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Five Fold Bet | 2024 explained guide

If you like placing multiple bets on a single betting slip, then a fivefold bet should interest you a lot. Placing multiple bets comes with the advantage of winning a larger amount of money on one betting slip. Sadly, the risk is equally high; Unless all selections are correct, the bet fails. 

This betting guide takes a deep look at fivefold bets, a type of multiple betting. So, if you are interested in placing this type of bet, we give you the definition, how to place them, and anything else you need to know before engaging in them.

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What Is a 5 fold Bet?

The best way to know what is fivefold bet is to define fivefold and knowing how many bets in a 5 fold

Fivefold means five times as many or as plentiful. So, what does 5 fold mean in betting? In betting, fivefold means a five-team accumulator, i.e., a bet that carries five different parts. And for that bet to pay, all the parts must be successful. Whenever one of your predictions is correct, the pay is the stake for the next bet. Indeed, you can start with a small amount and eventually win big money in the end. Always use the fivefold bet calculator to know your total winnings. If you know how to place a bet online, placing a fivefold accumulator is easy. But in this case, you will make five selections on different events similar to placing single bets – the difference; they are grouped.

Five-Fold Bet Example

Let’s look at a fivefold football betting example – you may make 5 selections in EPL matches:

Match Result


Odds (Decimal)

Bet Outcome

Man United 1 - 0 Fulham
Man United To Win
Odds (Decimal)
Bet Outcome
Liverpool 2 – 0 Burnley
Liverpool to win
Odds (Decimal)
Bet Outcome
QPR 2 - 1 Reading
Reading To Lose
Odds (Decimal)
Bet Outcome
Everton 1 - 1 Newcastle
Everton To Draw
Odds (Decimal)
Bet Outcome
Chelsea 0 - 0 Arsenal
Arsenal To Draw
Odds (Decimal)
Bet Outcome

Total Returns = stake x Odds1 x Odds2 x Odds3 x Odds4 x Odds5; 

So, total returns is given by, £10 x 1.5 x 1.08 x 1.5 x 3 x 5 = £364.5

As earlier stated, if one selection fails, the entire bet is lost. For instance, if the third selection (QPR 2 – 1 Reading) isn’t successful, i.e., a draw or reading won, that selection loses, and so is the entire accumulator. This result is an overall loss of £10. 

Place a fivefold bet each way to minimize risks. This bet has two parts – a “to-win” accumulator bet and an accumulator on each selection “to place,” but the odds and selection are updated accordingly. If one choice loses, you only lose the first part of the bet but not the “to place” part. 

How to Place a Five Fold Bet

In a fivefold bet, betting for fun vs betting for profit doesn’t matter a lot. It is all about answering, how does 5 fold betting work? While the process might slightly vary with the bookies, here are the general steps.

  • Log into one of your favorite sports betting sites and recharge your account 
  • Select the sporting event or sport to bet on, and choose 5 different events to create a fivefold betting accumulator. Click on the provided link to check the details of your selection
  • Click the odds of each outcome – the odds should appear next to the names
  • Return to the bet slip – your selection appears as single bets. Click the multiple bet option and choose fivefold.  
  • Enter your stake and confirm the bet

What Sports Are Covered by Five Fold Bets?

There are various sports that you can place a fivefold bet:


Football/soccer is a popular sport. Naturally, many bookmakers offer a wide array of matches from across the globe. So, with football is pretty easy to create a five-fold bet easily. Besides, with the right betting advice, you can bet on the best odds bookmakers and other offers for better returns.

Horse Racing 

With the different types of horse racing held across Ireland, the UK,  and beyond each day, it is an implication that horse racing is a top choice for combination bets. The multiple race and runners alongside good odds offer an amazing chance for punters to create a five-fold bet.


There are several tennis matches each week worldwide for both men and women. Besides, the matches can be doubles or singles. Any punter can quickly create an accumulator bet from these events.


While there are few hockey leagues, this sport also lets you create an accumulator. However, you might want to study a hockey betting guide before engaging in hockey betting.

Five-Fold Bet Alternatives - Accumulator Bets

Beyond knowing how to work out a 5 fold bet, you should know similar bets. Here are the bet types:

  • Lucky 63 – this bet features 6 selections; however, the single bets added on your choices too. This accumulator bet has 63 bets  –  singles, doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds and 6-fold.
  • Heinz bet – it also has 6 selections, giving rise to 57 different bet types. The different types of bets are doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds and 6-fold. If two selections win, you can secure a return. However, to earn a profit, win 4 out of 6. 
  • Super Heinz bet – this bet needs 7 selections, which totals up to 120 bets. On a super Heinz bet, you get doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, 6-folds, and a 7-fold acca.
  • Yankee bet –  it needs 4 selections, totaling 11 bets. The bet includes doubles, trebles and a 4-fold acca. 
  • Alphabet bet – this bet has 26 bets, hence the name alphabet but has 6 selections. 
  • Patent bet – it’s made up of 3 selections totaling 7 bets. It gives rise to singles, doubles and a treble. For a profit, you win two selections; otherwise, one win is enough for a return. Bets are 2 Patents (covering 14 bets), 1 Yankee (11 bets), and one sixfold accumulator.

Payment Methods Available for a Five Fold Bet

The standard payment methods are:

EWallets – these cover a wide range of digital wallets. However, PayPal, Skrill, Trustly, and Neteller are the widely used methods options. They are safe, instant and have low transaction fees.

Bank/wire transfer – punters can directly wire money into their bookmaker account from the bank. Likewise, they can send money from bookies to the bank. However, not all bookies accept this method.

Debit and credit cards – almost all books support this payment mode. It safe, secure and deposits are instant. Withdrawals, however, take up to 7 days. You can get a card from visa or MasterCard. Also, Maestro, American Express and Vanilla Visa are widely accepted.

Pre-paid cards – popular betting sites accept these cards. Ideally, these cards are not linked to a bank account; instead, you place money in the cards to use for betting.

Fivefold Bet Accumulators

A bet accumulator is a multiple bet, i.e., a bet with many selections – in this case, 5 selections. The biggest advantage of this bet is that it pays at higher odds than single separate bets – Odds are bundled together. However, each multiple single bet in the Acca must be successful for a guaranteed return.

Tips and Trick About Fivefold Bet

Every punter aspires to win each bet they place, and since the best five-fold bet has better odds, they can more money. However, there are types of sports betting, which can be confusing. Besides, it might be tricky to settle on the right one with a massive number of new bookmakers. Here are some strategies to consider:


  • Use promotions and bonuses. Bonuses allow you to bet risk-free. So find your sports bonus complete guide to get started. Take advantage of different bonus types, including live betting bonuses.
  • Bet on Acca insurance bookies. Here you’ll get Acca insurance free bets, i.e., if a selection loses, you won’t lose the entire stake. Instead, you get bonuses, free bets, and at times cash.
  • Use valuable markets  – for better profits, find sports offering better odds. Otherwise, stick average odds if you don’t want to risk.
  • Use bookmakers with statistics – statistics can help you make informed choices
  • Mix up the markets – consider markets like Draw no bet, Win both halves, etc.
  • Mobile betting sites.

Always research before placing bets, including reading tutorials and strategies

PROS and CONS about 5 fold bet


  • Potential for enormous wins
  • Offers flexibility of combining multiple bets according to your judgement
  • Higher adrenaline betting than single bets


  • This betting system lacks single bets, so the risk is high
  • This betting system lacks single bets, so the risk is high

Fivefold Bet FAQ:

5 fold bet is suitable for certain sports more than others – football, tennis, and horse racing because these sports have several events.

No. it is a high-risk affair. Though the possible return is high, losing one selection means the entire bet is lost.

Yes. A mobile-ready betting site and bookmaker lets place bets using your phone.

Yes. Just choose the best live betting sites and bookmakers to enjoy 5 fold live betting.

Not really. Punters typically receive all their winnings in their sportsbook accounts. Fees may only come as withdrawal fees, and that depends on a betting site.

Not really. A 5 fold bet is a type of accumulator offered by many bookies. Unless a country forbids betting, types of sports betting are rarely banned.

5-Fold Bets Risks & Rewards – Are They Worth?

The risk of losing in a 5-fold bet is higher – the chances of things going wrong are higher. In this fivefold bet explained tutorial, it is clear that if you are fainthearted, avoid the betting system. However, the reward can be higher if your bets are successful. Nevertheless, that requires courage, strategy, and a bit of luck.

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