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Over 1.5 Goals Strategy – Understanding the Betting System

The over 1.5 goal strategy option is the most popular because it appears to be the safest. Do you know why?

It is expected that out of 80 percent of football matches played by the big teams, each must have a minimum of 2 goals at full time, read over 2.5 goals.

Is this always the case? Not really. As part of our discussion, we shall highlight football leagues with the best over 1.5 goals stats and more.

So how did the bookies come about the half (.5) and what does it mean? Well, it doesn’t imply that there is a half goal but it is used to avoid a draw.

So you can either win or lose a bet on over 1.5 goals betting strategy.

These and many more will be discussed in sports betting systems.

What Does Over 1.5 goals Mean?

During the introduction, we slightly defined the over 1.5 goals system. Notwithstanding an encompassing definition will be helpful to some readers too.

The over 1.5 goal betting system simply means a bet suggesting that there must be more than two goals scored in a match. The goals may be scored by any team. What counts is that the total number of 2 or more goals was scored by either team in the match.

If there is an over 1.5 goal option then an under over 1.5 goals strategy may also be available. These two bets go side by side. Wherever there is an over 1.5 betting option, the next to it is an under 1.5 goals option. This will discussed very soon.

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How Does It Work?

Just like we stated previously, both teams must score more than two goals to win this bet. Let’s consider a few examples to portray all that has been talked about.

Assuming you stake an over 1.5 goals bet, and the total goals in a football match exceed 2 will your bet win? Yes, it will. What matters here is that both teams scored more than two goals.

For example, if you have a scoreline like 1-1 or 2-0, your bet will win. If you also have a scoreline such as 3-1, 2-2, 4-0, and so on, your bet will also win.

The only time you will lose your bet on this goal strategy is when you have a scoreline such as 0-0, 0-1, and 1-0. This scoreline will succeed if your bet was an under 1.5 bet or under 0.5 goals bet. The over/under 0.5 bet will be discussed shortly.

Football Leagues with the Best Percentages of Over 1.5 Goals Each Game/per Week

This is the most sensitive and interesting part of this goal-scoring-betting option. As a beginner, this should interest you more. From various research and findings, it is obvious that not all leagues have a good percentage of scoring over 1.5 goals per game or per week.

So how will you know a league with the best percentage of over 1.5 goals?

The goal statistics! Go to the football statistics over 1.5 goals section of the league; it will be very helpful. Find out the average number of goals scored in a league per week. However, you may discover that the total numbers of goals scored are by a few teams. These are the teams you should choose.

Is there any other method? Watch their top teams play live. This will also give you an insight of what to expect in case you decide to stake soccer over 1.5 goals bet.

Is an Over 1.5 Goal Betting System the Same in other Sports?

The over 1.5 team goals meaning in other sports is not different from what is obtainable in soccer (football). This goal-scoring-betting strategy is popular in other sports too, not just football (soccer).

However, in some sports, this betting option may not be available at all. The reason is simply that the goal margins are very high. Sports like basketball and football have a high goal margin.

On the other hand, in hockey, the over 1.5 bet is similar to what is obtainable in soccer (football). In hockey, the probability of scoring more than one goal in a soccer game is very low. So a bet on this betting option will be very difficult to win.

To be sure that you are placing a bet in favour of the right team check the over 1.5 goals 1st period NHL stats (check here our NHL betting system). This will guide your decision.

Is an Over 1.5 Goal Betting System Profitable?

The main reason this betting system is popular is that it is profitable. The odds are reasonable and the risk of winning much higher than other goal bets. If you accumulate a few games and select the over 1.5 odds, the possibility of winning is greater and the reward will be high too.  However, the amounts you stake always determine what you will get at the end of the day.

Over 1.5 Goals Bet Versus Under 1.5 Goals

The over/under 1.5 goals mean the same thing. The slight difference is that the former suggests that the teams must score more than 2 goals while the latter means that the team must not score more than 2 goals.

The under 1.5 bet is preferable for teams or sport where goals are barely scored. For instance, the under 1.5 bet is preferable for sports like hockey. Goal scoring here is very low.

Meanwhile, if you want to take more risk, you can place a bet on an over 1.5 goals in each half when teams that score a lot of goals are playing. You are placing a bet that a total number of goals in each half will be more than 2.

The odds for this type of bet are higher than the over 1.5 goals bet after full time.  The same thing goes for an under 1.5 goals in each half. This merely means the opposite. To win either half, the goals must be more than 1.

There are alternative goal line betting options like over 1.0 1.5 bet or under 1.0 1.5 bet which are considered safer, as there is the possibility of a refund.

Over 1.5 Goals Versus Over 2.5 Goals

The only difference between an over 1.5 goal and an over 2.5 goals, is the number of goals that will be scored at the end of the match.

An over 2.5 goals bet means that the total number of goals in the match will be more than 3 goals. If it exceeds 3 goals your bet will still win. While the under 2.5 goals bet simply means that the goals will not exceed 2. If your stats of both teams suggest that they are high scorers, then you can place an over 2.5 goals bet.

Strategies for Placing an Over/Under 1.5 Goals Market

Aside from going through the stats of both teams before you stake your bets, prediction sites are also helpful. The best strategy is to always place bets that are lower than forecast by a reliable prediction website.

How do we mean?

For instance, if a prediction site predicts that team A and B match will yield more than 4 goals, then you place a bet that they will score more than 2 goals (that is over 1.5 bet) to be on the safe side.

In other words, to always win an over 1.5 goal bet, go for teams that may likely score more than 4 goals in a match. These are the most accurate over 1.5 tips you can think of. No prediction site will give you sure over 1.5 goals predictions. So stake safely.

Over 1.5 goals In-Play betting (live)

Betting over 1.5 goals strategy live is very possible. Most bookmakers allow gamblers the option of placing this bet while the matches are going on live.

Is this preferable?

To some, it may seem so but the odds are usually very low when you are betting live. The bookmaker alters the odds when it perceives that the goals may pour in more. As soon as both teams score up to 2 goals the over 1.5 odds will no longer be available.

Why do Bettors Choose Over 0.5 Goals When an Over 1.5 Goals Betting is Available?

The answer is very simple. They want to place a safe bet. Over 0.5 goals are more likely to win more than an over 1.5 goal bet. Nevertheless, the odds offered for an over 0.5 goal bet is very small. If you must get any reasonable reward you must accumulate so many matches. This type of bet is also suitable when applying a low odds betting strategy.

Ironically, some teams even play a goalless the 0.5 goals bet is not a guarantee that your bet will win. If both teams don’t score till the end of the match, you will lose an over 0.5 bets.

Over 1.5 goals accumulators are better than 0.5 because the odds are higher. If your bet wins, you will earn more money too.

How to Know the Best Teams for Over 1.5 Goals Betting?

Your best bet is to choose teams that score more than 3 to 5 goals in a match. The only way you can find out is via their stats and prediction sites. Also, check their match result and over 1.5 goals margin per game or week.

Factors that Affect the Over 1.5 Goals Bet

Usually, the over 1.5 goals bet gets you more winnings than every other goal-scoring bet. However, they are a few factors that affect the result sometimes;

  1. Injured strikers – Imagine losing your best legs before a match. It will affect the outcome of the match. So when you are checking the stats don’t forget to find out if some top strikers are injured.
  2. Defenders missing – If the top defenders of a team are injured and the other teams have all their top strikers available, the goals will increase. This will weaken the side with missing defenders.
  3. Missing targets – If both teams keep missing every shot on target, there is a chance that they will not score up to two goals before the end of the match.

Qualities of Teams that are Suitable for Over 1.5 Goals Bets

Before you pick a team to score more than two goals, here are a few qualities you should look out for:

  1. They score in almost all their matches.
  2. They have some of the best finishers in the league.
  3. There are among the top teams.
  4. Each player can score goals.
  5. Their goal statistics per match or week is among the top.
  6. Their top strikers are available in the match and not injured or suspended.

Frequently Asked Questions about Over 1.5 Goals Betting Strategy

Over 1.5 means placing a bet that the total number of goals will be more than two. The number of goals to be scored must not be less than 2 to win your bet.

This means that the total number of goals must be more than 3. Assuming both teams end up scoring less than 3 goals, your bet will be lost.

An over 3.5 goals bet means that both teams will have to score up 4 goals for the bet to win. Meanwhile, an under 3.5 goal suggests that both teams must not score more than 3 goals.

A bet on an under 1.5 goal bet means that both teams will not score more than a goal. If the goal at the full time exceeds one, your bet will lose.

An over 0.5 goals bet simply means that the total goals scored in the match will not exceed 1.

It means that either of the teams will not concede a goal. The opposite is a no clean sheet bet. This means that either of the teams will concede at least a goal.

Handicap betting is used when a strong team and a weaker team are playing. Handicap betting has to do with giving more advantage to a stronger team to win the match while over 1.5 bet have to do with scoring more than 1 goal before the end of the match.

Yes, you can double chance an over 1.5 bet. Including an over 1.5 strategy to a double chance bet will give you more odds but the risks are higher. For instance, a win on a double chance result will mean that your team won and the total score at full time was over 1.5 goals.

A win to nil bet means that a team will win and the opponent will not score a goal throughout the match. To win this bet, both wagers must play. While an over 1.5 bet means that at least two goals will be scored at full time.

Building the Best Over 1.5 Goal Accumulators

This may look like a difficult task especially for beginners. The trick requires patience and an articulate mindset. Picking over 1.5 goals bet from the top teams in the league is not enough. You must check for other factors such as weather, the availability of their best players, and their opponents.

If the stats are predicting a possibility of both teams scoring more than 5 goals, then you can pick such teams and place an over 1.5 goals bet. However, if the predictions or stat shows that they may likely score 2 to 3 goals at full time; don’t add such teams to your accumulator. If you like to risk more when betting on goals, you may want to check Betfred’s Goals Galore No Draw offer.

Always Winning An Over 1.5 Goals Bet

Is it possible to win with this betting strategy all the time? Yes, it is; but with the right tricks and strategies. We have also listed most of what works in this article.

However, most importantly, don’t be greedy! If you accumulate too many matches you are likely to lose your bet. Pick a few top scorers and stake a bet. An over 1.5 bet is preferable because the risk is low and the odds are reasonable. But wait, this is not all, you can also bet, for example, on under 3.5 goals.

In other words, winning always with this betting strategy is possible.