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Do Own Goals Count As First Goalscorer?

Of all the multiple moments in football betting, do own goals count as first goalscorer is the most straightforward question regarding own goals. If a bet is not affected by an Own goal, the amazement is undeniable. To watch a player shoot the ball back to their own net can be a concern if the results of your bet do not allow their own goals.

How to bet on football in UK depends on the betting market being altered by own goals and the wagers which might or might not get affected. Bets are settled according to the Press Association’s report and this is where some bookies might differ from one another. Even if the commentator announces a goal and an own goal, it is not fully relevant unless confirmed.

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What Do We Understand By ‘Own Goal’?

A player scores an Own Goal against his own team. This can either be due to the mishit backpass having too much power for the goalkeeper to stop or can be an unfortunate coincidence. This can be a complex scenario of an attacking player hitting the shot at the post which bounces down missing the goalkeeper and reaches the net.

There is no specific rule regarding how an own goal should be awarded which leads to certain debates and confusion. Most Governing parties of football check whether the initial shot was on target before hitting to determine whether it is an Own goal or not. If the goal is on target then it is in favor of the attacker and if not, then it is determined as an Own Goal. The majority of the UK licensed bookmakers and betting sites determine goalscorer market bet by the Press Association.

When it comes to football strategies and systems, it is specifically stipulated that players are not allowed to score their own goal from a goal kick, kick-off, dropped call, free kick, corner kick no matter direct or indirect.

In What Football Betting Markets Do Own Goals Count As First In Goalscorer?

There are football markets that offer UK free bets in which Own goals are counted inclusive of both teams to score, correct score, total goals, time of the first goal, over/under 2.5 goals, etc. Answer to Does own goal count as first goalscorer, can be answered when one understands that if a punter bets on both teams to score, own goals are counted while settling the bet.

So even if the score is 1-1 where one or both teams have had their own goals, the punter gets paid out. This is usually applicable for multiple bets and BTTS  bets but one must always go through the terms and conditions of bookmakers he bets with. In the Total goals market, own goals count.

When a punter bets on five goals, he wins if the score is 4-1, 5-0, 3-2 irrespective of the number of his own goals. In a Wincast bet, own goals don’t count for the first goalscorer but are considered to determine the match result. 

Own goals do not hamper the results of the over/under 2.5 goals market or any other such markets even as per the virtual football betting strategy. If one has predicted that over 2.5 goals are made and the game is 2-1, he still wins irrespective of an Own goal.

Which Football Markets Don’t Count Own Goals?

How to find value football bets can be figured out by finding out first goalscorer markets rules and offers. If a punter has had a first goalscorer bet where the first goal of the match turns out to be an Own goal, the bet is still a runner till the footballer scores an opposite goal.

This is opposite to what happens in the last goalscorer market. Own goals don’t affect the anytime goalscorer bet which makes it different. But, if a player has scored an Own goal, then the punter does not get paid out. It applies to hattrick betting too where a punter doesn’t get paid out even if the selection scores 2 goals for this team inclusive of an Own Goal.

In a Scorecast bet, the bets are settled on the next goalscorer along with the correct score of the match. If the results are 1-0 where the goal is an own goal, the bets are settled considering it a correct score single. 

Own Goals Are Counted In Certain Markets, Why?

Own goals usually court in markets and who scores does not matter. A punter bets on the outright result which doesn’t get affected by the goal scorer. Football betting sites in the UK are trying to protect themselves in foreign markets. These markets have defenders who are often a big amount for scoring a goal.

However, they must reduce these odds when their own goals are considered because most offenders tend to score their own goals at some point in time. Since bookmakers do not quote their own goals in certain betting markets, it is not fair of them to refuse to pay out on the first goalscorer.

Do Own Goals Count In First, Last, And Anytime Goalscorer Bets?

In Goalscorer bets, if the first goal is an own goal, it is not counted as a goal due to settlement purposes. All bets made on the first goalscorer are thus settled on the next goal scored. The settlement of any bets placed on the correct score is not affected by own goals.

A goal is only considered as an Own goal if there is an official recognition on the day of the game. Random decisions by dubious goal panels cannot affect the settlement.

How to win big on football bets depend on certain scenarios : 

If a player who’s been bet on doesn’t start and another first Goalscorer is already decided before he comes on, the bet is considered to be void. If he comes on before another first Goalscorer is decided, the bet remains valid and the player can still score the first goal. Virtual football betting relies on the same concept as well. 

Each way odds for five places are available on Goalscorer bets. These can be ⅓, ¼ , ⅕ the odds according to the match. If the player who’s been bet on cannot score the first but scores on the 2nd to the 5th goal, then the punter gets paid at each-way odds. 

Anytime goalscorer bets focus on a player scoring anytime during the 90 minutes match where own goals cannot be counted due to settling purposes. 

If a footballer has the slightest chance of fulfilling the bet, he is considered as a runner irrespective of his playing duration. 

Pros And Cons For Counting Own Goals In Football Betting


  • Own goals are popular especially when punters can identify which player is at risk
  • Due to a number of bets being placed on own goals like which player would score first or which team would score first, the bets expand the opportunities of winning
  • Certain bookies offer insurance on their own goal bets


  • Own go betting are not available at all betting markets since it is highly profitable for the punter
  • Deliberate own goals can ban a player


Own goals do not hamper correct score betting or other related markets. Just like BTTS bets, correct score bets are also settled based on the final score without any quarter given for the goalscorers.

One shouldn’t be sidelined from football betting due to any uncertainty around one's goals. One must simply check the terms and conditions of the football market before placing a bet. Making money on such bets depends on multiple options of markets to bet on in order to find the best bet value.

Own goals are counted in markets that don't dwell on the person who makes the goal but focuses more on the goal made. A punter is betting on the outright results in such markets and their own goals do not affect the bet.

Yes, own goals do count on both teams for score betting. Punters bet on whether or not both teams will score in the 90 minutes duration. If the match results are 1-1 and one of the goals scored was an Own goal, it counts as team scoring.


Own goals play an important role in football betting because they can majorly impact the score and goalscorer bets and change the results. Nowadays, bookmakers offer bets on their own goals due to more value. Staking on an own goal is definitely a powerful hedging strategy especially on bets with different permutations.

With the progression of the sport over the years, own goals are much more common due to the material of the balls and the player’s ability to analyze the flight of them.

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