your betting dollars. They employ many strategies to win you over and one such tactic is offering valuable bonuses. Some boxing betting sites run special promotions such as money back betting offers if the fight goes the distance and you fighter loses on points.

There are other variations on this type of promotion too. If you like to go for the big payouts with accumulators then you may want to consider opting in on “Acca Insurance”. Under normal circumstances, you need to win each leg of an accumulator to cash it in.

Let’s say you have a 5-fold boxing parlay insurance and you get 4 correct and one wrong. If you had opted in on Acca Insurance then you would still be a winner. Paddy Power, Genting, Ladbrokes, and are just a few of the many reputable international gambling companies that offer Acca Insurance.

If you want free bets to place on boxing matches then you can take advantage of the €50 free betting bonuses at Unibet, 18Bet, Netbet, and Fun88 or the €100 in bonuses at Novibet, Betmotion, Efbet and SLbet.

You can make boxing wagers with your €200 bonuses at SBObet and 10Bet. You will definitely score a knockout with DoxxBet’s €2,000 bonus and BetOnline’s $2,500 boxing betting bonus package.

Fight fans should keep their eyes on to find the latest valuable bonuses.

Best Live Stream Boxing Betting Sites

Placing live boxing bets has exploded in popularity in recent years at the betting sites with live streaming. Many top-rated boxing sportsbooks offer this feature and it is quite different from what you get on regular network television.

When bookmakers feature a boxing match via live streaming they do so in the hopes that punters will get into the live boxing betting action. Instead of just calling the play-by-play and delivering a flurry of commercials, live streams provide insightful information, updated odds, betting tips, and other tidbits that are designed to entice the bettor into placing bets.

If you want a bookmaker that offers boxing live streams then you will want to check out Betfair, and Sporting Bet as well as William Hill, Bet Victor, Betfred, and Betsson. These boxing sportsbooks are the true heavyweights of the industry.

You can also find this feature at 888, Youwin, Intertops, and Nordic Bet. You can find an excellent live streaming boxing sportsbook by visiting’s bookmaker database and selecting “Live Streaming” in the “By Special Features” menu.

Best Live Betting Boxing Bookmakers

Live betting is now a common feature at most sportsbooks and fight fans are offered a ton of in-fight betting options at boxing betting sites like Pinnacle, Marathon Bet and Expekt. Live boxing betting allows punters to get a feel for the fight and place their bets accordingly.

Perhaps the underdog is dominating early and you think he’ll win? Well, you can place the bet. Maybe the fight is at the midway point and you think it will go the distance? You can bet it. Do you feel that the fight will end with a knockout? You know what to do.

Live bets are also a good way for punters to hedge their bets. For example, you may have bet on the favorite to win but it is becoming quite clear that he is having an off night. You can live bet on the underdog to salvage some dough.

Some bookies will allow you to “cash out” your bet too. Let’s say that your fighter appears to be winning but the other boxer is gaining momentum. You could close your bet right then and there. Of course, the odds won’t be as good but you can still make a profit.

Interwetten and Lsbet are excellent bookmakers for live boxing betting as are Dafabet, Betsafe, and PAF. Punters know that Vbet,, BetClic, and Winner have a great selection of the best live betting sites and bookmakers opportunities too.

Bookmakers with the Widest Markets and Types of Boxing Betting Options

When seasoned punters discuss sportsbooks that offer the widest markets and betting options they will undoubtedly mention names like Marathon Bet. William Hill and Skybet rank among the best as do Betfred and Betway.

These boxing bookmakers are well-known for offering a wide variety of betting opportunities on the widest markets. It doesn’t matter if it WBAIBFWBCWBOOlympics, or any other boxing event. These bookies along with 32 Red, 12Bet, FavBet, and Cash Point give punters the most wagering options.

Be sure to visit Gambling Judge to find the bookmakers that offer the most bets on the largest variety of boxing markets.

Types of Boxing Bets

One might think that there wouldn’t be too many betting options in a contest between two individuals but one would be wrong. There are plenty of bet types to choose from. The most common boxing bet type is the moneyline bet in which a punter just needs to pick a winner.

Betting over/unders on the number of rounds the fight will go is also popular. You can bet on the fight being a draw or that the bout will be decided by the judges. You can bet that your fighter will win by knockout or TKO.

There are also various propositions that are available for betting and a lot of these wagers can pay out handsomely. These props usually differ from bookie to bookie.

Odds may be offered on the exact number of rounds the fight will go (or other types of round betting boxing), over/unders on punches landed, who will get knocked down first or if there will be any fouls such as low blows. There are a lot of possibilities.

Bookmakers with the Best Coverage of Major Events

Some of the biggest betting companies have gained excellent reputations and a lot of customers by offering a lot more than just wagering opportunities. Many bookies deliver a comprehensive package of news, statistics, betting tips, live streaming, and bonuses for existing players to compliment the betting options.

When you want the most complete coverage of major events then you will love 188bet and Guts. Punters know that they can rely on, Vernons, and Betfirst to deliver the most exciting and complete sports betting experience possible.

Boxing fans can listen to the latest podcasts and they can trust William Hill’s “In-Play Radio” to provide them with all the information they need to make informed betting decisions.

Boxing betting sites that Offer the Best Odds

Getting the best odds margins on any bet is a key factor in long-term success. There are several websites that are dedicated to providing live odds comparisons and punters should take advantage.  Odds change quickly and it is important to get your bets in quickly when the right scenario arises.

Pinnacle claims to have the best odds anywhere. They are able to do this by having one of the lowest betting margins in the industry. Let’s put this claim to the test by comparing the odds on an upcoming bout between Amir Mansour and Travis Kauffman.

Pinnacle offers Mansour on the moneyline at 1.909 and Kauffman at 1.98. Unibet offers both fighters at 1.90.. While this is a very small sample size, it is clear that bettors are much better off laying their Mansour/Kauffman moneyline bets at Pinnacle.

Still, savvy punters can do better. If you want to bet on Kauffman then you can get him at even money at betting exchanges. If you like Mansour then he is available at even money at William Hill. The bottom line is that you must shop around for the best value.

Boxing Betting Sites with the Most Payment Options and Highest Betting Limits

Punters that like to lay larger wagers want to know what their betting limits are and what payment options are available. Once again, Pinnacle Sports makes the very bold claim that they accept the biggest bets anywhere. This may or may not be true but it can’t be disputed that Pinnacle has high betting limits.

Although these limits vary from sport to sport, the wagering ceiling is usually in the tens of thousands of dollars. This bookmaking titan also offers one of the widest selections of payment options, including MuchBetter.

A great selection of payment methods and high bet limits are also featured at Bet Rally and Goalbet.

Gambling Judge can help you find boxing betting sites that accept the biggest bets while letting you pick from the most payment methods.

FAQ about Betting on Box

It is perfectly legal to bet on boxing if you do it at bookmakers that are licensed in your country.

Bookmakers offer lower odds on the favorites and higher ones on underdogs in boxing matches.

If the bookmakers offer odds on the draw and you bet on the winners, you are not refunded.

You can bet live on most boxing matches, especially high profile events and tournaments.

UK licensed bookmakers usually have the best selection of boxing matches for pregame and live bets.


Boxing can be a brutal sport to watch and just as brutal to bet on. It is important to pick a boxing betting site that offers you the most value and the best experience. Be sure to look for competitive odds, large amounts of betting opportunities, boxing betting bonuses, and other extras like live streaming, information, and mobile betting platforms.

Gambling judge is here to help you find the best bookies and the best promotions.

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