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No Clean Sheet Bet – The Underrated Betting Strategy Explained

A no clean sheet bet is a betting strategy where a player or punter places a bet on the opposing team with the hope that the team will score a goal.

It can also be referred to as a win to nil betting strategy as the success of the bet depends on a win-nil score i.e. a situation where one team scores while another doesn’t.

In this article, we look further into what the no clean sheet betting strategy means and how players can use it and learn how to win big on football bets from gambling sites.

Let’s get started!

What Is A No Clean Sheet Bet In Soccer?

A clean sheet football match implies that no goals have been scored against the team that the player prefers at the end of the match. A no clean sheet, on the other hand, will mean that one or a certain number of goals was scored against the team during the match.

In an instance where neither of the team scores, the game is considered as a goalless match as both of the teams managed to keep a clean sheet throughout the entire game.

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A Clean Sheet Bet Vs. A No Clean Sheet Bet Explained

A clean sheet bet is one in which a player is allowed to place a bet on the team that will not concede a goal during the 90 minutes of the duration of the game. This is a good example from football. Any goals that are scored beyond the 90-minutes mark are not considered.

The goalkeeper will not allow any goal or any goals to pass through. If this is so, the team and specifically the goalkeeper will be said to have maintained a clean sheet through the entire game.

A no clean sheet bet William hill is a situation where there the team allows one or more goals when against the opposition. The number of goals is not limited to the team that scores. It is a win to nil- win in this case being the goals during the entire session of the game.

Any scores beyond the 91st minute will not be considered and so the opposing team has to make an effort in between the match for it to be considered a bet no clean sheet match.

Which Is More Profitable? The Clean Sheet or The No Clean Sheet Betting Strategy?

One main advantage of football betting is that you can bet on a wide range of betting markets. Win to nil betting or to win either half are popular bets that players can use to garner a win from the bookie or betting site. These bets allow you to place your stake on the team that has an actual advantage over the other team.

As such, players will only place bets on the team that only has higher odds and is most likely to score. In this case, the odds are higher and these will translate to bigger payouts at the end of the game. The bet strategy is not only entertaining but is an avid way to make money easily as the bets are straightforward and simple.

By simple, we mean that they are much easier to place compared to betting strategies such as correct scores betting which need you to be very accurate otherwise you will lose your stake to the site you are playing with. The bets can also be placed on a wide range of games such as rugby and soccer.

What Is the Difference Between No Clean Sheet Bet And BTTS?

First what does BTTS mean in betting? BTTS simply means Both Teams To Score during a particular event regardless of which sport you are placing on. Both teams, in this event, will score a certain number of goals. If you place a BTTS Yes bet, each team must score for you to win the bet. If not so, you will lose the bet. There are many variations of BTTS bets, such as the BTTS both halves bet, where both teams need to score at least a goal in both halves.

If you place bets on Manchester City Vs. Leicester, and the result at the end of the match is 4-0, then the BTTS bet is lost. If the teams score is 4-1, then the bet is won as each team has scored a goal or goals.

In example 1 where the result is 4-0, this will be a no clean sheet bet. If a punter is not sure enough of the bets they place, it is only safe to place that bet which seems most viable. Once you have established this, check out the no clean sheet bet tips for the day and make a decision from here.

If you enjoy betting on BTTS, you should definitely take a look at Betfred’s Goals Galore No Draw offer.

The tips are guidelines from experts on the most likely results of each game and depending on the site or bookie you are playing with, the odds will vary. Choose one that has higher odds for better payouts if the bet is correct.

An Example of A No Clean Sheet Bet

Going with the example we had given earlier, there are two teams playing each other. One is Manchester United while the other is Leicester city. A player places a no clean sheet bet on Leicester.

If the result is 1-0, then the no clean sheet bet is successful. If the team ends in a draw of 2-1, the bet is lost since both teams have successfully managed to score goals for themselves. Any goals scored beyond the 90 minutes allotted for the game will be disqualified as well as the goals from the penalty session if any.

The no clean sheet bet is limited to the 90 minutes duration of the game and this would be a disadvantage of the betting strategy.

Is It Worth Betting On No Clean Sheet?

No clean sheet bets are very profitable as they have higher odds. Higher odds are desirable as players get to earn more if the bet is successful. Compared to other betting markets available in the bookie or casino sites, you will notice that these bets have better winning odds and therefore, a player stands to win more if the bet is in their  favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Clean sheet" is a betting term used in soccer. The goalkeeper keeps a "clean sheet" when he doesn't let any goals through during the game and ends the game with no goals scored against his team.

No clean sheet is a betting strategy used in soccer, where you bet that the opposite team will score a goal.

Petr Cech has the most Premier League clean sheets of all time, with over 200 clean sheets.

When a team did not score any goals, they have a clean sheet

Apply The No Clean Sheet Betting Strategy On Top Sports Now!

There are multiple betting strategies that allow players to make money from bookmaker sites or casinos. Some work while others do not. One of the most recent and popular strategies is the no clean sheet bet betting system that gives room for players who want to place win to nil bets on their favorite teams.

One of the advantages is that the system has higher odds ad better payouts and as such, punters are in for a treat. Read our guide on how to apply the strategy today.


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