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Head to head sports betting – What is H2H & how does it work [2024]

Head-to-head sports betting is arguably the simplest type of bet there is.

For many players, you will scarcely need much advice and probably already know the answer to the question, “what does head-to-head mean in betting?”.

However, for those new to the experience or not in the know, our review will cover the popular bet in detail.

If you are ready to have head-to-head betting explained to you, look no further.

If you fancy simple, straightforward, no-fuss betting, then get ready to learn everything you need to know with our guide. If you are ready, let us begin…

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Your guide to head-to-head sports betting in 2024

What is head-to-head betting? How does head-to-head betting work? If you are asking these sorts of questions, then our guide to head-to-head sports betting in 2022 is for you.

If you want to experience value football betting options, then learning about the most effective way to place simple head-to-head bets is compulsory. Let us begin by looking at the specifics of how the bet works.

What is head-to-head sports betting, and how does it work?

Head-to-head betting rules are incredibly straightforward to understand. The head-to-head definition is best described as being a wager on the winner of a contest. Ultimately, this type of bet can go by the name 1×2 betting. It is an outright bet on which contestant out of two will ultimately be successful.

H2H bets will see you bet on the outcome of a match or contest. It is one of the most common ways to make money betting on football, although there are other sports you can bet on, too. The objective is to pick the team which either has the advantage (the favourite) or offers the best odds (the underdog). To win your bet, you need to predict the outcome of the game successfully. Another option involves head-to-head betting on a draw, but this is not usually that advantageous.

Head-to-head sports betting: An example

One of the best ways to see the bet in action is to look at an example, and we will give you two of them. Our examples are fit for head-to-head football betting. When betting on football, here is how head-to-head betting works…

Manchester United are set to play Liverpool. The bookmaker will offer you odds on a Manchester United win (home win, or 1), a Liverpool win (away win, or 2), or a draw (X). Another way to look at this is 1X2. If you look for the draw, this is known as three-way betting. We are ignoring the draw, so only home or away wins are involved. This is known as a head-to-head bet.

Example #1 – You win: If you bet £1 on Manchester United to win at odds of 2.50, and they pick up the victory, you will win your bet and pocket £2.50 in profit, plus your original £1 bet back.

Example #2 – You lose: If you bet on Manchester United to win with a £1 stake, and Liverpool come away with the victory, you will lose your bet. If the match ends in a draw, you will also lose your bet.

Head-to-head bets really are as straightforward as that.

How to place a head-to-head bet

Placing a soccer betting head-to-head bet at football betting sites in the UK is a doddle. There is how to bet on football with head-to-head bets.

Step 1
Head over to your choice of sportsbook and look at the fixtures which interest you
Step 2
Decide on the match that you want and check out the odds that are available
Step 3
Select the team or contestant you want to win. Your selection will now appear in the betting slip
Step 4
Enter your stake into the betting slip to see your possible return
Step 5
Accept the bet and confirm it. If you are successful, your winnings will be paid out into your account

Top sports to wager head-to-head bets on

H2H sports betting is not limited to football. There are other types of sports betting events that you can wager on. Here are a few of the most popular head-to-head sports betting options out there:

Aside from the examples above, you can also wager head-to-head bets on player props. These are tailor-made, custom bets, often used in American sports such as NFL and NBA, where the statistics in a match (for two players) are compared to determine a winner.

Top tips for betting head-to-head betting


There is not really a bona fide head-to-head betting system that you can use to guarantee profitable football betting. However, there are live betting bonuses that can help you financially and a series of head-to-head betting tips that can help you avoid common sports betting mistakes. They include:

  • Check the form of the competitors: Form and confidence can play a big role in determining outcomes. Have a look at recent events to see if your choice is motivated to give it their all.
  • Look at stats on previous clashes: Have your competitors met before? What was the outcome? This may give you a clue what is going to happen, and there are plenty of bookmakers with statistics to help here.
  • Explore competition stats: Other stats linked to the competition in question can be useful, too. For instance, in football betting, some teams may play watered-down, weakened squads against underdogs because they have a bigger match coming up. This can lead to a surprise and unlikely victory for the minnows. For instance, assuming you already know the answer to “what is a clean sheet in soccer?” you could look up the odds of no clean sheet bets and other types of wagers to help you formulate an overall picture of what is happening.
  • Consult a tipster’s advice: Seeking betting advice from a tipster is ideal if you want help. They will often do all the dirty grunt work, so you do not have to.
  • Collate all the data and evaluate different odds: How do bookies set odds? In some cases, they have collated all the stats and data they have obtained. They have weighed up all the above to determine the best odds margins, and you should do the same. Perhaps visit multiple bookmakers to find the best odds out there.

Pros and cons of head-to-head betting


  • Arguably the most straightforward bet you can make online
  • Every bookmaker offers these options
  • Simple to calculate and often to predict


  • Tend to feature relatively short odds
  • Cannot be used on all sporting events

Frequently Asked Questions about head-to-head betting:

Yes, it can be. However, head-to-head betting usually involves betting on shorter odds than more fanciful, difficult to predict bets.

Virtually all of them do, yes. You would be hard-pressed to find European, UK or even international bookies which do not offer head-to-head bets.

They typically use the same head-to-head soccer betting tips we have discussed above. If you want to learn how to win big on football bets or how to become a professional sports gambler, then read our extensive guides on these topics.

It does not. A head-to-head bet is a wager on two opponents or contestants. If a draw is involved, then it becomes a three-way bet. You cannot place head-to-head bets on more than two contestants.

There are multiple football strategies and systems that you can use, but we would not say that any of these sports betting systems or live betting strategies guarantee a win. Just do your homework with stats, and you should be covered.

That varies. In most cases, the answer will be no, with bets based on 90 minutes and added/injury time only. Some bookmakers include extra time and penalties in the event of a knock-out game, but you would have to check this first.

Yes. This type of each-way bet is possible by backing and laying contestants. You will need the use of an exchange of multiple bookmakers to do this.

Place head-to-head bets with leading bookmakers today

Now that you know a bit about head-to-head sports betting, perhaps it is time to get your hands on a head-to-head betting app or visit football betting sites in the UK to get started?

You will find a host of these right here, as well as further guides such as the devilish details behind dropping odds and how to make money with sports betting. Read on to find out more.