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Iceland Sports Betting Sites, Bookmakers and Bonuses

The nation of Iceland sits in the north Atlantic between Great Britain and Greenland. Its natural beauty is highlighted by geysers, glaciers, active volcanoes, and spectacular waterfalls.

It also provides a front row seat for viewing Aurora Borealis. One thing that you won’t find dotting the landscape is casinos.

If Iceland football betting is your cup of tea, you won’t get to enjoy it as a local bookie.

Most forms of gambling, including casino gambling and poker, are illegal and virtually non-existent in this sparsely populated country of just over 330,000 inhabitants.

Residents are relegated to lotteries, a few slot machines, bingo, and a narrow selection of sports wagering.

This is obviously a problem for those who had high expectations from Iceland betting.

With the exception of the lottery, these activities are not offered on a large scale mainly due to the fact that operators must hand over all profits to charity.

Snowboarding bookmakers, just as those who focus mainly on football or other popular sports are not keen on giving away all the profits they make.

So, if you wanted to be a legal bookmaker you would need to run it as a non-profit enterprise.

The ban on betting extends to internet gambling. There are no online bookmakers in Iceland but the government has been very lenient when it comes to Icelandic sports betting fans who want to lay wagers with the biggest betting companies. This is the silver lining that Iceland football betting fans count on.

The authorities do not block foreign betting websites nor do they prosecute those who place bets with them. In essence, Icelandic sports betting is alive and well and there doesn’t appear to be any changes in the works.

Top 10 Betting Sites for Iceland [2021] – Updated List

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What are the Best Sports Betting Sites and Bookmakers for Iceland?

With the Icelandic authorities virtually giving online bookmaking activities their blessing, Icelandic punters are looking for the world’s best internet bookmakers to place their action with. Punters have no shortage of options with most of the top-rated bookmakers accepting their bets.

This means that in spite of the illegal nature of the activity, locals don’t have a problem in placing an Iceland bet online.

Bet at Home10BetNordicbet, and Betsafe are trusted by Icelandic sports bettors just as they are trusted worldwide. Seasoned punters know that internet bookmakers such as Bets10Betway, and Doxxbet can also be relied on to give customers competitive odds, player protection, and the latest customer loyalty options.

These are quite important for those who intend to bet on Icelandic football at a foreign bookie.

Icelandic sports bettors have faith in leading bookies like Betclic and 888. If you are looking for instant withdrawal bookmakers, these international betting sites besides having great bonuses also provide easy payment options, and fast payouts.

They are right to give them their confidence, given their reputation on the international scene and the top notch Iceland betting odds they offer.

What are the Most Popular Sports in Iceland?

For a relatively small population, Iceland is a huge supporter of sports. Naturally, winter sports are very popular here. Skiing, bobsledding, snowboarding, and ice climbing have a solid following while track and field, basketball, wrestling, and aquatics appeal to many. It should go without saying that soccer gets a lot of attention too.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Iceland?

Icelanders are allowed some opportunities for sports wagering and online gambling is one of them. However, because bookmakers need to be run as a non-profit enterprise, there are none operating here. This leaves punters with only one other option and that is to seek out foreign operated internet bookies.

While these foreign operators are not licensed in Iceland, the government makes no attempt at stopping them from accessing the Icelandic gambling market. Sites are not blocked and punters are not punished. This explains why punters who want to place an Iceland bet instinctively choose international gambling companies.

Are there any Sports Betting Bonuses and Free Bets for Icelandic Players?

Even though the Icelandic betting market is small, online bookmakers fight just as hard here as they do anywhere else to lure and retain customers. This bodes well for Icelandic punters who like receiving bonuses from the world’s best online bookmakers.

They catch their eye with bonuses and welcome offers and keep them entertained by providing a wide spectrum of Iceland football betting options.

18Bet is an industry leader and they are giving away €50 worth of free plays as are 12Bet and BestBetToday. Up to €500 freebies at Top Bet. You are an instant winner with MyBookie’s free $1,000 bets and SLBets‘ 100 EUR in free bet bonuses will make your day.

Everyone loves cash and many of the best bookmakers on the planet are throwing stacks of it right at you. Netbet will give Icelandic sports gamblers €50 in bonus cash.

They can use this money for Iceland betting markets, or try deferent leagues and even venture in the uncharted realm of exotic sports.

With so many free bets and other bonuses available, Icelandic punters should check out Gambling Judge’s sportsbook promotions. These valuable bonuses are easy to claim and simple to use. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions that apply to each one.

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