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Top 5 Offshore Sportsbooks – Best Offshore Betting sites for US players [2024]

Offshore sportsbooks accept members from all countries, offer competitive odds, and give several bonuses that will help you to make a fast start. As long as you play at the top 5 offshore bookmakers, you can get all of these advantages and more.

If you want to learn more about offshore sportsbooks, keep reading this betting guide. Below, we will explain what this term means and give you an up-to-date list of top offshore sportsbooks.

Best Betting Sites for US Players - Our Recommendations

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Top 5 offshore sportsbooks list in 2024

Let’s start with a list of the top 5 offshore bookmakers. After that, we will explain what this term means and how to find the top offshore sportsbooks among hundreds of options.

  • Intertops
  • Betcoin
  • GT Bets
  • X-Bet

We highly recommend starting with the first two if you are looking for the top offshore sportsbooks. is known for its fast payouts and big reload bonuses. It is active since 2001, which makes it one of the oldest sportsbooks around. (They were known as BetOnline in the past.) It is based in Panama and supports cryptocurrencies too.

Intertops, on the other hand, was launched in 1996 and claims to be the first online bookmaker in the world. It is located in Antigua & Barbuda and accepts US players too. It can also be the most reputable bookmaker on the internet: There is not a single complaint about it.

What are the top offshore sportsbooks?

There are thousands of online sportsbooks on the internet: Some are located in “regular” countries and some are located in offshore islands. NFL betting sites, for example, can be found in the United Kingdom and Panama. Both offer the chance to place bets for the NFL, but in different places and with different licenses. Any sportsbook based in an offshore location (Gibraltar, Panama, Macau, etc.) can be called an “offshore bookmaker”. When compared to other bookmakers, they have no notable difference that concerns the end-user regarding the services they offer. However, as we will explain below, they may offer low odds vs high odds or just, low odds, and accept members from a larger number of countries that accept all odds movement.

Top offshore bookmakers vs. regular bookmakers: What is the difference?

Further Information

In terms of available sports and betting types, there is no actual difference: You can still place the same bets for the same sports and use all of the best sports betting strategies, such as college football betting strategy. We can say that top offshore sportsbooks have three main differences:

  • They are located on offshore islands, due to liberal tax laws. For example, Panama is a “tax haven” and has no income or corporate taxes of any kind.
  • They are licensed from offshore agencies. For example, Isle of Man, another offshore island, issues licenses for online gambling and betting. These licenses are cheaper than non-offshore ones and, to be honest, they are not as reputable as the licenses of Malta and The United Kingdom, for example. Another place with soft fiscal legislation is also Mocano (read: Monaco betting sites for more info). However, they are still electronic gaming licenses that make offshore bookmakers legal.
  • They offer much more competitive odds. Due to local laws and taxes, the odds of regular bookmakers cannot exceed a certain threshold. Top offshore sportsbooks, on the other hand, can offer higher odds, since they are not restricted with these. Simply put, you can win much more for the same bet.

Offshore sportsbooks – What is legal and what is not?

The legality of offshore sportsbooks is always up in the air, depending on where you happen to reside. Very few countries endorse their nationals playing at foreign licensed betting sites. In countries with a national licensing body established, such as the UK (and the UK Gambling Commission), you are encouraged to engage in sports betting sites at UKGC licensed sports betting sites, over even the best offshore sportsbooks.

In countries where gambling laws are fragmented (such as the US, where each state decides its own take on the issue), there is a tendency for players to sign up to the best offshore sportsbooks for US players, even if they aren’t legal, but for more information, you can read our article about bookmakers by country. In both cases, there is no punishment in place for those UK and US residents who opt to wager at these sites. It is the offshore bookmakers who are breaking the law, not you. You also have countries where all offshore sports wagering at sportsbooks are not considered legal and where you can be punished. These, thankfully, are few and far between.

Given that each country has its own rules and regulations for all forms of internet betting such, for both national and internationally licensed sites, we urge you to use our country-by-country guide to find the top 5 offshore sportsbooks for your region.

Staying safe when betting at offshore sportsbooks

What is the best (and safest) offshore sportsbook? Of course, the safest types of online betting sites are those that are nationally licensed. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t secure places to bet based elsewhere. Offshore betting sites can be amongst these, even if they don’t hold the same license that some of your local bookies do.

For instance, while there are discrepancies between what level of regulation a UKGC or MGA licensed bookmaker by jurisdiction may be under compared to one licensed out of Curacao, Curacao licensed bookmakers and betting sites offshore are immensely more secure than those licensed out of Panama or those without a license at all.

Your first step should always be about ensuring that you play at licensed domains. Secondly, you will want to consider other elements of safety. For instance, the best offshore gambling sites are those that provide responsible gambling tools, such as wager caps, deposit caps, and self-exclusion options. They are the sites that have KYC processes that protect against underage gambling, identity fraud, and money laundering. They are also the bookies that signed up for problem gambling programs, so you can get the help you need when you need it. All these features should be expected at any site you want to join if you wish to stay safe.

How do we pick top offshore sportsbooks?

We used several criteria in order to pick the best offshore sportsbooks:


We checked how reputable the operator is in the iGaming industry and among bettors. We even looked for member comments on social media.


Top offshore sportsbooks should work on any device and offer top offshore 10 sports betting mobile apps too, so we checked their services on all devices (desktop & mobile).

Ease of Use

We checked the website and its design to make sure that there are no navigation problems and everything is easy to understand & loads fast enough.

Betting Options

We made sure that you can place any bet type you like for any sports out there: From ante post and future betting to point spread betting, your options should be numerous.


We checked the daily betting bonuses and their wagering rates, so you can get really useful and advantageous offers.

Customer Support

We checked the customer support and made sure that all complaints are resolved within 24 hours.

How to join top offshore sports betting sites?

Joining top new offshore sportsbooks is easy and no different than joining any other online bookie. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1
Check the top 5 offshore sportsbooks list above and pick one
Step 2
Visit the website of that bookie using our link and fill out the registration form
Step 3
Make sure to enter correct and up-to-date info, because you will be asked to verify it in the future
Step 4
You will receive an email containing a link for activation. Click that link and activate your account
Step 5
Log in with your credentials and make your first deposit. You can now start trying your luck on action reverse bet, if bet, win reverse bet, pleaser bet, and any other bet type you like

Top ways to bet at offshore sportsbooks


Once you’re signed up, you can start to look at the types of bets available. By and large, the best live streaming betting sites can offer you largely the same types of wagers. For instance, offshore value football betting at one of the sites on our list of the best offshore sportsbooks should be relatively similar to betting at lesser quality sites accepting offshore wagers. What we would say, though, is that you are far more likely to get fair and competitive odds when using offshore betting lines at our best online, offshore sportsbooks than those of lesser renown.

You may want to consider learning about offshore sportsbook raking compared to local ones. Like the casino world has RTP, sportsbooks have raking. This tells players who much the bookmaker takes from each bet. Generally, the best online sportsbook will offer no-juice or reduced rake spreads, and this could be advantageous for you. 

The average offshore bettor will typically stick to the same type of bet, irrespective of where they play, but you’ll still need to ensure that there is a variance here. You should be looking at wagering on money lines betting, parlays betting, betting accumulators, futures, over under betting, props, and more. A wealth of betting options coupled with decent odds ensure that our best online sportsbooks offer fair payouts for US players, sometimes even prosperous ones. 

Payment methods of top offshore sportsbooks

The payment methods of top offshore sportsbooks are no different than “regular” bookmakers. You can use credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, and even voucher codes to make deposits and withdrawals. In other words, all of the methods you are used to seeing at dollar betting sites and USA betting sites are still available. The only exception is PayPal: This specific e-wallet service is known for working with “regular” bookmakers only, especially those that have legalized online gambling at a national level.

Finding the top bookmakers by payment methods is essential at betting websites. Less established and reputable offshore bookies may slap you with fees when withdrawing. If you’re not careful, these can rapidly spiral out of control. Some may have unattractive minimum withdrawal limits of $100 up to $500 and still hit you with a fee in excess of $50. 

Top-rated offshore sportsbooks won’t penalize you for being successful and wanting to cash out your winnings. Sure, even the best sportsbooks for US players may have some sort of withdrawal fee, but it will be reasonable and not based on how much you win. Again, this is something that our top bookmakers with statistics can help you with.

How to deposit at your favourite offshore sportsbook

Now that you know a bit about payment methods at safe betting sites and avoid betting scams,  how do you go about depositing? After all, most bookies offer a welcome bonus that requires you to top-up your balance to claim it. Follow these short steps to begin…

  • Head to the cashier/banking page and check out the payment options. Find one which works well for you without you having to open an account at a new payment provider.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • If you want to claim a bonus and it requires a promo code, you can often enter it into a designated box on this page.
  • Proceed to enter your banking details into the boxes provided. This may be just an e-mail address for an e-wallet or your full card details for a bank transfer.
  • Submit the information. You will likely need to confirm the deposit on a second page, which should open automatically.
  • Once the deposit goes through (which it usually does instantly and free of charge), you’re good to go.

Whether you play at a Trustly offshore sportsbook, a VISA one or use an alternative provider, the above process should be near-enough identical for all payment options.

What’s next? Starting out offshore sportsbook

You have checked out our updated list of offshore sportsbooks and opted to join one of the top 10 sportsbooks we recommend. What’s next? If you’re not sure about how the process works, allow us to highlight the steps in this short section on starting out the best sportsbooks for offshore players. Assuming you have completed the e-form registration process and have made your first deposit, what’s next? Well, you get to bet, of course.

  • After depositing (and claiming your bonus if you want to), head to the main page of the sportsbook. This is known as “the lobby”, and from here, you can find all manner of markets and selections.
  • The simplest way to start betting is to choose a sport you are familiar with. There will be a menu (often to the left of the screen) where you can select that sport. From there, an array of markets will appear. 
  • Check the odds on your chosen market. Click on one of the bets to make that your selection. It will appear in the betting slip, often to the right of the lobby. 
  • Enter your desired stake (and double-check those odds again), then place your bet. That’s it!

Pros and cons of offshore betting sites


  • Competitive & higher odds
  • Can be joined from almost any country
  • All of the usual betting options are available
  • US players can join


  • Licenses are not very reputable
  • PayPal is usually not available

Frequently Asked Questions about top offshore gambling sites:

With a few exceptions, gambling is considered illegal in this country and the USA is not an “offshore” location. So no, there are no offshore bookmakers located in the USA.

Check the license of the bookmaker: Top offshore online sportsbooks always have a reputable license. Also, play at our recommended top offshore sportsbooks, we always check their safety.

Yes. The websites mentioned in this guide are also the best offshore sportsbooks for US players, and they offer several local options as well (i.e. American football, NFL football betting, etc.)

Yes. You can also check our guides for credit card bookmakers, VISA bookmakers, and Vanilla VISA bookmakers: You can find additional info in these guides.

From parlay betting to point spread betting and straight betting to money line betting, you can find all kinds of bet types for all types of sports.

That depends, but usually no. It is often nationally licensed rather than offshore sports betting sites that offer mobile betting apps. However, many good betting sites (particularly the big ones) may still offer this feature, so it is worth looking out for.

Briefly explained, an offshore bet is any wager made by any player residing in any country where the betting site they are playing at is not licensed.

We picked the top rated offshore sportsbooks for you

And the rest is up to you: Check the top 5 offshore sportsbooks list above and pick one or browse our website to find more top offshore sportsbooks.

We have the best online bookmakers for all types of sports betting and we can even list bookmakers by payment methods, so you can always find the best bookie for your specific needs. As always, we wish you good luck!