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-1 Asian Handicap | What Does Asian Handicap -1 Mean & How to Use It

If you want to place a bet for the favorite team but with slightly higher odds (and more adrenaline), you should check out –1 Asian handicap bets. Your team must beat its handicap in order to win this bet and the payout can be much bigger when compared to straight bets. Moreover, Asian handicap -1 is the simplest option for those who want to try handicap betting.

To help you make a fast start, we prepared a guide to Asian handicap -1: We answer all your questions below. After reading this Asian handicap -1 explained guide, you can start playing like a pro right away in one of our recommended bookmakers. But first, let’s start with a simple question: what is -1 Asian handicap?

What is an Asian handicap -1?

To answer this question, we need to briefly explain handicap betting and its variant, Asian handicap. It is clear in advance which team is more likely to win and which team is more likely to lose in each match. Bookmakers consider these expectations as a “handicap” and give + and – points to both teams.

In order to win +1/-1 handicap bets, the result must match these points. In this context, handicaps are similar to over / under betting, but we can say that they are more complex. The plus point means that team started the match with an extra goal. A minus point, on the contrary, indicates that it starts with a -1 goal. So, if you bet on a team with -1 points, that team will have to beat this handicap (i.e. win by scoring at least 2 goals).

Asian handicap bets work this way too, but with a difference: You cannot place a bet on the draw outcome. It is possible to bet only on the win and lose outcomes. If the result is a draw, your bet will be refunded in some circumstances, and sometimes you will lose (or win) half of it.

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-1 Asian handicap meaning with an example

In line with these explanations, Asian handicap -1 means that you are placing a bet in favor of the favorite team but it starts the match with a -1 goal. Here is a simple example: 

  • Team A -1.00
  • Team B +1.00

This means if you place a bet in favor of Team A, the final score of the match must be at least “win by 2 points or more”, in order to win this bet. If the result is “win by 1 point”, you will get a refund (also called a betting push). In all other possible outcomes, you will lose the bet.

Asian handicap bets are divided into three categories: full-line, half-line, and quarter line. Asian handicap full lines mean that it is a whole number you are betting on, i.e. Asian handicap -1. A half line bet will look like “-1.50” and a quarter bet will look like “-0.5 & -1.00”, for example. Half and quarter line bets are also known as alternative Asian handicap -1, and their differences are:

  • In half-line bets, the result can be a half win or half lose in case of a draw. (Full line bets only offer a refund for draws.)
  • In quarter line bets, you are actually placing two separate bets and it is possible to win one – lose the other, or win both/lose both.

We have another guide for alternative Asian handicap (alternative goal line) betting, so you should check it for more information about this subject.

Other options for -1 Asian handicap betting

If the –1 Asian handicap example above is not enough, here are some more examples so you can fully understand what does -1 Asian handicap mean.

  • Asian handicap 0.25: If your team wins, you win the bet. If your team loses, you lose the bet. If the result is a draw, you lose half of your initial wager.
  • Asian handicap -0.5: This one can also be + (i.e. Asian handicap +0.5 or Asian handicap -0.5). If your team wins, you win the bet. If your team loses, you lose the bet. If the result is a draw, you lose the bet. 
  • Asian handicap -0.5 -1: This is a quarter line bet. It is also known as Asian handicap 0.75 (1 – 0.50). This is actually two bets: -0.5 and -1. You win both bets if the result is “win by 2 points or more”. If the result is “win by 1”, you win half of your initial wager. You lose the bet in all other outcomes (draw/lose).
  • Asian handicap -1 -1.5: Two separate bets, one for -1 and another for +1.50. (Also known as Asian handicap -1.25.) You win both bets if the result is “win by 2 points or more”. If the result is “win by 1”, you lose half of your initial wager. You lose the bet in all other outcomes (draw/lose).

We also prepared a table that shows the most common forms of -1 Asian handicap bets and the results of all possible outcomes:


Team Result

Bet Result

-0.5 & -1 (-0.75)
Team Result
Win by 2+
Win by 1
Bet Result
Win Half

Team Result
Win by 2+
Win by 1
Bet Result
Stake refunded

-1 & -1.5 (-1.25)
Team Result
Win by 2+
Win by 1
Bet Result
Lose Half

Asian handicap -1 inplay bets

Just like European handicap, placing a live -1 Asian handicap bet is possible. This is called Asian handicap in play and you can find this option in the majority of Asian bookies. Since the odds will be dynamic, live bets can offer much higher odds, especially if something expected happens in the match (i.e. a red card to a star player). You should definitely try it after understanding -1 Asian handicap betting, but remember that goals scored before you place the (live) bet are not counted.

Using the right strategy for Asian handicap -1 bets


Compared to underdog betting, -1 Asian handicap bets are easier because it is not difficult to predict the favorite team (and how it will behave).

👉 Keeping track of the team’s performance throughout the season will often be the best Asian handicap betting strategy you can use. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your team can score at least 2 goals.
👉 To increase your chances even further, we recommend that you take a look at Asian handicap arbitrage strategies: In some cases, it may be possible to secure a payout regardless of the match result.

Should you try -1 Asian handicap bets?


  • Easier than +1 Asian handicaps
  • Your stake is refunded in some cases
  • Higher odds than regular 1x2 betting


  • Odds are lower than +1 Asian handicaps
  • Beginners can still find it complex

Asian handicap -1 explained with FAQ

No. Just like point spread betting, Asian handicap -1 bets can be used on any sport as long as the score is determined with goals/points.

Learning the basic concept of Asian handicap -1 betting is not that hard: You already know what does -1 Asian handicap mean after reading this guide. However, predicting how appropriate teams will behave with their handicaps will require a certain amount of experience.

If you mean “stake refund” by void, yes. You will get your initial stake back if the match result is “win by 1 point”.

Your -1 Asian handicap betting career starts today

That’s right: You have learned what does -1 Asian handicap mean and you are ready to place your first Asian handicap -1 bet. For this job, we highly recommend using one of our recommended Asian handicap bookmakers. 

They offer the best odds and additional options, such as 1st half Asian handicap. Before you start, make sure to check our Asian handicap 1 guide too: It explains the “other” side of Asian handicaps. We have also prepared a dedicated guide for Betfair Asian handicap betting. In any case, we wish you good luck: See you at the tables!