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Asian Handicap 1 | What Does 1 Asian Handicap Mean & How to Use It

If bets on who will win and who will lose start seem too simple, check out the Asian handicap 1 bets: You can get more excitement and higher odds. Handicap bets acknowledge that each team has certain advantages & disadvantages and they must overcome these too in order to win the bet.

1 Asian handicap bets may sound complicated for beginners, but don’t worry: we are here to help you. In this +1 Asian handicap explained guide, we are talking about everything you need to know about Asian handicap +1 bets.

About Asian handicap betting

Handicap betting is a type of betting that takes into account the virtual advantages and disadvantages given by the bookmaker to two teams in a match. Bookmakers show these advantages with + and – signs: The plus sign indicates that team is an underdog and the minus sign indicates it is a favorite.

You can think of these as “virtual” goal numbers: For example, a team with the -1.00 mark is a favorite and is considered to have started the match with -1 goal. Therefore, it has to score at least 2 goals in order to win this match. It is, of course, possible to win the match by scoring only one goal, but those who bet on -1.00 will lose.

Asian handicap is a subtype of this type of bet and its main difference from the others is that no bets can be placed on the outcome of the draw. If the match ends in a draw, it is still possible to win the bet (or get a refund) in some cases, but no bet can be placed directly on this outcome. (In European handicap, on the other hand, you can bet on the draw.)

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What is an Asian handicap 1?

So, what does +1 Asian handicap mean? The +1 Asian handicap meaning, in this context, is simply placing a bet on the underdog, but the underdog team starts the match with a +1 goal advantage. Therefore, to lose this bet, the underdog team must also lose by at least 2 points: If it loses by only a one-point difference, your bet will be refunded. This is also called a push in betting terms. On every other outcome (win or draw), you win the bet.

Let us explain by giving 1 Asian handicap example. When you visit the Asian handicap bookmakers, you will see the following odds:

  • Team A +1.00 (full line)
  • Team B -1.50 (half-line)
  • Team C +1 & +1.50 (quarter line)

These are all Asian handicap bets, but they differ from each other in their features. We’ll talk about half and quarter line bets below, so let’s focus on +1 handicap for now. If you place a bet on Team A:

  • If Team A wins the match, you win the bet.
  • If the match ends in a draw, you win the bet.
  • If Team A loses the match but the point difference is only 1, your bet will be refunded.
  • If Team A loses the match by 2 points or more, you lose your bet.

Variants of Asian handicap 1 betting

Asian handicap 1 is a full-line bet, because it is a whole number. However, as mentioned above, you can also place a half-line and quarter line bet too. These are called alternative Asian handicap bets and they are pretty common at Asian bookies. Let’s explain with some examples:

  • Asian handicap 0.25: This is a half-line bet. It can be + or –. If your team wins, you win the bet. If your team loses, you lose the bet. If the result is a draw, you win half of your initial wager in + bet and lose half of your initial wager in – bet.
  • Asian handicap 0.5: This is a half-line bet. It can be + or – (i.e. Asian handicap +0.5 or Asian handicap -0.5). If your team wins, you win the bet. If your team loses, you lose the bet. If the result is a draw, you win in + bet and lose in – bet. 
  • 0.5 1 Asian handicap: This is a quarter line bet. It is also known as Asian handicap 0.75 (1 – 0.50). Asian handicap 0.5 1 is actually two bets: +0.5 and +1. You win both bets if the result is a win (by any points) or draw. If the result is “lose by 1”, you lose half of your initial wager. If the result is “lose by 2”, you lose the bet. 
  • Asian handicap 1 1.5: Again, two separate bets, one for handicap 1 and another for +1.50. (Also known as Asian handicap 1.25.)  You win both bets if the result is a win (by any points) or draw. If the result is “lose by 1”, you win half of your initial wager. If the result is “lose by 2”, you lose the bet. 

The table below shows several 1 Asian handicap options and outcomes for each: You can use it as a reference.


Team Result

Bet Result

0.5 & 1 (+0.75)
Team Result
Lose by 1
Lose by 2+
Bet Result
Lose Half

Team Result
Lose by 1
Lose by 2+
Bet Result
Stake refunded

1 & 1.5 (+1.25)
Team Result
Lose by 1
Lose by 2+
Bet Result
Win Half

Using Asian handicap 1 during the game

Asian handicap in play bets are possible and many bookmakers offer this option. In some cases, Asian handicap 1 in-play may be more advantageous, as an unexpected development in the match (e.g. injury of a star player) causes odds changes for the underdog team.

We recommend that you try regular Asian handicap 1 bets first and then try in play bets after gaining enough experience. Note, however, that goals scored before placing your live bet are not counted.

Tips for Asian handicap +1 betting


There is no single Asian handicap betting strategy valid for every scenario.

👉 However, since you support the underdog team in 1 Asian handicap bets, general underdog betting tactics can also be used here. So do your research and place a +1 Asian handicap bet only if you believe the underdog has a real chance to win.
👉 Don’t make a decision just by looking at the odds. Even a simple pre-match change (e.g. player changes) can dramatically affect the result.
👉 You can also get higher odds by trying exotic options such as 1st half Asian handicap.
👉 Also, don’t forget to take a look at hedge betting strategies: With Asian handicap arbitrage bets, you can guarantee a payout regardless of the outcome.

Should you try +1 Asian handicap betting?


  • Some outcomes refund your bet (you don’t lose it)
  • The simplest form of Asian handicap betting
  • Higher odds than 1x2 betting


  • Can still be complex for beginners
  • There is no chance of half win

FAQ about 1 Asian handicap

While Asian handicap +1 can be used on any sport that calculates the score with goals/points, we can say that +1 handicap football is the most suited (and popular) option for this type of betting.

The void is another term for the “stake refund”. If your team loses the match but the score difference is only 1 point, the bet is void: You get it back.

With 1x2 bets, you can also place a bet for the draw outcome. Asian handicap 1 betting does not have this option, you only bet on a win or a lose. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages: 1x2 betting is more suited for beginners but 1 Asian handicap bets pay more due to their higher odds.

Place your Asian handicap +1 bet today

This is the end of our guide to Asian handicap 1: We believe that you are now ready to place your first Asian handicap 1 bet. (Speaking of which, make sure to check our -1 Asian handicap guide too, in order to fully understand the topic.) Without wasting any more time, pick one of our recommended bookmakers and check out their 1 Asian handicap offers: We are sure that you will start winning in no time. We have also prepared a dedicated guide for Betfair Asian handicap betting. Good luck with your Asian handicap +1 bets!