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Asian Handicap 0.25 – What is Asian handicap 0.25 (0.0, 0.5) in online betting

Asian handicaps are highly effective instruments used by punters in their quest to mitigate the risks taken with each bet placed.

They can be used on any sports and among the alternative lines, the Asian handicap 0.25 is the most popular.

In this guide you will learn how the quarter line works, why is it useful to use it when betting on both the favorite and underdog, and which the best Asian handicap bookmakers are.

Top 10 online bookmakers where you can bet on quarter lines Asian handicap [2021]

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The latest Asian Handicap 0.25 betting guide for 2021

In this Asian handicap betting guide we shall explain what is Asian handicap 0.25 and why is it superior to the classic European handicap.

We shall talk about the flexibility it gives to players when wagering on any sports, but especially when focusing on underdog betting.

We take a look at the best Asian handicap bookmakers that offer the Asian handicap 0.0 0.5 and explain how they pay based on the outcome.

In our review, we’ve also compared the 0.25 Asian handicap with other alternative handicap lines.

What is the Asian handicap 0.25?

The name speaks for itself as the Asian handicap +0.25 is a type of spread betting that originated in the Asian markets. Today it is popular all over the world and it can be found at bookmakers and betting exchanges, with the Betfair Asian handicap being a shining example.

It works with smaller advantages and deficits and gives players the possibility of betting on quarter lines on both wings sides. What makes this alternative Asian handicap stand out from the crowd is that it covers more possible outcomes.

Asian handicap 0.25 vs Asian handicap 0.0 0.5

Depending on your bookmaker of choice, you might see the Asian handicap 0.25 displayed as Asian handicap 0.0 0.5. This can lead to some questions for amateur punters who are not sufficiently familiar with this type of wagering.

The good news is that they stand for the same type of wager and they are also referred and some betting operators and the Asian handicap plus 0.25. Essentially, you will get the same small range and winning margins regardless of how the handicap is displayed.

Is the alternative Asian handicap 0.25 any different?

Once you understand the Asian handicap 0.25 meaning and how does Asian handicap 0.25 work you can use it to enjoy fine winning margins. Compared to the Asian handicap +0.5 / Asian handicap -0.5 and the -1 Asian handicapAsian handicap 1 which are the most popular types of Asian handicaps, this one is an alternative line.

This means that whether you see it displayed as a standard Asian handicap 0.25 explained above or an alternative line, you will bet on the same outcome. The bottom line is that regardless of format you enjoy the same advantages and won’t have to make any changes to your Asian handicap betting strategy.

Check out this Asian handicap 0.25 chart to get a better sense of what does Asian handicap 0.25 mean and how it works compared to other handicaps. It highlights the fact that you can win half the stakes if the match ends undecided and full stakes if your team wins. The only way to lose is if the team you choose ends up losing them match, so the risks you take are mitigated.

Pros and cons of betting on the Asian handicap 0.25 line


  • Asian handicap 0.25 gives you the chance to bet on more possible outcomes
  • Reduce the risks by winning a small amount if the match ends undecided
  • Popular at most bookmakers and betting exchanges in 2021
  • Can be used on other sports in addition to football


  • Asian handicap 0.25 odds are lower than straight lines
  • Can’t be used on accumulator wagers at most bookies

Top tips & tricks that pros use on Asian handicap 0.25 bets


Once you understand the meaning of Asian handicap 0.25 you can use it to increase the frequency of your winnings. This type of spread betting is perfect for Asian handicap arbitrage when you find divergent odds of competing bookies. Asian handicap 0.25 tips from the pros suggest using it on highly contested match is with the high possibility of a job.

The upside is that you get the bigger payouts if your team wins, while still claiming a small win if the match ends undecided. Professional punters also use 1st half Asian handicap when betting on teams that come out firing on all cylinders and score early goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Asian handicap 0.25 bets:

The Asian handicap 0.0 0.5 is used primarily to increase the frequency of winning, by taking smaller profits often. It has lower odds than the standard spread betting, but pays in case of a draw

The quarter line is there to help you when using the 0.25 Asian handicap. This is a positive type of spread betting that will pay in the event of a draw, as the handicap is added to the score of the underdog.

Not all bookmakers feature the Asian handicap +0.25, but it is still one of the most popular types of alternative lines. You can find it at any of the top sports books and betting exchanges.

You can use the Asian handicap 0.25 to bet live and you can find it in the section of Asian handicap in play lines. It is a highly effective instrument for live betting when the focus is on balanced matches.

Bet like the pros with Asian handicap 0.25 lines

The Asian handicap 0.25 is one of the most popular instruments used by professional punters when betting on sports. It has the merit of increasing the frequency of your payouts without exposing you to higher risks.

The only downside is that the odds are lower than those offered to straight lines, but this is still an excellent solution for risk-averse punters who don’t want to take unnecessary chances.