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Round Betting Boxing | Best Bets in Boxing Round Betting

Boxing is a popular sport, but perhaps not the first choice when it comes to online betting. When betting on boxing, like round betting boxing, there are fewer matches scheduled, so punters have to wait for the next important files to place a bet.

Combat sports in general are also subject to lower odds, so it’s more difficult to beat the bookies. If you decide to take your chances with these types of sports betting, we can help you with educated advice.

In this guide we’ll look at what is round betting in boxing and how to bet on boxing like a professional or on UFC.

What is round betting in boxing and how does it work?

If you’re familiar with boxing betting, you know that there are several types of markets at your disposal. In addition to betting on the match winner, you can wager on special in-game events, as well as boxing round betting.

Just as the name indicates, you can bet on the winner of individual rounds, the total number of rounds played in a match, but also special markets. A boxing match will have 12 rounds, of 3 minutes each, but it is not necessary for the game to go the distance.

Round betting in boxing allows you to place extra wagers, in addition to the outright winner. Veteran punters have advanced sports betting strategies for boxing that rely heavily on boxing round by round.

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What happens if the match concludes between rounds?

Boxing is apparently one of the easiest sports bet on, with few wagering options. Round for round boxing bet allows you to diversify your betting patterns, but that also poses unique challenges. There is the possibility of an athlete retiring between rounds and these influences the manner in which the outcome is decided.

The match can end with a technical decision, such as KO/TKO with the knockout being the most spectacular outcome. It is also possible for the match to end because of disqualification or injury, sometimes during the inter-round period.

Assuming you bet on the match to end during the first three rounds and the boxer retires immediately after the third, you’ll find yourself in doubt over whether you lost or won.

  • What usually happens at most USA betting sites is that they factor in the number of completed rounds.
  • This means that even if you bet on the match to end after three rounds and it concludes in the break following the third, you will still cash in.
  • It’s important to double check the rules before you sign up for an account and place the first bet. Ideally, this should be done during the same phase when you compare bookmakers and the odds they offer.

Round betting in boxing types and markets

As we try to figure out how to beat the bookies with round by round boxing, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. There are a total of 12 rounds, therefore multiple betting opportunities, both pregame and with a live betting system.

The round betting boxing meaning goes well beyond picking winners of individual rounds and accommodates more types of wagers. There are some similarities between boxing betting by round and special football betting markets on goals scored and intervals.

1. Each round betting

The easiest way of handling the challenge of boxing – round betting is to take it one step at a time. You can bet on the outcome of each round at the biggest bookmakers in UK and take your profits early. It doesn’t matter who wins the game, only who prevails in the round of choice, so you can place multiple bets on the same match.

2. Exact round and method of victory

As soon as you learn how to read boxing odds you can bet on these markets to boost your profits. You need to predict the total number of rounds played and also the way the victorious athlete prevails. If you bet on the match to go the distance, then the outcome will be decided by the total number of points, otherwise a knockout or technical decision.

3. Group round betting

If you just got the boxing round betting explained, it can be difficult to correctly predict the exact number of rounds played. When betting on the underdog you can mitigate the risks by trusting him to withstand a sufficient number of rounds. You bet on the match ending after three, six or nine rounds, but also any number of rounds in between.

4. Under-Over round betting boxing

The easiest way to tackle this challenge is over/under betting. You don’t need to indicate the exact number of rounds in boxing, only if there are more or fewer in a match. Since the boxing round betting rules state that there are a maximum of 12, the combinations are multiple. You can bet on under or over 6.5 rounds (similar to over 6.5 goals in other sports), but also other values.

5. Half round betting

Live betting sites allow punters to get even more creative with this type of wager. Once you understand what is boxing round betting, you can go a step further and bet on half rounds. Essentially, you predict the outcome of the first minute and a half, so you get paid halfway through. You can place opposing bets on the same round and win both if you are correct.

6. Match goes the distance 

Even if you know precisely what does round betting in boxing mean, you can still bet on the outright winner. Sometimes, the two athletes are so evenly matched that you don’t really know when to back the favourite. The match between Conor MacGregor and Floyd Mayweather is a shining example and the safest bet was on the fight to end after 12 rounds.

7. Odd/Even round betting

This is perhaps the easiest way to bet on the sport and you don’t even need to have round betting in boxing explained. You simply bet on the total number of rounds to be an odd or even number, regardless of who wins. The problem with this type of bet is that you have a 50% chance to win and the odds are 1.95 at best, so you are unlikely to beat the bookies.

8. Live round betting boxing

The most exciting way of watching a match is to bet live. Bookmakers with statistics provide you real-time information about the game, to make betting the round in boxing easier. Based on how the game unfolds, you can bet on the outcome of the next round and even active ones. It’s important to know how long is each boxing round to successfully bet live.

Basic strategy for round betting boxing

Once you have round betting boxing explained, you should consider using advanced strategies to beat the bookies. The simplicity of this wager means that there are few complex decisions to make, yet the right approach can boost your odds of winning. These are three tips that you can use with group round betting boxing, as well as play-by-play bets to be more successful.


👉 Bet on short heavyweight fights

The powerful boxers competing in heavyweight matches deliver crushing blows. Even though their opponents can withstand most of these blows, there is a greater chance for the match to end quickly.
How many rounds are there in boxing is less important in this case, because matches are likely to conclude sooner. On the other hand, lightweight fights are more likely to go the distance, with all 12 rounds completed.

👉 Pay attention to knockout percentage

The second easiest thing to learn after what does round betting mean in boxing is the knockout percentage. Boxers that tend to finish opponents early will play aggressively and try to send them to the floor sooner.
If you want to learn how to beat the bookies, you always need to seek value in the odds available. Such games are an excellent opportunity to seize bigger odds by betting on fewer rounds played and a knockout.

👉 Bet on focus and motivation

All boxers hope to win the matches and will do everything they can to outshine opponents. There are, however, instances in which the athletes are more motivated than their opponents and have a more aggressive style.
If you understood how does round betting work in boxing, you should take advantage of these opportunities and bet on fewer rounds to be played. When boxers come out firing on all cylinders, the game is unlikely to go the distance.

Pros and cons of round betting boxing


  • Plenty of action during each match
  • Perfect for boxing live betting
  • Can win without predicting the winner
  • Better odds even on lopsided fights


  • Higher degree of randomness and greater risk-taking

FAQ: Your questions on round betting in boxing answered

A professional boxing match can take a maximum of 12 rounds. Amateur matches can be played by different rules so what is round betting boxing can differ depending on the type of fight.

A boxing round takes a maximum of three minutes and athletes have one minute to regain their strength.

It is possible for rounds to result in a draw, but this is a very unlikely outcome. The first thing you see when learning what is round betting in boxing is that a fighter is almost always proclaimed the winner.

Instead of betting on individual intervals, you can wager on three, four, five or more rounds. What is group round betting in boxing is a term that refers to a cluster of bouts.

The match can end before all 12 rounds are played after a knockout or after a technical decision. This produces the immediate conclusion of the match and the remaining rounds are no longer played.

Knockout the bookmaker with proper round betting boxing

Boxing is a fun sport to watch, but one that gives the house a significant edge. If you want to learn how to beat the bookies, you need to take advantage of special markets. Round betting boxing can provide you with the advantage of better odds and frequent winnings. You can bet on the winners of individual bouts, the number of rounds played, as well as over/under markets. Use statistics to make an informed decision and you will have a decent chance to beat the bookies by harnessing the power of round betting boxing.