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Corner Betting Strategies – How to win at Corner Betting

Football Corner Betting is a recognized term in the sports betting industry. Each year, the sports betting industry accumulates over 500 billion dollars by football itself. Although there are plenty of ways to engage in this activity, there is an open market for punters trying to opt for uncommon bets and make money betting on football. Corner betting is one such option. We are spilling some hot details over the betting corners strategy in this article to achieve the ultimate goal of profitable football betting including the Asian corners betting guide. It revolves around the football corner betting strategy which is one best-kept secret of experienced punters.

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About Corner Betting

To make readers aware about betting on corners in football it has to be mentioned that a corner bet is a prop bet (one among various types of sports betting) as it is not outcome-dependent. Moreover, corner betting, like the Super Yankee bet, does not directly influence the outcome of any match. As the name suggests, this specifically deals with the corner kicks taking place in a match for which people can use the best corner betting strategy. Within this category of football betting, people can choose to bet on several aspects like penalties (how does betting on penalties work), a total number of corners, players receiving a yellow card (find here how to bet on bookings), following team to be making a corner kick, and so on. The best soccer betting guide will always suggest exploring uncommon options like corner betting. 

As an integral part of NFL football betting, corner bet is one such field where correction of the odds by bookmakers is not something that is paid much heed to, as they do not feel threatened to lose a fortune, making it seldom detected by the betting radars. For taking a chance at enhanced odds and special offers exploring corner betting is indispensable.  

In spite of being confused between pre-match and in-play corner betting, the preferable option here is to opt for live corner betting. In this way, a bettor can have a look at the track records, as well as use the ongoing match statistics to make their minds up. Live corner betting holds punters in a position of power. The first corner is usually the hardest one to predict but as the match unfolds, predicting the further kicks gets easier. One should check out the second half betting explained to understand better.

Strategies of In-play Corner Betting

In a span of 85 minutes, one of the best options for a play corner betting strategy is taking the Asian over 1 corner. Asian corner betting provides a golden chance to get the money back only if one corner is given away and the punter wins post two or more corners. Another variant among bet on corners is to reach out for over 0.5 corners or over 0.5 goals, while the match is about to end. The window to opt for this bet is only available for one to 2 minutes, after the 88th minute. To set the line for the whole match, bookmakers often double the number. When the corners are in plenty at the first half, among the profitable variants, one other option is insisting on starting line. Subjects related to odds like low odds vs high odds, accept all odds movement, no clean sheet bet in football are essential for a bettor to know and are abundant on this website.

Corner Kicks in Various Leagues

For Italian Serie A, the focus of most of the teams revolve around the defense to score a valuable outcome. Reaching a comfortable score will determine the attack of even the most powerful teams. German Bundesliga or Dutch Eredivisie: These leagues are mostly prone to attacking and collect more corners in a match. The attack continues till the end as they are more concerned about scoring more goals. Here, actions are in complete disregard to the current status of the score. In comparison with the European leagues, Latin American ones have more corners due to the presence of skilled lateral strikers. The goalkeepers of African leagues are less stable compared to the European ones, so punters are suggested to watch out for over lines in this case.  The Eastern European leagues are prone to having fewer corners compared to the Western European ones.

What’s the deal with corner handicap betting?

Now that you know the main plot, it is time to learn what is the corner handicap in betting and how to tackle its inherent challenges. Under normal circumstances, home teams are expected to play more aggressively, so there’s a high likelihood for them to be awarded more corner kicks.

The same applies to overwhelming favorites facing weaker opponents, as the latter are tended to play defensive football. In order to level the playing field and enjoy better odds on the team that will have more corner kicks, punters can use handicaps (either Asian or European handicap). They work just like classic ones, by requiring the favorites to cover a variable spread.

Depending on how balanced a game is, the corner betting handicap can be smaller or greater. In the case of perfectly matched football clubs, the handicap can be as low as -0.5, with slightly higher odds on the team supposed to cover the spread.

By comparison, when the difference is significant, the handicaps can go as high as -6.5 points for a better team. In these instances, punters frequently trust the underdogs to cover the spread, while enjoying odds that revolve around even value. Generally speaking, when betting on corner kicks, soccer fans must use handicaps to extract sufficient value from the odds available.

No such thing as best leagues or matches for corner betting

A common misconception is that some divisions are better for corner betting or that certain matches are more likely to yield desired results. This is simply not true because the corner betting odds are the same for all matches and they depend solely on the bookmaker of choice. Even though some games are more likely to generate a high number of corners than others, there is always the possibility of betting on the opposite outcome. For instance, you can bet on a low total corner count in dull matches or games where teams lack the motivation and still make a profit.

Over-under corner betting is the perfect market because it allows players to take advantage of the subtle changes that occur during the game. When corner betting live, you can take advantage of sharp odds and line movements to extract the most value from each bet. But for more information read our article about: What is sharp betting?

Whether you choose corner betting sites in Kenya or wager on these markets in the flagship European divisions, there’s always an angle to take. Corner betting goes well with double result bets too. Some teams have a predisposition for taking corner kicks, while others are rarely awarded set pieces. As long as you know these details, you can make corner betting work anywhere and make a profit.


Corner bets are usually regarded as the fun kind but although it is hard to predict, it is one of the interesting bets to invest in if one is opting for long term profit gain.

Strategic thinking and learning tips and tricks regarding corner bets is essential for making profit using corner bets. The strategies are depicted in the article itself.

This means a punter is making a prediction and backing it up that the total number of corners that will take place. it has to be above 8.5. This means if a punter opts for this bet, he wins if the total number of corners is at 9. If it is 8, he loses.

In most leagues, the average corner is around 10 to 11.

It means four or more corners, which can definitely be 5.


If this does not come as a wake-up call to punters to try out corner betting, they are missing out on something really profitable for their betting portfolio. There are similar types of uncommon bets that are capable of yielding a profit for which one has to know what is handicap betting, what is a double chance bet, and so on. Similarly, punters can try out lower league betting in order to manipulate the shifting of odds in their favor.