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Best both teams to score(btts) strategies, predictions and tips

Before talking about BTTS strategy, let’s start by answering the obvious question: What does BTTS mean?

This is actually short for “both teams to score” and if you think that the excitement of a game of football is only as high as the number of goals produced, then you will surely like the idea of both teams to score bets.

This wager is also immensely popular with bookmakers, so those who wager over the Internet will have the chance to place lucrative bets of this type. Every now and then bookies offer bonuses and freebies to those who bet on a high number of goals, so this is pretty much a win-win situation.

Best bookmakers where you can place BTTS bets in 19 June 2024 – Updated List

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Both Teams To Score - The Ultimate Guide

The name of this wager says a great deal about how it works and in a nutshell players should be rooting for both teams to find their way to the net. Both teams to score rules are simple: You don’t even have to predict the winners or indicate the result at half time, as long as each of the participants scores at least once. Furthermore, if the match gets out of hand and both teams score multiple times, this doesn’t interfere with the outcome of your wager. Both teams to score system is truly advantageous.

Bookmakers are allowing customers to wager on multiple events simultaneously and you can have a both teams to score coupon containing other types of wagers. ACCA insurance and partial cash outs could complete a great BTTS strategy. It is not the only BTTS betting strategy, of course: We will talk about additional strategies below.

Unlike other types of bets, the both teams to score predictions are usually validated before the end of the match. Assuming the two teams defeat the opposing goalkeeper in the first half, you should have the corresponding profits credited to your online account minutes after the second goal has been scored. With a BTTS both halves bet though both teams need to score at least one goal each, in both halves.

Both teams to score rules

Before talking about a BTTS strategy, we must explain the rules of this bet. It’s hard to find a wager with simpler rules, so if you’re in the market for a basic bet that requires minimal user involvement, this is the perfect way to make the first step. The only requirement is for both teams to score for the wager to be deemed a winner and they also need to do it in regulation time.

A both teams to score accumulator also need to factor in this key requirement, but the goals scored in the few minutes of overtime awarded by the referee also count. This is also important to know in order to create the most accurate BTTS predictions.

It goes without saying that the goals scored in extra time and the ones resulting from penalties are not going to make any difference. On the bright side, you can place a single bet, but also a double bet, trebles and virtually any type of system you can think of. This can be an important part of your football betting strategy.

Finding and using a both teams to score strategy is really not that hard: The rules are simple enough and you can develop a strategy even by yourself.

In those cases in which the game is abandoned or postponed, the both teams to score bets will be voided and removed from the betting slip. This is standard industry practice and applies to all the wagers regardless of their nature.

Best BTTS Tips for Maximizing Profits

The fact that this type of bet is so easy to master, might lead to the conclusion that virtually any game qualifies for a successful both teams to score wager. In any case, you will need accurate btts tips to make the best btts prediction, so we share some basic information below.

  • Obviously, players can take a leap of faith with a random football match and hope that the two teams will follow through. However, this won’t be a good both teams to score betting strategy: You still need to do your research. A better BTTS betting strategy would be to undertake a little research and go over the btts betting tips available to make an educated decision.
  • The first thing that players should consider when making btts predictions is the form and the strength of their offensive department. Those squads that have capable strikers and a manager that is inclined to play offensive football are more likely to create scoring opportunities.
  • In the long run, by betting mostly on these type of squads, the odds of losing your investment as a result of narrow margin wins or teams keeping clean sheets are relatively low. Use this kind of bet in conjuction with a promotion of late goal insurancefirst goalscorer or boosted prices and you might realise you are standing on a gold mine.
  • The obvious downside with this both teams to score strategy is that bookmakers are quick to respond by lowering the odds. Finding the value in their odds margins is something that comes with experience and is also a catalyst for bigger payouts. You can check the bookmaker withdrawal limits here and of course always choose the safest and most secure payment methods if you want to withdraw large sums of cash. Trustly betting sites are among our top recommendations.
  • Even amateurs can go over the recent form and distinguish between the teams that struggle offensively and those that are on a scoring spree. It’s also easy to pick up on the vibes and find those teams that have a weak backline or struggle with injuries and suspensions.
  • The head to head results (check here our head-to-head sports betting guide) are also important, but they should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially if the most recent games took place years before.
  • Whether you place a btts accumulator or bet on individual games, it is mandatory to be fully aware of the motivation in both teams. If one of them is in dire need of points to advance to the next stage of the competition while the other can settle for a draw, the btts wager makes little sense. A bet on draws or accumulators with draw bets would be more suitable in this case. Alternatively you could go with draw no bet accumulators.
  • It’s even worse to bet on such a market when the teams involved have nothing to fight for and are simply waiting for the season two end. They won’t come out firing on all cylinders and even if the other team manages to take the lead, they will probably refrain from throwing everything they’ve got to score the equalizer.

The btts tips today are factoring in all these structural elements and many of them are updated, as kickoff draws near. Even if a single player returns to the starting formation to consolidate the offensive or backline, the odds of goals being scored change.

It is pretty easy to get up to date with the latest team news and many sportsbooks have dedicated sections, where players can read everything that matters regarding prominent football teams from Europe and other continents.

When it comes to btts betting, no other player is more important than the goalkeeper and whenever the main ones are injured or suspended, the chances to win improved. To some extent, playmakers are equally important and virtually anything that might affect the basic strategy used by managers need to be factored in.

Both teams to score and win tips

And now we can start talking about best both teams to score predictions and give tips about them. Once again, note that these tricks and BTTS system examples are targeted towards veterans, so if you are a beginner, check our other guides first, such as how to win big on football bets, how to win at sports betting, all sports betting terms explained, and how to make money with sports betting.

One wager that draws inspiration from classic btts bets is the both teams to score and win. This is a slightly more complex type of bet that requires players to also indicate the name of the winner, in addition to having both teams scoring at least one goal. It is not to be mistaken with betting on both teams to win, which we explain more in detail in the “Can you bet on both teams to win?” article. You can also start with our BTTS meaning: what is btts guide.

Since there is an indissoluble link between the risks taken and the return on investment, it comes as no surprise that btts and win wagers that are successful will lead to more significant profits.

  • Most btts and win tips are following the same guidelines as the ones applying to the standard bet, as the number of goals is at the cornerstone of this strategy. It is not sufficient for the chosen team to defeat its opponent and when punters wager on lopsided games, the real challenge is to actually have the underdog find its way to the net.
  • Both teams to score and win tips are usually focusing on the lesser squad, by highlighting the reasons they are worth your confidence. It pays off to place such a bet when the underdog desperately needs points and is willing to press on for 90 minutes despite crushing odds. If such a team plays on the road, then it’s even better to bet on the favorites which also have the home pitch advantage.
  • Football tips both teams to score and win can be a bit tricky in the final stages of international competitions, rendering the visiting possibility of games being settled in extra time or penalties. It is better to steer clear from such games, as there is a good possibility for the team ahead to barricade itself in its own half. Perhaps even more dangerous is the scenario in which none of the competitors score in the first half and the two managers decide to take fewer chances after the 60th minute.
  • Win and btts tips sometimes go sour due to the fact that when two teams are tied in the second half, they prefer to bolster their defenses, despite having plenty of time to mount consecutive attacks.
  • Risk-averse players would be better off placing individual wagers on both teams to score and win markets, even if they have access to excellent btts and win predictions. The odds are high enough not to require punters to take additional chances, something that they feel compelled to do when wagering on outright btts markets.
  • Generally the odds are also higher when betting on balanced games, as opposed to wagering on fixtures between huge favorites and the underdogs. Many times when two teams stand more or less an equal chance to win the bookmaker will have difficulties setting the odds. That’s why you encounter even odds (2.00 or 1/1) and EVS betting is exactly taking advantage of these odds and double your money.

The both team to score and win tips are basically the same hints given to punters who bet on btts markets, with a twist. Many of these strategies are also built on the assumption that players don’t mind betting on several events simultaneously. The advantage of accumulator bets is that you can combine low-risk events on the same wagering slip and have the odds compounded.

Top bookies for btts wagers

The popularity of this type of bet has resulted in bookmakers of all sorts coming up with special promotions available exclusively to those betting on these markets. While these operators stand out from the crowd, in an attempt of finding the best both teams to score bookmakers, it is essential to pay attention to the odds.

In the long run these are the ones that make the difference between a breakeven player and a successful punter. 22Bet sits at the top of the list for the simple reason that this was one of the first bookmaker to introduce the both teams to score wagers. Not only were they at the forefront of innovation, but they also managed to stay ahead of the pack, by offering excellent odds on these markets. 

If you prefer more exotic markets, this is also a great place to set up a real money account and wager, because they’ve got btts and win bets among other types. It can also be very exciting to bet on football specials such as the 30 minute limit, which demands players to predict if a goal will be scored in the first half hour.

The best part is that these promotions are not mutually exclusive and you can participate in several simultaneously and enjoy all the sports.

Stake is uniquely positioned to offer outstanding betting opportunities for those who wager on British football and enjoy watching the games live. They’ve got an excellent btts accumulator and this package includes enhanced profits for those who managed to correctly predict the outcome of several games.

In conjunction with the weekly offers and other money back betting offers, they make it easier for players to stay afloat even when luck deserts them. The bookmaker also has the both teams to score rules clearly displayed on the website, so those who are new to this type of wagering will get up to date with the regulations.

Betwinner is one of the few bookmakers that allow customers to place both teams to score’s wagers while the games are underway. The odds they offer are comparable to the ones available prior to kickoff, which comes in handy to those who plan on placing both teams to score accumulator in real-time.

Every now and then, they will refund the losing bets on these markets and players will receive a free bet.

Right Time for Both Teams to Score Betting

BTTS strategy requires looking at the rate of goals scored per game rather than the performance of a team throughout the season. So, you still have to follow the performance of the teams and do research, but the things you need to pay attention to are different: You have to consider how likely the teams are to score goals in each match and their level of defense. For example:

  • A team may not score but also may not concede a goal.
  • A team may score at least one goal each match but also concede multiple goals.
  • A team may score at least one goal each game and never concede a goal.

All these statistics will enable you to make the best BTTS prediction. (You can also use this information for over 1.5 goals strategy and live betting strategies.) Generally speaking, when teams that play aggressively and have scored at least one goal in each match meet, this is the best time to place a BTTS bet. Make sure these teams do not also have a clean sheet (*). In other words, they must be conceding goals as well as scoring them. If you can find two teams that score at least one goal and concede at least one goal in every match, you have the perfect opportunity to bet on BTTS. But also consider the home/away situation of the teams: Home teams are always more likely to score and away teams always play more defensively.

(*) What is clean sheet in soccer? This means the goalkeeper protected his corner and did not concede a goal in the entire match.

Betting Against Both Teams to Score System


We can also give BTTS hot tips for betting against BTTS. Actually, you can guess when it is not the right time for placing a BTTS bet: If one of the teams managed to score a clean sheet in majority of the matches it participated, this means it has a strong defence. If such a team is at home, the opponent won’t be able to score a goal, most probably. In other words, you should stay away from defensive teams: For both teams to score system work, both teams must play aggressively: They must score goals as well as conceding them.

Placing a BTTS Bet in Football Betting

We can explain how to place a bet on both teams using football. While each bookmaker has its own interface and options, the general steps you ned to follow are the same.

  1. Log in to your favorite bookmaker and pick football from the menu on the left side.
  2. At this point, your bet slip (the one on the right side) will show an option for “multiple” (or multi generator, each bookmaker is different). Click on it.
  3. Select the “both teams to score” option. All available matches will be listed.
  4. Take your picks, enter the bet amount, and place the bet by clicking the “submit” button.

Pros & Cons of Both Team to Score Strategy


  • Many variants are available
  • The payouts can be quite big
  • Not too complex: even beginners can use it


  • You cannot completely eliminate the luck factor
  • Some variants offer less winning chances

FAQ About Both Teams to Score System

No. A BTTS bet is about giving both teams a chance to score a goal/point until the event ends, so you cannot simply use the cashout option. There is no bookmaker that offers that and BTTS market is not suitable for cashouts.

This depends on how you analyse both teams to score market and how good you are at making BTTS predictions. A BTTS strategy won’t guarantee any winnings, but it will help you to win more often & lose less.

No. Teams to score bet is not an exotic option but small-sized bookmakers cannot afford to offer multiple bet types, so we can say that it is available only at biggest bookmakers (and the ones we recommend, of course).

No. BTTS bets have many variants as explained above, and they all have different odds. For example, the odds for both teams to score and both halves bets will be different.

Try Your Luck with the Best Both Teams to Score Bets

You can do this right now: We gave several BTTS strategy examples above and you know how both teams to score system works. It is now time to make some practice, so pick one of our recommended bookmakers and start making BTTS predictions. We also have other guides that can help you further, such as to win either half bet, second half betting explained, and win both halves explained. Read them all and start winning big by using a both team to score strategy today!

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