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Pleaser Betting Strategy – Pleaser Bets Explained

There are numerous gambling strategies that players can use to help them sand a chance at winning bigger payouts with a sports bookmaker. While some actually work, there are others that end in the favor of the bookie.

But in this article, we shall focus on the pleaser betting strategy that has been shown to better the chances of gamblers who apply it. We discuss in depth what is a pleaser bet as well as pleaser bet rules that you should know beforehand so as to better your chances of walking away with bigger payouts.

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What Is A Pleaser Bet In Football Or Other Games Such As NFL?

Pleaser bet is simply a bet that is quite similar to parlays. However, it involves bringing together many point spread stakes (just as parlays) and combining them into one bet. In this bet, you can also combine multiple totals stakes instead of the individual spreads into just a single bet.

To be able to win, players should be certain that the stakes or the wagers are accurate so as to stand a chance at actually winning the pleaser bet.

The bets are a combination of other smaller bets and this makes them harder to win. In comparison to normal parlays or a spread wager in a casino, players using the pleaser betting strategy have a hard time choosing the right wagers but the payout at the end of the games is worth the effort.

Reverse Teaser Bets in Casino Betting

Reverse teaser bets are not very popular in the gambling industry. Most gamblers consider these types of bets to be very difficult but this is not the case. A closer look at the bets indicates that they are advanced standard parlays that require a little more expertise compared to the standard bets. It includes making bets in sequential order. An if bet works the same way.

The first bets chosen should be correct or else the initial stake placed is lost to the casino or the bookmaker depending on which site you are playing with. Once you have made the first selection, you will be prompted to make a second selection and the stake that you had placed initially on the first lot will be used here.

This will only stop once the selections you made are complete or all the bets have been lost.

We also recommend checking our win reverse bet guide.

Pleaser Betting Strategy That Players Should Know

  • Point spreads that you should avoid. Take keen note of the point spreads that will bring you losses at the end of the tournament. You can choose point spreads from 10 points, 14 points and 21 points and add them to your parlay card template ad they are a guarantee of a sure win.
  • The best point spreads to please across. When placing an NFL pleaser bet, you can place bets on the -7.5 favorites or the +16.5 underdogs just as an example. These are some of the best point spreads as they will better increase your chances against the bookie as they have higher pleaser odds. Read our guide on key numbers in sports betting to learn more on the most important NFL point spread key numbers.
  • Historical data or information. Check the historical data of the pleaser subsets you wish to include in your selection and make a decision from here. Do not guess or place bets depending on your personal preference. The data will help you determine if the subsets are worth your while and will give a clear picture of what is likely to happen.

Take Note of These Issues wpith NFL Football Betting Card Pleasers

As much as we encourage all gamblers to look out for +EV NFL pleaser bet, we admit that they are very rare to find in every season. The +EV pleasers will only work if you have at least 2 teams playing the same week which is not always the case.

However, some bookies will allow you to place stakes on 2 legs that will be open for a four-team to six-team pleasers but if you are lucky enough to find 2 teams playing the same week, be sure to include them in your bet.

Additional Advice for Serious Teasers Pleasers Bettors

  • Do not rely on only one betting strategy if you are a serious bettor looking to make huge chunks of money from the betting site. Try other strategies if you are looking for consistent wins rather than one-time payouts.
  • NFL pleaser bets are ideal for recreational punters who want to win big with just small stakes. If you are more into the fun bit of it then, pleaser bets are ideal for you.

How to Implement the Pleaser Betting Strategy

Depending on the bookie you have chosen to play with, the number of points or the total number of teams varies.  The points will vary depending on the game i.e. the points will vary between the football tournament and a basketball tournament.

In most cases, a football match will have 6 to 10 points will a basketball tournament will have around 5 points. Pleaser bets are mostly available for these two and if you are a fan of rugby or horse racing, you will have to implement another strategy with the bookie.

Are There Pleaser Bets That Have The Most Value?

To successfully place a pleaser bet that pays out well, it is important to consider the fact that placing bets on many teams is not in any way beneficial. To place the bet, you can choose two teams that are most likely to win.

In case you have a third team that you prefer you can or you are sure has a chance at winning, place the bet on the three teams in pairs so as to reduce your chances of losing the bet. The odds will be the same and so are the results.

Parlay Bets Pay Out Explained

Once a player, places a parlay bet, the bet is fixed. What this means is that the bet cannot change regardless of the shits in the lines or the odds of the game. The odds and lines may shift in favor or against the bettor but he or she cannot change the initial bet that they had placed at the start of the game.

If you had placed a 100 dollars at the start of the game, then you cannot add to your bet if things are going in the right direction or reduce it if the odds of the game are not in your favor.

What is an almost parlay bet? An almost parlay bet is an instance where a player places a bet on say 6 teams and 5 teams win or when the player placed bets on 4 teams and 3 teams win. The player will be paid for the bets won regardless of the bet that was lost.

These types of bets have become very popular in many betting sites and players are opting to play in sites that have this option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pleaser Betting

This type of bet is similar to a teaser and includes two or more selections with adjusted pay lines.

The pleaser bet wins if all the selections on the betting slip are correct, just like in an accumulator.

If one selection pushes, you get 1.00 odds and if the entire pleaser is a push, you get fully reimbursed.

This is a bet that involves multiple point spread wagers or multiple total bets on the same betting slip.

Apply the Pleaser Betting Strategy for NFL and Football Betting At Betting Sites Today

Pleaser betting strategy is an ideal system that bettors can employ for NFL and football tournaments at any bookie or betting site of their choice. However, it is not advisable if a player is very keen on making huge profits from the site.

The strategy is more of an entertainment alternative and if a serious punter is looking for approaches that will earn him millions form the casino or the betting site, they should consider other systems that have been proven to work. We discuss in detail and how to go about the pleaser bets and what players should look out for when using this system.


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