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Permutation Betting 🤞 More Chances to Win

Don’t let the name intimidate you, because permutation betting is a very easy concept to grasp. This guide will teach you what is a permutation bet and how betting permutations and combinations work for various sports.

We highlight the similarities and differences between a permutation betting system and the classic accumulators and multiples. We even provide permutation easy examples, so you can better understand how these types of sports betting work at Euro bookmakers and betting sites.

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What is permutation betting?

Sports betting permutation is a betting slip that combines several events, to boost potential winnings by multiplying the odds. You can find it at the best odds bookmakers, including bookmakers with statistics, and can be used in various sports.

You need to have at least three selections on the betting slip for permutation betting, but don’t need everyone to win to make a profit. These combination bets will pay even if one or more matches lose if the minimum number of winning selections is satisfied.

How to place a permutation bet in sport 🤔

To learn how to do permutation betting, it is easier to provide a permutation card example. We use an example from football, but multiple permutation horse racing betting is also popular.

permutation betting imageLet’s assume you choose Barcelona at 1.40, Real Madrid at 1.50, Chelsea at 1.60, and Arsenal at 1.70 to win over the weekend. Permutation betting allows you to cover all the singles, doubles, and trebles as well as fourfold accumulators.

The combination vs permutation advantages are apparent, as you can win something if any team prevails and profits increase with each additional victory. A Yankee bet will automatically cover all possible chances, so it simplifies matters for any permutation betting.

The bookies calculator such as a permutations calculator will give you the exact details in advance, and they can be found at the best online bookmakers. Permutation or combination wagers are accepted by new bookmakers and all the legal betting sites and are popular among risk-averse players. They factor in the permutation betting odds and provide players with the odds and odds ratio example for all the combination bets on the betting chart.

Sports covered by permutation betting

You can enjoy top betting with permutations on virtually any sport, including weekly free bet competitions. It is even possible to use it for non-sports betting events, with a virtual betting guide and esports alternatives being arbitrage-friendly bookmakers. You can input any event in the system, and it will work as a standard permutation of two dice.

Horse racing

Those who know how to bet on horse racing events, consider these to be the best games to bet with permutations. That’s because you can cover with permutation betting five forces in one race and wager on their final placement. 


This can also be used for the batting order for a baseball team, and various winning margins, as they allow you to tinker with the spreads. Regardless of the bookmakers by payment methods, you will find many sports books accommodating this type of wagering.


Permutation betting is perfect for correct score betting and other events with high odds. It can also work for wagers that imply predicting the half-time,/full-time results.


Ante-post wagering in grand slam tournaments at safe betting sites is less risky with permutations and multi-stake singles. The odds are high enough to deliver juicy results, even if only a few players make a deep run in the tournament, according to your predictions.

Other types of bets similar to permutations

A glance at a permutation betting chart will highlight the fact that there are many types of bets similar to it. Some of the best permutation betting options and system bets are hybrids of the standard version, such as these four examples:

Type of bet


Consists of three selections, with three doubles and one treble.
Has four selections, with six doubles, four bet trebles, one fourfold, and four singles.
It is identical to the Lucky 15, but it doesn’t feature the four singles.
Has five selections, with 10 doubles and trebles, five singles, and just as many fourfolds, as well as one fivefold.

All you need to know about permutation betting calculator 🧑🏻‍💻

The betting permutation chart can help you calculate the potential profits, based on the number of selections and the currency of bookmakers. The parlay betting calculator is more precise and the same goes for the tool used to calculate permutations. It will automatically display the potential profits, four singles, doubles, trebles, and combinations of more betting events.

The higher the odds, the bigger the potential winnings, so permutations are ideal for high-risk, high-reward wagers.

How to win big with permutation betting

boy with money imageOne of the common sports betting mistakes is to use permutation betting when wagering on favorites. That’s because the investment is significant and you only make a profit if all selections win or just one favorite loses. Risk-averse punters might still like this approach, but our betting advice is to focus on higher odds.

Research goes a long way, but since the potential rewards are significant it is worth analyzing the teams involved and finding those pics where the returns exceed the risks.

Permutation betting is perfect for horse racing when wagering on the competitor to place on the podium. Learn the horse betting terms, such as each way, and get familiar with the specific betting options available for such events. Tips and tricks for permutation betting can help you mix wagers from different sports. 

It’s recommended to choose games that have a start and completion date close to each other. This way, you don’t have to wait a lot for the permutation bets to be settled.

Frequently asked questions about permutation betting

Permutations pay if any wagers on the betting slip are winners, while combinations require specific events to finish in the money to win.

A permutation is one of the betting terms that refer to different wagers being combined on the same betting slip. Probability refers to the chance of an outcome to happen, win or lose.

The odds are multiplied on the betting slip, so the more selections you add, the higher the potential payouts, but the risks also increase greatly.

Permutation betting is possible on computers and handheld devices for most online bookmakers. As long as the website is optimized for smartphones and tablets you can bet on your phone.

Focus on events that have higher odds and try to find those selections where the odds exceed the risks. Exercise solid bankroll management to stay afloat while dealing with the inherent variance.

With the proper bankroll and a smart combination of medium and high-risk events, permutation betting can be profitable and safe in most sports.

Keep your options with permutation betting

Veteran punters know that can’t be 100% correct every single time and predict all the events on your betting slip. Permutation betting is a safe alternative as it allows you to combine high-risk events on the same betting slip.

Only a handful of those need to be correct to make a profit, but if you predict all of them, you can win sizable amounts. Betting with permutations is possible in pretty much every sport, but it is particularly useful in football, tennis, and horse racing events.

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