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Asian Handicap Bookmakers – Best online Asian handicap bookies in 2024

Savvy punters have long discovered Asian handicap bookmakers and know how to tap into the immense potential of spread betting.

Casual players can also take advantage of Asian handicap betting to mitigate the risks and reduce the house edge even further.

In this guide, we review all the popular types of bets that are compatible with spread wagering and highlight the top Asian handicap bookies offering them.

You will learn how Asian bookies work and how you can make underdog betting or over 0.5 goals work in your favor.

Best Bookmakers with Asian Handicap Markets in 20 June 2024 – Updated List

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The definitive 2024 Asian handicap bookmakers guide

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything about underdog betting with Asian handicaps and get a thorough understanding of these types of sports betting. Whether you prefer football and want to learn more about the alternative goal line or fancy other sports, we teach you how to find the best Asian handicap bookmakers odds.

We discuss the special features, the unique offer of Asian handicap betting sites, and the differences between quarter line and half-line bets, compared to the European handicap.

Asian handicaps are highly useful instruments when betting on any type of market, both highly contested matches and lopsided affairs. If the outcome is difficult to predict, you can use the handicap to give a slight advantage to the weaker side and reduce the risks of a draw.

When there’s a huge difference between the competing teams, bookmakers with Asian handicap give you the chance to use range betting in your favor. Punters are given a lot of freedom in adjusting the odds based on their bankroll and expectations while crafting their own Asian handicap betting strategy that best serves their purpose.

Step-by-step Asian handicap betting

If you are new to alternative Asian handicap betting and ready to place the first bets, these are the steps to follow. Whether you bet at classic bookmakers or choose a betting exchange such as the Betfair Asian handicap, these 6 easy steps will help you succeed.

Step 1
Browse an extensive list of Asian handicap bookies
Step 2
Identify the best Asian handicap bookmakers offering top odds
Step 3
Access the Asian handicap betting page on your sport of choice
Step 4
Decide whether you’ll bet on the favorite or underdog and set your winning goal
Step 5
Choose a half line market such as Asian handicap -0.5 or quarter Asian handicap 0.25
Step 6
Place your bet and wait for the favorite or underdog to cover the spread

How do Asian handicap bookmakers differ from classic ones?

A quick glance at the Asian handicap bookmakers list will highlight the fact that there are no notable differences between them and classic sportsbooks. The same sports and betting markets are offered by both and the odds can be just as good if you choose established bookies.

The main difference resides in the fact that Asian handicap bookmakers have a section reserved to spread betting. In fact, the biggest differences are between mediocre and the best Asian handicap betting sites, as the latter offers more betting alternatives and superior odds on flagship competitions and minor events.

What’s the betting offer at Asian handicap bookmakers?

The new Asian handicap bookmakers have diversified their portfolio to include both standard and original types of spread betting. Any sports book should provide its players with the basic Asian bookies handicap betting options such as full and half line bets on favorites and underdogs. The Asian handicap -1 and Asian handicap 1 markets are to be expected by default and the same goes for the Asian handicap 0.5.

Quarter line bets are also a common occurrence at Asian handicap football betting sites, as they give players finer betting margins. Recently, the number of Asian handicap bookmakers offering live wagering options has increased and Asian handicap in play is also a mainstay feature. The 1st half Asian handicap is also rather common and it covers both outright winners and the total number of goals scored.

The difference between Asian and European handicaps

Once you figure out which bookies offer Asian handicap, you can choose between spread betting and the classic European handicap. There are a few differences between them but they are easy to identify, as they are based mainly on how payments are made based on the match result. Asian handicaps offer the possibility of total or partial refunds, while European ones have only two possible outcomes: win or lose.

The best example to illustrate the differences between European and Asian handicaps uses the -1 goal advantage on the favorite. If you bet on the better team with a -1 European handicap, you win the full stakes if they win by two goals or more. By comparison, the -1 Asian handicap will trigger full stakes winnings on the same outcome, while refunding the stakes if the favorites win by exactly one goal.

Tips and strategies to use at Asian handicap bookmakers


When placing your wagers at Asian handicap betting sites you can use this type of spread betting to craft intelligent strategies. Because this type of spread betting gives you the chance of having some or the entire stakes refunded, it is perfect for Asian handicap arbitrage.

The finer margins enable punters to find bookmakers that offer odds that barely cross even value on opposing teams. This means that once you identify which bookies do Asian handicap you can bet at several ones to make a guaranteed profit.

On a daily basis, Asian handicaps can be used to bet on defensive-minded underdogs to cover the spread against better teams that suffer from fatigue or have busy schedules. They are also ideal for basketball, rugby, cricket, and other sports where plenty of points are scored by both sides. The newest Asian handicap betting sites cover these sports as well, in addition to the popular football markets.

Pros and cons of Asian handicap bookmakers


  • You can have the stakes refunded in case of a draw
  • More flexibility when betting on lopsided matches
  • Competitive odds and lower house margins
  • Ideal for extracting value from high scoring games


  • Emphasis is mostly on football with fewer options on niche sports

Frequently Asked Questions about Asian handicap bookmakers:

The security of Asian handicap bookies depends on their licensing, track record and overall reputation over the years. The fact they offer spread betting doesn’t impact security or make them less trustworthy.

The vast majority of sports books are in fact Asian handicap betting sites, as they have added spread betting to their portfolio. More than 90% of top bookies have this sports betting offer available.

Established brands that have been around for decades have greatly expanded their betting portfolio. However, you can find exceptional betting offers and markets and the newest Asian handicap bookies.

Betting exchanges traditionally offer the best odds on all the sports and betting markets available. Not surprisingly, these are also some of the best paying Asian handicap betting sites.

The odds of finding bonuses awarded exclusively to those who bet on the Asian handicaps are slim even at the best Asian handicap bookmakers. There are, however, exceptions to the rule, so keep searching.

Maximize your profits at Asian handicap bookmakers

Regardless of your sport of choice, Asian handicap betting sites can provide you with unique chances to maximize your winnings. Reduce the house edge and give yourself a second chance to have the stakes reimbursed if the match ends in a draw.

Extract the most from lopsided victories and make a profit if the underdog loses but covers the spread. All these perks are available exclusively at Asian handicap bookies and are guaranteed to make your online sports betting experience more exciting and profitable.


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