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Settled bets | Find out how long does it take to settle a bet [2024]

The moment you see the settled bets in your online account is the best time if you know the predictions were correct. That’s because this is the moment when the bookmaker will release the corresponding payout.

For an absolute beginner who now learns the ropes of online gambling, learning about settled bets is the first and most important step. In this guide we take a closer look at the settled bets meaning and explain how they work at trusted sports betting sites.

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What is the definition of a settled bet?

The name is self-explanatory as settled bets online refer to wagers that are validated by the bookmaker. When you wager on horse racing, football or any other sport you try to make a correct prediction. Your open bets could be about a double chance market, an each way bet or a combination of the above such as the teaser betting option. Until the event concludes, the wagers will stay open and they will be regarded as unsettled bets. The payout is only released after the games have ended when the winning bets are paid. The best football betting siteswill validate the bets minutes after the games have ended.

The bookmaker is responsible for settling the bet, based on the official result. Settled bets bookmakers are expected to act quickly and make a correct assessment, in accord with the correct odds. Settled bets winnings should be released just as quickly, so punters can reinvest them or withdraw based on their preferences. It doesn’t matter if punters have wagered their own money or used monthly bonuses and free bets. Sports books are supposed to treat them all just as swiftly and professionally.

How does a bookmaker validates a settled bet?

The process is straightforward and settled online bets are based on the official scores. Punters can verify the information themselves for the settled bets outcome, regardless of the type of sports and betting market. The bookmaker has the advantage of optimizing the process because the official results are automatically fed into their databases. If you choose to bet at the bookies offering top sign up free bets you are entitled to expect a swift resolution of settled bets.

During the match, players have the opportunity of cashing out their winnings without waiting for the settled bets settlement. The best cash-out betting sites will allow them to take the profits before the match has ended based on the correct score. Cash out betting explained is important because this is one of the most useful features for live betting. If your team is ahead, you will get bigger proposed cash out, while if the squad is trailing, you only recuperate a portion of the stakes.

To have the early payout explained properly, it’s important to understand the link between settled bets payout and the live odds. If your team is credited with the better chance of winning than it was before the game, you will receive bigger cash out value. You can compare this with the settled bets run line odds and determine if the value is satisfying. Partial cash out bookmakers go a step further and allow punters to take a part of their potential winnings.

Once you activate the cash out feature, the settled bets rules apply to it. The money should automatically be credited to your account, so if you wonder how long to settled bets takes, it’s a matter of seconds.

What happens to a settled bet online?

Once the match has ended, the settled bets final score will wrap up any existing open bets. If you make the right prediction, you will be paid according to the initial settled bets odds. The best bookmakers will validate the results in less than a minute, but it usually takes a few minutes for this process to end. If you chose to wager at bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites, you’ll be able to cash out your profits via wire transfer. Otherwise, the settled bets payment method of choice can be used to withdraw money.

Punters who used best sports free bet offers won’t be able to withdraw unless the wagering requirements have been met. It doesn’t matter what the settled bets type were, they need to verify the state of the play through demands. This also applies to the bookmakers offering the best free bets for UK punters and the best accumulator bonuses. The settled sports bets might be validated instantly but the top priority is to meet the wagering requirements.

Which are the core rules of settled bets?

All the settled bets online are subject to the same rules for how the market are settled. The bookmaker gets the information from third-party providers that have been vetted for transparency and fairness. Based on the official results provided by the suppliers, they turned open bets into settled bets sporting events. If these are incorrect and the punters discover it, they can write a ticket and have the problem sorted out. There is also a good chance for the bookmaker to discover the problem by itself and act accordingly.

First goalscorer bets are settled immediately after any player scores, if your chosen athlete plays a single minute. Other markets, such as settled bets total and settled bets double chance don’t depend on the performance of any player. These markets are determined at the end of the match, just like the settled bets handicap based on the final result. As soon as the wagers are closed, the winning ones are paid to punters.

Pros and cons of settled bets


  • If you wait for the settled bets online you get the maximum profits
  • The best bookmakers will validate open bets much faster
  • Settled bets will count towards wagering requirements


  • You can lose the entire settled bets parlay in the last second of the last match

FAQ on settled bets

Settled online bets can only be reversed if the bookmaker incorrectly validated the outcome.

The best bookmakers will validate bets in less than a minute and it rarely takes more than 10 minutes.

This usually stands for victory, to help players distinguish winning bets from lost ones.

They base their decision on the official results provided by the match or event organizer.

That’s because the games are still open and the official results are yet to come in.

Everything you must know about settled bets

The thrills of the game are one of the many reasons why punters bet on sports. Winning is so much fun, so the most anticipated time of the day is when the settled bets come in. Bookmakers are responsible for validating the bets based on the official outcome and paying winners accordingly. Most sports books will allow punters to cash out winnings before the game has ended and some even offer a partial cash out. In this guide you have learned everything you need to know about settled bets, so the next time you bet pregame or live you can make an educated decision on whether to take profits early or wait until the end.