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BTTS Both Halves | Both Teams to Score Both Halves Guide & Tips (2024)

There are plenty of football bets you can make online, and BTTS Both Halves is one of the more challenging ones. However, as with all tricky footy bets, while your chances of success are reduced, the potential to win sizable sums is vast.

BTTS Both Halves stands for Both Teams to Score Both Halves. In this footy gambling guide, we will look at the Both Teams to Score in Both Halves meaning and discuss BTTS strategy, introduce you to some leading bookmakers, and provide you with examples of how the bet works.

If you are ready to bet, read on to find out more…

What does Both Teams to Score Both Halves really mean when betting online?

What does Both Teams to Score in Both Halves mean?

  • BTTS in Both Halves is a straightforward yes or no bet.
  • It does not matter about the final score.
  • The BTTS meaning, simply put, means that both teams must score in both halves – nothing else matters.
  • However, as Both Teams to Score in Both Halves is a yes/no bet, the Both Teams score in Both Halves rules also state that you could wager on neither of two teams scoring in both halves.

Make no mistake; these are not the same as traditional BTTS bets, whereby both teams need to score in any half. Nor do they require a side to win both halves, to win either half and nor is this a correct score betting option, so the half-time full-time bet is not in play, either.

With that said, let us look at a list of bookies we recommend for placing BTTS both halves bets and then continue with two examples of how this bet works.

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Learn how BTTS Both Halves is used

The best way to see how this type of bet works is to use examples. This is what we have done below. To start, we will look at the Both Teams to Score in Both Halves bet. Let us say that you want to wager a Both Teams to Score in Both Halves stake at Bet365. Below you can see how the BTTS bet is displayed at Unibet:

BTTS both halves

Manchester United are raring to take on Leicester City. Both teams play fast-paced football. You have decided that both teams will score in both halves. If Manchester United score in both halves and Leicester City score in both halves, you will win your bet. However, if Manchester United score in the first and second half, but Leicester City only scores in the second half, the bet is lost.

Now, if you were to place a bet on both teams NOT scoring in both halves, then you would win the bet if Manchester United scored in both halves, and Leicester only scored in the second. However, if United and Leicester both scored in both halves, you would lose the bet. Wagering on this type of bet is more favourable because it is less likely that both sides will get goals in both halves.

As you can tell, the minimum score line required to win a Both Teams to Score in Both Halves bet is 2-2. If you are betting that both teams will not score in both halves, there is no minimum score line.

Based on this information, here is a table that shows examples of first and second half betting results and what they mean for a BTTS both halves bet:

First Half Result

Second Half Result

BTTS Both Halves Bet Result

Second Half Result
BTTS Both Halves Bet Result
Second Half Result
BTTS Both Halves Bet Result
Second Half Result
BTTS Both Halves Bet Result
Second Half Result
BTTS Both Halves Bet Result
Second Half Result
BTTS Both Halves Bet Result

We would recommend checking out Both Teams to Score in Both Halves stats. The biggest bookmakers in the world offer these, and they will allow you to be more accurate with your Both Teams to Score in Both Halves predictions.

Top teams and leagues to wager with BTTS Both Halves bets

When checking out BTTS Both Halves stats, there are some teams that are more likely to score in both halves than others.

  • The Premier League tends to be the league with the most BTTS options, as English football is fast-paced and free-flowing, with an emphasis on attacking football.
  • High scoring teams typically include Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, and other top sides.

You cannot just wager on top scoring teams, though. You must also consider the opposition. Teams that have a top defence or play very tightly packed in the box are less likely to concede. They are also less likely to score. 

Instead, it may be worth checking bookmakers with statistics to look for games where there is great importance on the fixture. Knock-out games, for instance, will see teams who are on the verge of elimination throw caution to the wind in a last-ditch bid to score and stay in the tie. Similarly, teams that have already scored may wish to double their advantage by scoring again. But wait, you can also bet on under 3.5 goals, for example, on the same event. 

Top tips for picking a good BTTS Both Halves bet

We are not going to let you dive straight into placing BTTS in Both Halves predictions without providing you with a few BTTS Both Halves tips. Below, you will find our advice, and this is as close to a football betting strategy as you will find with Both Teams to Score Both Halves tips. If you want to make money betting on football, here is what we suggest:


👉 Always check BTTS in Both Halves stats before wagering. Check the history of sides and competitions. For instance, how often do both teams score in both halves?

👉 Tournament bets are more favourable to league ones. Few sides aim for a draw in a knock-out game, boosting the chances of there being goals. So take into consideration Champions League betting or Europa League betting.

👉 If you are betting on both sides to score in both halves, you will need a minimum score line of 2-2, in short, a minimum of 4 goals.

👉 This is a difficult, risky bet, often with high odds and low chances of success. Therefore, thoroughly check the betting value of each market, to ensure you get decent odds.

👉 In over/under betting markets, these types of bets may be found under the over 3.5 goals category.

👉 Do not consider early payout, partial cashout or cashout betting options for Both Teams to Score in Both Halves bets. There is no point when it is worth your while.

👉 It is worth cashing out early if you have a bet on both teams NOT to score in both halves. You do not need to cash out early in the first half, but if one team scores in the second as well, it may be time for cash in that early payout option. Again, if no side has scored in the first half, you will not need to worry about this.

Both Teams to Score Both Halves: The good and the bad

These types of bets have their perks, and we have covered those (as well as the cons) below.


  • A fun way to engage in profitable football betting online
  • You can win vast sums if you make the right predictions
  • Ideal for knock-out games
  • Can be used in combination with accumulator bets


  • The minimum score line must be 2-2
  • Trickier to predict than standard Both Teams to Score bets

FAQs: Your questions about BTTS Both Halves bets answered

We hope that you now know a bit about how to bet on Both Teams to Score in Both Halves. However, we have put together this brief FAQ if you still have questions…

Both Halves BTTS bets mean that you are wagering on both teams in a football match to score in both halves or that you believe that neither side will score goals in both halves of the match. Neither the final score nor the winner matter here.

BTTS Both Halves bets include injury time, as you would expect. They do not include extra time in knock-out matches.

Yes. It does not matter who the scorer is. It can be a player on any side, scoring a goal, netting a penalty, it simply is not important. As long as the goal is given, then it counts.

Both teams must score at minimum one goal per half. Whether the game ends 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 4-2, 4-3 does not matter. One goal must be scored by both teams in each 45-minute half, plus injury time.

Play with BTTS Both Halves bets online at leading bookmakers

BTTS Both Halves bets are fun, and they can generate quite a return if you are lucky. Remember, wagering on Both Teams NOT to Score in Both Halves is a possibility, too. If you think you are ready to start betting, then why not place Both Teams to Score in Both Halves with William Hill? Alternatively, you can compare bookmakers from our list of the top 100 bookmakers or select another one of our biggest bookmakers in the UK to start betting with today.