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UFC Betting Sites | 2024 Updated Guide

There are many betting sites where you can bet on UFC– no doubt about it. If you are interested in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC),  we provide a list of UFC betting terms and sites in this comprehensive guide to getting you started. On this list, you will only find UFC trusted betting sites offering the best odds bookmakers and bonuses on MMA betting.

Undoubtedly, all punters will have an enjoyable moment on any of these UFC betting sites. Remember, UFC is a present-day gladiatorial battle fought in the world’s most impressive stadiums. That makes MMA very exciting. Since UFC is headquartered in Las Vegas, a world-famous gambling city, Vegas betting sites UFC fans can use have outstanding odds. Read on to discover more about legal betting sites for UFC.

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What is UFC?

The UFC, i.e., Ultimate Fighting Championship, is an American mixed martial art type based in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. Ideally, it is an MMA promotion company (the largest) that features high-level fighters such as Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Kamaru Usman, Alexander Volkanovski, Francis Ngannou, and Jan Blachowicz. Founded in 1993, UFC is a professional mixed martial art – MMA organization. Each year, the organization holds contests to attract the best talents. Today, it is a premium global sports brand, media content company, one of the top sports in betting and the largest Pay-Per-View (PPV) event provider worldwide.

The competition produces events showcasing  12 weight divisions – eight for men and 4 for women. The sport abides by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. The standard UFC rules are:

All fights occur in a cage-like structure – the structure is octagon-shaped, which has been in use since time immemorial. The fighting class is based on the fighter’s weight. The flyweight class is the least, with players weighing up to 105 lbs. The highest rank is the Super heavyweight, and fighters weigh more than 265 lbs. Note that each MMA organization has specific rules. However, some cut across. For instance, MMA no-nos include no groin attacks, fish hooking, eye-gouging, biting, hair pulling, grabbing or striking throat, and toe or finger manipulation. Also, fighters are forbidden from hitting the opponent’s head with the knee when down. Also, they should not intentionally throw the opponent out of the cage or grab the cage.

History of UFC Betting Sites

Since the invention of the internet, almost everything has moved to the internet, including all forms of gambling and e-sports bets. The earliest sports betting sites allowed betting action only on prominent sports such as soccer and horse racing. These sports offered many betting opportunities to players at that time. UFC was started in 1993, but it wasn’t popular until 2007 – the entire world got interested in the sport. It opened full-time in the UK and began staging events in the British Isles, mainland Europe, China, Australia, Canada, and all points in between.

Trusted sports betting sites got interested in the game and started offering UFC odds. Each online sportsbook offered different bets -so some had competitive odds and better UFC betting options than others. With time, there was specialization – online betting websites majored in offering MMA fights, which led to the idea of MMA betting sites and avoid betting scams.

What Is the Difference Between MMA and UFC Betting Sites?

Before understanding the difference between UFC and MMA betting sites, it is essential to know what they mean first. MMA is a fighting sport, while the UFC is the organization that organizes MMA fights. In other words, the UFC is the body that governs mixed martial arts (MMA). Many people can train in MMA. However, only a few people can compete in the UFC. Remember, since the UFC is based in America, the MMA rules vary across the globe – this further makes it harder for players from different regions to compete in the UFC.

Mobile betting sites offer betting advice about markets and lines on MMA fights from across the globe. Similarly, UFC offers UFC betting lines and markets from around the world but only players who are members of UFC. So, if you are betting on MMA, UFC betting may not be possible. So, before creating an account on any online sportsbooks or sports exchanges, be sure that you are getting the right deal.

How to Bet on UFC?

If you are on top sites with UFC betting, how to bet on UFC fights is pretty easy, not much different than betting on box. All betting sites with UFC work the same – you will be placing a bet on who you believe is going to win. Apart from placing your wager on the fight outcome, you can also bet on total rounds and the method of victory. Also, UFC Moneyline betting is possible. So, UFC fight nights can be delightful.

Here is how to place the bets:

Step 1
Log into UFC sportsbook, and ensure that your account has enough money.
Step 2
Navigate to the MMA/UFC events section of the bookies and select the events or players you want to bet on. Always choose the best UFC bets.
Step 3
After selecting fighters, a betting slip is created. Check the total UFC betting odds if it is an accumulator bet.
Step 4
Enter the wager amount and confirm the bet.

Remember, different bookmakers have different odds. It is advisable to always settle on the best fight odds – UFC Vegas odds are competitive. 

Types of Bets Available for UFC

There are many types of UFC bets you can place while betting online on UFC fights. This section will learn about the commonest UFC bet types and how to bet on UFC

Further Information

UFC Moneyline Bet

You choose a player you believe will win the UFC fight or MMA fight in this bet type.  Each fighter has specific odds – which varies with the betting site. Obviously, in the UFC sport, one fighter is the favorite, and the other is the underdog. However, in some cases, odds can be even for two evenly matched opponents, i.e., pick ’em.

Round Betting

Since MMA is fought in rounds, you can place bets on the round you think the fight will finish. Besides, you can wager on rounds you think a combatant will win the match. The greatest advantage of round betting is that it comes with lucrative odds hence better payout, for more about this type of bet, read our article about round betting in boxing.

Parlay Bet / Accumulator Bet 

You can bet on players from different matches in this bet – if you think they will win. You can select between 2 to 15 fighters. While the payout is bigger, it is also risky. This bet is only successful if each selection goes right; else, the entire bet is roasted. This is also a type of bet used for baseball betting.

Method of Victory

The three victory methods are KO, Submission, and Points. You can make easy money if you know how a fight is going to end. Just choose the method of victory. 

UFC Prop Bets

Prop bets are UFC bets that are not limited to just wagering on the winner of the fight. Typically, you can bet on different possible outcomes during the battles. Victory prop bets, therefore, offer immense flexibility.

How to Find the Best to UFC Betting Sites

Knowing where to bet on UFC might not be an issue. The issue is; does the UFC betting site meet your specific needs? While betting needs might vary from one punter to another, the best place to bet on UFC should offer: 


Safety and Security

If it is real money betting, security and safety betting must be critical factors. The best UFC betting sites have defensive measures to protect customers’ financial and personal details. Such gambling sites use an up-to-date firewall and encryption software available for different currencies of bookmakers.

Modern Software

The best UFC betting sites Reddit recommends using the latest software. Modern software offers reliability – they are not clunky and will not drop bets when you need them the most. 


Only settle on betting sites that offer the best performance. History doesn’t lie – check reviews and remarks from users. Of course, sites underperform at times but not consistently. So, avoid sites with consistently poor records and use only legal betting sites.

Timely  Customer Support

Support options and customer service are important factors. Attentive customer support means that your queries will be resolved faster and efficiently. The best sites for UFC betting offer a mix of telephone, email, live chat, and social media channel options so that you can get help much faster. 

UFC Betting Options

Trusted sports betting sites come with multiple UFC betting options. Check the list of UFC betting sites in this guide for the best betting options and fast payouts. Also, consider payment methods, even crypto betting and UFC betting sites bonuses.

Payment Methods Available for UFC Betting Sites

Payment method is a critical factor when choosing the best UFC betting sites. While sports betting sites offer a wide range of payment options, choosing a payment option available in your region is essential. For instance, some USA betting sites and bookmakers may not process gambling and betting winnings due to stricter laws. Nonetheless, the below methods are available on almost all UFC betting sites the USA offers:


Digital wallets are widely accepted across all popular e-sports betting sites. Apart from being safe, these methods are highly convenient as the transactions are instant and come with minimal charges. Common eWallets are PayPal. Skrill, and Trustly. For most UFC betting sites, PayPal is a critical payment method.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

The prominent companies offering these cards are Visa, MasterCard, and American express. However, the Maestro card is also popular. These transaction methods allow instant deposits, but withdrawal takes up to 7 days. Debit card deposits will deduct money from your bank account.

Prepaid Cards

If you want to limit the amount of money to spend on betting, a prepaid card can help you manage it. These cards are recharged with cash already and are not linked to your bank account. So, if you spend all your money, you’ll need to recharge before continuing betting, e.g., PaySafeCard.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer allows sending money from your bank account to your trusted UFC betting site quickly. However, this payment method is possible for those with a bank account.

UFC Betting Sites Events

Different UFC events occur worldwide. However, UFC sites prioritize main events, which attract many punters. Such events have unique odds. Nevertheless, UFC events online come with great odds but find odds based on the type of bets. You can use the main card fights to know all the UFC fights to take place during one UFC event – that makes it easy to bet on UFC fights.  Similarly, a fight card shows your MMA fights.

Other Sport Betting Options

Tips and Tricks about UFC Betting Sites

You need some strategies to pick the right online UFC betting website. Similarly, you need some tricks to bet on UFC fights successfully. You may be on the best sites to bet on UFC, but you’ll fail without any knowledge of what you are doing. Here are the tactics:

Get the statistics

Get as much information on the UFC fighters as possible – existing and new players – Height, age, weight, and recent fights. Also, submissions, takedowns, striking accuracy, and the stance of the player are critical. Analyze the fighters before placing bets, just like you do at bets on WWE

Ring or Cage?

Rings favor stand-up or striking-based fighters. It is a lot easier for such fighters to walk down an opponent and trap them in the 90-degrees corner. A fighter can easily hold an opponent in the corner and press their advantage on the feet. 

By contrast, submission grappling players and wrestlers are favored by the cages. Cages have wider corners, which allows grapplers to avoid being cornered. The advantage of the walls allows easy takedowns. 

Cage size

UFC uses two cage sizes for UFC events – 746 square feet and 518 square feet cage. Smaller cages offer smaller surfaces hence more finishes. In such sites, expect more exchanges and upsets; therefore, matches can end earlier.

Do not always bet on heavy favorites, personal favorites, and fond memories
Unique approaches and tendencies to the fight.
Consider players personality
Consider fighter training.

Live Betting Experience on UFC Sites

Live betting is the hottest and the latest trend in the betting world. So if you are still wondering: where can I bet on UFC fights online? UFC live betting strategies and sites are the best places to be. This form of betting allows you to place bets on a particular fight even after it has started. As you watch events unfold, you can change or place new bet types. This offers you a chance to place the best UFC bets for better wins. You can place bets on the method of victory, round betting, fight results, over/under bets.

UFC Mobile Betting Sites

Almost all UFC sites are mobile-ready -that means you can bet on UFC or MMA events on the fly whether you are using android or iPhone mobile devices. You can mobile bet on fights on the UFC Apps – the top sport betting websites have apps for each OS. Just ensure that the app software isn’t clunky or buggy to be able to place bets quickly. 

PROS and CONS about UFC betting sites


  • Greater value betting odds – even when betting lines move
  • Punters can bet on different outcomes
  • Live betting and mobile betting is available


  • Some markets lack lucrative bonuses

FAQ about UFC Betting Sites:

Yes, provided the UFC sportsbook is fully licensed and uses the latest security software and firewall to protect customer data.

The best sites have efficient customer care services. They offer various communications channels – live chat, phone, email, and social media channels to get timely responses.

Yes. UFC live betting sites allow you to place bets when a fight match has already begun. Any time within the match, you can place a bet.

Yes, if you are on legal and well licensed international betting sites. These categories of betting sites can be accessed from many locations worldwide. For example, UFC betting sites Canada offer.

Kamaru Usman. He is not only a dominant world champion but also an all-time great welterweight fighter for the first half of 2021.

That depends on what you need from the betting site. However, some betting websites like BetUS, Betway, and BetOnline are the best options.

MMA bets and UFC bets are somehow similar. However, UFA is marketed worldwide, and the organization is prestigious compared to other MMA organizations. For more thrill and better betting odds, UFC betting sites might be the best.

UFC or MMA Betting sites: Which Way?

In this UFC explanation, you’ll notice that MMA is part of UFC, but not every MMA fighter competes in the UFA. For purposes of betting, always compare MMA and UFC payouts, and odds determine this. UFC has top players, meaning that it has more action but only bet on top 10 UFC betting sites. If you need to expand your winnings, always bet on both. 

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