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Asian Handicap 0.5 | What Does +0.5 Asian Handicap Mean & How to Use It

Handicap betting is a common practice among both savvy punters and beginners trying to maximize the return on investment. Among them, the Asian handicap 0.5 is perhaps the most popular of them all, second only to its exact opposite, the classic Asian handicap -0.5.

They represent the two faces of the same coin and in this guide we’ll thoroughly explain how they work for favorite and underdog betting. We also highlight the best Asian handicap bookmakers offering the best odds to their members.

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Everything you must know about Asian handicap betting

The Asian handicap is the most popular type of spread betting and an excellent alternative to the more restrictive European handicap. Depending on the type of handicap betting chosen, it provides punters with the opportunity of recuperating a part of the stakes, win a fraction of the potential profits or maximize winnings.

Asian bookies made the alternative Asian handicap popular, but today it can be found at virtually all the important sports books. It is particularly popular in the United Kingdom among football fans who seek an advantage beyond what the traditional 1×2 betting can offer.

How does Asian handicap 0.5 work in reality?

How do Asian handicaps work? At its most basic, an Asian handicap 0.5 works in much the same way as other bets. What is Asian handicap betting, but a way of point or line betting, in which you are trying to even out the playing field between a favourite and an underdog or straght betting

Handicap +0.5 betting involves giving the underdog an edge, ensuring that they are afforded some leeway against a favourite. This is marginally different from a European handicap of 0.5, where the points added to the underdog would be deducted from the favourite’s tally. To better see how this works with an example, check our Asian handicap table and explanation below.

What does Asian handicap 0.5 mean?

Understanding the alternative Asian handicap is rather simple and luckily the +0.5 Asian handicap is the easiest to understand for football fans. Some players even make the mistake of assuming that this special bet is nothing more than a glorified double chance wager, and some confuse it with sweetheart teaser. As you can see from the example below, they are not too far from the truth, but the Asian handicap + 0.5 works differently for other sports.

Let’s assume Manchester United plays at home against Chelsea and bookmakers offer odds of 2.00 on the home side and 4.00 on the visitors.

  • Under these circumstances, the odds on a double chance bet would revolve around 1.90 at the fast or instant paying bookmakers.
  • The 0.5 Asian handicap applied to Manchester United means that the visitors start with a half goal advantage.
  • If the match ends in a draw or if Chelsea wins, those who chose the +0.5 alternative Asian handicap will win the same amount as if they place an X2 bet.

In other sports, such as with tennis handicap betting, a handicap away +0.5 on the total number of games is slightly different because you can win even if the player loses the match.

  • If Federer plays against Djokovic and you bet on the +0.5 handicap on the total number of games won by Djokovic you win if Federer wins 76 46 76.
  • This is a special 0.5 Asian handicap example that highlights the fact that this type of head start can make a bigger difference beyond the plain draw outcome.

Other types of Asian handicaps

The Asian handicap 0.5 is the most basic type of single Asian handicap betting, but there are plenty of other handicaps. The -1 Asian handicap and the Asian handicap 1 are preferred by risk-averse punters, as they trigger refunds in case of odd goal victories. The Asian handicap 0.25 and Asian handicap 0.75 work in a similar manner, but they only award a quarter goal to the chosen team. As a result, the refund is also partial in case of narrow victories or draws, but in exchange punters enjoy bigger odds.

The table below shows several 0.5 Asian handicap options and outcomes for each: You can use it as a reference.


Team Result

Bet Result

0.0 & +0.5 (+0.25)
Team Result
Win by 1 or more
Bet Result
Win Half

Team Result
Bet Result

+0.5 & +1.00 (+0.75)
Team Result
Lose by 1
Lose by 2 or more+
Bet Result
Lose Half

Meet the alternative Asian handicap 0.5

As you can see, there are different ways of using handicaps when engaging in Asian betting. One of those worth looking at is known as the alternative. What is an alternative Asian handicap, you ask, and what does an alternative Asian handicap do? 

Known as an AAH (or AH) removes the possibility of a draw in a game. As there are just two options (win or lose), there is less margin for the bookmakers. Alternative handicap results are, therefore, more likely to come good for you.

Which sports are best to wager Asian handicap 0.5 with?

Football is arguably the best sport you can choose to wager with Asian handicaps on. Whether you want to place half handicaps (we’ve got first-half handicap explained and second-half handicap explained guides for you) on either half, prefer Asian handicaps for in-play bets, or even want to place a few bets on Asian corners in the lower league, there is something for everyone.

Asian handicaps in football are common, but that’s not all you can bet on. There are many types of sports betting options; virtually anything that features a favorite and an underdog would work well for Asian line handicaps, such as tennis, American football, rugby, basketball, boxing, etc. Before you dive into those, though, allow us to introduce you to some top Asian handicap tips and the best sports betting strategies to use.

Tips on betting with 0.5 Asian Handicap


Understanding what does Asian handicap 0.5 mean and how to use the half Asian bet will open new opportunities for punters. You can rely on it whenever betting on highly contested matches between teams of similar caliber. Even though the 0.0 0.5 Asian handicap is essentially a double chance for football games, it sometimes offers better odds.

👉 While this doesn’t make a lot of sense, it is a very real fact and one of the basic tips is to simply check compared the +0.5 Asian handicap and double chance betting.
👉 The split Asian handicap can also be used in conjunction with its more complex fractional betting forms. For instance, you can hedge against the risks by placing a 0.5 1 Asian handicap on the underdogs if you fear a narrow margin defeat.
👉 The alternative Asian handicap 0.5 just like the 0.5 1.0 Asian handicap is also ideal for effective Asian handicap arbitrage.
👉 Bonus recipients can use them to place opposing bets at different bookmakers and craft an Asian handicap betting strategy that leads to guaranteed profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of Asian handicap 0.5 betting


  • Asian handicap 0.5 betting is perfect for balanced matches
  • Occasionally can produce better odds than double chance bets
  • Can be used in conjunction with other bets on accumulators


  • A tiny fraction of online bookmakers don’t offer Asian handicaps

FAQ about 0.5 asian handicap

You can use the Asian handicap in play on most sports, but this type of spread betting is particularly popular with football.

Understanding 0.5 Asian handicap betting is the first step to expanding your betting options. By using Asian handicap 0.5 you can win even if the match ends undecided, in addition to an underdog victory.

Beginners can easily understand what is Asian handicap +0.5 and use it just as successfully as veterans. Savvy punters and recreational punters can tap into its potential just as easily and win big.

Part of having Asian handicap betting explained requires you to learn where the name comes from. It was coined in 1998 by Joe Saumarez Smith, a journalist who was asked by an Indonesian bookie (Joe Phan) to translate “Hang Cheng” betting. Unable to do it accurately, the phrase was born.

We wouldn’t say that you get “better odds” with either an Asian handicap 0.25 or an Asian handicap 0.75 over the +.0.5 option. Each brings something different to the table, and like straight betting, the odds in front of you really depend on the type of teams or players involved in a match.

No. For instance, it is possible to wager a first half Asian handicap 0.5 bet and then consider a second half Asian handicap 0.5 bet. You can also engage in handicap betting on the same game at multiple bookies, so there is room to wiggle here.

Take betting to the next level with Asian handicap 0.5

By now you have a firm understanding of the +0.5 Asian handicap meaning and are well capable of using it to bet on sports. Whether you decide to stick to the 1st half Asian handicap for football games or try it to reduce the house edge on other sports, you will surely enjoy its benefits. 

Having the Asian handicap 0.5 explained is the first and most important step, but true knowledge comes through practice. We have also prepared a dedicated guide for Betfair Asian handicap betting. Place your first Asian handicap 0.5 bet and take your online gambling to the next level!